The Double D Ranch Ch. 02

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Jeff Malville awoke slowly, moaning softly. He almost forgot where he was in that moment where sleep and being awake clashed. However, after that split second, it all came rushing back and he moaned in delight.

He was a captive on the Double D Ranch, and even though he was considered an employee, the only thing that he’d come to be good for was a sex slave. He’d been there for two weeks straight and he was yet to be released from this stall other than to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, he never saw the outside of his stall.

He was beginning to wonder what his wife Karen thought of what was happening. She knew that he’d come to the Ranch, but she hadn’t shown up when he hadn’t shown up for the weekened. He was only suppose to work during the week and then return on the weekends to spend time at home. That hadn’t happened though.

Instead, Jeff had spent his entire time on the ranch, serving as a sex slave to his beautiful shemale boss, Ms. Jesse. Not that he was complaining because he wasn’t. He didn’t consider himself to be gay, but then again, he didn’t think of it as being gay. After all, there wasn’t a man alive that was as feminine as Ms. Jesse.

The only difference between Ms. Jesse and a normal woman was the big, hard, throbbing dick that she had between her legs. And it was said dick that she used often to take control of him, to exude her dominance over him, but he didn’t mind at all. In fact, he rather liked that she dominated and controlled him in such a way. It was fun.

However, there was still the issue of Karen. What would his wife think if she saw him in this position? Would she think him less than a man, servicing and loving the hard dick of a woman? Would she laugh at him and call him a faggot? Or would she understand that he was doing what was necessary to get paid. He just didn’t know and it was that uncertainty that worried him.

Suddenly, he heard boot steps echoing off of the walls of the stables. He frowned and raised his head. Then, a thought occurred to him and it was an exciting thought as well.

Ms. Jesse was coming to see him.

I must please her, Jeff thought to himself excitedly. If she isn’t pleased with me, one of these days she’ll throw me out. I can’t allow that to happen. I have to have her hard dick using me for the rest of my days.

That thought in mind, he turned and faced away from the stable door. He rested himself on his fours, placing his face down on the ground and raising his ass as high as he could in the air, hoping that she would appreciate his greeting of her.

Only time would tell.

He heard the sound of foot steps growing closer and he noticed that his cock had grown stiff and was leaking pre-cum from its tip. He licked his suddenly dry lips and he hoped that she wasn’t angered by his erection when she came. Over the passed two weeks, he’d come to understand the natural dominance of women over men, whether they were hung or had dripping wet pussies. Women were better than men, period.

Jeff heard the boot steps stop in front of his stall. A second later, he heard the lock of his stall being slid free and the door creak open. He listened with his eyes closed as someone stepped into the stall.

“Well well well, look what we have here.” said an amused feminine voice. It was a voice that he knew all too well, but it wasn’t Ms. Jesse. He quickly turned around and sat on his ass, staring at the woman that stood in the doorway to his stall.

His wife, Karen.

She was petite, standing at five foot six, and very voloptous. She had long auburn hair that she wore to the middle of her back unrestrained and dark eyes set in a tanned, girlish face. Even after all these years, she hadn’t lost her youthful appearance, not even in her large, melon sized breasts that absolutely refused to sag. She wore a white tanktop that showed off the cleavage of her 36C tits, a pair of tight jeans that fit nicely over her legs and butt, and a pair of cowgirl boots.

He felt shame well up in his chest at the sight of his wife. She’d seen him for what he really was, and now, there was no explaining away his lack of masculinity. She would see him for what he really was: a weak willed beast meant to be controlled.

“I see that you are pleased with his condition then?” mobil porno asked another feminine voice from behind her, and when his wife stepped out of the way, he could see that it was Ms. Jesse standing there, a big smile on her pretty face. “He turned out quite nicely don’t you think? Very easy to control are these men.”

Jesse was petite, standing at five foot eight, and slender. She had long blond hair that fell just passed her shoulders in a single thick braid and bright blue eyes set in a tanned face. She wore a black leather vest that her tits nearly popped out of, a pair of tight jeans that clung to the bulge in the front of them, and a pair of cowgirl boots on her feet.

He was torn from his reverie when his wife answered the other woman’s question.

“Yes, you did well Jesse. I hope that he didn’t give you too much trouble?” Karen asked, turning to look at the blond woman and ignoring him.

Jeff blinked, his mouth dropped open in surprise. The two women knew one another? How could that be? Had Karen set him up for a fall with this? It sounded as if she had planned for this to happen to him!

“He’s a man, Karen. They’re all beasts, controlled by the dicks between their legs.” Jesse replied with a dismissive wave of her hand. She stared straight into his eyes when she smirked. “Not like us at all.”

The two women laughed at that and he frowned as he stared at them. Just what did she mean by that? Why would she say us when Jesse was the only one of the two women who had a cock between her legs. Karen didn’t have a hard, throbbing dick. He knew that because he’d been married to her all these years.

“Oh look, he’s confused dear.” Karen said with a little laugh, obviously having noted his confused expression. She turned to look at him and grinned. “Things have changed quite a bit darling. In these passed two weeks, the world has changed. Men are no longer the dominant gender. Women are. We’ve only allowed for you to hold onto your form so long so you could see what was happening all around you and fully appreciate the loss of your manhood.”

Jeff stared, still not understanding. Just what in the hell was she talking about? Women were ruling the world now? But how was that possible? There was no way that men would allow women to take over in just a short two week time period.

There was just no way!

This was a man’s world!

“I think that it’s time that we induct him, put him in his place like the rest of his gender.” Jesse said out of nowhere, breaking through his reverie. He stared at her, not sure just where this was going. He wasn’t sure if he WANTED to know where this was going.

The cowgirl stepped towards him, her hips swaying from side to side as she approached. He watched her approach him with trepidation in his heart, not sure what to do. She stopped in front of him, and even though he was distracted by the bulge he saw clearly outlined in her jeans, he noticed her take a small vial of red liquid out of her jean pocket.

“I want you to drink this.” Jesse told him as she bent down to stare him in the face. She popped the cork on the vial and held it out for him to take. He looked back and forth between her green eyes and the vial in her hand. There was no doubt that he would have to take it. Something in his mind told him to ask no questions, to just take it. He didn’t have any choice.

Jeff took the vial from her hand, and with a sparing glance at his wife, he tipped the vial up to his lips, drinking down the red liquid. To his surprise, it was sweet tasting so he had no problem drinking it down. Once he was done, he licked his lips and smiled softly, feeling as if he’d been drinking all night, but without the sick feeling.

Then, he started to feel weird. He didn’t know what was happening, but he wasn’t sure that he liked it.

He looked up, confusion evident in his face and his wife only smiled. Then, she pulled a small mirror out from behind her and she approached him. She turned the mirror and showed him his face. Or what was suppose to be his face.

For staring back at him was a very feminine face, and as he watched, his hair was growing longer, framing his face before extending further down his body.

It was at that moment that he felt his body smoothing out, alman porno becoming more hourglass shaped. His ass plumped out, becoming apple shaped, and to his horror, his balls disappeared only to be replaced with the slit of a pussy where they had been. Then, his penis shriveled until it was only the head protruding from his body.

Jeff shook his head from side to side, denying what was happening to him, but he knew that there was no real way to do that. This was happening, and even while he was denying it, he began to feel strange.

He began to…accept what was happening to him as the natural order of things. Just what the hell was going on here? He felt positively slutty and all he wanted to do was suck any dick that came near his mouth.

“W..what’s going on?” Jeff stuttered out, surprised by his new high, feminine voice. He looked down at his chest and waited for a pair of breasts to appear, but nothing happened. He remained flat chested. He’d expected bimbo sized tits, but apparently, that didn’t go with his new form.

He looked up at his wife and boss, tears forming in his eyes, not understanding what was going on here. Why did he look like a woman now? Why had they done this to him? Even as he thought that, he felt a giggle well up in the back of his throat as a feeling of peace filled him, but that wasn’t the only feeling.

The other feeling was lust and there was lots of it.

“What has happened my love is that you’ve just taken your place in the New World Order.” Karen said softly as she walked over to him. Reaching him, she bent down and stared into his eyes with a loving gaze in her eyes. Jesse had moved aside and was standing in the corner, one leg pressed against the wall of the stall and a cocky grin on her face. “A world where the feminine rule. From now on, men will be the one’s who bare children and stay at home to take care of the home. The Divine Feminine is a loving and caring power, but men must know their place with it. While you can emulate the forms of women, you will never be true women. You will always be lesser, and as such, it will be in your nature – no, your instincts – to submit to women.”

He shook his head, wanting to deny it, but even as he tried, he knew that he couldn’t. Everything that she’d just said rang true in his mind. It was within his nature to submit as it was in the nature of all Human men to submit to their women.

There was one thing that still bothered him though.

“How will we have children? How will we breed. We don’t have the technology to create artificial babies without semen.” Jeff said, his new nurturing feelings coming out and in a big way, but she merely shook her head.

“You should show him Karen.” Jesse said, drawing his attention. He looked at her and frowned before looking at his wife expectantly, not understanding what was going on.

The red haired woman sighed and nodded her head. Then, she rose to her feet and she pulled her top over her head, revealing her large breasts. Seeing the twin peaks made his mouth salivate and his boi pussy grew wet, dripping down between his thighs.

She kicked off her boots and then reached for the zipper of her jeans. She pulled it down and then she began to shimmy out of her jeans. He watched all of this, and what she revealed between her legs was astonishing.

Right where her dripping wet, lovely pussy had once been was a limp cock that was far larger than his own even when it was hard. Seeing this, he couldn’t control himself.

Jeff lunged forward on his knees, his hand sliding under her shaft and pushing it up. She moaned, surprised by his motions. However, he didn’t give her time to tell him no or to stop. He took the head into his mouth, closing his lips tightly around it. Then, he began to bob his head up and down on her already growing rod of flesh, his fingers stroking the rest of it.

“By Gaia.” Karen moaned out and he instantly recognized the name of the Goddess. The very Goddess who made woman in her image and had meant for women to rule over men. To bring the feminine agenda to the world. Men had invented christianity and other religons though, straying from the true path of the Human race.

They would never go back again. What man would want to?

With alexis texas porno his wife’s cock now fully erect, he plunged his mouth down again and again on her cock, but after two weeks of practise with his former boss, he didn’t even gag. She was moaning loudly and he looked up at her, watching her tits bounce as he took her to the root with each bob of his head.

He saw Jesse in the corner, stripping down, revealing her body. He felt his little cock head start to pulse and he moaned as she pulled down her jeans, revealing her rather large she-cock which stood out straight from her hips.

Even as he saw her cock spring free, Karen began to skull fuck him, her balls slapping his chin with every thrust. A second later, she climaxed and she shot her thick, sticky seed deep into his throat. Without a second thought, he swallowed it down as quickly as possible, moaning loudly. Then, she pulled her hard she-cock from his mouth and he whimpered, wanting it back. She smiled and patted his head.

“Don’t worry my little sissy wife.” Karen said with a smile and she lifted him to his feet. She cupped his cheek and looked down into his eyes with a kind smile. “Your Husband will take care of you. I will make sure that you get all that you need from this day. I promise.”

Jeff frowned, not sure what to make of the terminology. Apparently, he was now a sissy wife and she his Husband. He had no doubt that that was how it was suppose to be. His life was too please his Husband in all ways, and if he did wrong, she had the right to punish him.

He didn’t know where that had come from, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was doing a good job for his Husband.

He watched as Jesse lay down in the straw, butt naked, her cock standing straight up. She grinned at him and patted her thighs. His Husband smiled and nodded her head.

“Come here, sissy. Jesse wants that tight little ass of yours. Your Husband can have your pussy.” Jesse said with an arrogant smirk on her face. He blushed at that, but he made his way over to her. He turned around, pushing out his apple shaped ass.

Then, he lowered himself down carefully, rubbing his asshole against the head of her cock. She growled with his teasing before grabbing his hips and yanking him down on all ten inches of her cock. He moaned loudly, throwing his long hair about as she filled him.

He leaned back on his hands with his feet holding him up and he began to bounce up and down, meeting her thrusts. At the same time, Karen came towards him and slid between his thighs.

She grinned.

“Wrap your legs around me like the little slut you are.” Karen demanded, and hearing the dominant quality in her voice, he did as she bid instantly. He wrapped his long legs around her hips even as the head of her twelve inch cock slipped between his folds.

He moaned loudly as he was impaled from both ends, loving the feeling that filled him. He was servicing the dominant ones as it should be. There was no better place for a sissy wife than pleasuring the dick of his Husband.

Both women hammered him from both ends, falling into a rythm as old as the Goddess herself. Before too long, he was pushed over the edge and his entire body began to shake as he climaxed, his inner walls squeezing the cocks that filled him.

He heard Jesse cry out from underneath him at the same time that Karen cried out above him. Then, he felt it as both of them filled him with hot sticky seed, making him moan.

After several minutes, the two women pulled out of him, leaving him sitting on his knees, butt naked and dripping cum. They spoke with one another for awhile, dressing. Then, the two women shook hands, bidding one another good bye.

“Come my sissy wife. I take you home today.” Karen said with a smile on her pretty face, fully dressed. He was still naked, and since she hadn’t told him to get dressed, he assumed that he would be going home butt naked.

He rose from his feet, and the moment he was standing straight, she turned, making her way out of the stall. He followed after her, leaving the stall and then the stables. The two of them walked over to her truck and she opened the door for him, patting his ass as he got into the truck. Then, she got in, turned on the vehicle, and in moments they were driving away from the Double D Ranch.

Driving away to their new life as Jeff the sissy wife and Karen the Husband.

As the Goddess had always intended. Life was beautiful.

And Jeff couldn’t wait to experience this new world for himself.

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