The Crop (MFF)

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It’s dark outside by the time I arrive home from work. Steve had called to say he was going to be very late, as it was month end, so it was just me tonight and as I park, I could see nothing but the dark house. Then I notice that while the neighbors’ back porch light is off, the back door is partly open. Walking over I call in the door.

“Karie?” She doesn’t answer.

I knock on the back door but there isn’t any answer. The door is open so I push it and call again. I know Karie has to be around as I saw both her and her husband’s car out front. Karie and Nathan are both young, probably in their late 20’s, and have been our neighbors for 2 years. Steve and I while already in our 50’s, have found enough in common to become friends.

I step into the kitchen and peek into the living room. “Karie?” Still no answer. The house seems deserted.

It was then I hear voices down the hall. Mumbled until a clear “Yes” comes from the back.

It is clearly Karie’s voice, but it is slightly muffled and unclear. I am immediately concerned, partly because she has taken so long to answer but also because I continue to hear another voice whispering. I creep down the hall, cellphone in hand and finger poised over the 911 button as I approach the partly closed door to their bedroom. I am unsure about walking into their bedroom, but she had clearly called out, so I slowly push it open.

I freeze. Nathan, is standing in the middle of the bedroom, looking at me in surprise. Karie is blindfolded, facing away from the door, bent over, and tied to what looks like a padded sawhorse, and she is completely naked!. Nathan, who is dressed in athletic shorts and a T-shirt, holds a crop in his hand.

Nathan immediately puts his finger across his lips signaling me to keep quiet. I am afraid but curious. What is going on here?

I know Nathan well, or thought I did, but this? Karie never told me he ever hit her. Had he gone off his rocker?

Sensing my panic Nathan leans very close and whispers in my ear “Jane, don’t panic. Watch this.”

Walking back over to Karie he indicates to me again to keep quiet. I don’t know why but I just silently stand there. He leans close to Karie’s ear and says rather loudly. “Ready?”

I notice then that Karie has earplugs in her ears as well, as she shouts back “Yes.”

“What do you want?” he asks.

“Aren’t… you going to do it?” Karie pleads.

“What do you want me to do?” asks Nathan.

“Smack my ass!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! Please! Now! I’ve been very naughty.”

“OK, I’m going to smack you two times right on your ass for being such a bad girl.” He raises the riding crop. Then he swings it at her and it smacked her right across her rear, leaving a red line. She lets out a yelp then a soft groan. Then he smacked it again and she groaned again.

“Did you like that?” he asks loudly.

“Yes!” she replies quickly.

“Now, what do you want?”

“Smack me again! Please!”

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Yes! Yes, I’m sure. Again!”

He stood there for a second. “Please!” she says.

“You are a nasty girl aren’t you. Would you like someone to… watch you get spanked? Would you be embarrassed if one of your friends saw you like this? Splayed so wantonly and begging me to spank you?”

“Oh my god! It would be the worst!” she answers pulling on the bindings.

“What if I were to get Jane in here to watch? Would it turn you on to have Jane in here, watching me spank your ass?” She doesn’t answer. “What would she think? Would her watching make you wet? To have Jane, whom you have admired and lusted over, see you like this?” He pauses and the room is silent for a second.

“Yes.” Her voice is small.

“What was that?” Nathan asks again. “Would you like it if Jane was standing right here watching me spank your naked ass?”

“Yes!” Came a louder reply. “You know I would.”

“Aha! Then let’s play a little game and you just imagine Jane right here with us, watching as I spank your naked ass two more times. She’s going stand right here to watch you groan and beg just like you always do.”

“Yes!” He doesn’t answer but swings the crop around and smacks her rear and then again. She groans.

“Did you like that?”


“What would Jane think of you, begging to be spanked like that?” She doesn’t answer but she is breathing louder and louder. After a little while, he looks at me and speaks again: “How would you like Jane to take the crop and spank you? You’d like that, wouldn’t Pendik Escort you?”

“Yes!” comes her breathy answer. He smiles and then reaches out and takes my wrist. He draws me to where he is behind Karie. He puts the warm leather handle of the crop in my hand.

“Okay, this time imagine Jane is standing right here holding the crop. Running her fingers down the hard leather seems, just waiting to spank your naked ass.”

“Oh yes!” comes Karie’s breathless reply.

“Her seeing you like this. Tied to a post. Naked. Everything exposed and thinking about spanking you herself.”

“Oh yes. Yes” Karie groans and even I can see a shiver run through her body. The young woman has a fantastic body. She is obviously a natural blond and her figure has none of the sag or padding that would come with age.

“You’d better ask her to spank you. Ask Jane.”

“Yes! Please spank me!”

“Don’t ask me. Ask Jane. Think of Jane standing right here.” Nathan says. Then he looks more closely at me and continues, “Looking amazing. Like she just left work. Standing here in her dark grey slacks and white blouse with gold buttons, in heels, with her hair pulled up and holding that leather crop. A sexy corporate executive. Staring directly at your naked ass.” The description is spot on and I look back at him a little embarrassed myself.

“Oh yes. Please spank me, Jane.” I have the crop in my hand. I stare at her ass.

“She’s not sure. Ask her again. Beg her.” Nathan went on.

“Please spank me, Jane. Please?” Nathan takes my hand and guides me into hitting her rear with it. It doesn’t come out nearly as hard as his have. He nods to me to do it again myself. So, I do.

“Did you like having Jane spank you? She seems to be enjoying it.” Asks Nathan.

“Yes! Harder! Please.”

“Jane’s just learning to use the crop. Thank her and ask her again. Tell her where you want her to spank you.” Nathan explains.

“Thank you Jane! Please spank my ass again, harder.” Nathan smiles and nods to me. I do it again, twice. I am getting better and do it harder.

“Was that better?” asks Nathan.

“Yes! More, please, more! Harder!”

“Say please to Jane. I am beginning to think she likes this. She seems to be sweating a little more than expected.”

“Please Jane!”

“What would you think if I kissed Jane while she was spanking you? She is breathing so quickly; it looks almost like she is getting aroused. Would it bother you if spanking you was turning her on?”

“Oh my god!” she answers.

He moves closer to me and I just stand there breathing hard as he takes my face in his hands and touches his lips to mine. Then he nods, never breaking the kiss and I smack her again.

“She kisses nice,” he says. “Didn’t you say you’d like to kiss her?”

“Oh yes.” Karie groans.

“Oh she’s too busy right now kissing me and just wants to spank you. Do you like Jane spanking you?”

“Yes. Yes!” So, I smack her again and Nathan kisses me again, plunging his tongue into my mouth and stealing my breath away.

“I think she’s enjoying spanking you, I can already see her nipples. Should I unbutton her blouse to see those wonderful tits?”

What am I getting myself into? Why am I letting this happen? Why do I want this to happen?


Nathan’s fingers start unbuttoning the buttons of my blouse. Quickly pulling the fabric aside and dropping it to the floor. In moments my bra is released, and my breasts hang free. Nathan’s hands are warm as they cup each breast. I’m in my 50’s so I don’t have the firm breasts that Karie does, but I am trim and in shape with larger fuller breasts.

“Are they beautiful?” Karie sighs.

“Yes, they are. She must be excited from spanking you. Can you picture how hard her nipples are? Should I strip her naked?” He asks while running his thumbs over my nipples and holding my breasts. Each touch sends tremors through me.


“You want Jane naked?” he asks again as he reaches over and strokes his fingers between Karie’s legs.

“Yes!” she groans in response.

“Why? Do you like Jane’s body?” He is quietly unbuttoning my pants.


“If she were standing here half naked, would you tell her about your fantasy? Would you tell her how naughty you’ve been?”


“Would you tell her about watching her?” Nathan asks as he slips my slacks off my hips.

“Yes” she moans.

“Confess to her what you’ve done.” Nathan says as he Anadolu Yakası Escort leans in and kisses my exposed stomach, while reaching out and running his hand once more between Karie’s thighs.

“I’ve watched you Jane.” Karie begins breathing quickly as Nathan’s fingers touch and stroke her. “I’ve stood in the dark outside your bedroom window and watched you and Steve many nights, and even watched you have sex.” I feel my pulse quicken as I think about this peeping Karie watching us, seeing us.

“You didn’t just watch though did you?” Nathan asks as he kisses lower.

“I’ve played with myself as I watched. Orgasmed right outside your bedroom window, in the dark.” Karie whispers and Nathan presses his finger against her.

I tremble as Nathan kisses me. I am looking down at him as he kneels between Karie and myself, his left hand gently stroking Karie and his right sliding over my own panty covered mound.

“Well, that is very naughty. Do you imagine that would horrify or excite Jane? In my mind that would excite her. I bet her panties would be wet listening to you talk. Do you think they will be wet when I take them off?” He asks looking up at me as he moves his hand over my ass on to my hip.

“Yes” Karie moans as Nathan’s thumb presses against her ass.

I am standing in their bedroom in only my panties and watching as Nathan slips his right hand under the waistband of my panties and pushes them down to my knees, then to the floor where I step out of them. I am allowing this. Holding them up to his face he smiles

“Yes, I she is. And now imagine she is standing right here naked and wet just like you always wanted. But she’ll need to punish your naughtiness and so will be naked while she spanks you.” He nodded to me and I suddenly remember that I am still holding the crop. I am getting the hang of this as the sudden sharp slap fills the room, followed by a satisfied shuddering breath from Karie.

“Do you like being spanked by naked Jane?”

“Yes! I love it!”

“Right here in this room. Jane is standing here naked, spanking you with this leather riding crop. She can see just how wet this is making you. Are you excited?”


“She’s standing right here in your bedroom naked and wet. Should I do anything for her?” As he spoke, he moved his left hand from between Karie’s legs and slipped his already wet finger between my legs and along my very wet labia. While he rolled my nipple with his other hand. I was going crazy.

“Fuck her!” Karie growled. I almost choked. I couldn’t believe she was saying this.

“What? What do you mean?” Nathan asked, obviously playing dumb as he pressed his lips to mine once more. His hands roam down my body. His finger press against my clitoris. It is hard to remain standing as I press into his kiss and his hand.

“Fuck her! Fuck her hard.” Karie groaned.

“You want me to fuck Jane right here in our bedroom while she spanks you?” As he asks he is pushing his shorts down. I stand transfixed as his rock hard cock springs out. He is thin and athletic and so very young.

“Yes.” Karie moaned.

“Why?” His cock is sticking straight up as he sits down on a chair facing Karie’s rear end and pulls me around to stand, with my back to him, between her and him.

“She needs it. She needs a hard fucking. I’ve watched Steve and he is gentle and slow, but she needs a hard fucking.” Karie groans as she ground herself against the brace.

“She’s your best friend. She’s married. You want me to fuck your married best friend hard right here in front of you?”

“Yes! Yes!” Karie cries as she presses her obviously wet pussy hard against the frame.

Nathan barely hesitates as he pulls me down onto his lap. I am completely ready as he guides his cock into me. He feels huge as he fills me.

“You’ll have to tell me why. Why does she need it?” Nathan asks as he pushes up into me.

“She… she’s so repressed. She thinks she has it made but she doesn’t understand what she’s missing. How fucking sexy she is.” Karie cried.

“You think she’s sexy?” Nathan asks as he pounds up into me.


“Do you like to look at her body?”


“Would you like her to touch your pussy?”

“Oh yes!” Karie groans. My mind is whirling as Nathan pounds into me.

“Do you want to lick her cunt?” Nathen asks.


“Do you want her to touch your cunt?”

“Yes! Oh god yes” Karie replies as she spreads her legs even farther and lifts her İstanbul Escort ass. I can see her peach fuzz covered labia opened like a flower and so wet she is actually dripping. I feel Nathan lift my arm and push my hand towards Karie. As my finger part her labia, I slip between and into the warm wetness hidden there, Karie arches her back and groans.

“Would you want to finger you while I fucked her?”

“Oh god! Yes!”

“I’ll have her touch you while my cock is inside her. She will finger you as I fuck her, so she can see just how much of a wanton slut you are.”

“Yes! Fuck her hard! Hard!” He lifts my body up and down, his cock sliding in and out. It is so distracting but I kept my finger sliding along inside her… matching Nathan’s strokes with strokes of my own. Her groans are definitely louder as I touch and press her clitoris. Karie orgasms once more. I can’t believe it and find myself tensing as well.

“Do you like it when she touches you while I’m fucking her?”

“Y.. Yes.” Karie stuttered.

“I think she likes my cock inside her.” Nathan says as he reaches up and kissed me. I am trembling and can feel my own orgasm wash over me.

“Oh my god!” Karie cries as I feel her thighs clamp down on my hand and begin to shudder.

“You like that? Her right here naked in your bedroom fucking your husband? You like that?”

“The bitch! Yes!”

“Would you like her to lick you?” Nathan asks. I try to shake my head and refuse but it is too late.

“Oh god, yes!” Karie cries as Nathan lifts me to standing and stands behind me. He guides me and begins to push my face lower towards her. He bends me over right behind her.

“Would you like her to spread your ass and lick your pussy? Would that make you come?” He leaned his head next to mine as he talks, running his tongue in my ear.

“Yes!” She cried lifting her ass as high and wide as the restraints allow. He guides my face between her legs and places my hands on her ass cheeks, pushing her open. My lips are right on her vagina. I can feel and smell her wetness. Without much thought I open my mouth and run my tongue along the slit in front of me.

“Okay, she’s touching you. You like that, don’t you? I’m going to cum in her while she is licking you.” Nathan says as he humps into me one more. He is pounding me hard now and I can feel his tempo increasing. I struggle to keep my face still, but the pounding is pushing my face into Karie with each thrust. After a few moments Nathan pushes deep and pauses. I can feel his cum filling me as he twitches and jerks inside me.

That was when I notice that Karie has paused and stopped moving or speaking, as if she is listening. “Oh god! No! Oh god!…” Then she is coming again, harder this time. I haven’t done much more than touch her but she is pushing back with all her strength, shuddering and gasping for breath.

I am in a daze as I feel Nathan slip out of me and the warm stream of his cum run down my legs. Karie gradually calms down and Nathan draws me back away again.

“Jane has to go now,” he says.

“Oh god! Oh god… who is here Nathan? Is it really her? Answer me Nathan!” Karie’s voice is rising but also pleading.

“You’d better thank her.” He gathers my clothes and pushes them into my hands and I starte getting dressed.

“Who is it Nathan?!” Karie is pulling hard at the straps now.

“Let’s just pretend that there was someone here and that it was Jane. So, you need to say ‘Thank you Jane’.” Nathan replies in a calm voice resting his hand on Karie’s ass.

“Thank you Jane.” Comes the woman’s quiet voice. I am almost dressed.

“Okay, she’s going to leave now, then I’m going to put you in bed and fuck you with our imaginary Jane’s juice all over my cock. Would you like that?”

“Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me, please.” And he guides me out of the room. Closing the door behind me. I slip out the back door and wander back home. I must have sat for an hour in a complete daze, cum now dried on my legs.

The next day is Saturday and like clockwork I walk to get the paper. Karie is sitting on their front porch in a loose robe. I have a little trouble not staring at the barely clad young woman as I walk back up the driveway.

“Good morning Karie.” I call as I pause on my driveway right next to her porch. She pauses a moment looking at me, as if thinking.

“Morning Jane.” She finally replies as she stands up and walks over to me. “I think this is yours” she says as she drops a button into my hand.

I just stand there looking at the small gold colored plastic button for what mut have been longer than I thought. It was off my blouse. When I finally look up I am greeted with a big smile on Karie’s face.

“Thank you. Maybe I’ll see you tonight.” She says then turns and walks inside.

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