The Enforcer Ch. 08

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I woke up with Maya on my left and Candy on my right. I love them both so deeply that I was quite happy just being with them and my love for both still grows. We had all gone to bed a little late, but I felt quite refreshed. I looked at the clock; I had only been asleep for four hours. The sun was just rising, I did not want to wake the girls but, like usual, I really needed to go to the bathroom. I stealthily extracted myself from the clutches of the angels sleeping beside me and headed to the bathroom.

I felt great relief as my stream hit the water. I had on my boxers, and after my swim last night didn’t really need a shower, so I headed downstairs. As I entered the kitchen, and looked outside, there was a flurry of activity, and yet I could hardly hear a sound. Max was sitting at the kitchen table, once again engaged in a game of chess, this time he was playing against Allen. I looked quietly at the board, seeing an opportunity to finish the game I let the words slip: “Max, you have checkmate in six moves.”

Allen was upset, but Max replied nonchalantly: “I know, but thanks anyway.”

Max moved. Allen saw the light a little too late; he had already lost. He sportingly played on, but in a few seconds the game was done. Max shook Allen’s hand and said: “Thank you for a good game; you’re a pretty good chess player.”

I chimed in: “Max, I’ve seen you play, Allen and Ed, have you also played against Frank and Paul?”

Allen replied: “He’s beaten all of us several times over the last week, he’s good.”

Max replied nonchalantly: “Your guys are very good chess players; I have actually had to take my time with them.”

Before I could speak Allen enthusiastically added: “Vinny taught us all how to play and none of us have ever beaten him, yet.”

I kept my cool as I said: “Allen, you have got to stop boasting of my skills.” Allen bowed in shame, so I added: “I am not upset with you, but try to avoid it in the future.”

Allen replied in a submissive tone: “I’m sorry boss, it won’t happen again.”

I replied in a teasing tone: “You and I both know it will, but thanks for trying. Oh yeah I almost forgot, has Philip started his training with you?” he shook his head so I added: “I want you to give him advanced stealth training and then give him the leadership course.” He nodded, and then headed out. The noise from outside seeped in as he opened the door. I looked at Max and said: “How did you get this place so well sound proofed?”

Max smiled as he replied: “I worked as a sound technician for years and designed the place myself, I think it came out pretty good.” I nodded my agreement. “So Vinny,” he added in a neutral tone, “what are your plans for today?”

I sat down and answered casually: “I guess I should go and deal with Snake, then we have the opening night at the bar, followed by the big party here tonight. Have all the preparations been done?” Max nodded, then I continued: “Do you guys need any help finalizing things?”

Max smiled and spoke calmly: “We have had no issues, and with the training your guys are giving, things just keep getting smoother and smoother. At this rate we will be working like a well oiled machine soon. I have never seen a gang run so fluidly.”

I smiled, but was a little disappointed as I replied: “They just needed a good leader and a little purpose in life. I am still surprised at how well things are progressing. I am glad to have time to spend with the girls.” I thought for a few seconds, realising I had not yet given Ronal the list I promised, “Damn, I completely forgot about getting a list of the cops to Ronal!”

Max replied casually: “I did it yesterday, don’t worry about it.”

I looked at him puzzled and asked: “How did you know that had to be done?”

Max was sitting casually as he said: “I know Ronal and the mayor and Candy told me about your meeting with them, so I got the list made and sent it them.”

I sat back down, relaxed and said in a relieved voice: “Thank you so much Max, you really are a great general.” He smiled in appreciation. I offered: “You have beaten all my friends; feel like playing chess against me?”

Max sat up and said enthusiastically: “I would love to. I am ranked as a master, do you have a ranking?”

I replied casually: “I have never been ranked but I have been playing since I was six.”

He set up the board and we played a relatively quick game, only an hour, Max lost, but I enjoyed playing him. He stood up after I called checkmate and motioned I should stand. I did and he hugged me saying: “Thank you, I have not lost a match in years; it’s nice to finally play a better player than myself.”

I was pretty certain the girls would not yet be awake and I asked: “Where is Snake?”

Max replied: “The boys in the squatter village have him; you want to go and see him?”

I replied: “Yeah, I think it’s time we let him go. Of course I will inform him of his punishment first.”

Max smiled broadly as he said: “Oh he’s going Escort İstanbul to be pissed when he hears it.” We both giggled as we headed to the town. We met up with Vance, who I had put in charge of keeping Snake alive.

He said: “Kelly is watching Snake. They’re over there.” We all headed to a small isolated tent behind the town. The strong smell of manure wafted from the tent. As we entered we saw Snake, buried up to his neck in fresh manure. Vance said with pride: “We have been changing the manure twice a day, and soaking him in boiling and ice water while we cleaned the hole; his body is covered in blisters.”

I looked at Snake and said in a cruel voice: “Hope you enjoyed your entrée, the main course is about to start.” Snake was shivering in the hole, “The boys are paying you back for what you did to Candy. You are lucky I need you alive to punish you for want you did to me and the gang.” Snake was crying uncontrollably now. “Stop your whimpering asshole and take it like a man! You are paying for your crimes. We will let you go later tonight; of course we will drop you in the middle of the woods, with no shoes.”

I smiled as I added in a soft voice: “But that is not all, for you see I have made friends with the Outlaws, The Hell’s Angels and all the other local biker groups, they will torture you on sight. The Colombians will probably make you wish you were dead, that is before they kill you. You will find that things won’t be much better with the cops; it seems that you are now wanted for the brutal execution of a dozen officers; they have orders to kill you on sight. I hope you’re good at running, because you will need to from now on.” We all laughed and left Snake in his hole. I looked at Vance and said: “Keep him simmering all day, and then drop him in the middle of nowhere around five. Make certain to hurry back, there’s party on tonight.” He nodded as he headed back to Snake.

Max and I walked back to the house. I said: “You think I was being too easy on the worthless piece of shit?”

Max replied casually: “You’re too kind hearted, but I think he will never fuck with us again.” When we got to the house, I headed upstairs as Max started making breakfast, he asked: “You want me to make you and the girls some too?” I nodded then continued on my way upstairs. I was surprised to find that Maya and Candy weren’t in bed, but as I heard the shower, my apprehension faded and I headed to the bathroom.

It was not locked and as I opened the door, I heard giggling, and a stray water jet hit me. I turned to the girls who were having a little water fight using a couple of plastic cups. I turned, a little wet, and closed the door. They noticed me and jumped onto me, I caught them. As they hung from my neck, naked and wet, they kissed me frantically, giggling as they teased each other. I was not too upset at being soaked, but as I stood there, dripping wet, I thought to myself: ‘What have I gotten myself into?’

I hugged them close, placed a kiss on their lips then said, desperately trying to maintain a serious and casual tone: “Good morning my loves. Max is making us breakfast so finish up here, I seems to inexplicably need a change of clothes. When you are ready you may want to join me downstairs.” I was barely able to keep a straight face as the two broke out laughing and, had I not been holding them, they would have fallen.

When Maya and Candy finally stopped laughing I put them softly to the ground, groping their asses as they walked over to the towel rack. They both gave me a smile filled with tenderness, showing they had enjoyed it. I headed to our room and changed into one of the three sets of clothes I had here, thinking to myself: ‘I really have to go and get more clothes from my place.’ Then the thought struck me. I really should show Maya my old place before I moved out. I was planning to move out as soon as the new buildings were done. I got dressed; the girls came into the room as I put on my last clean t-shirt. They looked so lovely together; they really are a great pair. I waited as they put on some clothes, Candy put on a pair of tight cut-offs and a tank top, Maya donned a pair of black spandex shorts and a black spandex top. The fabric hugged their bodies sexily.

We headed down stairs; Max froze as he saw how beautiful the girls looked. He said in a wavering voice: “You two are so sexy, I could eat you right here.”

The girls blushed at the compliment while I squeezed their rears lovingly to add emphasis. Maya and Candy giggled, playfully swatting at my chest. I casually spoke: “Max how’s the food coming along?” He was still frozen by the girls’ beauty and so I repeated in a calm voice “Oh, Max,” he snapped out of it, “how’s the food coming along?”

He was a little embarrassed but managed to squeak out: “It’s almost done!” The girls broke out laughing as he tried to recover some of his dignity.

I said in a soothing tone: “Their influence is even worse together isn’t it?” He nodded shyly as İstanbul Escort Bayan Maya and Candy giggled holding me close. “Ok girls let’s sit down and give the cook a chance to finish breakfast.” We sat down and Max quickly finished making, then served the food. He sat across from me, Maya was on my right, and Candy on my left. Both sat as close to me as they could. I had to wrap my arms around them to pick up my coffee, but it didn’t bother me. Max served us breakfast which we all ate, savouring it, Max is a good cook. We all sat around digesting, drinking our coffee.

It was almost noon by the time I decided we should go and visit the bar; the grand opening of “The Exiled Bar” was scheduled for later that afternoon. I named it myself, hope you like it too. We all headed out to it. When we arrived the final preparations were being completed and the bright new sign was already lit up. We went in, the owner welcomed us, and showed us around the newly renovated place. It was not too fancy, but it was definitely no longer a dive. Maya and Candy really liked the new look.

I was selected to cut the ribbon while Candy and Maya would be the ones officially handing me the scissors. We were not dressed for it yet, but Max had already gotten me a tuxedo and a pair of formal gowns for the girls, they awaited us in the back. We all got dressed and went through a quick rehearsal. By the time the opening was scheduled to start the parking lot was full and a huge crowd had formed. Daniel had even arranged for a local TV station to cover the opening. We all went through the actions, and the bar filled. Candy, Maya and I disappeared after an hour. We got dressed in our own clothes and said goodbye to the owner. We had another celebration to go to, and were all looking forward to it a lot more. We quickly got back, the party was already started, but the main celebration would not start till I talked to the gang.

Candy and Maya were still dressed in skin tight clothing as we walked up to the party, they had built a small stage where a DJ was set up. Maya, Candy, Max and I climbed up onto it, the girls drew the crowd’s attention, but the second they saw me, the noise died, and a quiet hush covered the group. Candy and Maya were by my sides holding onto me as Max addressed the group: “Listen up! Your boss is here to kick the party into high gear. He is joined by Candy and Maya; they’re his, so keep you dirty mitts off them.”

I walked up, the girls still at my sides, and in my most powerful, yet cheerful voice said: “You should all know us by now, but let’s make it official.” I pointed to Max, “Our first speaker was Max, he’s my general, and you will listen to him when I am not around.” I pointed to Candy and Maya, “These are my girls and you will treat them like goddesses. They ask you do it, they won’t lead, but you will always do what they want.” The crowd cheered, “I am Vinny, I am the boss, and if you want to question me, feel free to make a formal challenge. I will fight any person who thinks they can take me in hand to hand combat, I am certain that many of you still have marks from the last time you guys challenged me. I am a fair man and I will do what is best for us all, but I need your cooperation and loyalty. You don’t trust me, leave now.” I looked at Max and the girls then said: “For all those of you who I have not scared away, let’s party! We have booze, babes and games; have fun, that’s an order.” The crowd roared loudly, and the music started.

Candy, Maya and I mingled with the crowd, shaking many hands and drinking many beers. We had fun; the girls never left my side. Max was also having a good time; we partied until the sun began to rise. It was a mess, but no damage occurred to the construction site, and the temporary town had no major damage. Candy, Maya and I headed back to the house after watching the sunrise. The girls were drunk, and I had to support them as we climbed the stairs, I put them to bed and headed to the bathroom. I showered then I went to bed. Maya and Candy had long ago passed out, so I slid in between them and feel asleep.

It wasn’t quite noon when I woke up. Maya and Candy were still sound asleep. I got up and dressed, then I headed downstairs. Ed, Allen, Paul, Max and Frank were all sitting around the table eating lunch. I said: “Morning boys, nice to see you, save any for me?”

Max replied: “Yeah, it’s on the stove, help yourself.” I went to the stove and served myself a plateful. Max looked at me and in a serious tone said: “Come join us, we have a little issue and need your advice.”

I sat down at the table and said in a relaxed voice: “What is it guys?”

Ed spoke: “We have too many people and too little organisation. The squatter town is falling apart and the garbage is just piling up.”

I took a gulp of my coffee, and then replied: “There are only a couple hundred people out there and we have over ten acres of space, what’s the problem?”

Frank replied: “The place is not organised Anadolu Yakası Escort and the refuse is piling up. There’s no real organisation. We need a plan, and we need everybody to respect it.”

I finished my coffee and replied: “Fine. I will go and take care of it.” They looked at me like I was crazy as I went outside. When I reached the work site I hollered in my drill voice: “Everybody staying in the squatter town stop what you’re doing and come here NOW!” My voices resonated loudly and all work stopped as people walked to where I was. I continued in my drill voice: “I’ve been sent to fix the town and I am not going to mess around. We are going to clean up this place, and make it liveable. I will get military tents here ASAP. Everybody has to pack up their stuff immediately. When you’re done help your neighbours. Get going now!” Everybody got to work.

I went back into the house and got my packsack, which I had not touched in days. I reached in and grabbed my navel issue satellite phone and dialled. Soon I had a link and the line answered. “Hi John, it’s Vinny… Thanks. I need a favour… No not a big one, it just has to be done quickly… Yeah, sure I will tell them… No, they’re having fun… I will tell her when I next see her… The favour? That’s simple. I need a large base pack airdropped in a field… Yes I will take responsibility… Yes, it’s within a hundred feet of my current location… I didn’t know you guys were so close. Sure you can drop in! I would love help setting it up. I’ve got a large rabble… No, they’re civvies… There’s a few. I am planning a nice little project…. Yeah you guys will like it…. You’ll be here within twelve hours and the base kit will be here within six? Cool! I will tell the boys. Oh yeah, I have a few new friends I’d like you to meet… Yeah there’s a pair; they’re off limits, but you’ll love looking at them… I will. See you soon.”

The guys were a little puzzled, noticing it I said: “I was talking with my soldier friends. They will be here soon and they will bring enough military tents to house a few thousand people; they will also help set them up.” They were all flabbergasted. I headed back outside. When I was back beside the squatter town I bellowed out: “Nice work! We will have four guests and four pallets of tents airdrop in, the tents will be here within six hours and our guests within twelve. You have till then to finish your clean up.” Everybody increased their pace. I headed back into the house.

The boys were still amazed at what was happening and Paul asked: “What did you just do? We have been trying to organise the town all morning and we got nothing done. How did you manage to get everybody working in five minutes, and how exactly did you manage to get that many tents and people to set them up? And to be dropped by a military plane?”

I retorted: “Same reason for both; military discipline and attitude. When you need something done, you get everybody on the same page, and tell them what to do.” The boys were still stunned and just sat looking out of the window; I headed upstairs to check on the girls.

Maya was just lazily stretching when I got to our room and Candy was still asleep. I spoke softly: “Good morning Maya. Did you sleep well?” I had continued to move toward the bed as I spoke, and placed a gentle kiss on her lips before she could answer.

Maya wrapped her hands around my neck and hugged me to her as she replied in a loving tone: “I slept wonderfully, my love.” She placed a much deeper kiss upon my lips as she released me.

As I rose I saw Candy beginning to wake. Maya continued stretching as I walked around the bed. Candy noticed me and sleepily said: “Good morning Vinny. Come a little closer.”

I moved closer in and Candy stretched her arms out and wrapped them around my neck as she clung to me and placed a gentle kiss upon my lips.

I hugged her as I softly said: “It’s nice to see you too, my love.” As I pulled away she sat up lazily and seeing Maya was awake she leaned over and they kissed passionately.

I enjoyed the sight. As they broke apart I said in a tender tone: “Are you two up for a little trip later? I have to go and pick up some stuff from my place and I would not mind a little company.” Both of them smiled broadly, “I’ll take that as a yes.” They were gleeful and started to scream like schoolgirls as they got up quickly and latched on to me. I held them close as they placed kisses upon my face and teased each other. They act like children from time to time, but I love them for it.

They were both naked as they teased me and I let them play for a few minutes before softly saying: “I have a few things to do before we leave and I have a few friends dropping in that would like to meet you. So if it’s not too much to ask, could you get dressed before they get here?”

Candy teased as she said: “I thought you didn’t mind me being naked around your friends.”

Maya looked at ease with her nakedness also as she teased me: “Yeah if we are willing to be naked, would you let us?” They both looked at me defiantly.

I smiled as I replied: “If you want, but our guests will be distracted, and I don’t know how well you will be able to deal with four burly fifty year old soldiers hitting on you.”

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