The Dream

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Cam had been crushin on Dana for quite some time now, and he had every right to; she is an incredibly attractive woman. At a height of about 5’6″, no more than 120lbs, she has an excellent body. Her breasts are somewhere in the neighborhood of 34DDD, and she has an ass to DIE for.

One day, Cam was just relaxing on his bed after a day at work, when there was an almost timid knock at his door.

“Hold on, I’ll be there in a second!” he called, slowly getting up and venturing out into the living room. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see Dana standing there, looking totally beautiful, just like she always does. She was wearing a very tight, black belly shirt, and a pair of skintight short-shorts. Clutched in her right hand was a small suitcase, which Cam assumed was full of clothing.

“Wow! Dana, you look great!What are you doing here?”he questioned, not trying to hide the fact that was totally checking her out.

“I flew from Hawaii to see you, dork.” she smiled, and stepped inside as Cam moved out of her way. As she passed, she looked over her shoulder to see Cam staring at her ass as he closed the door. She decided to tease him a bit by dropping her suitcause, and bending over at the hips slowly to pick it up.

“Shit! Clumsy me…” she giggled, and continued on into Cams bedroom.

“I was just about to watch a movie, do you care to join me?” Cam asked, watching her lay down on his kind sized bed and get comfortable.

“Ooh, sounds like fun.”she replied, flashing her cute smile.

Cam popped in the movie and took his place next to her on the bed. As the movie started, İstanbul Escort Dana moved closer to him, resting a hand on his chest, and sliding one of her silky legs over one of his. Acting on instinct, Cam slipped an arm around her, and held her close.

Not very long into the movie, Dana slowly slid her hand down Cam’s chest, and found that he had a very large bulge in the front of his Dickies. She gasped, and then began to feel it, or massage it, you could say. Cam responded by first pressing his thigh firmly between her legs and then slowly rubbing up and down along her denim-clad pussy.

By the time the movie was over, they were both extremly horny, and the usually timid Cam pulled Dana ontop of him, and kissed her passionately, their lips parting in almost perfect unison, freeing their tongues to entangle between their lips. Cam felt very confident now, and slid his hands onto her ass and each grabbed a perfect handful, and refused to release as they kissed.

Dana broke the kiss to sit up, and slip her fingers beneath the hemn of her shirt, and peel it off, and discard it. Cam’s eyes widened at the sight: she was wearing no bra! But, before he could even think to start rubbing her gorgeous breasts, she stood up, and then lifted a leg, so she was on one side of him. She looked down, and then watched his eyes follow her hands to the button of her shorts, which she undid almost instantaneously, and unzipped her zipper, and slid out of her shorts, and what appeared to be a red, lacy g-string. Cam let out a gasp of approvement at the sight of her totally shaved pussy, and he decided Anadolu Yakası Escort that she was totally flawless.

“You like?” She asked, stepping one foot back over him, and bending down to unbutton and unzip his pants.

“Oh, d-definately.” he said excitedly, lifting his hips off the bed so she could pull his pants down his thighs, and off his ankles, dropping them off the side of the bed(Thank god Cam started going commando recently..).

When her eyes traveled back to his crotch, she gasped, and then moaned, sitting down on his thighs and taking his huge cock into her small hand. As she began to slowly rub him up and down, he seized the moment, so to speak, and began to rub her breasts, twisting her nipples lightly.

“Ohh god, I need you in me.”she cried out. And without a word, Cam grabbed her hips and lifted her gently to hover over his dick, before he slowly let her down, allowing her to guide his massive cock to her cunt.

She lowered herself onto him very slowly, driving him wild until she had his dick completely engulfed inside her.

“God, I feel soooo full..” she said softly, working her hips around slowly. Then she leaned forward and put her hands on his chest, using his position to her advantage to start a steady rhythm, riding his cock.

“Mmm, you’re so fucking tight Dana. This feels fucking incredible.” Cam moaned out, his hands on Dana’s hips, forcing her down harder and harder onto his throbbing dick.

After about 10 minutes of this, Dana got off him suddenly, and got on her hands and knees facing away from him. “Fuck me doggy style, Kartal Escort babe!” she commanded. Cam complied without hesitation, crawling on his knees, dick in hand until his cock head was nestled between her pussy lips. He grabbed her hips, and pulled her back onto his cock, causing her to moan loudly. He started thrusting into her, at a pace considerably faster and rougher than hers, grinding into her ass as he thrust home.

`A long while after this started, her moans suddenly began to intensify immensely, and rapidly turned to screams of ecstacy as her orgasm him, causing her pussy to spasm and tighten around Cam’s cock.

“Ugh, fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Cam blurted out, slamming deep into Dana’s pussy, bringing her to another orgasm just as her first was subsiding, and then he unloaded what seemed like an endless amount of his juices into her.

Several minutes later, Dana had rolled over, and collapsed, and Cam’s cock had grown soft. To put the finishing touch on the whole encounter, Cam laid down and burried his face in Dana’s crotch, licking and sucking her pink pussy lips, paying special attention to her swollen clit. He sucked it into his mouth and received approving moans from the exhausted Dana. Cam brought Dana to another earth-shattering orgasm this way. Crawling up her body, and whiping his mouth on the back of his hand, he came level with her face and kissed her softly.

“I hope we have fun like this alot more during your stay” He said with a smile, admiring her beauty.

“You bet your sweet ass we will” is all she could say before she fell asleep.


Cam awoke suddenly, looking around sleepily.

“God DAMNIT! It was all just a fucking dream..”He said angrily, rolling over onto his side, closing his eyes and falling back to sleep slowly….

….but then there was a knock at the door, it was almost timid. Cam sat up suddenly…

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