The Cottage By The Sea Ch. 02

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This is the final chapter to “The Cottage By The Sea.” It is advisable to read the earlier Part to follow this ending. Thank you and I hope you like it.


David looked at his mother and was overwhelmed with love for her. He never got tired of watching her. She exudes serene calmness and beauty that was extremely rare amongst women he knew. The fact that she was his mother and the mother of their three children makes it all the more special. The six years they were married seemed just like yesterday.

Nobody in the small community looked upon them with suspicion or doubt. People around were always supportive of the new couple. Maybe some of the women folk might harbor some sense of jealousy about the young man and the beautiful older lady in the early days when they first settled in their town. But with the births of their lovely children, they were now part and parcel of the community.

Hilary and David had cut all ties with their family and lived just for each other. It was tremendously difficult at the beginning. But the love between mother and son overcame all odds. It was parental as well as incestuous love that formed the unbreakable bond between them. Their need and insatiable carnal craving for each other never waned nor dissipated.

Hilary was now 53 years old, but age had been generous with her. She knew that Tricia, their youngest, just more than a year old, was to be her last child. At her age, it was not feasible to bear another. When she was pregnant with Tricia, she had feared that her baby would be born less than normal. But Tricia turned out to be fine. Hilary decided that it was time for her to stop getting pregnant again. She told David that she was on the pill and her reasons for doing so. David understood and accepted his mother’s predicament.

It was Hilary’s birthday and the family invited their close neighbors and children for dinner. They waved their last guests goodnight. Hilary put the children to bed while David did the clearing up. At last, they made their way to the bedroom.

Hilary took her shower. Then, it was David’s turn. Hilary was in her bathrobe when David came out, covered with his towel.

“Happy birthday, mom,” David smiled at his mother.

“Don’t remind me,” she replied with gentle laughter.

“Oh my darling,” she turned to look at him. “Do you know how old I am?” she said.

“Come on, mom, let’s not start that again. Of course I know you are 53, what’s so strange about that? It’s just a number,” he countered, knowing that his mother was always worried about their age difference.

“I know, but soon I will be 60,” she said quietly, almost to herself.

“Mom, please don’t say that, I want you to promise me that you will never bring that up again, ok,” David replied.

He stood behind her at the dressing table. David looked into the mirror and saw a teardrop dripped down his mother’s cheek.

“Mom, I love you more than life itself. Do you know that each moment I am not with you, I feel utter emptiness? I am insanely in love with you, yesterday, now, and always. Just to hear your voice, to touch you, God, you drive me insane, my darling,” he said, kissing her neck and brushed the tear off her cheek.

“Oh, David,” she said, kissing his hand.

It was incredible. Just embracing his mother caused David to grow hard instantly. The smell of her intoxicated him, the same way he felt the first time they were intimate. David opened Hilary’s bathrobe and watched her nude front reflected in the dressing table mirror. He cupped her heavy dropping breasts tenderly and felt her nipples stiffened. The lines on her belly were showing but that only heightened his desire for her. He caressed her tummy and the soft downs of her fur.

His palms reached up again to gently knead her soft breasts.

Hilary’s head dropped back onto his shoulder.

“Sweetheart,” she said. “I still have milk in them for you, maybe not forever, but suck me now,” she continued.

David pulled off her bathrobe and he dispensed with his towel. Naked, they crept onto the bed. David suckled his mother’s nipples and gradually he tasted her thin milk droplets. She knew that it won’t be long before her milk stop flowing escort bayan gaziantep as Tricia was now on the bottle.

“Oh David, you drank from my body so many years ago and now you are still doing it,” she said lovingly.

As he sucked her, David placed his mother’s hand on his penis.

There were no taboos between them. They had touched and kissed every inch of each other’s flesh and said words that only kindred spirits would say to each other.

Hilary stroked her son’s firmness and cupped his balls.

“Suck me, mom,” he said.

Hilary moved her body down. She never failed to marvel at David’s constant hardness for her. She licked at the opening of his smooth crown. The familiar taste of his precum coated her tongue. Her mouth closed down onto him. He was thick and it fitted her mouth like a glove. She pushed deep and felt him at the opening of her throat.

Maybe it was her birthday. Hilary felt a need to express her love for David. He held his hips and pressed her face into his groin. The bulbous head was against her tonsils and Hilary gagged.

David heard his mother and rose up slightly. He saw Hilary slowly forced her head down the length of his penis. Her head rose up again with her gasping. He knew what she was trying to do. David’s hands reached out and held his mother’s head. Slowly, he pressed her head down as Hilary held tightly to his hips.

David moaned as he began to spurt. He released his hold and Hilary took his semen in her mouth, as she had done time and again. She swallowed the life making fluid down her gut. When his penis slipped out of her mouth, her slight swollen lips were wet with his secretion. David kissed her full on the mouth. He licked the streaks of his juice off her cheeks and laid back, their heads next to each other. Satiated for the moment, they held each other and the smell of sex hung heavily in the air.

Hilary had fallen asleep. She awoke to see David stretched out, the upper part of him supported on his arms, looking at her intently.

“Did I fall asleep?” she said.

“Yes my love and I have cleaned you up,” David replied with a smile.

“Oh,” she replied but still tasted remnants of his cum in her mouth.

She got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. David heard her gurgle and brushing her teeth.

She came out and asked, “What time is it?”

“Almost one in the morning,” he replied.

“Don’t you have to work tomorrow?” she enquired.

“No,” he replied. “Since it was your birthday, I took the liberty of taking a day off and spending time with my wife.”

“How sweet,” she smiled.

“Come here,” David said.

“And what do you want,” she laughed.

They cuddled in the middle of the bed.

“Oh David,” Hilary said gently as he embraced and kissed her.

“See, he wants you,” he said, placing her hand on his stiffness.

David rubbed his mother’s belly and said, “No more babies.”

“Poor dear,” Hilary said, caressing her son’s face.

“Fucking you now will be like wearing a condom,” he joked.

“Do you really feel that way,” she replied, half in jest and half uncertain of what David really meant.

“Sorry mom, I was just joking,” he replied.

But a doubt formed in her mind and she wanted to clear it.

“Tell me what is really bothering you, David,” Hilary said.

“Nothing, mom, I’m sorry, it’s really nothing,” he insisted.

“We have never doubted each other and I don’t want you to keep anything from me, just be truthful, sweetheart,” Hilary insisted.

When David did not reply, Hilary sat up.

“Look at me David. Is this the end of our trust for each other? I know, I can feel you,” Hilary said.

David looked into his mother’s eyes and knew that she had been hurt.

“Oh mom, don’t look at me like that. It kills me. Sometimes I say things without thinking,” David choked.

“Then, be true to me,” said Hilary.

“If you insist, ok, I’ll tell you,” he said.

“Tell me, please,” she replied.

“I want you, mom, I want all of you. I want you anally,” David said softly, looking away from her.

Just saying those bayan gaziantep escort words caused David’s heart to pound.

Hilary sat transfixed. They had done just about everything sexually, uninhibited and unashamed of their desires. But anal sex never entered her world.

She looked at David. Her son wants to take her in her anus. Her late husband never tried it. She heard of anal sex, she read about it in books and novels. It was unnatural and even animals don’t do it, except perverted human beings. Incest was against the norm but being fucked anally sounded so dirty and crude. And the pain of something like the size of David’s penis being inserted in her tiny opening would be excruciating. All sorts of images formed in her head. Vaginas had the natural tendency for accepting different sizes but anus was not made for fucking.

“It will be painful,” she said, confused.

“No mom, I’ll be gentle and I will stop when you tell me to,” David replied, now that it was out in the open.

“I promise I will make it good for you,” he continued, his need for Hilary’s anus was almost unbearable.

David kissed his mother’s breasts and rubbed her tummy, but Hilary stopped him.

“Not tonight David,” she said.

“Why,” he said, as Hilary pulled the blanket to cover herself.

“Honey, just bear with me, I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” she told him, much to his acute disappointment.

“It’s just…..I need to sleep on what happened, trust me darling,” she said, kissing him.

David could not sleep even though Hilary was already in deep slumber. The small table clock on the side showed that it was 2.36am. The soft light of the moon filtered through the glass pane. David was obsessed with the image of having anal sex with Hilary and he held his hard penis in his hand, stroking himself slowly. He had already poured out his innermost desire and hoped that Hilary would consent. The letdown shattered him.

He stirred and sat up beside his sleeping mother. He gently slid the blanket off her. Although he sees her naked form daily, it never failed to energize him sexually. He touched her smooth flanks and caressed the globes of her butt tenderly. He moved his body down until his face was inches from her posterior.

David’s lips were on her flesh, giving butterfly kisses onto Hilary’s buttocks. He licked her flesh. Hilary stretched herself and turned to lay prone on her stomach, still asleep.

David got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. He took the tube of lubricant and crept back onto the bed. He drew apart his mother’s legs. His face dropped until he was pressed against the vee of her buttocks.

He smelled the odor of Hilary’s rosebud which made him gasped involuntarily. But that affected him only momentarily before he touched her crinkled hole with his wet tongue. It caused him to restrain from climaxing, this act of licking his mother’s anus.

Hilary stirred and opened her eyes. Still drowsy, she wondered whether she was dreaming. It startled her initially. Gradually she shuddered at the strange sensation. It dawned on her that David was licking and sucking her.

When David tried to push his tongue against her tiny opening, Hilary understood the reality of her son’s intention. But the exquisite sensation David administered to her body cast apprehensions she had for anal sex, at least for the moment.

Hilary moaned and rose up her buttocks.

With a groan, David understood his mother’s intention. It was the sign of her acceptance and submission. He spread apart the twin mounds. His tongue folded to a point and he pushed into her. It seemed so tiny but that only increased his intense desire. Poking his tongue, David managed to open her up ever so slightly.

He pressed the tube and the lubricant seeped onto his right thumb. He rubbed her anus, until she was wet and slippery. With a slight push, his thumb penetrated and was lodged in Hilary’s rectum.

“Oh David,” Hilary moaned as she felt the rim of her anus clamped tightly onto his thumb.

David stopped and felt the gripping motion his mother’s anal muscle.

“Is it painful,” he asked her softly.

“No, gaziantep bayan escort but please be gentle,” she replied.

David was terribly excited as he began to thumb fuck Hilary gently. He removed his thumb and licked the pulsating hole to ease her discomfort. Squeezing more lube onto her opening, David pushed two fingers into her.

Hilary dropped flat onto the mattress as her son continued to probe deeper into her rectum with his fingers.

The initial penetration by David’s thumb had caused Hilary slight discomfort. It was not the pain she had expected. Maybe, if she was much younger and her body still firm, her anus would resist the unnatural intrusion. But age had relaxed her muscles and after David’s thumb had penetrated her, she had opened for him.

David pulled his fingers out. He straddled Hilary’s buttocks, and whispered, “My love, just tell me to stop if it hurts,” he said.

She nodded in reply and felt David rubbed the head of his penis against her anus.

She gasped, “Oh God,” as David pressed and his hardness gained entry.

The flared head lodged just inches inside her rectum and he stopped. He was throbbing with intense fervor to push in, but he controlled his desire. He let Hilary get used to his size.

When she moaned and did not say anything, David pushed in slowly. The thick girth widened her anal chute, until he was balls deep inside her.

David felt the tremors through his mother’s body as he lay flat on her back. They were joined as one, with his penis pulsating in her rectum.

“Oh David,” Hilary cried out softly.

He filled her completely. Hilary never experienced such emotions before. The fullness in her rectum and the tingling sensation was so charged. After bearing him three babies, David still managed to find a part of her that was virgin and he had taken it.

Her thoughts were interrupted when David started to fuck her slowly. The erotic taboo being taken this way and the rubbing of her clitoris by David’s hand caused the advent of orgasmic throb and Hilary’s moans of surrender.

David was lost in his own lust as he fucked his mother, pressing as deep as he could into her bowels.

When he could not hold on anymore, he released his sperm, crying out his mother’s name.

Her whole body trembled as David started to ejaculate inside her. The phallus lodged inside her rectum throbbed and she gripped his fullness tightly as he continued spurting.

When he stopped cumming, David kept whispering in her ear incoherently, “I…love you, God….I love you….so tight….so tight.”

Coming down from the heights of fulfillment, Hilary took deep gulps of breath. She grasped the sheets tightly as throes of orgasm convulsed her in her first anal intercourse.

David raised himself and dislodged from his mother’s anus. He knelt between her legs and spread her buttocks apart. He watched as his semen he flowed out. When it stopped dripping, he placed his mouth on her slightly gapped hole and tongued her, tasting his own cum.

Hilary was deeply affected emotionally, knowing that David was kissing her ravished anus to show how much he cared for her. He had shown her the wonder of anal sex. She understood now that it was not perverted or dirty as she had imagined. David had been gentle and considerate as she submitted herself totally for his gratification. After all, he is her husband and this was probably the best birthday present he had given her.

Before the sun broke to a new day, David fucked his mother’s anus again. This time, he held Hilary on top of him so that he could fondle her breasts. His heart was beating wildly as he watched his mother opened her mouth and tilted her head backwards when he climaxed.

Anal sex was now a constant in their sexual gratification daily.

Hilary could foresee the future. She was neither ignorant nor fearful of the obvious. Soon, her hormones will naturally deplete as menopause became a reality. When the urge for sex diminished, she made a promise to herself that she will never deprive David of his needs. If he still wanted her body, she will offer him without any restrictions even if the act hurts her physically. He had proven himself beyond doubt and given her total love and care. Marrying her when she should have refused him was his ultimate sacrifice.

She smiled at him lovingly. Her face was soiled with his sperm after she sucked him when he was satiated having taken her anally the second time that early morning. David was forever her forbidden lover, her son, and father of their children.

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