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Living the New Arrangements

“Hi mom!” came the pair of voices in the entrance way along with the slightly cool air. Diana slipped the bookmark in her book and stood up watching as Matt and Cindy came tromping into the living room carrying pizza boxes and bags.

“Hey kids! I am glad you’re here; I am starving. Thanks for treating us to dinner Cindy.” Di leaned over and received a kiss from both of the kids while helping to take some of the packages as they all went into the kitchen.

Cindy trooped off to Matt’s room to strip down to her panties.

Soon the threesome was feasting on a smorgasbord of pizza, salad, breadsticks, and mozzarella sticks.

“So anything new at the bank mom?” Matt looked at his naked mom.

“Not really. The new girl I hired is working out alright so far. At least she can count her money well. That last guy was a disaster. It is so hard to hire someone and then find out that he is not working out and then you have to start all over again. It is so frustrating. How about you Matt? Cindy? Anything new?”

Cindy beamed, “My delivery days are done as I just got promoted to floor manager.”

Di leaned over and hugged her, “That is great Cindy! Did you get a raise with the fancy title?”

“Yep. Which is a good thing because now when anything goes wrong they get to blame me for it!”

Di tussed her, “I am sure you will do great or else Tony wouldn’t have given it to you. How about you Matt?”

Matt took a swig of iced tea, “I have a killer calculus test tomorrow I have been studying for all week. There are just so many formulas to keep track of for this one; it is driving me nuts.”

“Well, after dinner you get right to work Mister. I am in a great book now so I will make sure I am quiet for you. Besides you have been doing great lately so you should do fine; you just need to get through it.” Di smiled at her son.

Soon Cindy and Di were busy washing the dishes and putting away leftovers while Matt went into his room to study. Di silently watched as Cindy when she accidently got some soap suds on her breast spent a little bit of extra time rubbing her nipple after the soap was gone. Di smirked knowing well the buzz from being mostly nude while going about ordinary tasks. Cindy caught Di’s smirk and looked down at her fingers on her hardened flesh and turned red.

Di burst out laughing and leaned over to hug the embarrassed girl, “Trust me I know exactly how you feel. When I first took my clothes off I had to dust the cobwebs off my vibrator and now the thing is well polished, believe me.”

Cindy looked at Di, “Maybe I should get one of those for myself as whenever I am here I start to get this tingling in my gut that just won’t go away. Sometimes it drives me crazy.”

“I call them my butterflies sweetie. Tell you what. If you do get one and you need some private release you are always welcome to use my room. Don’t hesitate to ask okay?”

Cindy beamed at Di, “Thanks, I just might take you up on that sometime.”

Di stared at Cindy carefully, “Why don’t we sit for a minute honey.”

Both sat at the kitchen table and Cindy looked at Di expectantly, “What’s up?”

“Your mom left when you were twelve, right?”

“Not that she was around much before that either,” Cindy nodded.

Di looked at Cindy carefully, “Well I am the mother of a boy and I never had a daughter, but I am a woman with, well a lot of experience, so do you have any questions about you know anything female or sexual? I would be glad to help you.”

Cindy’s jaw opened slightly and she started to cry softly. She jumped up and threw herself into Di’s surprised arms.

Her voice was muffled by Di’s collar bone but the words were still clear, “God, I love you so much. You really are the mother I never had.”

Diana just sat there holding the crying girl, rocking them both slightly.

After awhile, Cindy leaned back and though her face was tear streaked she had a wide smile, “when I was homeless many of the moms of the friends I stayed with at first clued me in on a lot to keep me from getting into trouble with the wrong crowd. And while they were really nice I could tell that they were uncomfortable to have me around. I guess they were worried about their own daughters getting into some trouble with me. I never felt welcomed anywhere, except with Mr. Whitaker and his family.”

Di looked at her smiling, “That was the past dear; you are very much a welcome part of this family now.” Cindy snuggled back into Di’s embrace sobbing again.

“Ah bahis firmaları Mom? Is Cindy alright?” Matt stood staring in the kitchen doorway.

Cindy’s muffled, “I’m fine” and his mother’s “She’s fine, it is just girl stuff honey” and Di’s shooing hand motion answered him enough that he walked in, grabbed a soda from the fridge and hurried out again.

Soon Cindy calmed down and swung her legs over Di’s, wrapping an arm around Di’s neck and settled in to her favourite position that she used on Matt all the time. Cindy looked down at her breast pressing into Di’s and giggled, “That feels so weird.”

Di burst into laughter, “It’s a first for me I have to admit.”

Cindy looked at Di, “Do you mind?”

“No sweetie, you just make sure you’re comfortable. I’m fine.” And to prove it Di hugged Cindy tight.

“I am nervous about some things I admit.” Cindy snuggled in.


“Matt is just so experienced and I know absolutely nothing. What if I get everything wrong and I don’t make him happy when we are together.”

“Honey, did Matt tell you that he is a virgin?”

“Well yeah, but I thought he said that just to make me feel better.”

“Sweetie, didn’t I tell you that Matt would never lie to you. I mean it. We don’t lie about anything.”

“But what about Mrs. Lynn?”

“Oh he has done some stuff with her, but not that one thing. Remember I told you about the no touching time to our arrangement? Well you came in and got to his heart before that ended. He is saving that for you I believe.”


After some silence Cindy continued, “Well he still knows so much more than me. I still can’t believe all that stuff in those videos.”

Diana squeaked and pulled back to look at Cindy, “Oh my God! Matt showed you the videos!”

“Well, you mentioned them that first day, and I was kind of curious, so I asked Matt to show them to me.”

Diana’s mouth opened and closed several times as she processed this.

Cindy snuggled back into Di’s collar bone, “it’s okay. I am glad I have seen them. I know what I am getting into this way. Believe me I have learned a lot just from watching them.”

Cindy smirked as she felt Diana shudder as Di spoke, “Oh I am soooo embarrassed. I knew those tapes were a bad idea.”

“Are you kidding? I know what to expect now. And to see you in such ecstasy makes me less afraid I guess. But I am still worried that I will go blank and not have any idea what to do.”

“Just do what feels right and gives you pleasure. You can’t know until you try. Just take your time and make sure it is what you want.”

“Well one thing I know is that Matt has too much on his mind with school right now. I think when we start we are not going to be able to keep our hands off of each other so I want to wait at least until he graduates.”

“Probably a smart plan. I remember when David and I first got married and had sex; after the honeymoon ended, we both almost got fired from our jobs because we kept showing up late.”

“Do you think you might ever get married again?”

“I honestly don’t know. It has to be the right person. And that is someone that I have not found yet. But I found David so maybe I will find somebody else out there someday. We’ll see.”

Both sat quietly for a while. Cindy finally pulled back and looked at Diana in the eyes, “Thank you for being someone that I can so easily talk to. I never had that before and it is so wonderful to have now.” She leaned in and kissed Diana on the cheek before climbing out of her lap.

Diana stood and stretched her stiff limbs.

“Well I think I will quietly go in and read on Matt’s bed while he is studying. Thanks again, mom.”

“No problem honey, anytime.” Di watched the panty clad girl bounce off down the hall knocking before entering Matt’s room and closing the door behind her.

After putting the last couple straightening touches to the kitchen Diana shut off the lights and went back to the living room couch and her book.

Several chapters later, Diana looked up as she heard a commotion down the hall as Cindy rushed out of the room shutting the door, “Sorry, sorry, sorry” and sped to flop on the other end of the couch clutching the latest Nora Roberts romance in her hands. Diana looked at the clearly flushed girl.

“What was that all about?”

“Matt is all frustrated.”

“Hard time with the calculus?”

“Well I guess he kinda got worked up at the sight of us in each other’s arms.”

“But we weren’t doing anything. kaçak iddaa Oh, but I’m nude and you are only wearing panties. Gee I can just imagine what that looked like even innocently.”

“Yeah and then I just got to a good part in the book and I guess I wasn’t paying attention to what my hand was doing.” Cindy turned a little darker red.

“Ah. So it isn’t calculus that has Matt all frustrated huh?”

“When I left he was pounding his head on his desk.”

Diana laughed.

“Do you think you could do something? I don’t know, put him out of his misery or something? I have no idea what to do. Actually I know what to do but I don’t want to do that.” Cindy looked at the laughing woman.

Diana got up, “Alright let me go see if I can do something for Mister Hormonal before he fails his test and blames us for it.”

Still chuckling Diana walked through the kitchen and into the hall to stop and knock on Matt’s door.

A weak, “Come in” greeted her. She walked in to find her son with his head in his hands on the desk.

“So having a little problem concentrating I hear.”

Matt looked up with glazed eyes. “I really want, no need, to study but I just can’t get either of you out of my head.”

Diana sat on the edge of the bed and spun her son’s desk chair around to face her. “Cindy is a very affectionate girl who is really starting to come alive. She can’t help it nor should she.”

“Oh I know mom. It makes me so happy to see her so happy. I mean it was so weird to see you two together but it wasn’t anything so that wasn’t so bad. But when she started to play with her nipples just now, I just couldn’t take it any more. I know she didn’t do it on purpose but there she was lying there doing it. How am I supposed to concentrate? But where else can she go?”

“Alright I have two problems to fix here. First things first; you need to study. Consider this your study break.”

Diana got up and walked to the door opening it. She stuck her head out and looked down at Cindy, “Honey, I am going to take care of Matt’s little problem and then I want to talk to you alright?”


Leaving the door open Diana walked back to Matt and got down on her knees between his legs reaching for the waistband of his sweat pants.

Matt gasped and looked at the open door, “Mom, the door is open. What about Cindy?”

Diana paused and looked up at her son, “Matt, I will never, ever do anything behind Cindy’s back or behind a door from her. Don’t you make a habit of it either. She is a smart girl; she knows what I am about to do here. You can still have me thanks to that wonderful girl, but you are never to do anything with me until you tell or ask her first. Is this understood?”

“Well yeah, of course. What I meant was are you sure she won’t mind?”

“Honey, she asked me to put you out of your misery. What do you think she meant?”

Matt silently watched as his mother pulled his sweat pants and underwear down to his knees. His already stiff cock snapped up and hit his stomach. Diana reached up with her hand and wrapped it around the young flesh and stroked it up and down. Her other hand tweaked her nipple.

“So Matt was she doing something like this with her nipple?”

Matt shook his head in an affirmative and then gasped as Diana leaned forward and licked her tongue up the long length. Once she got to the top she swirled her tongue around the head before shifting her head up and swallowing in as much of his flesh as she could.

It hadn’t been since Jamaica weeks ago that he had felt a mouth or anything on his cock. He started to breathe faster as she plunged her mouth up and down rapidly sucking in her cheeks giving him a tingling feeling that before he knew it he was exploding his seed into her mouth. Di held still as the cock jerked and spasmed. Finally she leaned back and pulled his pants back up.

Getting back up while wiping her hand across her mouth Diana smiled at her son, “Alright, your study break is over get back to work.”

Matt smiled at his mother, “Thanks mom” and then in a loud voice, “Thanks Cindy.”

Diana walked out of the room shutting it behind her. She walked into the kitchen and got two sodas for herself and Cindy out of the refrigerator and carrying them walked into the living room to the blushing girl who was clearly having a very hard time concentrating on her book.

“You are done already? That was fast.”

Di laughed, “Yeah, well he was pretty worked up already so that saved a lot of time, poor kid. He kaçak bahis should be able to concentrate now if we leave him alone.”

“Sure, no problem. Thanks for taking care of him.”

Diana burst into loud gales of laughter.

Cindy looked at her confused.

Di wiped a tear from her eye, “You really amaze me kiddo. Do you realize that you just thanked me ever so nicely for giving your boyfriend a blow job?”

“Oh… Well… Yeah, he really needed it though.” Cindy again found herself turning red and then thinking more about it and watching the laughing woman next to her she felt the giggles well up and burst out of her as well.

Once they were both much calmer Diana looked carefully at the smiling girl and then reached over and grabbed her phone from the table next to her book. She looked at Cindy and winked, “Time to take care of problem number two.”

Snapping it open she hit two buttons and waited, “Hi Jeff. Just the man I was looking for. Do you have any plans for Saturday?”

Cindy watched as Diana burst into new laughter. “Well yeah, I suppose later that would be no problem and actually fun, but starting in the morning I need your other muscles and your truck as well. Is that a problem?”

Diana smiled at Cindy before continuing on the phone. “Good. Plan on working the whole day and if Sue, Craig and Cindy could help that would be greatly appreciated as well. I will treat for lunch and dinner. See you at 9:00.”

Diana snapped the phone shut and smiled at Cindy. Diana held out her hand to Cindy, “Come with me honey.”

Cindy took the offered hand and followed Diana down the hall past Matt’s room. Diana led Cindy into the spare room that was between Diana’s and Matt’s but was filled with boxes, sewing equipment, and sporting gear.

Diana looked at the confused girl, “I just took the liberty of arranging the crew that will help move all of your stuff out of your apartment and into this – your new room in your real home. That is if you want to live here?”

Cindy shrieked and actually knocked them both to the ground with her leaping hug into Diana’s arms.

“Omigod! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” She showered Diana with kisses.

They both looked up from the floor to the wall as Matt pounded on the other side, “Geez will you guys shut up! I am trying to study here!”

Diana and Cindy looked at each other smirking. Cindy spoke first, “I suppose we should tell him the news later huh?”

“Probably a good idea. Are you sure you want to do this – I mean the neighbor can be very grouchy it seems around test time.”

“Other than Matt I have never been surer of anything in my life.”

Cindy looked up from lying on top of Diana to look around at the room that was now her own.

Nothing was going to take the smile from her face for a very long time, if ever. Nor the one on Diana’s face for that matter either.

Cindy got up and reached down to help Diana up. They both looked around at all the stuff in the room.

Cindy looked at Diana, “I can’t wait. Do you think we can quietly clear some of this stuff out?”

“Sure, the night is young. Let’s give it a shot. We can take this stuff down to the basement for now and figure out permanent homes later.”

Cindy ran to the phone to get the next couple of days off from work to pack. She really wanted to move in as soon as possible. When she walked back to her room she watched Diana for a moment. The nude woman was leaning over sealing a box. Cindy walked over as Di straightened up and hugged her back tightly, “Thank you so much mom.”

Di put her hands on the girl’s arms, “I meant what I said earlier sweetie; we are a family. You should live here.”

The two women broke apart and grinned at each other. Cindy looked at Diana and then broke into a wider smirk. She reached down and pulled her panties down and off her legs, stepping out of them.

Diana silently watched the grinning completely nude girl.

Cindy reached down, grabbed and tossed the panties into a corner, “Since I am home I am going to start dressing like the natives.”

Diana laughed, “Welcome to the tribe my dear.”

“So mom, when Matt gets a load of me like this, could you maybe please give him another blow job so he will be able to get back to work again?” Cindy smirked at Diana.

Di laughed, “Gee when you ask so nicely, how can I refuse?”

And with that the two naked women got to work quietly, so as not to disturb the grouch next door who when he did get disturbed wasn’t grouchy for too long.


As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment or email and I’ll get back to you. In the meantime don’t forget to check out petertowers and his wonderful work here on Lit.

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