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“Don’t keep the girls out too late, Mike, remember they have to be up early for church.” My sister-in-law Rita says. She wants the girls to get the rest they need. Being a single parent I can appreciate her concern, but right now all I’m concerned with is having an enjoyable evening with my daughter, Elizabeth, and her first cousin, my niece, Michelle.

I’m a single parent with sole custody of my only child, a girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth has just turned eighteen but looks younger as she is short at 5’1″. Michelle, who is also her best and closest friend, is only a few months younger and also eighteen, is just as tall though a little lighter. Where Elizabeth has dark hair, Michelle is more of a blonde. Michelle is probably the only person besides me that knows she still likes to suck her thumb while watching TV.

After some prodding by the young ladies, though I admit it doesn’t take much, I’ve again agreed to take the girls to the drive-in movies. Actually its getting to be a regular activity. I’ve been taking the girls to the drive-in a couple of times per month now since they both turned eighteen. Tonight there is some mindless G rated animation movie that seems to be getting great reviews. Of course it is paired with the typical teen-age sex romp for the second show. I promised Rita I’ll have the girls home in plenty of time.

It’s early fall so the girls can still get away with wearing short sleeve tops and sneakers. Elizabeth is wearing a blue denim dress that has wide straps across the shoulders and a button down front with brass buttons. Michelle is wearing a blue denim skirt that falls to mid thigh. Her short sleeve top is worn outside the top of her skirt. I have on loose fitting pants, a tee shirt, and old sneakers. All three of us pile into the front seat of my full size pickup, Elizabeth sitting next to me in the middle, and Michelle riding shot-gun. We didn’t pack anything to eat but we did remember to bring a blanket in case we get cold. The three of us have formed a very strong bond. I couldn’t love either of these girls any more.

As we drive away from the house, I put an arm around my Elizabeth and rest my hand on Michelle’s left thigh. Her skin is so soft and smooth. Both girls look over to me and smile. Slowly I move my hand up and down Michelle’s leg from the knee to the hem of her skirt, pushing it up a little, and back again, my fingertips tickling the inner part of her thigh. She parts her knees, then crossing her feet at the ankles, brings her feet up on the seat to sit Indian style. Elizabeth looks over at my hand and then puts her hand on my right thigh.

“Don’t forget me, Daddy.”

“How could I, Kitten,” I answer as I bring my right hand back around and inside the front of Elizabeth’s dress and start to gently massage her chest. She has small breasts, probably a b-cup, which are very nice. Her nipples now start to jut out and become erect.

“Uncle Mike! You started with ME first this time!”

“Now, girls. There’s plenty of time to take care of both of you. I don’t want anymore of this ‘Me First’ stuff. Otherwise we can just turn around and go back home.” As if I actually would!

Both girls gave a bit of a pout, but they settled down a little. Meanwhile, I’ll have to keep both girls happy until we get there.

I return my hand to Michelle’s left knee, from there I slowly follow the leg back up to her body, dragging my fingers across her crotch. The fabric of her panties is stretched taut against the smooth pussy lips. I feel the indentation of her slit under the fabric. Its opened because of her legs being spread apart. I trace the edges of her outer lips through the cotton fabric. Michelle looks over to me and giggles. I slide my fingers up, find the elastic of the waist band and slip my hand underneath. Her skin is so soft and smooth. Not a blemish or imperfection anywhere. All the while I have to keep my mind on my driving and whether or not a car or truck is near. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

I slowly start to move my fingers in small circles, working my thumb, forefinger and middle finger down the insides of her panties. I feel the swell of her mons at my finger tips. I reach the tip of her little slit then brush my fingers back and forth across it, feeling the little nub of her hooded clitoris. I push my fingers down a little deeper and follow the slit from the top of the mons to her anus. I never stop marveling at how soft their inner lips can be at their age.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, by running her left hand up and down my upper legs, has found my organ laying length wise down my left pant leg. This just won’t do for her so with her right hand pulling the hem of my sweat pants open (she finds I’m not wearing underpants), she retrieves my penis to an upright position. Then continuing to pull my pants down she holds my organ up as high as she can get it. Michelle, seeing my manhood displayed, reaches over with her left hand and starts to rub my tip.

Concentrating on my driving is getting harder and ümraniye escort harder. Almost as hard as my cock. “Girls, lets slow down a little bit. Lets get our hands back to ourselves before I forget what I’m doing and crash us into a tree or something.” With this, I remove my hand from Michelle’s panties and Elizabeth pulls the hem of my pants out then lets them snap back hitting the base of the tip of my organ.

About ten minutes later with all on good behavior we arrive at the drive-in. I’ve timed it just about right. The sun has set enough so that they have just started running the commercial to visit the snack bar. As I pay for the tickets the attendant instructs me to park in the back of the area so that my pickup doesn’t obstruct the view of other patrons. I locate a space without cars or trucks on either side.

“Okay, girls. I’ve paid for the tickets at the booth. Now you can pay me back.” This is a game we play. I don’t know how it got started, but they seem to like it. Come to think of it, I don’t mind it either. In unison, looking at each other and smiling, they comply. Together they lift their skirts, hook the top hem of their panties on their index fingers, lift their hips off the seat, then slide their hand down the outside of their thighs, dragging the panties with them. Sitting back down they lift their knees, and continue the trip down to the ankles, finally slipping the panties off their feet.

With both girls sitting Indian style on the front seat, and some light from the screen, I’m treated to the sight of two beautifully erotic eighteen year old girls, in all their innocence. With their legs spread, it draws your eyes to their vaginas. I see four smooth puffy outer lips and two wrinkly sets of inner lips. Even though the girls are about the same size, Elizabeth’s pussy lips are a little bigger and puffier. I can easily cover Michelle’s lips with two fingers. Elizabeth’s, being larger, are easier to spread open. Michelle though more than makes up for small size with her enthusiasm. In the light I can tell that they are both somewhat excited. Their outer lips have a reddish flush to them, and the inner lips are sticking straight out between the outer lips.

“What about you,” they giggling in unison. I don’t know why eighteen year old girls like to giggle, but they seem to giggle over just about everything. ” We’re not going to be the only ones dressed like this.”

“Okay, if you insist,” I say. Keeping with the script, I quickly pull my pants down. Unlike the girls, though, I have to remove my shoes before my pants come off.

“Uncle Mike, can you sit between us?”

“Anything you want, Sweetheart. First let me move this seat all the way back.” Grabbing the lever to slide the seat all the way back, I say “Give me a little room, Kitten.” Elizabeth stood up to allow me to slide underneath her. When I get behind her, I reach around in front and unbutton all but the top two buttons of her jumper. Lifting the hem of her dress up over her hips I say: “Get back down here! Do you want someone to see how naked you are?” With this I laughingly pulled her down on my lap. My knees were together so that only half of my cock is showing in my lap. Elizabeth sits down right on top of it, burying the tip in the crack of her eighteen year old cheeks.

Feeling a drop of my precum and her bottom, Elizabeth says, “Oh, you’re wet!” Both girls burst into giggles again. Michelle unbuttons her skirt, lowers it down her legs and drops it on the floor.

Lifting Elizabeth by the waist, I say to her, “move over and sit right next to me behind the wheel. Michelle, sit next to me right here,” as I pat the area just to my right. I now have a girl on each side of me, naked from the waist down. Its dark enough now outside that no one is likely to see into the truck, but to be safe, I pull out the blanket and cover the three of us. We look so innocent.

I put an arm around each of the girls and pull them close to me. I have a hand on the outside of each girls hips, feeling their naked skin. Its so soft, so smooth. I run my hands up and down their legs from their hips to their knees and back again. Over and over. It’s such a thrill to feel the soft flesh of two eighteen year old girls at the same time. Both eager for the contact. Neither one jealous of the other. All three of us sharing a special kind of love. The blanket finally succumbs to the movements and gravity, slipping off us and onto the floor.

Simultaneously my hands slowly move around to their front sides, my fingertips running over the tops of their legs and brushing against their puffy lips. We all scooch down a far as we can to be as close to a laying position as possible in the truck. With the weight of their bodies off my arms, I’m freer now to explore them. With my hands on their stomachs, I slip under their tops to find their breasts. Elizabeth’s are just ever so slightly bigger, but their erect nipples are as hard and firm as can be. As I tickle each one’s breasts I’m again treated to some giggles. kartal escort They like that feeling it sends throughout their bodies.

Elizabeth has grabbed my shaft with her right hand and is holding it still. Then Michelle reaches across with her left hand and starts to rub her palm around in circles on its tip. I respond by pulling my arms out from behind their backs and sliding my hands down their fronts to their slits. Both sets of legs part and I cup each girl. My palms are on their stomachs with my fingers cupping their vaginas. My middle fingers along their slits, my ring and index fingers each pressing against a puffy soft lip.

Breathing is getting heavier. We’re taking our breaths in faster, shorter rhythms The windows are now so steamed that no one would be able to see inside the truck.

Slowly I slide my middle fingers up to the top of the slits, then push back down and in. Willingly the outer lips part and permit entry. Elizabeth’s outer lips close back over my finger while the back side of my finger remains exposed in Michelle. I move the fingers back and forth, rubbing each side of the inner lips the entire length form the tip of the mons, massaging each side of the length of the clitoris, then to the bottom next to their anus. Back and forth first on one side then the other.

“I got some more juice!” exclaims Michelle who is still rubbing the tip of my shaft. Both girls giggle as they feel some of my precum. That wonderful nectar that smoothes the entry into tight little holes.

“I need some juice for down here,” I say. With that, I remove my hands, wet both of my middle finger tips with my precum, and return the fingers to those precious lips. Its just enough lubrication to part the inner lips slightly. But I can now move my fingers up, down, and in the inner lips. I push my finger in, sinking the first two joints into Elizabeth, but just the first joint in depth of Michelle. Michelle closes her legs and squeezes my hand, while Elizabeth spreads her legs further apart and pushes against my hand.

I pump my fingers into each girl, to the extent that they’re still enjoying it. Withdrawing my fingers, I nudge Michelle’s legs apart. Then feeling for the end of their clitoral hoods, I place a finger tip on each. Slowly at first drawing circles I coax the clitorises out into the open. Michelle stops rubbing the head of my dick, just leaving her palm resting their. Then I start flicking the little nubs with my finger tips, faster and faster. Elizabeth squeezes my shaft harder. Elizabeth starts to convulse her hips, squeezing my hand between her legs while pushing up with her hips. Michelle follows the same. Both girls give long sighs then giggle again to each other.

Michelle is the first to recover, leans over to my crotch and plants a kiss on the end of my shaft. She then lays prone on her stomach with her legs bent at the knees. Putting the tip in her mouth she starts to roll her tongue in circles. I take a deep breath and moan as I exhale. Elizabeth joins in by laying sideways, with her chest pointed to the seat back and places her mouth along the bottom portion of my shaft and starts to lick my tender underside. With her left hand she cups my sack and continues to lick up and down while Michelle sucks and circles the tip.

In response, I grab a hold of each girls bottoms. They’re both about the same size. Round, smooth and completely unblemished. I rub each cheek individually then in pairs, feeling the crevice between their cheeks. My hands roam down their curled-up legs to their feet massage their feet and toes then returning to their bottoms. Massage the round cheek, then over to the other cheek, knead and rub it, down the other leg to the knees and then back up. After repeating the cycle several times I snake my hands in between their legs and touch their lips. I can just about reach to the tip of their slits, but it’s hard. So I slide my hands over their hips to their front sides. Michelle lifts her left side up and kind of rests it against the seat back allowing me access while she continues to suck the tip of my shaft.

Again I’m cupping the two most beautiful eighteen year old pussies in the world. Each girl raises a leg to permit more touching. With them opened up its easy to run my fingers ever so gently up and down the slits, over and around the outer lips back to the crevices between the outer and inner lips finally massaging the inner lips open enough to penetrate into their bodies. Meanwhile, both mouths continue their missions of licking and sucking, trying to drain me of every drop of fluid.

As I said, Elizabeth’s lips spread a little easier. With just a little moisture from my saliva I penetrate her again with my middle finger up just past the middle joint. Her inner lips just grasp and seem to want to suck my finger up inside. As the finger strokes out the lips do their best to hang onto me, following my finger, extending as far as possible outside the confines of the outer lips. Then they quickly sink back inside maltepe escort as I push my finger back in.

Michelle can only take one and a half joints of my right hand. She is very tight but she pushes against my hand, fucking my finger for all she’s worth. She is the most enthusiastic lover I could ever imagine.

“Daddy, would you want me to sit on your lap?” Her body is just aching to feel me pressed against her and in her.

“ME FIRST!” exclaims Michelle.

“You we first last time, Sweetheart,” I respond. “I’ll give you a special ride when it’s your turn.”

Michelle sits up and starts to pout just a bit. Again sitting Indian style, with her young vagina sticking straight out from her body. Elizabeth crawls over onto my lap facing me, sitting on my thighs with her legs doubled up on the outside of mine, her dress hanging loosely across her sides. Her ankles are on the edge of the seat with her feet pointing down. I wrap both arms around her body and pull her close. I feel the warmth of her stomach as it presses my shaft against my belly.

My daughter looks up into my eyes. I’m so overwhelmed with love for her I press my lips down on hers and kiss her every bit as deep as I’ve kissed any woman in my life. She inches her bottom away from me, lifts her hips up slightly to expose her pussy, and then pushes it back against my shaft. Her lips try their best to surround it. I feel the small amount of moisture against the bottom side of my shaft. Slowly she starts to lift her self up and down against it, trying to rub her clitoris the length. She is so warm, so soft. I don’t know how much more of this I can take without exploding all over us.

Michelle gets up on her knees and cuddles against us. She puts an arm around each and tries to make it a three way kiss. By moving my face slightly to the right I kiss both girls. Nodding my face back and forth like saying “no” I kiss each fully then return to the other. Meanwhile, with my right hand, I grasp Michelle’s left leg. With my hand wrapped around that small thigh I run my hand up until I feel her slit pressing against my index finger.

Again the lips part willingly as I move my finger back and forth along the crevice. Finding the tip of Michelle’s clitoris I wiggle my finger tip back and forth across it. She moans softly and her body vibrates like she has a chill. Somehow I don’t think she’s cold. Bringing my hand out again, I wet my fingertip with saliva again and cupping her ass cheeks I return to Michelle’s pussy.

So here I am, my daughter humping herself up and down my dick, arms tightly encircling my neck, panting in my left ear, while I hold my niece tight against my right side. My right hand is cupping her ass cheeks with my fingers between her legs. I have an index finger and a fore finger on a pussy lip while my middle finger has found the opening of womanhood. By rubbing the middle finger back and forth the inner lips part and my finger tip is swallowed.

We’ve been fondling each other now for the better part of an hour, I can’t hold out much longer. “Kitten, I want to go inside you,” I tell her. “Michelle, will you help us out?” Elizabeth’s vaginal opening is just large enough to take my whole member. In this position I find it impossible to even accurately locate it with my dick. All I can really feel is the general contour and texture of the area. The lips are so pliant that they will move in any direction you press them to. “Kitten, turn around and face the dashboard. Michelle, can you get on the floor and guide me in? Use the penlight out of the glove box if you need it.”

Michelle opens the glove box and finds the little flash light. Elizabeth turns around and I scoot down as prone as I can spreading my legs wide apart. Elizabeth kneels on my thighs and points her bottom back towards me.

“Michelle, use the penlight if you need to, but guide me into Elizabeth.” Elizabeth rests her shoulders on the dash board and reaches down with both hands to spread her lips as wide apart as they will go. Michelle crawls down on the floor of the pickup underneath us and turns on the little light. First finding my penis she grasps it then shines the light in her cousin’s crotch. I have both of my hands on Elizabeth’s hips and bring her down to the general area of my tip. I feel her skin on my tip. “Guide me in, Michelle.”

Michelle pushes my shaft back towards me and I feel a different sensation on my tip. Then she rubs it back and forth. We’re a little too dry at this point so I tell Michelle to just let it rest against the opening.

Michelle gets up and faces us Indian style with a big grin on her face and her hands in her crotch rubbing herself. After about two minutes of this position I reach down and rub myself against my daughter. I easily slip back and forth on my deposit of precum. I ask Michelle to get back on the floor and guide me in.

Michelle crawled back down and grasped my shaft again. “Just hold it still against Elizabeth.” Gently I take both hands on Elizabeth’s hips and started to push her down on my shaft. Elizabeth both groans and moans and she feels the pressure against her vagina, but slowly the lips part and surround the tip, then glide down over me taking about three to four inches of my 7 inch shaft inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32