The Drunken Adventures of Bridget Ch. 02

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Please read Part 1 first.

Cast of Characters:

Luke: My boyfriend. 6’4″, shaggy blond hair, green eyes, medium build, luscious lips, easy smile, gorgeous ass, perfect cock. Luke and I have had an open relationship for the last four of our six years together.

Jack: His best friend. Slender, toned, dark hair, dark eyes, a little shy. Jack and I have fucked a few times. It’s been a couple years since the last time though.

Sean: Another friend. Stereotypical Irishman- red hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, tight body, the only one who can almost match drinks with me. (Almost.) VERY shy.

Bridget: That’s me. 5’4″, 36D, bubble ass, runner’s legs, bluegreengray eyes, dark shoulder-length hair with bangs. The hair changes constantly. The ass is permanent.

Now for the story.

* * * * *

Sean closed his eyes again as soon as I noticed him staring. It was too late. I walked over and leaned down enough to whisper, “Are you still too drunk?” After a moment he opened his eyes again and shook his head. I lightly clasped both his hands in mine and pulled him up out of the chair. I led him past the sofa bed where Luke lay snoring and around the corner into the kitchenette. I swung him around so that he was walking backward with my hands on his chest. He stopped when he hit the wall; I didn’t. I bent my elbows and kept moving forward until my lips could reach his. He responded fervently but skillfully. Sean’s hands wandered until they reached my ass, which he cupped and gently lifted up on, the better İstanbul Escort to grind me against the growing bulge in his pants.

I moved my mouth down to the clean smooth part of his neck just under his jaw and played my lips and tongue and teeth across it. His body tensed up and his fingers spasmed over my ass. I slowly slid him to the floor, never letting my mouth leave his skin. We sat a little awkwardly and Sean suddenly seemed to remember that I had breasts. He moved his hands up and slid his fingertips over the exposed parts of them, above the tank top. I shuddered into his neck. He yanked the top down and let the mounds of flesh fill his slender warm hands. I moved to allow him access to them with his mouth. He tugged off his shirt and I caressed his tightly corded shoulders and upper arms, marveling at their pale perfection. I leaned forward and tasted his collarbone, then licked lower where there was a spattering of red curly hairs. My fingers crept to his waistband and started undoing his fly.

“Wait,” he whispered.

Only when I stopped moving did I realize how drunk I was.

“I’ve never done this before,” he said.

I tried not to make my shock obvious. A virgin? With this body?

“We’d better not then,” I said carefully. “You probably want your first time to be with someone you care about. I wouldn’t want you to regret this.”

He stared off into space for a minute, then looked me straight in the eye. “I’m twenty-two years old. I’m not going to regret it.”

“Are Bayan Escort you sure?”

“I’ve tried waiting for the ‘right’ girl. It never worked out.”

It seemed he just wanted to get it over with.

Fine with me.

I renewed my efforts at his zipper, wondering at my incredible luck. Soon I freed his cock from its restraints and just explored it with my hands for a moment. I wondered if he’d ever even gone this far with a woman. Was I the first person besides himself, to touch his cock like this? It had been years since I’d had sex with a virgin. I reminded myself to go slow.

So when I crouched down and slid my mouth over the tip of his cock, I tried to do it slowly. I think I succeeded.

He was lying on his back by now and seemed unsure of what to do with his arms. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the floor on either side of my head. That calmed him down a little.

Until a booming voice came from ten feet away. “You better be using a condom.”

Sean jumped out of his skin. I was a little startled too. I gave Sean a calming gesture and walked over to where I thought the sofa bed was, in the dark. I had a short whispered conversation with Luke and went back over to the kitchen.

I could probably guess that what Sean wanted the most right now was to get the hell out of the room, so I suggested that we go for a walk. He nodded. We got dressed and headed out into the cold. I knew of an all-night cafe within walking distance.

Over some good strong caffeine Eskort we talked. I explained a little to Sean about our open relationship, and had to spend a good deal of time reassuring him that Luke would not be mad at him for anything that had happened tonight. Then he had to spend a good deal of time reassuring me that he was still okay with the situation.

We finally walked back to the apartment an hour later but we still lacked a condom. I decided the poor guy would at least get a blowjob out of all this, so I pulled him past sleeping Luke and sleeping Jack into the bathroom and we started making out again. Just as the clothes started to come off, someone knocked on the door. We froze. I said, “Yes?” Jack’s voice came through faintly. “Oh, sorry.” I panicked for Sean’s sake before I realized Jack probably assumed it was me and Luke in there. Nevertheless we decided to give up for the night. But that’s when Sean surprised me.

“I want to watch you get dressed,” he growled. I stopped for a moment, then slowly reached over and flicked on the light. Sean’s eyes locked onto mine with an intensity I felt all the way to my toes. He watched me carefully put on my bra and pull up my pajama pants as if he were going to pounce and eat me any second. I put my sweatshirt on over the bra, skipping the tank top, and zipped it up until you couldn’t tell what was underneath it.

We went back out into Jack’s room. He was asleep. I prodded Sean past him, out into the living room. I lay down with Luke on the sofa bed and Sean settled down in the armchair. It sent a thrill through me to feel the sweatshirt against my almost-naked torso and know that Sean knew exactly what I was wearing (or not wearing) underneath. After a while I dozed off.

To be continued.

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