The Conservatory

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Tired bloodshot eyes peer back from the mirror. She clicks shut the toilet door and hesitates for a brief moment before reaching for the syringe.

Outside the music pounds. Now she feels good; young and alive threading her way through aerobic geriatrics. Long blonde hair frames an elfin face from which eyes, heavy with mascara, innocently gaze. Predators held back by their keepers look on faint with hunger.

She peers across the room; a brown check suit comes into focus. Middle aged, off the leash, a generation apart and ready to unwrap and devour like a chocolate cream. ‘I say gorgeous, can I get you a drink?’

‘Yeah all right.’

They move out into the kitchen and he opens the fridge. ‘Champagne for a special occasion.’

‘Oh yeah, so I’m a special occasion am I?’

‘You certainly are sweetheart.’ He passes her the bottle and takes two glasses from the shelf. They move back into the main room. A woman about thirty glides over and whispers in the man’s ear. He sniggers and playfully smacks her bottom.

‘Who’s that then?’

‘Just someone I know. Who did you come with?’

Without her glasses the room blurs. ‘Oh, I err, some bloke I met the uvver night.’

‘What’s he do?’

‘I dunno do I? Anyway what do you do?’

He motions her to a corner table away from the suits and strapless dresses talking as if their lives depend on it. ‘Me? I’m the guest of honour.’ The champagne cork pops and bubbling liquid cascades into her glass. ‘And I’ve met the loveliest girl in the world.’

‘Oh yeah. Where is she then?’

‘I’m looking at her right now.’

‘Piss off!’

‘Look darling; you’re the most beautiful girl here.’

‘That’s a bit different,’ she says looking around the room. ‘There ain’t much to choose from.’ Picking up the glass she gulps it straight down. ‘Jeez, I was thirsty.’ He smiles, refills her glass, and takes out a cigarette case.

‘Dunno if I really like this,’ she says drinking half. ‘Tastes a bit like cider don’t it? Anyhow what’s all this guest of honour stuff?’

‘That’s why we’re having the party, didn’t you know?’ He selects a cigarette and lights it from a gold lighter. ‘I sold my business to the man who owns this house.’

‘Oh yeah. Anyway what you going to do now?’

‘Actually I’m planning to move to the Virgin Isles.’ He stops as she splutters over her drink.

‘You what?’

‘What’s so funny?’

‘Nuffing. It’s all this drink. I ain’t used to it.’

A young man, looking the worst for wear, sways over to the table and drops into a chair. ‘I wondered where you got to,’ he slurs, reaching for the champagne. ‘You don’t mind do yer chief?’ He picks up the bottle and upends into his mouth causing most of it to run down his shirt.

The older man shakes his head in disbelief. ‘Let’s get out of here.’

They step out from the open French windows and stand for a while on the terrace. Moonlight, briefly appearing through scudding clouds, bathes the sky silver and cream. She shivers; low cut dress and sling back shoes inadequate in the cold night air. Music and laughter drift out from the room before the door closes behind them. Holding a half full champagne glass she points unsteadily to a large ornate building, ghostly grey in the shadows at the end of the sweeping lawns.

‘What’s that place?’

The man flicks his cigarette into the bushes. ‘Beautiful isn’t it? It’s the conservatory.’

She laughs coarsely. ‘Oh yeah, what’s that; an outside dunny?’ The wind causes leaves to scurry around the concrete patio and she presses against him shivering. ‘It’s a bit cold out ‘ere ain’t it? I can ‘ardly see a fing. Let’s get back inside.’

‘I’d like to show you the conservatory; it’s warm there. Finish your drink and we’ll have a quick look.’

She drains the glass in one swig and, with a giggle, throws it out on the grass. ‘I’ll leave that for the sweepers…Cummon then, let’s go.’ Grabbing his hand she pulls him forward. They walk along the path; shoes scrunching gravel, and up the conservatory steps until coming to heavy white doors. He takes out a key, unlocks the door and turns a large brass handle. Inside the air is warm and humid. Slumbering plants Side escort rest in the shadows lulled by a steady humming from the heating unit.

‘Ooh it’s dark, but you’re right; it’s lovely an’ warm.’ The girl looks around in the near darkness. ‘I’ve been to one a these places wiv the school.’

His arm encircles her waist. ‘You’re a wonderful girl you know. I’ve been looking at you all night. I’m glad we left the party. It was becoming a bore and I didn’t think much of your friend.’

‘That’s the bloke I came wiv. He’s a wanker ain’t he? Yeah, the music was getting on my nerves and all those oldies crapping on. You wouldn’t ‘ave a fag on yer wouldja?’

The man takes out his silver cigarette case. ‘When I was talking to you before and told you I was planning to live in the Virgin Isles you laughed. Why did you do that?’

The question, directed in an upper class accent makes her feel important. She places a cigarette in her mouth and waits while he clicks his lighter. Holding the cigarette pretentiously she draws the cigarette smoke deep into her lungs and immediately starts coughing.

‘Oh I, aherr, dunno, it just sounds funny I s’pose; virgin an’ all that.’

They walk between the rows of plants until coming to a park bench just visible in the half light. The warm fetid atmosphere causes her head to swim and she drops onto the bench. Sounds of dripping water splash from a distant rock pool; she’s a child again on the beach with her parents. He sits down wrapping an arm around her.

‘You feeling okay?’

‘Yeah, I’m all right. Bloody ‘ard to breeve in ‘ere ain’t it? I’m worried about somefing but it don’t matter; too late anyway. What was all that stuff you said about the Virgin whatsis?’

The small talk is beginning to get on his nerves but he welcomes the chance to get the conversation back onto a more personal level. ‘Well, you see before man arrived, the Islands were like young virgins, pure and untouched.’

‘Like me; I’m a virgin’

The audacious remark throws him for a few seconds and he lights a cigarette. ‘Ah, well…err, anyway I’m thinking of moving there because I might only have a year or two to live.’

‘Why what ‘appened? You ain’t got a disease ‘ave yer?’

The man smiles. ‘No, nothing like that; I strained my heart playing football and too much training. The doctors say I overdid it but apart from that I’m in great shape. That’s why I sold my business. You’re the only person who knows, apart from the doctor of course.’

‘Am I reely?’ She feels privileged to be taken her into his confidence.

He places a hand on her knee. ‘Don’t mention it to anyone, will you? I hate all the sympathy stuff.’

The last two glasses of champagne dispel previous reservations and she finds the situation thrilling. ‘Virgin Islands eh? Cool!’

The man smiles at her naïveté. ‘How old are you?’

‘Old enuff. Why’dyer ask?’

‘Oh, I just wondered that’s all. Must be wonderful to be that young again.’ He looks at his watch, luminous hands glowing in the half light…quarter past nine. Promised Bill a game of snooker at ten. ‘It’s your greatest treasure you know.’

‘What is?’

‘Your virginity my dear. Keep yourself until a really special man comes along.’ He turns and at the same time moves his hand under her skirt closer to the top of her leg. ‘I say, aren’t those ferns unbelievable?’ Blocking his hand she says nothing and he waits a few moments wondering what to do next. ‘Look, my dear we have something in common don’t you think?’

‘Do we?’

‘Yes, my moving to the Virgin Isles and your virginity. I’d love to have the honour of touching your treasure just to remember you?’

‘You what?’

‘Your treasure. Just to touch it would make this old man happy.’

‘Dirty old man more like. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that…you ain’t old. You’re younger than my Dad.’ Shrugging her shoulders she tosses her cigarette onto the ground, takes his hand and presses it against her groin. ‘Is that what you mean?’

Without a word he runs his other hand up her thigh lifting her skirt. Before she has a chance to protest he sneaks a warm hand under the elastic of her pantyhose. Side escort bayan She stiffens momentarily; fingers entering and stroking.

‘Thank you my dear you’ve made me a very happy man…If only it was possible.’

‘Go on, tell me,’ she whispers. ‘If only what was possible?’

‘Now I’ve found the person I really love. If only I had a few more years.’ He feels her relax, subconsciously moving against his hand. She’s nearly ready. His heart pounds; one wrong move and she’ll clam up.

‘You’re the only girl who’s ever made me feel like this before,’ he says, nuzzling her neck. ‘I loved you from the moment I saw you but never dared hope…Can I kiss your treasure darling?’

The dark open area reminds her of a cinema and for a moment the voice, strange and hushed, seems unreal. She opens her legs to the persistent pressure of his fingers and waves of tingling excitement runs through her body. Without waiting for a reply he lays her down on the bench, expertly removes her underclothing, lifts her skirt and pushes his face between the smooth young legs. She revels in the exquisite sensation and opens wide like a sea anemone. Carefully he sits up massaging her with his left hand and unfastens his pants. Eyes tightly shut she thinks of nothing except for the exquisite, exciting trembling racking her body and waits for him to continue.

Now, he decides she’s ready and begins the next stage by attempting to enter her slim body. Although aware their actions had past the normal stage of innocent fondling, she had not expected a seduction only a relatively short way from the house. Realising his intentions she instinctively recoils but the man is strong and holds her firm.

‘No! Please, you mustn’t.’

A seasoned veteran in the game of seduction, he loves the challenge when females try, at the last minute, to protect their property. The majority of his hundreds of sexual experiences had been with more than willing partners. From teenage girls in the first flush of womanhood to young mothers and middle aged matrons. In the case of the young girl underneath him it is understandable, especially after his earlier advice.

‘Darling, I love you so much. You’re the most precious thing in my life. Please keep still. I want to make you happy.’ Listening to his words she begins to waver but again has doubts. ‘This will be the most wonderful experience of your life,’ he whispers, ‘It should be with someone who loves and understands you. Please darling, shush.’

Ignoring his advice, she fights like a frightened animal begging and pleading with him to stop but he is strong and determined. Her voice echoes amongst the plants and the bench creaks.

‘Please don’t…I didn’t mean…You don’t understand…You mustn’t. Please let me go.’

Not violent by nature, but now possessed with desire and so near his goal, he pins her back on the seat whispering soothing words of love. With his hand caressing and massaging she feels again an uncontrollable desire. He slides in position and tries once more, this time partially entering.

‘There, that wasn’t too bad was it? I love you so much but that’s all there is and I’ll stop now shall I?’

Gasping for breath she tries to hold him off but the words have a calming effect and, listening to the hypnotic voice, her energy and resistance weakens. He nuzzles her neck and she moves a fraction waiting for him to withdraw. Like a fox having captured his prey he has no intention of stopping and, taking her relaxed attitude as a sign to continue, places his arms around her back at the same time whispering loving words. She struggles but is no match for his strength and with a feeling of elation he at last overwhelms her.

As if emerging from a dream the girl realises, all too late and with full clarity, exactly what has happened. The physical size of the man is huge and, thrashing from side to side, she attempts to rid herself of the painful intruder. This time he offers no words of love, holding on, one arm tight around her waist his heavy body restraining every movement. Her pelvic movement helps him penetrate deeper and now securely inside he savours his triumph and acute, almost excruciating, Escort side feeling of ecstasy.

Realising the futility of resistance, she eventually quietens down, accepting the fait accompli, and indicates surrender by lifting her pelvis allowing him full access to her slender body.

There is now no need for further restraint and, using his hands and mouth to full advantage, brings her to a new height of sensuality, entirely different to the soft foreplay originally experienced. The girl’s misgivings now slowly turn to euphoria as the blissful sensation develops.

The unbelievable tightness of her young body encases him in a firm silken cocoon and he begins to pump in a slow rhythmic action. Gasping and panting, previous fears

overtaken by this urgent desire raking through her body, she deliriously cries out with delight and moves with him.

‘I love you,’ she moans, every stroke heightening her passion causing her to scream out. ‘This is bleedin’ gorgeous. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. It’s so beautiful?’How different from other easy seductions the man thinks, relishing his feeling of accomplishment. Conquering the young girl who smiled across the room only a short while ago had been a battle but he had, as usual, achieved victory.

Whilst enjoying the lovemaking it boosts his ego to give so much pleasure and satisfaction. Here I am, he thought, making love to another delectable female, as I have hundreds of times before, while, for the young girl clinging so intensely, it is a completely new experience.

She locks him in an instinctive vice like grip, forcing and encouraging the huge shaft. To allow the passion to continue longer he rests, laying his head on her chest. Her young body saturated with desire she now takes command and groaning and gasping gorges herself in a frantic effort to bring herself to a climax. Although wanting this sensation to last forever, he cannot hold on and, as the miraculous feeling of sexual release begins, gives one last push before grunting aloud with satisfaction. At the same time she screams in delight climaxing with a huge orgasm.

Immediately feeling the beginning of another orgasm and craving for a repeat performance, she uses her muscles to encourage more from her lover. The man however, recovering from a session only hours before, has no more to give. Now fully sated his heavy body wearily collapses against her until she can hardly breathe.

Practically suffocating with the smell of perspiration filling her nostrils she feels a wave of disgust and pushes him away. Breathing deeply he rolls onto the asphalt and lays for a while exhausted and, reaching for his cigarette case, extracts a cigarette. The flame highlights his face and she realises he is old.

‘Ain’tcha going to give me one?’

‘Better clean yourself up, they’ll be wondering where we got to.’ Producing a handkerchief he wipes himself and adjusts his clothes while she delves into her handbag for a tissue. He lights another cigarette and together they walk back to the house saying nothing. Making no attempt to take her hand, the man seems eager to distance himself.

‘I’ve left me ‘andbag behind,’ she said plaintively, stopping to look back. ‘Can you run back I’m not feeling too good an’ I need it.’ Aware of a wet patch around her legs and a dull pain in her groin she wonders how she had let this happen. The man, who only a short while ago seemed so attentive, now totally ignores her and keeps walking. After a few steps she pulls his arm again and this time he turns around with a snarl.

‘Hey what do you think I am; your servant? Get lost!’

Saying nothing she hobbles back to the conservatory, picks up her handbag and makes her way back shouting for him to stop. All she sees is the distant sparks of his cigarette as he flicks it into the bushes.

‘Why didn’t you wait?’ she says catching up with him. ‘I gotta tell you somefing important.’

‘Don’t worry I’ve had a vasectomy; you won’t get pregnant.’

‘No, it’s not that. I tried to stop you doing it but you wouldn’t.’ He shakes his head and walks on leaving her behind.

‘Oh, bugger ‘im,’ she mutters to herself, sitting on a wall and taking a syringe from her handbag. ‘He shoulda worn a condom.’ She ties a lace around her arm and finds a vein. ‘Anyhow it’s too late now and I ‘ope the old twit’s caught it.’ Last week the clinic confirmed she had contracted AIDS from sharing needles.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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