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“Good evening, Ms. James.”

“Hiya, Adam. How’s it going?”

“Can’t complain,” he chimed with a smile. “Michael’s waiting for you.”

Returning the wink Adam always gave her, she turned to skirt the corner of the counter. “I know the way…” she said with a smile.

Penny walked straight through the lounge, hardly sparing a glance to the few ladies that were eagerly waiting, anticipating. Making her way to the only door within the lounge, she took a breath and reached for the handle. Her appointment had been made and she was on time and ready. Now was the time to clear her mind because the next few hours would be all about her. Her happiness. Her satisfaction. Beyond this door, the rest of her life would cease to exist, even if it was only for a little while.

The instant she turned and pulled the handle, gooseflesh crept up her arms. Two steps in, she pulled the door closed behind her, then leaned back against it to take it all in. Scented candles and oils mingled in the air with the arousing smell of sex. Moans and whimpers echoed down the long hallway before her. The hall itself was dimly lit with flickering candles perched in elegant sconces flanking doorless entryways lining one side of the entire length of hall. Red silk covered every inch of the walls; lush, dark carpet leading the way.

Penny released her grip of the handle at her back and stood straight. She had been waiting for this evening all week, and it was here. It was her turn tonight. Slowly she began to make her way.

The first entryway opened to a pitch-black room. Curious, she thought as she paused a few steps inside. This room is never empty. Then she smiled as she heard the sounds of gentle kisses, sucking, licking. Penny could feel herself becoming warm all over even though she couldn’t see who enjoyed the attention being given or where it was being received. It didn’t matter. Mmm… the pleasures to be had in the dark. She would remember that.

Penny turned to leave, following the sounds of heavy panting coming from the next room over. Someone’s enjoying herself here, she thought with a smile. Peeking in, she found the room dim, but shrouded in pale blue silk. Two men were servicing a woman atop an enormous bed. How delicious! Penny leaned her shoulder against the wall to watch just as one of the men pulled the woman to her hands and knees then drove his cock deep inside her. The woman arched at the pleasant invasion, fisting her hands into the silk sheets. The other man winked at Penny as he gripped his cock and began stroking. Penny watched him, entranced, studying the way his hand moved, massaging the shaft, and rolling his fingers over the head. Not even realizing it, Penny was licking her lips.

“My name is Blake,” he said simply with a cute smile and a glimmer in his eye before he turned to the woman on the bed who was now panting loudly with every thrust. Kneeling before the woman he then guided himself into her mouth. Blake groaned as the woman began sucking on his cock, his hand holding it in place for her.

Penny was wet now, excited by what she saw. Two men…lots of possibilities…

Feeling warm and very aroused, she turned to continue down the hall.

A man’s low groans could be heard as she walked up to the next entryway. Slowly peeking around the corner, she saw a brunette straddling a man propped up on a contemporary styled chaise. His hands held her hips as she moved up and down, riding him, as his face nuzzled the valley between her breasts. His lips captured a pert pink nipple before he smoothed his hands around to her back, then down to knead her bottom. The brunette’s hands were on his shoulders supporting her efforts when he switched his attentions from one nipple to the other. She cried out when his teeth clamped down on her with gentle force, her back arching with surprise. A wicked smile crossed his lips when he slowed her movements and lifted her off of his lap.

He turned to sit on the edge of the chaise so he could situate her between his legs. His cock was solid and moist, poised and ready. Silent understanding made her reach out and stroke him, long and hard, from the base of his shaft to the tip of the head. His eyes closed briefly as he felt her take him into her mouth. Then his head tipped back when the moist warmth surrounding his cock began to flush over his body. Her head bobbed up and down his length, her lips sliding over his cock while his fingers teased her erect nipples.

“Oh God, Gloria. Oh, just like that…. Oh, make me come.”

Gloria licked the man’s shaft with long, languid strokes, before twirling her tongue around the tip, then taking him completely into her mouth all over again.

“Let me come on your breasts,” he panted as he pulled away from Gloria’s mouth to stand. Grabbing her gently by the hair, he pulled her close as he stroked a few more times. Then the man’s head flew back as he grunted loudly, illegal bahis spilling himself over Gloria’s chest in several warm spurts. Gloria looked up and smiled at the man still reveling in ecstasy, sweat slicked skin glistening.

Penny smiled at the pleasure she had just witnessed as she left to continue down the hall. Poking her head into the next room, she saw that it was vacant but brightly lit and filled with pillows of every shape, size and color. It reminded her of a child’s playpen filled with plastic balls. Funny how some things don’t change much.

Penny’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard moans growing stronger a couple rooms down. Casting one last smile at the mounds of pillows, she turned the corner to make her way to the next occupied room. Penny’s breath caught as she peered inside to see mirrors lining every surface from wall to ceiling. Simple red lighting cast an intoxicating glow throughout the room as she glanced around at the reflections. A blonde girl occupied the centerpiece of the room… a sex swing. Oh, I’ve wanted to try one of those, Penny mused. The blonde’s ankles were up and over the man’s shoulders as he glided his large cock in and out in a powerful rhythm. The man made eye contact with Penny, then paused his motions briefly before smiling and continuing his service. Penny smiled her approval and began to back out of the room as the man began to turn, rotating the swing so Penny could have a better view.

Clearly enjoying the ministrations provided by her gentleman of the evening, the girl caught Penny’s attention with heavy-lidded eyes and motioned for her to come closer.

“Watch,” the girl said with a lazy smile. “Watch how Carlos drives me crazy.”

The girl gripped the straps of the swing tightly as Carlos pulled out from her and moved a strap over each of the blonde’s thighs to hold her legs up and wide open. After strapping her ankles out of the way, he dropped to his knees to continue pleasuring her.

Penny swallowed, trying to moisten her dry throat as she took a few steps forward to do as she was bid. Carlos glanced up at Penny with a coy grin while his hands skimmed down the blonde’s body, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, dragging his hands down past her waist to rest at the opening his cock had vacated moments before. His fingers probed gently at her pink flesh, massaging her folds, sliding in her wetness.

“So hot… so wet, my Cara,” he spoke in a harsh whisper.

Carlos dipped a finger, then two inside of Cara. Her back arched in pleasured response as she moaned her approval. Carlos continued with deep thrusts, filling her with his fingers, and massaging her insides. His other hand rubbed her wetness over her clit in smooth, gentle circles.

“I feel you tighten, Cara. Come for me,” he whispered.

Cara’s moans grew louder and stronger with each caress and thrust of Carlos’ fingers. Finally, when Cara was close, so close, he dove into her flesh with his tongue, lapping her juices and circling her clit with wet strokes. His fingers continued their pleasant invasion, as he gently sucked and flicked his tongue over her clit. Then Cara began to come, slow and loud. As Carlos felt her muscles pulse around his fingers, his tongue slowed to a gentle, deliberate stroke, just the way Cara seemed to like it.

Penny watched as wave after wave of pleasure consumed Cara. Her moans got stronger and even stronger yet as she rode out this wonderfully long orgasm fueled by Carlos’s gentle, knowing touch.

Penny released a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding when Cara’s breathing turned to heavy drawn breaths, then lighter panting. She glowed with satisfaction as Carlos continued stroking her folds slowly, bringing her down from her climax with very gentle care.

“Oh, that was lovely,” Cara sighed as her eyes fluttered open. “Carlos, you do me so well.”

“It is my pleasure, I assure you,” he smiled, eyes glittering.

“Come,” she motioned, raising her hips. “Let me repay the kindness.”

Carlos smiled as he got to his feet and released her ankles and legs. Leaning over her, he swirled his tongue over Cara’s hard nipple, then the other. Penny had seen evidence of his arousal the entire time he pleasured Cara, but now she could see he grew even harder in anticipation. Cara wrapped her legs around his torso as he wasted no time plunging into her with a satisfied grunt.

Moments later, sweat beaded on Carlos’ forehead as he thrusted harder and faster. Cara’s head fell back as she panted.

Once more, Penny began to back out of the room, leaving them to their rendezvous, but she stopped short when she backed into something large, strong and warm. Large hands gripped her gently around her arms to steady her.

“Good evening, Penny,” a familiar voice breathed over her ear.

“Michael,” she sighed with relief. “You startled me.” She turned to look up at him.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” he smiled illegal bahis siteleri sincerely and pulled her in for a hug, wrapping her in his arms, her head tucked under his chin. “I was looking for you. How are you this evening?” He wore a simple button-down shirt with the top few buttons undone. Dark trousers accentuated his height and lean, muscular build.

“I’m good,” she replied on an exhale. Glancing back at Cara and Carlos, she added with a smile, “really good.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” he returned, smiling. “Come with me.” Penny smiled as Michael took her by the hand and led her down the hall and into a room rich in dark paneled wood and deep burgundy fabrics. Centered in the room was a canopied antique four-poster bed. A small fireplace gave the room a warm, soft glow, while a single candle flickered on the mantle.

“Are you ready for a lovely evening tonight? We have four hours, right?”

“Yes, we do.” Penny gazed about the room, inhaling the scent of burning wood, silently approving the décor. Michael ran a finger down her cheek, touching his warm lips to hers before reaching for the buttons of her blouse. Penny noted that the flames in the hearth couldn’t compare to the fire in his eyes.

“So tell me…” he said softly, sliding her silk blouse from her shoulders and letting it flutter to the floor. “How may I serve you this evening?”



Michael slipped her hand into his and led her towards the warmth of the fire. Her pulse was racing when he turned her in his arms, molding his chest to the contours of her back. He dropped a tender kiss on her shoulder and slowly kissed his way to the base of her neck, trailing a hot path to gently nip at her earlobe. His hands caressed her skin as he circled her waist and began to unfasten her skirt. Penny’s hands were braced at his sides, gently squeezing the hard muscle of his thighs through the fabric of his pants. Finally, he slid her skirt over her hips, allowing it to fall, pooling at her feet. Leaning into his chest, she could feel the proof of his arousal press against her. His hands continued to roam over her body, leaving a path of hot flames in their wake. Penny tilted her head to allow him better access to the kisses he continued to rain on her skin.

“The night is yours, Penny. What would you like?” His voice sounded low and husky near her ear.

Penny’s head lolled to the other side while Michael nuzzled the fresh, flowery scent of her hair. “Hmm… I… I’m not sure,” she confessed.

Michael turned Penny to face him, skimming his gaze down her body, lingering at the pink lacey bra, matching panties, then back up to her beautiful dark eyes. Her hands rested on his arms, gently squeezing his muscles as she felt her bra loosen, the straps slipping from her shoulders slowly, one at a time. Her breath caught as her soft, beautiful mounds, tipped with dark pink nipples, bounced free.

He placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head so their eyes could meet. “Anything you want, Penny.” His voice was rougher now, almost a growl. “You need only ask.”

Penny watched Michael lick his lips as his hands grazed over her nipples, flicking them with his thumbs, and gently pinching them. “This room is lovely. It’s perfect, Michael. You know me quite well,” she stated, clearly evading the topic at hand.

“You’re a passionate person,” he breathed as his hands traveled down her sides to settle on her hips. “And very much a romantic. I thought this was a perfect setting for us. A scene out of one of those novels you love so much.”

Her lips twitched into a smile. He did know her well; starved of affection, passion and sexual adventure. But it was his job to satisfy her, ensure her every physical need was met, every desire fulfilled.

He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand before tucking a loose curl behind her ear, then leaned in to seek her lips. When they met, a fiery passion sparked to life, leaving Penny breathless and dazed. Blindly, Michael reached for the clip holding Penny’s hair in a knot and released dark auburn waves to tumble down past her shoulders.

Hands were everywhere, holding and releasing, gripping and caressing. Their tongues tangled for long minutes, lips devouring each other, slanting this way and that. Finally, his hands came to rest on her shoulders to gently push her away, breaking the spell… temporarily.

“Well?” he queried as his lips made a path over her cheek. “You seemed to enjoy watching Carlos a few minutes ago. Is that what you would like?” He whispered into her ear, “Would you like to be licked?”

Oh, heavens, yes. She nodded her head slightly. “Mm-hmm,” she hummed in response.

“Say it.” His voice was clipped. “Tell me what you want.”

She swallowed before meeting his gaze. “I want you to lick me.”

Easy enough, he thought with a grin as he swung Penny into his arms and hauled canlı bahis siteleri her to the bed, tossing her into the center before climbing over her to straddle her hips. He held her there, savoring the view of her body laid before him, itching to offer some attention to those hardened nipples.

Penny tried to raise her hips, testing his weight, but he didn’t budge. He smiled at that and nodded, keeping her pinned.

Her eager hands reached to unbutton his shirt, but he grabbed them to stop her and instead entwined their fingers. She noticed a gleam in his eye as he leaned over to cover her body, stretching her arms over her head, his knuckles rubbing against the headboard. His kiss was hot and wild, tongues moving together in a passionate dance.

Penny was on fire, panting as his kisses trailed a path to her neck where he nuzzled and nipped. Suddenly his weight shifted as one hand now held both her wrists and he reached for one of the bedposts. He released a canopy drape with a tug of a tasseled cord. Penny’s gaze immediately flew to the cord now in Michael’s grasp.

“What are you doing?” Oh God! He wasn’t!

Wrapping it around her left wrist, he knotted the cord, securing it to the left bedpost at the head of the bed. “I should think that would be obvious by now,” he said wickedly as he dipped down to kiss a nipple. Then he moved for the other bedpost, releasing the drape.

“Oh, no you don’t!” she squeaked, pulling her hand free of his grip.

He chuckled at her effort. “Sweetheart, I have you trapped beneath me, and your left hand tied. You’re not going anywhere,” he grinned. Now, give me your other hand.”

He held out his hand to her in a gesture of …what? Goodwill? And he was grinning at her. Grinning! He looked her up and down, deliberately, thoroughly enjoying her in this state of nearly-naked, pinned-down and partially-tied-to-the-bed glory.

Well, she wasn’t about to make it easy for him so she shooed his hand away, before waving it about, clearly trying to make him work for what he wanted.

But it was too easy. Once he tickled her rib under her left arm, her right hand flew to the spot and he caught her in one try. Mission accomplished, he thought noticing the crestfallen look in her eyes as he cinched her wrist to the other bedpost.

He sat up again, bracing his hands on his knees as he looked down at her. “Now then… let’s see about that licking.”

Her eyes widened, watching him like a hawk as he unbuttoned his shirt slowly, exposing his smooth, defined chest. Her hands clenched and unclenched, frustrated with desire to run her fingers through his fine dusting of hair. Wrenching the garment off his arms, he tossed it over his shoulder then bent to hover over her, giving her nipple another gentle suck, and a few hot licks before moving his attentions to the other. Soft nips traced a path down her tummy, before he curled and dipped his tongue into her belly button. She moaned at this, her hips attempting to rise involuntarily.

Slowly he lifted off of her, releasing her legs, dragging her delicate panties from her body. Flinging them away, he nudged her legs apart and lowered himself to nestle between her legs. Then he planted a kiss on each thigh before focusing his attentions on the feast that lay before him. Caressing her inner thighs, he gently pushed them wider and lowered his head to run his tongue up the slit of her pussy. Penny bucked in surprise.

“Just making sure you hadn’t fallen asleep,” he said with a wolfish grin. His tongue repeated the movement in long, lazy licks then paused to caress her trimmed dark curls with his fingers, parting her pussy lips wide open and taking in the erotic sight of her intimate flesh.

Fallen asleep? My God, was he kidding? She was moist and hot to the touch as a finger traced around the inside of her pussy, ending with a caress to her sensitive nub that made her nearly jump out of her skin.

“This, right here…” he said as he glided his finger in small circles, “did you know that it has absolutely no other function but to bring you pleasure?”

Penny let out a heavy sigh, her head tilting back. I don’t care. Just don’t stop doing whatever it is you’re doing.

He paused… not for an answer, but to continue the gentle strokes that were making her quiver. “This little spot is meant to be stroked, caressed… and licked.” He lowered his head, his hot breath mingling with her musky scent and the warmth radiating from her body. “All to give you pleasure,” he added as his mouth came down on her, fiercely kissing her most intimate lips, his tongue probing and exploring.

Penny moaned and arched, straining against the cords holding her in place. Panting and squirming beneath his touch, he continued the sweet assault on her sex, nipping, tugging and swirling around her clit. Penny’s moans grew louder as Michael continued flicking with quick, steady strokes. He felt her grow tense; her pussy drenched now, her breathing growing rapid.

Teasing her opening with two fingers, he swirled his tongue over her clit, then slowly slid his fingers inside. A loud moan escaped Penny’s lips as Michael thrust in and out in slow, smooth strokes.

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