The Copygirl

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God it was just another day in Sri Lanka. I had gotten up in the morning washed, eaten breakfast, and gone to work. I work as a copy boy in a large firm of Lawyers. Before I go any further, I should say that I’m only 18 tall, lanky, with long hair, not exactly a girl’s dream date. The day was dragging out to be another bore, when my supervisor called me and said to go pick up some prints from the copier. I was glad to get an excuse to leave to office. The Copies was close by, so I decided to walk. The walk was very enjoyable; the heat wave had made a lot of females show more of their skin. The number of chicks in short skirts drove me wild. By the time I made it to the copiers my dick was stirring in my jeans, adjusting my T-shirt to hide the bulge I pushed the door and entered Mr. Silva’s Copy Shop.

Mr. Silva was busy with another customer, but his two assistants were free. I strode up to one of them.

“Hi, I came to collect the GGS prints.”

She smiled, “Ok, give me a second.”

While she was looking through the files, I took a my time looking her over, or what I could see of her over the counter, she was bout 5’7 with a light dark complexion, shoulder length black hair that was hanging loose, She had a cute mouth and opal black eyes. She was wearing a red top and what I took to be pants. She looked up at me and caught me checking her out, smiled again and turned around bending slightly to get something, giving me a really nice look of her tight butt in those pants. Damn, Was I imaging it or was she playing with me?

While I was ogling her, Mr. Silva’s other assistant came up to me and said, “Hi.” I, quickly as I could, turned around and looked at the new comer. This girl was like a mirror image of the other except her hair was longer and tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans that were so tight that they looked like they would burst, something I would have love to see happen. I smiled gebze escort and addressed her.

“Hi. Are you two by any chance related?”

She smiled again.

“Yes! We are sisters. I’m Navodi the eldest and she is Satchini.”

“I’m Rocky. Nice to meet you and I’m real lucky to meet two sisters.”

Navodi looked at me.

“Nice to meet you too. And Sorry But I’m taken, but if you are looking for some fun, why don’t you come with us for lunch?”

Here was my chance to have some fun but being stupid said, “Won’t your sister mind?”

“Hell no. Satchini has been single for the last 2 months and she is as horny as hell and will jump at a chance get at some cock, while you look like a guy who won’t say no to some pussy. If you doubt me go head and ask her.”

I turned back to Satchini who was just returning with my copies.

“Hi, would you like to have some lunch and raw meat?”

I half expected to be slapped but instead but it didn’t happen.

“Oh good, lets get out of here, my pussy needs a good fucking.”

Damn this girl was one horny chick. Grinning broadly I paid for my copies and waited while Satchini spoke to Mr. Silva, grabbed her bag, said bye to sister and came out with me.

Once out on the street, I turned to her.

“Where do you want to go to eat?”

Satchini grinned.

“My house is near by. You don’t mind if we go there. No one will be at home.”

Would I mind, hell no. I agreed, my smile as big hers was and stopped a passing taxi. We got in and Satchini told the cab driver where the place was, as soon as she finished she grabbed my arm and put it around her. With my arm around her I quickly pulled her near to me, and she laid her head on my shoulder and her hand on my thigh. I was going nuts, this girl was going faster then I was, not that I wasn’t enjoying it; my cock was straining in my jeans almost ready to burst. göztepe escort I decided to take action; I pulled Satchini closer and started kissing her. Her lips were soft and I detected a light flavor of strawberries, as I kissed her I slowly slid my left hand down her back and on to her tight ass, god that ass felt good to the touch. I slowly tried to push my tongue into her mouth, but Satchini was way head of me. Then suddenly, I felt her hand on my cock rubbing it and then Satchini pulled open my zipper. I broke the kiss and asked her what she was doing, with the taxi driver watching. Satchini grinned impishly.

“I like doing it when someone else is watching.”

After hearing that I was gone.

Satchini slowly leaned over and started tugging my pants down, after slowly pulling my pants down to my knees, Satchini started kissing and licking my underwear covered cock, by this time I had got my hand underneath Satchini top was squeezing her bra covered, ample boobs. Then Satchini half stood up while she pulled my boxers right down and my erect 7 1/2 inch cock sprang out and hit her in the face. Satchini quickly grabbed my hard cock in hands, when I felt my cock touch Satchini’s soft hands; I felt it get a little bit harder. Satchini slowly started to stroke my cock, by this time the taxi driver was having a hard time paying attention to the road ahead. Satchini took her right hand off my cock, while her left hand continued jacking me off, and spat into it, and then spat on my naked cock, the feeling of her spit on my cock plus the feel of her hand was almost too much for me, but with a great effort I controlled it.

Satchini was now stroking my cock harder and faster as I slowly took my hands off her boobs and put it on her head, then I slowly started to guide her face toward my cock, Satchini resisted a bit.

“I’ll suck you later.”

But I needed my cock in her haramidere escort mouth, so I continued to push her face until it made contact with my now very erect cock. Once Satchini’s face was over my dick, I thrust my hips and hit her face with my cock. When I felt my cock tough her lips, I asked her softly, “please.”

Satchini parted her lips a little, as I slowly I pushed my plump cock head in to Satchini’s mouth, the feeling as my dick got through Satchini’s lovely lips and into her wet mouth was incredible, Satchini was now totally into sucking my cock. She licked the head and ran her tongue up and down my cock, I lowly moaned to her.

“Suck my balls, suck them.”

Satchini moved her head down to my hairy balls and started lapping at them like they were juicy melons, while her left hand continually jacked my dick up and down. Satchini soon went back to sucking my cock and I made her take half of it into her warm wet mouth. As Satchini continued bobbing her head up and down, I soon felt that familiar feeling that I was about to cum.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum!”

Satchini just continued sucking. I took that as a sign that it was ok to cum in her mouth, so I started thrusting my hips faster and used my hands to push her face more onto my cock. At each thrust I went deeper into Satchini’s mouth, and I could feel her gag slightly. Finally just as my warm cum erupted from my cock, I pushed it all the way in to the back of Satchini’s mouth. Satchini started to gag and choke, while I held her face down on my cock and emitted my cum, I kept moaning.

“Swallow it all, you little slut. Take it all in!”

Finally, I let go of Satchini’s head, and she pulled her face up, she cheeks were puffed up with cum as she worked frantically to swallow it all down. Even then some of the cum seeped from the corners of her mouth. Satchini looked at me smiled, and then ran her tongue over her lips cleaning up the leftover cum. My cock was still hard and bit messy and the Taxi driver was now driving looking virtually backwards, but all I did was think, “Damn, that was good” as I pulled Satchini toward me for a long and very wet kiss.

Special Thanks to “Irishgoddess0503” who helped me by editing the story and who gave me the inspiration to write erotic stories. Thank You.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32