The Club, Ch. 4, Chastity Belt

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Big Tits

The Club

Chapter 4 – Chastity Belt

We stopped for a quick bite to eat. I was embarrassed to go in dressed as I was but I obeyed Mr. Savage. I did feel beautiful and sexy, just very vulnerable at the same time.

He ordered for me. He knew what I liked. He knew everything about me.

After the lunch, we drove on. I had no idea where we were going. Occasionally, his hand would travel up my thigh or he would spread my legs wider so he could probe my pussy at a traffic light. I loved his fingers on me with other people around. It gave me such a thrill. We were again out in the middle of nowhere when we finally stopped. This seemed like an unlikely place compared to where we had been. I wasn’t really sure what it was. It seemed like it was a number of things. It seemed like it was a custom metalwork shop for bikers and a tattoo place but it was tucked away where no one could possibly find it unless they knew it was there. Mr. Savage snapped on a leash to my collar. I blushed but I got out and followed him inside. I saw some beautiful work and several amazing bikes as we walked through. Then I saw two men. Their eyes followed me closely as I walked through. Mr. Savage knocked on a door and was greeted warmly by a man on the other side. We walked into a large workroom. In this room were some very different items and I blushed furiously. Custom metal works hanging on the walls everywhere but they were all of a sexual nature. The man closed the door behind us.

Mr. Savage proceeded to explain what he wanted. He removed my raincoat and I was standing before the man naked. “Spread your legs a little for me my dear, good girl. I need the following Frank. One locking chastity belt comfortable enough for her to wear all day, for now, no slots. I want her to have to ask permission to use the bathroom. We might get a second one later for special situations. I obviously want it to have dildo attachments for both her pussy and ass. The number of keys I want is on the order form. I also want a sterling silver collar with a permanent locking mechanism that she cannot remove. A permanently locked bracelet also. Engraved with the following, that is her name it states she is the property of George Savage. Then lastly I want to permanently mark her with a tattoo with a registered slave number and my symbol, here is the design. I want to place it right here just to the left of her pussy so I can always see it. Now how quickly can you do the order? I will pay whatever the cost for a rush.” Frank seemed to ponder a moment. “Well if we take all the measurements, I can actually fit her with the collar and the bracelet today if you like any of the designs I have in stock. The tattoo we can do now. The chastity belt, if we take all the measurements, if you like the ones I have, I can make the modifications and get it to you tomorrow.” Mr. Savage beamed. “Let’s go ahead and look at the designs. I would like my little bitch here to like her collar. Can you lay them out for us?”

I looked at them as they were laid out. I was nervous being told I could have some input. He massaged my breasts and pulled on my nipples as I looked at them. “Can I suggest you try a few on and see how you like the grip on them?” Frank grinned down at me. My pussy was getting so wet. “By the way, will this order come with the typical rush bonus?” Grinning wider at me. “Oh certainly. What are your terms?” Leering at me now, “well three rush items, I’d say three fucks? I have two of my lads here today. They got to see her walk in here. Seems only fair.” Now Mr. Savage pondered. “How about this then? I want a moment of intimacy with my slut when I put my mark on her. I want to be fucking her cunt slowly while you put that tattoo on her and deposit my cum in my property.” But then I would love a demonstration of my property in use as the collar and bracelet are locked and sealed. Would you all agree to fuck her as you close the collar onto her neck and wrist?” As he said this he was kissing my neck and squeezing my breasts hard. He looked up to get his response. ”Oh, I think I can speak for the lads and say those terms are very fucking acceptable!” He was looking at me like I was a meal to eat.

The measuring started. The bracelet and collar were straightforward. Designs were picked and I loved them both. But the measuring for the belt had my head spinning. Frank had Mr. Savage writing the measurements as he called out measurement after measurement; hips, waist, thigh, and then they became more intimate, the tape was run tightly between my ass cheeks and pussy. Then more detailed measurements. “She’s a wet little girl isn’t she?” He said smiling. “One of the many things I treasure about her, she is so readily aroused.” My Master kissed my temple. My pussy ached for him. Next Frank spent a little time over by a sink and then laid a tray over by what I recognized as a sex bench. He had me lay back, setting the tray next to me. “Your Master has to select the size dildos to go with your belt. I am going to hold your legs up and open and just rest your head on my lap here so you can watch your Master have fun. He is going to sit on the end. This isn’t something he wants to rush. Just lay back and enjoy it. Imagine what each one will feel like inside you for hours on end. Your Master will need your input. It’s just like getting your eyes tested only for your tight little pussy and ass.”

I laid back, my head in his lap. He squeezed my breasts. “Are those needle marks?” he asked. “Indeed they are. We came here from Dr. Leslie’s office. She had her first exam and I do intend for her to produce milk. Those are her first injections.” Frank kept squeezing my breasts. I could feel his cock getting hard. “I have something you might be interested in George. I will have to show it to you when we’re done.” They locked eyes and nodded to each other. He lifted my legs over my head and spread me and Mr. Savage started the insertions. There was a tray full of metal cylindrical dildos, two rows, one for my pussy and one for my ass. A few had bumps, some were straight, some longer, some thinner. Mr. Savage tried them all, several times, seeking my input, drawing moans from me, driving me wild. I was breathless. “I think I have made my decision. I will use these two for everyday use, but I will also take these four. They will make excellent additions to use on shorter outings I think. I may purchase more later, I expect I will.”

“I have a suggestion to make.” Frank put in. “I have considered our original plan. I am not sure I like the mobil porno idea of her being immediately jostled right after the tattoo. How about we give her that good, hard fuck first and put the collar and bracelet on her and then the tattoo? It won’t take me long to get them ready. We can leave her sitting on a couple of vibrators in cuffs chained over there while you and I catch up and I work.” He said this while pulling on my nipples and my Master casually fingered me. They could hear how breathless I was and how desperate I was to cum and be fucked. “I like your plan very much, Frank.” My Master smiled down at me. They pulled me up and moved me over to a corner. Set me on a cushion and handcuffed me to a pipe. Then they decided which toy to use on me. They washed it and covered it with a condom before inserting it. These precautions were not used at the guest house, my Master washed everything or supervised it but condoms weren’t used. I supposed perhaps non-Club members used these toys, I didn’t know. “We’ll just put one in her pussy, I want to keep her on the edge, not have her over too many times.” They left to do the work. I sat there waiting for what was to come. I thought of the men I had passed on the way in. They had been so rough looking. All muscles and grease, mean and angry looking. They were going to be fucking me soon. Acting as part of a ceremony to seal my belonging to my Master. I drifted off in thought. Closed my eyes.

It was a stinging slap across my ass that brought me back. I was dragged to my feet by one of the men and carried back over to the low bench. They already had raging hard cocks and had stripped naked. Frank was the last to remove his clothes. My Master removed his as well. My hair was pulled into a pony-tail and I was put in a kneeling position before my Master on the bench. Frank brought over some soft towels one of them wet. He removed the leather collar that was around my neck. He gently wiped my neck and wrist down and then dried them. He held the bracelet and collar in front of me and showed me the inscriptions. My breath quickened. “They are beautiful,” I said in a quiet voice. He smiled at me. My pussy was throbbing. The other two men held my arms and my pony-tail. Exploring my body with their rough hands. Pulling my ass cheeks apart. “Now sweet one, I will explain the collar and how it locks your Master is going to explain this symbol here on the collar and the bracelet. Now when your Master closes the two pieces together, it will close a mechanism inside which can’t then be pulled apart. The only way to remove either one will be with a wire cutter. They will be permanently on you as marks of your Master’s ownership and marks of you being his property. He is going to close that lock while we are fucking you. While we all have our cocks inside your tight little holes and are showing your Master what a wonderful little whore and fuck toy you are for him. George, I think your little slut might just cum right now, what do you think?” He turned to my Master. I was squirming and a few tears were starting down my cheeks. My Master moved forward and kissed me. “She’s my good girl.” He stroked my cheek. “Now, my darling, beautiful girl. I need you to know that your safety will always be considered. Near you at all times will be those wire cutters in case there is ever an emergency. You may not see them but know they are there. I will show you the location of a couple of them just to set your mind at ease. Now I am going to tell you about this mark. Once I put this collar and bracelet on you, I will not only be marking you as mine but officially be making you available to other Club members. This identifies you to them as property that I have authorized the Club to use. They may take you at any time of their choosing. I do not have to be with you for this to be allowed. Club members are trusted by me. Do you understand my dear? They are all trusted, vetted, we follow a code, many but not all are known personally by me. They will not harm you. But if they see your collar or bracelet, they will know they can fuck you or do whatever else they want to you. They will be able to identify themselves to you in one of three ways. Frank if you could.”

Frank grabbed his wallet. He pulled out a card. He also picked up a key. One of the men behind me held his hand forward. “So here we have my Pet, three ways you can identify the members. You must remember this symbol. It won’t be hard, it is on your bracelet. See here on the ring, the key and the card, it is the same. This symbol is shown to you and you are with a Club member. We are all Club members here with you now my lovely little bitch. You are mine and I give permission to them to use you. This ring bears the mark, the card and this key is a Master key that will unlock the chastity belt you will be fitted with. Shall we begin gentlemen?” They had been massaging their cocks as he spoke. They were all hard. The first man laid down on the bench and they had me straddle him in a position I was getting familiar with. I was lowered onto his cock. I moaned loudly. The bench was just wide enough for my knees to be on either side so I was able to move up and down. I started to thrust immediately, desperately. The man roughly grabbed me “Not yet slut!” He was grinning at me. The second man spat on ass several times to lube it and I felt his fingers push into me. I groaned. He fucked me a moment that way. “Damn you are tight little one.” He kissed my back, squeezed my breasts. The man beneath me started sucking on them.

Frank spoke to my Master. “Now I have a little something for you George. I thought of it a little while ago and I thought it would be perfect as a memento of today. He returned with a box and handed it to my Master. “It was a custom order that ended up not working out but I happen to know it will be a good fit for my cock. We can use it now, it has never been used and I can engrave it for you when we are done.” My Master beamed at Frank. “It’s perfect Frank. She hasn’t worn one quite like this; I can’t wait to see it on her.” Frank took it out of the box and it was an open-mouthed gag but not like one I had seen before. I got excited. He fitted it on me. It stretched my mouth wider than I was used to. “It’s called a spider mouth gag my dear it still has the normal O-ring in the center just more metal around it than you are used to. I love how it looks Frank. And you have metal strips here where the engraving can go, perfect. I would like you to design a dental mouth gag for her so she can take any size alman porno cock. We can discuss that next time.” He picked up the bracelet and put it on my wrist and then placed the collar on my neck. Frank pushed his cock deep into my throat. The real fucking began. Mr. Savage had brought a bag in with him. He never went anywhere without his camera. He started taking photos of us. I knew some would be video clips and others would be stills. Some close-ups and some wider shots. He set the camera down. “How is my whore gentlemen?” All three men were in the throes of ecstasy, close to cumming. They were pounding me hard. I had cum once and was shaking in their hands. I was trying to fuck them, finding it harder as another huge orgasm built. Frank spoke, the man beneath having a mouth filled with my breasts. “Oh bloody hell, she’s a dream George, you are one lucky man. Her throat feels like silk, she’s using her tongue and working so hard the sweet little thing. She wants my cum, I can tell she wants to drain my balls the little slut.” My Master smiled proudly. “My good little girl. You are mine. Listen to the sound of the locks as they close. First, he closed the bracelet. And tears started flooding down my cheeks and another orgasm hit me and then he closed the lock on my collar and I screamed my pleasure, and they all had to hold me, so strong was the orgasm that hit me. They couldn’t hold back at that point and they unloaded their cum inside me, pushing deep, groaning and roaring their approval. I collapsed on the man beneath me and he laughed, hugging and kissing me sweetly. “Mr. Savage, I thank you so much for letting me participate in that. I look forward to the pictures and video, I will treasure them.” He turned my head towards him and kissed me earnestly. I knew he could taste Frank’s cum in my mouth. I was learning everyone had things they liked and I didn’t judge them. I returned his kiss with enthusiasm.

I was allowed to rest for a little while and given a drink. Then it was time for the tattoo. I was quite nervous. Frank gave me a great deal of reassurance. He showed me what was going to be put on me. It was a pretty little design with a number in very small type around the bottom half of it. He explained the number uniquely identified me and the design identified my Master. He put me on sex bench that held my legs spread wide and he could work easily from the side while my Master could do what he desired which was to fuck me while Frank worked. My Master and Frank worked out a rhythm together where my Master would not jog him, he would get long hard deep strokes in in-between Frank working on me. When Frank was almost done, that was when my Master chose to finish, he had Frank hold a wand on my clit and he fucked me hard and shot his cum inside me. Then he grabbed a tampon out of his bag, pulled out and inserted the tampon. “I want all that cum to stay just where it is for a while. All right, Frank, my cum is inside my bitch, she is marked. Now finish my permanent mark.” He reached up and put his hand on my throat. I felt like I was going to cum again. The vibration of the tattoo needle so close to my sensitive nerve endings had been driving me crazy all along despite the discomfort and after an intense orgasm, it was so hard not to cum. I knew they could see it in my face. “I think your little bitch wants to cum. Tell her she has to wait or she will ruin the tattoo.” Frank sounded stern so I obeyed. It was so hard. It seemed an age. “You are marked slut. You are mine now in every way possible.” He pushed the wand down hard on my clit and Frank pinched my nipples hard, another intense orgasm hit me and I lay there spent breathing hard. He came up and kissed me deeply. “You have been wonderful today. Absolutely wonderful.”

Frank gave him instructions on how to care for my tattoo. My Master took careful notes. Frank said he would check on it the next day when he dropped off the belt.

When we got back to the guest house, everyone made a fuss of me and admired my collar and bracelet and the new tattoo. My Master took me upstairs and cleaned me careful not to disturb the new tattoo.

The next day came and I found I was focused and excited on every sound that could be a visitor arriving. I was waiting for Frank to arrive. I had been curious and aroused since my visit there, what would life be like wearing my belt? Curious and nervous too.

Because Mr. Savage wanted the tattoo to heal, I was on restricted duty. Frank finally arrived. The first thing he wanted to do when he got there was to inspect his tattoo. He seemed pleased with how it looked. Then he checked out his collar and bracelet and seemed happy with those too.

Everyone could tell I was excited about the chastity belt. My Master felt Frank deserved some bonus pay first. “You got to try her mouth out yesterday Frank, what would you like to try next?” Frank beamed. “I have to admit it is a hard choice, both the lads enjoyed themselves so much they were arguing for hours over which was better her ass or pussy. But I watched that video you gave me last night. It helped inspire me for the work on the belt and I have to say, my cock wants to visit that perfect little pussy.” My Master asked if Frank minded an audience or if he wanted to take me in private. Frank said he quite enjoyed an audience. And he rather liked the idea of putting the belt on when he was done. Frank stripped and so did everyone else. I had a feeling that the belt would be coming back off me once everyone had admired it. Mr. Savage and Mr. Black held my legs wide apart to give Frank easy access to my pussy. He thrust his cock deep inside me. It didn’t take long before Mrs. Black and Mrs. Johnson were both sucking on my breasts. Frank kept fucking me. He looked at Mr. Savage, smiled wickedly saying that he thought my mouth looked empty. Mr. Johnson needed no encouragement. He thrust his cock down my throat. “Well, Frank, what do you think of my slut’s pussy? Maybe you should give her ass a try now?” I knew they were smiling at each other. It turned me on so much to hear my Master talk like that. I focused on Mr. Johnson’s cock. It felt so good. He was teasing me, brushing his cock against my lips and cheeks and slowly pushing it deeply into my waiting mouth and down my throat and letting me lick him, feeding me his balls at intervals. I had grown to love every part of a man’s cock and ass. I really was a slut! I waited to see what Frank and my Master did. Frank slowed his thrusts down and rubbed my clit. “I do love alexis texas porno the look of my cock stretching that tight little pussy of hers. It feels amazing. But I admit, I am curious to know what her ass feels like. I do believe I will take your advice, George. Gents, would you mind raising her up just a little bit.” As he said this he pulled out of me and I groaned. He had a large cock and it felt so good. “I’m going to use your juicy cunt to lube your ass sweet girl. I’m going to finger fuck you a little first. My cock is pretty large; I want to loosen you up a little.” Frank pushed his fingers into my pussy and got them wet and pushed his fingers into my ass hard. He fucked me forcefully with his fingers. “George, she feels fantastic.” I heard the lust in his voice. “She was able to take Dr. Leslie’s cock in her ass Frank, she can manage yours. Push in hard. She can take it.” I felt Frank’s large cock tease my rim. Slowly, slowly he pushed inside me. “Oh, fuck that feels good.” He wasn’t kidding, it felt amazing. I was squirming beneath all of them. Frank’s cock pushed deep inside me. I instantly recognized my Master’s fingers in my pussy. He started fucking me in time with Frank. Mrs. Black left my breast and started working on my clit. My senses were in overdrive. I came hard. My entire body responding. “Good girl, you can give us one more before Frank shoots his load in your ass, and James down your lovely throat, come on now.” It didn’t take much. Frank and Mr. Johnson let me know they were going to cum soon and started thrusting harder and deeper. Mr. Johnson made one final thrust and pushed deep and held himself there gripping my throat, telling me to take it all. Something about that always pushed me over the edge and I came again hard. Contracting wildly. That was enough to push Frank over the edge too and I felt his cum shooting inside me. I swallowed everything Mr. Jonson gave me. “I’ve been working my cock and I’m close to cumming my Pet. I’m going to deposit my load in your cunt. You need to focus and make sure you keep Frank’s load inside you, do you understand.”

It was so hard, but I did. I felt my Master push in. It felt amazing. He thrust hard several times and then exploded inside me. He pulled out of me. And then I felt cold metal everywhere. Cold metal at my rim and at my fuckhole. They pushed in. Then the shock of the cold metal straps. The firmness of it pressing up against my pussy lips. My ass cheeks were pulled apart and it rested firmly between them. Then the band around my waist and I heard everything lock in place. “Well the plug displaced a little of the cum inside her cunt George but I don’t see anything leaking out of her ass. There’s a nice tight seal there. I’m pleased with the fit overall but you be sure and let me know if you need any adjustments. Young lady don’t be shy about letting anyone know if it pinches or is uncomfortable in any way. I take my work seriously.” He smacked me hard on the ass. But there was kindness in his voice. “Now tell your Master how it feels and then we will have you stand up and walk around for us.” All of a sudden I felt so self-conscious. The metal inside me felt so large and cold. It excited me. It all felt so strange. “It feels… it’s hard to describe.” Mr. Johnson had been having me clean his cock he moved back and lifted me up so I could see what they were all looking at. They were all around me and admiring Frank’s handiwork. It really was beautiful. “Bring that mirror over so she can see better could you Eleanor, dear, thank you. See here Pet, there is an engraving on this plate across your pussy here that indicates clearly that you are my property and your slave number etc. Frank’s work is quite lovely. It’s a standard design that all members are familiar with. As I explained to you, you will not be able to use the bathroom without asking permission and being accompanied. I have to say you look breathtaking in it Pet. It matches your collar and bracelet beautifully.” He grinned at me and traced his fingers over the belt. “I love it, Frank, it really is beautiful. It feels incredible. I just don’t have the words to describe it. It isn’t something I have ever experienced. It’s perfect!” He couldn’t mistake the enthusiasm in my voice; I was breathless with arousal too. Frank smiled and pulled me up and kissed me full and deep.

“Right, let’s see you strutting your sexy little ass in that thing. Up you get.” It was a strange sensation and pleasant. My hands instinctively went between my legs and I moaned with pleasure. “None of that now, just walk.” I got a slap on the ass from Mr. Black. I walked down the length of the room and then back again. Conscious of all the eyes on me. “You really have outdone yourself, Frank. I adore her in it. Shall we try out all the plugs?” Everyone was keen to do that. They laid me back down. “Now you will see Pet the waistband does not need to be removed for you to use the bathroom or have a plug changed out. This really is an excellent design. That’s what we will do now. Let’s try those two next. They are the larger ones not intended for extended wear. They should be fun.” The other two plugs were removed and set aside and the new ones attached. Both my holes were still well lubricated. “Eleanor, Henry would you like to do the honours on these two?” Mr. and Mrs. Black smiled and eagerly moved between my legs. They had a little discussion on which to push in first and then decided to do it in unison. I felt the cold steel at both my holes at once. Then they pushed them in together. Smiling down at me as they did. Something about the metal made it feel larger than it was. I felt so full. Stuffed. The belt was again locked. And I was put on my feet. I was halfway back to them and suddenly the two dildos sprung to life inside me. I wasn’t expecting it. The vibration was incredibly powerful. I dropped to the floor. They just all stared at me as a thrashed in pleasure unable to touch myself, the chastity belt stopping me. They were clearly loving it. “You are going to have to learn to handle that. You can’t writhe in pleasure on a subway platform out in public when I turn those on inside your cunt my little slut. Imagine that. We’ll all be there watching you. Knowing what you are feeling. Knowing how much you want to scream an orgasm and you won’t be able to. It will be wonderful to watch.” I couldn’t hold it any longer. I screamed and came. They held me down then and spread eagle and Mr. Black unlocked the chastity belt and exchanged the vibrators for his hard cock, pushing it deep inside me and fucked me hard. I came again. Breathless and spent, they put the chastity belt back on me and tied my hands and laid me down to rest. I could hear Mr. Savage thank Frank again for his excellent work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32