The Date

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I didn’t notice him at first. So many come my way and many of them are of the opposite sex. Occasionally one will make a comment outside the range of “acceptability,” usually referring to a certain part of my anatomy, above or below my waist. Either way, I’m used to it. Some I ignored, some pissed me off, and then there were those certain few to whom I may actually give a smile.

He didn’t approach me in that manner, at least not right away. His manner was causal. When he did step to a sista seeking outright attention I wasn’t impressed, but I was currently bored with no immediate forms of entertainment. So I said yes.

First date was simple: a coffee, a movie, a meal, and a make out session in his car in front of my house.

He leaned against the back of his car door and reached to pull me close. Body twisting, my breasts rested against his as his tongue slid deeply into my mouth. The first kiss was wet and moist and my tongue played with his in a fluid motion of heat. He was sweeter than he looked. I tasted a little favor from the meal and saltiness of his skin. I used the kiss as an excuse to taste more. Wet mouths separated as my tongue moved over his cheek, gliding along his handsome face and beautiful eyes.

I kissed those eyes. Those eyes opened. They moved from mine, passed my lips to the place he coveted all night long. Swiping aside my blouse like the wrapping of a long awaited present, he swooped in and gathered his treat. Pouty nipples harden as his mouth sucked and nurtured.

The arousal didn’t start at my nipples; it began deep in my pussy and slowly began to ascend outward. I could feel the slight contractions as she pushed the liquid through my body passed my pussy lips. She- the little bitch that lies between my legs was crying again. Sticky wet tears of happiness intermingled with my pussy hair. It made me want to call his name.

His tongue circled my aurora over and over again, spreading the heat. His mouth opened and engulfed more of me, pulling me in deeper, magically drawing on that hidden button, deep between my thighs without even a direct touch. My tits and my pussy and my clit were one. They all felt the pull as he sucked and sucked, making those moist sounds, making it sound all yummy. He made me want to bend forward and suck on my own nipples. He made me wish his were big enough to suck on too, but I guess that’s what his dick is for.

His hands pushed my blouse up over my abdomen, over the curvaceous mounds that were my breasts, exposing both to the sensual night air, and more to his hands and his mouth. His face was hidden as he licked and tasted his way through the valley of my breasts. His breath was smoothing and warm and stimulating. He squeezed each mount in a continuous motion.

And then there were his teeth. He used them to his advantage as well. Lightly, he grazed the hard nub of flesh, moving from center to tip with a steady amount of pressure. It drove me crazy. It was as if by doing so, he squeezed juices of lust through my pussy flooding my panties to no end. It was here that I moaned and he increased the pressure. Then he began to talk.

“You like that baby? You like me sucking on your nipples. I like sucking on your nipples. Your breasts are just the right size for my hands. I like squeezing them. They just may become my favorite new toy. They fit just right on my tongue. Ummmmm. Let me suck some more.”

By this time they were extra sensitive from all the playing. He would just hold them together, side-by-side, directly in front of him as his tongue swirl across one tip then the other. They were red, my nipples. All the blood rushed to the tips and each lick, each suck, each sound of this moist mouth sucking on my skin was an aphrodisiac.

When he raised his mouth to mine, I was all but dying to fuck him. His hands moved to my thighs, up under my dress, until he found my ass. Covering each cheek, he massaged them with his hands as his tongue massage my mouth. We took turns sucking on each other’s tongues. I sucked like I would suck if it were his dick in my mouth rather than his tongue and he sucked as if it were my clit instead. I never knew sucking could be so much fun.

All the while, my hands were wrapped about his neck, enjoying the ride. But as we kissed it became clear that he wasn’t going to touch my pussy, and the lil’ bitch was just screaming for some attention, she was crying for it. My hands found there way to his shorts and slipped past the waistband.

“Oh yeah,” he whispered.

I pushed those shorts aside and found little jr. and set him free. He let me stroke him and rub him. While there was enough precum for me to glide across his tip, there wasn’t enough to make the stroke further down a smooth one. He stopped kissing me and pulled back. He rearranged my legs so he could manipulate me into the position he wanted over the car armrest. The armrest dug into my thigh and was kind of painful but I forgot the pain as he twisted up and into little Jr. His dick slid across the lips of my lil bitch. Back and forth he stroked his dick Ataşehir Escort against the outside of my pussy hole. My bottom lips wrapped around his cock with each stroke and my upper lips wrapped around his ear. I nibbled his ear as I listen to him breath deeply in my ear, making it moist and hot and he softly grunted. The sensation slowly built as he stroked his cock up, sliding against the side of my clit and down my clit with each fucking motion. He stoked, he stroked, he stroked. It wasn’t an actual fuck, but it was still very good.

It got harder for him, and he began to get frustrated, because it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He had to be in my pussy, in my lil bitch, He needed to be surrounded totally because he wanted to cum and half a pussy wasn’t going to do it. So he moved and pushed against my hole, trying to enter, but she was closed tight. So he pushed and pushed again and there was a slight pain because she didn’t want to open up, but damn the pain was sweet too, the pleasure and pain was so sweet and I like it when it hurts just a little. And then the tip slid in. My pussy and that little nub right at her entrance wrapped and circled around him, squeezing his cock tip tight. I heard him exhale deeply in my ear and as much as it was killing me I had to stop him. I had to say no.

“Brina, don’t do this,” he pleaded.

“Condom. We need a condom.” I whispered as I continued to lick his ear and he continued to push deeper and deeper, little by little. Each push didn’t get much in, a centimeter here, a centimeter there, not an whole inch, because the push was gentle, but each centimeter felt like a yard and each yard made me want to cry in frustration because I knew I was about to make him pull it back out.

“Brina, baby, please.” He moaned.

But I silently shook my head no. No, despite the clinching of my fingers resting on his ass, half in the waistband of his shorts and his underwear. He had a lovely ass.

“Brina, let me fuck you. Let me fuck you just a little.”

Those words were highly effective as waves of lust shot through my pussy, through my pelvic region, hips, and straight to my heart as it lunched in my chest. Damn, those words never sounded sexier. He felt my response too. He felt my body jerk and he felt my pussy tighten for an instant. He knew and so he said it again.

“Let me fuck you, baby. All I want to do is fuck you. I wont cum, I promise.”

Which was bullshit. Those were lines I thought died out in high school, apparently not. But he pushed, he pushed harder this time and this time it was an inch, not a centimeter, and this time it was deeper and this time there was no resistance and this time he was in my shit, inside my little bitch and that shit was nice, but I couldn’t do it. Not yet and so I reached behind me and found the door handle and he slide out so very slow and it felt like it was taking forever, his dick felt fifty inches long.

When it’s done right, when you are feeling the moment, you can’t really measure the size of a penis because the pleasure makes everything feel more greater, same goes for pain. I was feeling every move more intensely and he was killing me. Just as he was preparing to thrust forward again, my hand turned the handle of the car door. He pushed forward. The thrust of his body and lack of back support pushed me off of the seat and out of the car. Pain hit my ass, my back and my head as I hit the ground cushioned only by the grass lawn, which wasn’t at all soft. Wet and exposed, my thighs were spread open, slick with my pussy juice. My nipples became harder than ever as I realize just how fucking cold it was outside.

“OUCH!” I screamed, as he looked down at me from the car, in shock as he saw I was no longer beneath him but damn near naked on the grass lawn in front of my house. Soon shock died away to laughter as it hit him my ass fell out the damn car! Though he tried, he couldn’t keep the laughter out his voice when he asked me if I was all right.

“Yes, “ I moaned as I sat up and pulled my blouse back down over me and closed my legs. At this point, he stop trying and just fell out laughing as I rolled to my knees trying to stand. What I didn’t know at the time was there was a leaf stuck to my exposed ass as well as a few straw-looking thingies. My panties were still wrapped around my legs, which only made things harder. So just when I raised a leg to stand, I lost my balance and nearly fell on my face with my ass still stuck in the air, only higher this time. At this point I didn’t hearing anything but I knew he was laughing. Getting on my knees I pulled my skirt down, removing the leaf on my ass, and pulled my panties back up. Rising I turned and looked at him as he laid halfway over the armrest and my seat, crying tears of laughter. I slammed door in his face and opened the back door of the car to retrieve my purse. He called my name and I guess was saying he was sorry, but he was hard to understand through the laughter. I told him I was no longer in the mood and wished him good night as I went inside the house. Kadıköy Escort I don’t think he noticed that I slightly tripped on the steps on the way up. At least I hoped not.

Two days later he called, leaving a voice mail on my cell phone.

“Hey, sweetie. I figured that you would want a day of rest from your fall so I didn’t bother you yesterday.” Yeah right. He probably needed a day of practice so you could talk to me without laughing, because he knew if he had called and I heard so much as a smile in his voice I would have never spoken to him again. “But I’m calling you today to see if you would like to go out again sometime. I know you are probably embarrassed, but you shouldn’t be. If anything, I should be. You were right to stop me. I’m only sorry you felt you had to go to such extremes. So providing you aren’t mad at me and that you aren’t the type of girl to let a little embarrassment get in her way, I would very much like to take you to dinner. Call me.”

Swallowing my pride and remembering the way he made me feel. I called him back.
Dinner took place the following Friday after work. He picked me up and we headed out. He looked very nice. One of the things I’ve admired about him is his sense of style. The man knew how to dress. He was a bit on the slender side, but was well define, especially in the upper body region. He knew how to accentuate what he had and he did it well. Unfortunately his legs needed work.

We went to Justin’s, a restaurant in Atlanta owned by the renowned rapper and producer, Sean “P diddy” Combs. I heard the food sucked, despite its representation and was a bit overpriced. I soon learned that both critiques were well founded. But that was okay. The company was good. We had the usual get-to-know-you conversation; kids, family, work, politics, and future plans. It wasn’t until later that the conversation got a bit more interesting and I decided I wanted to know a few things about him that wouldn’t be able to find out until it was too late.

“Do you eat pussy?”

“What?!” he grasped as he was drinking his wine. He spilled some on the table and on his pants. It was red so it left a stain on the cloth but his pants were dark so it didn’t matter there.

“You heard me, but if you were like…” I stood up and moved my chair closer to him so there would be no mistake this time and I asked, “Do you eat puuuuussy?”

He smiled and looked away. Interesting thing I’ve learned about him so far. Despite his “assertiveness” in the car that night, he can be a bit shy when it comes to conversation on sexual bases. It’s cute and it’s a characteristic that I will take great pleasure breaking him out of.

“I will. If asked.”

“If asked? It doesn’t come naturally? Sucking dick, comes naturally to me.”


Then he says, “Good, because all night as I watched you eat. As I watched you place that folk in your mouth and slide it back out again all I could imagine was that it was me instead. If I could, I would have dipped my cock into that pudding, fed me to you and watched as you licked it off.”

Okay, maybe he isn’t that shy.

And at the moment, I wasn’t feeling to shy myself, so I did something that on one hand is something I would normally do, but usually not in such a public place. Picking up the rest of my chocolate pudding desert, I placed it on my side of the floor just under the floor length tablecloth. Looking around and seeing everyone’s attention directed elsewhere, I leaned down as if I was looking for something that fell and promptly slide from my seat to the floor.

“What are you doing?” The alarm in his voice led me to believe he had a pretty damn good idea what I was doing. Once hidden from sight I felt my way up his body, from his ankles to this calves, to his strong solid knees, to his firm thighs, and yes of course, his soon to be firm and solid dick. Down came the zipper and in went my hands. He wore boxers this time. His dick didn’t take long to get ready. I guess it knew there was going to be a bit more sucking involved tonight like the other night.

He jumped slightly as the cool pudding met the tip of his cock. It was a pretty sight, dark chocolate engulfing the pale milk chocolate of his hard little head. I watched as it coated him making him all yummy and lickable. With just the tip engulfed in the pudding I pulled it out and put it in my mouth. I stroked him with my tongue and I massaged him with my lips as my head moved up and down his dick. A hand met the back of my head and guided me as I sucked and moved and blobbed and licked and ate my sweet treat. And it was sweet. I loved his dick. I just love the feel of soft skin on a hard center. I love the way it feels in my mouth, how it stuffs my mouth and moves against my tongue. I like the taste and texture of the juice that flows out the tip onto my tongue mixing with sweet chocolate. If he lets me I will suck on it and suck on it until my mouth and jaw can’t take anymore. Soft or hard, it doesn’t matter I just want it in my mouth.

Oh and lets not forget his Bostancı Escort balls which are so much fun with or without chocolate. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slowly sucked the chocolate ball into my mouth, rotating my tongue from one sac to the other under the table. At one point the manger, who was cruising the club for a minute now came to make sure his needs were being met

“Most definitely.” I heard him reply just as I went below and buried my face in that space deeper in between his legs, right below my chocolate ball treat. I felt his body tense as I found the spot I was looking for. That spot that has driven more than a few men crazy when stroked just the right way.

“Brina, please stop. Not here. I can’t control it if you continue to do that here.”

But I didn’t. I continued to suck him and stroke him and lick him until my heart was content; until I felt the precum flow more easily passed his cock tip into my mouth; until I heard his breath catch and felt his hands nearly rip my hair from my head as he tried to regain control; until I felt his thighs tense underneath me; until I felt his cum gush from his body and into my mouth; until I swallowed every last drop, concealing the evidence, I continued. And continued. And continued. And continued to suck him, until there was nothing left for him to give. And even then I still continued.

“Brina? Let’s go.”

With a wet pop, he fell from my mouth. I carefully tucked him back inside his pants and buttoned him back up. Slowly I emerged from under the table. My hair was a slight mess and his face was flushed. Paying the bill we both left. The ride was silent. I didn’t know where we were going, but I figured it didn’t matter. A few minutes later we arrived at a house. His house, I soon learned as he opened the door for me and escorted me to the door. He took my purse and placed it on the couch and took me to the single seated sofa in the corner and said he’d be right back. When he came back, he had two glasses of white wine in one had and a bowl of melted chocolate with strawberries floating in it. His shirt was removed and his socks and shoes were gone. His tip pants buttons were up open too.

He handed me a glass of wine, put the other glass and the bowl on the side table beside me and told me to relax. He got down on his knees and removed my shoes from my feet. He lifted my dress and moved it over my thighs until it was wrapped around my waist. I just watched in anticipation with my wine glass barely in my hand as he scooted my hips to the edge of the chair and spread my legs over the armrest. He reached in the bowled and took out a chocolate covered strawberry and put it to my lips. The chocolate was warm and the strawberry was cool. The combination was very sweet and tasty. I eat and felt the juice intermingle with the chocolate, pleasing my mouth. He held his hands to my lips as I ate and I softly licked the chocolate off his fingers as he watched. He smiled remembering that is what I did in the restaurant. He took another strawberry.

Between my thighs, he pushed my panties to the side and licked me in one smooth strong stroke. Then he moved the chocolate strawberry to my pussy and let the excess drip on my clit and on the silent lips that cry out my desire. Around and around he swirled the chocolate, coating me with its sticky substance. Then spreading them wider he slide his figures deep in my pot and lodged the fruit in between the gapping hole. He leaned back and admired his work, as if I were a painting on display. Reaching over he picked up his wine glass and took a slip as he continued to stare. Placing it back on the side table, he dipped his head and went right back in.

I closed my eyes and rested my head back against the chair and I felt his tongue move over me. I felt him eat the chocolate from my pussy. I felt his lips wrap around my clit and suck on me like he was suck juice from a straw. I felt his tongue swirl about with the suction, forcing the ache in my pussy to spread through my hips and the pit of my stomach. It was an ache that I couldn’t stand but at the same time it made you want more because you knew more was so damn good.

He ate me. He sucked me. He made me wetter. He made my pussy moist and puffy. I felt my clit get more and more sensitive by the moment and the blood flowed to the tip. I couldn’t keep still any longer. The wine glass crashed to the carpet, forgotten, spilling onto the rug. I closed my legs trapping his head between my thighs. I had to make him stop. It was too much. It was too much sensation at once, it almost hurt, but it hurt so damn good and the feel of his hand pushing my thighs further apart, despite my effort, so he can eat me some more.

So I stopped fighting. I wrapped my hands into his hair and held on. I held on as he made me cry. I held on as he made me beg. I held on as the tension in my body increase and I forgot how to breathe. Some people breathe harder when they get excited. I forget how and my breathing becomes almost nonexistent, as I get lost in the feeling. Once in a while I’ll grasp soaking up as most oxygen as possible. But the reaction is completely involuntary as I pour all my energy and focus into feeling, into the sex, until I came on his tongue and into his mouth. I felt the flow of juice increase and it fell from my puss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32