The Demanding Wife

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The ringing of my cell phone brought me out of my daydream as I sat on the commuter train headed home after another day of work.

“Where are you?” you asked with a hint of irritation and impatience in your voice.

“One stop away from home,” I said. “We were delayed because of some equipment problems. Is everything ok?”

“No, I had a really bad day.” You replied.

“I’m sorry baby. Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, I’ll tell you about it on the car ride home.”

“Ok,” I said, “we should be at the station in about five minutes. I’ll see you at the usual spot.”

I closed my phone and wondered what had happened to make you sound so annoyed. I knew things were frustrating at work, but I couldn’t ever remember hearing you this upset over something.

Finally the train arrived. I disembarked and quickly walked to the waiting car. You looked beautiful sitting there in the mid September sunlight, the sun shining on your soft brown hair and bathing your face in a soft glow. As I opened the car door, I caught the sent of your perfume and noticed that you were wearing my favorite blue skirt and top.

“Hurry, let’s go,” you snapped, “I forgot I left the dryer on at home and you know how that bothers me.”

“Sorry,” I answered, quickly getting in and closing the door. “We’ll be fine, we only live five minutes away.”

You Ümraniye Escort quickly put the car and gear and speed off towards home.

“Do you want to tell me what’s bothering you?” I asked.

“I will when we get home.” You shortly replied.

We turned into the driveway, parked the car, and you nearly sprinted to the front door. As I followed I remembered thinking to myself that I had never seen you act in such a panic about leaving the dryer on as you were now. I stepped inside and put my briefcase down on the table. You came out of the laundry room and grabbed me by the hand.

“Follow me.” You ordered, nearly dragging me to the stairs.

“What’s going on?” I asked, more than just a little confused.

“Just follow me,” you said, “You have something you need to take care of right now.”

You led me to our room and sat down on the bed.

“I have been thinking about you eating my pussy all day today. I’m sooo horny and sooo wet right now that you’re not going to do one goddam thing in this house till you eat me. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.” I replied. “But can I ask one question first?”

You nodded. “Are you really upset or was that just an act?”

“No, I’m not upset, just really horny and I wanted to make sure that we got home quickly and that nothing else got in the way of what I İstanbul Escort want,” you replied.

“You didn’t need to do that, you could’ve just told me to eat you when we arrived home and I would’ve done it.”

“Yes, but it’s more fun this way. Now shut up and start licking.”

I stood there looking at you as you removed my favorite skirt, which I quickly learned you were not wearing any panties under. You lay back on the bed, spreading your incredibly sexy legs wide open and gently brushing a hand over your neatly trimmed pussy.

“Yum yum,” I said licking my lips.

I moved to the edge of the bed, standing between your spread legs, letting my fingertips gently caress your face, big beautiful boobs, stomach, thighs, and eventually your pussy. I kneel down and place an arm under each leg and move my mouth just inches from your deliciously sweet pussy, teasing your clit by breathing my hot breath on it. You arch your back in an attempt to bring your pussy closer to my face, but I gently resist.

“Suck my clit Baby. I love it sooo much when you suck me! Stop teasing and do it now.”

“You really want me to do it?” I asked teasingly.

“Yes, yes, just do it!” you say, pushing my head into your pussy. “Fuck me with your tongue now!”

I trace the outline of your pussy with my tongue, gently licking and exhaling Anadolu Yakası Escort my hot breath. I softly flick your clit with the tip of my tongue, open my mouth wide and suck on the lips of your pussy. Then I lick from the opening of your pussy up to your clit and back down, finally pausing to slide my tongue inside to drink up your delicious wetness.

“Yes Baby! That’s what I like. Lick me and fuck me with your tongue. How does it taste?”

“It’s awesome Girly. I love it sooo much,” I reply, pausing just for a moment before resuming my licking.

Then it’s time to pay attention to your clit. I take it deep in my mouth, greedily sucking it and flicking my tongue across it.

“Yes! Yes! Keep licking me right there!” you said, firmly putting a hand on either side of my head to make sure my warm wet tongue didn’t move from that magical spot.

You begin to arch your back and move your hips as though you are fucking my face. Faster and faster you move you’re hips, moaning with delight as I continue to lick and suck. I slide my fingers inside your dripping pussy and you moan with delight.

“Oooh Baby! I love that. Make me cum! I want to cum all over your face! Fuck that tight little pussy with your fingers!” “God, Baby! That’s soo good! Keep going, I’m going to cum!”

We continue on for a few more minutes, you moving your hips and me licking, sucking, and wiggling. You arch your back one final time, clench your legs around me, and say, “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming Baby!”

You lay still, your muscles drained from the awesome orgasm.

“Thanks Baby. You sure know how to make a girl’s day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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