The Doctor is In Pt. 04

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So to get back to my story… The next day Freeda was my first patient and I only had an hour with her.

I will say that she looked delicious and she was! She had started her day with a coffee enema and was in a ‘perky’ mood. Her smile was irrepressible as she striped out of her clothes, keen to learn about anal sex.

When she was fully naked she turned around and bent over like she was about to play ‘Leap-frog’.

Laughing, I called her over to me. I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand then kissed her sweet mouth. She responded by trying to ram her tongue down my throat. What do the put in that coffee?

We ended up on the floor in a sixty-nine position. She quickly had my cock out of my pants and in her mouth. I was looking at her sweet, sweet pussy two inches from my nose, it smelled of carbolic soap.

My tongue went to work on her clitoris, at first it too tasted of soap, but soon it was replaced by the taste of pure Freeda. Her juices were unstoppable and were trickling down my throat. I almost drowned when she forced her pussy down on my tongue as it went deep into her pinkness.

I could see her asshole so I explored it with my finger. It was so tight. My dick hardened even more as it thought about entering her there. I had to tap out as I was about to come.

I told her to sit on the exam table while I sat in my chair to calm down. Watching her tits bounce as she walked over to the table and sat down will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. Her nipples were hard and pointing straight ahead and with every step her tits wobbled and jiggled like a mirror images of each other.

After a minute I walked over to her with my erection pointing at her face. She watched it intently and her knees parted automatically as i approached.

We kissed again and I inserted my finger into her wet pink slit. When I pulled it out I bought it up to our lips and we licked it together.

I pointed escort bursa my dick at her pussy and rubbed it in her wet twat. When the head was flicking her clitoris we could both feel the electric sensation of the contact.

I pushed the head of my dick into her cunt, no more than an inch. Her whole body stiffened. She relaxed when I pulled it out. She was really scared of getting pregnant I think, so much so she could not truly enjoy vaginal sex.

I reached into my bag for a jar of petroleum jelly. I smeared some on her asshole and pushed my greasy finger inside her to lube her up. I put a good amount on my dick too it was really, really tight in there.

She continued to kiss me as my cock tried to enter her backdoor. It crept into her poop-chute slowly like a thief in the night.

She had stopped kissing and looked straight into my eyes. Her’s looked afraid and in pain but she was nodding as if to say..”keep going…”

I pushed in a little deeper.

Her nails dug into my back, which caused me to plunge my hips forward and then my cock was all the way into her. She gave out a small scream and hugged me tightly.

She slowly moved her hips giving little gasps as she could feel me deep inside her. She was so tight in there I was sure she would cut of the blood flow to my cock.

I began fucking her ass, gently at first but soon I was pounding it hard. It felt soooo damn good! Freeda was biting her lip trying to cope with all that she was feeling.

She told me later it hurt but it also felt so good she did not want it to stop. She said the excitement of doing something that polite society would disapprove of also made the whole experience so much more intense for her. Bottom line (excuse pun) she liked it.

At one point my cock sprang out of her ass. I took the opportunity to have her turn around so I could get to her bunghole from behind. I had to put some more lube on my cock before her bursa otele gelen escort sphincter let it back in.

I squeezed her juicy tits, with their hard nipples, as I pounded her. She was fingering herself and quickly bought herself to a loud orgasm which was shortly followed by mine. I deposited a dose of healthy, make-you-feel-good semen in her.

When I pulled out of her she turned around and began sucking my dick. I had to stop her (after a few minutes) as I was drained.

Our hour was almost up.

She dressed to leave as I watched, with my dick still twitching. I would miss her. She gave me a kiss goodbye and genuinely thanked me for all I had done! She left with that wonderful smile plastered on her face.

It is my understanding that her husband was very grateful for my services to his wife, his sex life improved one hundred percent afterwards. I would not be surprised if other male acquaintances of Freeda’s also owe me a big ‘thank you’.

To summarize the eight women I interviewed after Freeda had sucked my balls dry that day.

They all suffered from similar issues; too much money; too much free time; sexual ignorance; sexual frustration; puritan upbringing and not being fucked properly by their spouses.

I swear America would be a different place today if you men had fucked your women properly! There would be no temperance movement, no suffragettes and no great war. OK that last ones a stretch but you get my point.

I rescheduled all eight women for a two hour private consultation later in the week and was able to help them look at sex in a new light. Each of the women was a new adventure for me and I am pleased to say I reached new levels of depravity. But I want to get to the main event of the week so I will skip all those details. Use your imagination.

Friday, while at breakfast Mrs Hicks approached me again. “Doctor, I wonder if bursa sınırsız escort you would like to drop by my house tomorrow afternoon? I have something I need to discuss with you?”

“Certainly.” I said smiling and looking at those huge fun bags on her chest.

She slipped me a piece of paper with directions to her home. “Anytime after 2 pm will be fine.” she whispered.

At 2.30 I knocked on her door. She greeted me with a large smile and invited me in. I asked if Mr Hicks was home? She informed me she had married twice and both husbands were dead.

“Oh! I am sorry.” I said. “How did they die?”

“The first one ate some poison mushrooms and the second died from a blow to the back of the head.” She replied.

“A blow to the back of the head. How unfortunate. How did that happen?” I responded.

“He wouldn’t eat the mushrooms.” She said…then burst out laughing.

I was seeing a new side to Mrs Hicks. I liked it when she laughed, her huge tits shook like jelly.

Turns out the real Mr Hicks ran out on her years ago and left her broke. Which bought her to the reason for inviting me over. She had a business proposition for me.

She poured us both a glass of fresh lemonade and explained her idea.

She was brewing her own patent medicine and she wanted me to help promote it. She would even call it ‘Dr Jacobs Magic Elixir’ or something similar if I wanted.

She said that this latest formula she had concocted did have effects that my patients might find beneficial sexually and she would give me 50 percent of the profits.

I was up for making money and listened as she told me how she had developed this formula over many years and she was really excited about this last batch. She had added something called snake weed, increased the percentage of cocaine and put in much less laudanum.

“Well.” I said. “That sounds like a grand idea but I would have to be sure it was safe before I put my name on it. Can I test it?”

“You are testing it.” she said. “It is in our lemonade.”

“It is completely flavorless. Just a few drops is all it takes We will start feeling the effects any moment…You might want to loosen your tie.”

The next two hours were the most amazing of my life …

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