The Comforter

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As I wander off to bed, I feel a pang of loneliness. Tommy and I spoke only briefly this afternoon on IM; I missed him a 4:16 and then he must have been unable to log on. Although he says we WILL be together, of late my confidence wanes. There’s so much happening in my life that it’s difficult to maintain a positive attitude. But I must, I must.

I sit on the edge of the bed in the dark. My mind strays to Tommy as it always does. A picture of him forms in my mind. I lie down on my side, and pull the comforter up and warmth begins to seep into my body. Imagination takes over. I can almost feel the bed dip behind me, a breath of cool air and then – warmth. One of Tommy’s arms slides under my pillows, his other under my arm and around my chest to pull himself close. God! The heat of his body, the feel of his skin on mine, drive me to near distraction. I feel small and safe and loved in this position.

Tommy nibbles and kisses at my neck. In the response of his body, I know he is not yet sleepy and ready for slumber. His upper hand roams and pets my body, belly and hip, arm, buttock, thigh.. The feel of his skin touching mine leaves a trail of sensation where it passes. Anadolu Yakası Escort Soon, I am nearly afire all over, everywhere he’s touched is alive and begging for his hand to travel that way again.

I spin my body around so we’re nose to nose. I the dark, I cannot see his beloved face, but know he smiles. I can hear it in his voice, “Oh! So you’re not sleepy!”

“Not any more, love.” A smile graces my mouth, too.

My tongue reaches out to outline his mouth. The slight sensation of beard tickles at me, and makes me appreciate the contrast. He is so totally male. My lips are swelling as I reach for his, and our soft kisses begin, gentle and slow, slight suction pulling lip or tongue between my lips for a taste, to revel in the feel of his mouth. The gentleness is passing now. The embers glow. He pulls me closer. Our bare chests touch – his hard and male with a little tickling furriness; mine bolstered with pillows of softness crowned with diamond tips.

My upper leg lifts and slides over his hip to pull his body to mine. Our centers collide and a little shift puts his cock along my waiting slit, not entering, but teasing us both. A Bostancı Escort little movement and we’re both enjoying the intimate touching.

Our kisses continue to become more hungry, more demanding, more urgent. My hands roam his body, delighting in the feel of him. The pads of my fingers tingle at the feel of his skin. I can feel the separate muscles beneath their tender covering and memorize the shape and size of him. My heart and soul stirs. I relax and revel in the sensations his hands create in their explorations. His lightest touch is almost a tickle, but not quite – a sensual caress with its own electrical connection. As he pets and touches me, his touch intensifies. He transmits his need through his hands. He draws me closer to him, beginning to move me to position himself for entry.

My clit tingles and throbs; my cunny spasms wanting him, reaching for him. The head of his cock is at the entrance, slick with our juices and ready to slip inside. My hips are pulsing at him and still he does not enter. One of his hands finds a nipple and I groan with the pleasure of his touch and with wanting him. I try to impale my self on his shaft and he holds Erenköy Escort me away. His mouth moves down my neck and fastens on the other nipple. I am near orgasm from merely his touch. When he slips into me I will tumble over the edge of sensibility and into a world of sensation and pleasure. Tommy is a master of my pleasures. His touch is exciting whether it is to hold his hand or share a kiss. It takes only moments for him to light my fires, to drive me to senseless wanting.

Then Tommy pulls me tightly to him and slides past my final defense; and I feel each micron of his travel. A parting of the fire in my belly, each new place found and touched and slid past an new and exquisite torture of pleasure. I grip him with my cunny drawing him deeper, stroking him and milking him begging him to join me. He reaches full depth, holding for seconds that seem like eternities. Then he begins to slowly slide back along his path. His next stroke is quicker and the next, until his urgency matches mine. I feel his cock gather and spasm, emptying into me. I am transported into a world of light and feeling. His voice and mine join to tell of this miracle.

His grip on my eases, and mine on him. Our hips continue a gentle counterpoint, that slows and then ceases. We lie holding each other. Happy, sated, grateful and in love. He kisses me gently and says, “I love you.”

“Oh, darling, I love you,” I respond. “Thank you for that delight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32