The Dressing Room

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You ask me to go shopping with you and I tell you that I do not like doing that. You always wear me out walking from store to store looking at everything. You promise you will only go into two stores and then we will go out to eat. I agree to go with you and get dressed so we can leave.

We go into a small dress shop first and you try on some dresses that look wonderful on you. As you keep going through the store I start getting bored and thinking I should have stayed home. Knowing that I have about had all of the shopping I can handle you pay for what you wanted and we move on.

When I see the next store you want to go into I get a little excited. We walk into a lingerie store and you begin looking at the negligees. You choose a couple of them and go into the dressing room to try them on. You are in there a few minutes you call for me to come and help you.

When I enter the dressing room you have a beautiful baby doll nighie on that looks super sexy. You put your arms around my üsküdar escort neck and kiss me passionately. Stunned by your kiss I ask what you need help with and you reach down and grab my erection. Shocked I push you back and ask you what you are doing. You tell me that you have always wanted to go wild in a dressing room and this is your chance.

I pull you close and kiss you with a deep passionate kiss. You softly slide your hand up and down to my erection as we kiss passionately. Tenderly I caress your breasts feeling your nipples getting harder. The negligee and your beauty combined with your touch are driving me crazy.

I slide my hand inside your panties and softly rub my fingers over your pussy. Leaning over I softly kiss your breasts and gently slide my tongue over your nipples. Putting my lips around them I gently suck your nipples and lightly bite them.

Getting down on my knees I pull your panties down and softly şerfali escort kiss around your pussy as you lean back against the wall. You open your legs and I slide my tongue up and down your lips. Pushing my tongue between your lips I slide it up and down tasting your wonderful juices. You moan quietly as my tongue brushes over your clit and then slides back down your pussy. Moving my tongue back up to your clit I rub it harder and your moans get louder. You seem to want them to hear you as I rub harder on your clit and you keep getting louder. Your clit is swelling more and more as I wrap my lips around it and gently suck it. Sliding my fingers inside you as I suck harder on your clit and your moans keep getting louder. You begin to tremble and shake as your orgasm moves through your body.

I stand up and we kiss passionately as you unfasten my pants letting them fall to the floor. Softly your hand slides up and down my erection as we continue to kiss. Turning around you put your hands on the chair that is in the dressing room and bend over. Slowly I push my erection inside you from behind and you begin to moan again. As I push in and out of you I spank your ass making you moan even louder.

We are lost in the excitement when the door opens and we hear someone ask if you are ok. When they notice what we are doing the say excuse me and shut the door real fast. We become even more excited knowing that we had been seen.

I push into you harder as I spank you harder and your moans are almost screams. We both begin to shake as we tense and explode in a wonderful orgasm. Stars are streaking across the sky in our minds as we tremble while we are trying to get ourselves together.

We dress as quickly as we can and you grab the nighies that you want. I walk outside thinking about what we had just done as you pay for them. When you get outside you tell me that the lady asked if everything was ok and you told her it was fantastic and you plan to give them a five star rating as you left.

On our way to eat we talk about how exciting it was doing that and how getting caught made it even more exciting. We discussed a way that we could do it again maybe in a dress shop the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32