The Evolution of Emily Ch. 03

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“Thank you for all the awesome feedback everyone, glad to see your enjoying the Emily series as much as I am. Enjoy it,pass it around and oh yea..give it a vote please 🙂

Special thanks to Le Gourmand for editing this story.”

Marcus arched his back, shaking his head, a bit of hair falling away off of his forehead and out of his eyes. It was dark in the room, and rays of light from a nearby streetlamp cut patterns on the bed illuminating the body of his lover, casting weird shadows across the gentle curves of her breasts. Plump and lush, they wiggled as he thrust into her, perhaps with more gusto than he had expected. Slowing down just a bit, he closed his eyes and focused on the feel of her pussy around his cock. Velvety and hot, just the thought made him throb as he took her thighs pushed them apart and stops. He looked down at her through hooded eyes, and she smiled up at him her brown eyes almost black, glazed and half shut with lust, the gleam of carnal desires sparkling like stars. Her lips, bright scarlet slashes against her dark skin.

Flexing her muscles she pulled him back inside her pussy, her hands tugging at his hips desperately, a hungry little slut if he ever met one. Soft throaty moans echoed in the dark room, her nails digging into his skin as she pulled him inside her deeper, and harder. Tracing his hands up her body he takes her hands, linking his fingers through hers and pins them to the mattress, the feeling sending his mind wandering while his body worked hers on autopilot.


Leaning back in his soft leather armchair, coming home from a movie-date Marcus wondered why he even bothered with girls at his university. Spoiled and overindulged, nothing really pleased any of them. He thought Sarah would at least excite him. Physically she was perfect. Tall and slim, she moved gracefully, the product of years of tedious dance classes. She had short blonde hair, the front framing her face and making her look like she just tumbled out of bed – a dye job most likely. Her blue eyes were like glass, beautiful and almost clear and he felt like he could get lost just staring into them. She had perfect breasts. They all did, did they go in groups? he wondered, one friend telling the others like they were going out to get pizza? Not too small not too large, 34Cs if he had to bet money on it. He remembered with a grin how she’d let him slide his hand under her tight cashmere sweater five minutes into the movie. It was both exciting and a bit of a disappointment at the same time. Where was the challenge in that? They both knew from the moment he picked her up that at the end of the night she’d be his, the movie more of a formality than anything else.

A door slammed somewhere behind him, and he heard her drop her purse on the floor. ‘Anyone home?’ she yells, her cheery voice carrying through the empty rooms of the house.

‘Yea back here Sis, I’m in the great room.’

Her heels clicked arrogantly on the wooden floors, he could hear just where she was in the room without bothering to turn his head, ‘You’re getting home rather late aren’t you? It’s past midnight.’

‘So? I went out with some friends what’s the big deal?’ she asked, quite exasperated at his inquiries.

Sighing to him self, this had to be the fiftieth time they’d had this same conversation, and it was getting quite tiresome. Standing up, turning finally to look at her, his jaw drops in surprise, ‘What the fuck are you wearing? Jesus Christ, Sis!’

A bit taken aback, she’d never heard him raise his voice at her, she shrugged, feigning apathy, ‘What? I’m wearing an outfit like everyone else’s.’

Still not sure what had come over her, he took a step back to really inspect her attire; a dark red tube top against her creamy skin, so tight the tops of her breasts looked about ready to spill out, the insubstantial fabric almost unable to contain them with only a few centimeters keeping her nipples from being exposed. Her long dark hair cascaded in gentle, artful curls down to her ass; the bangs long enough to fall against that band-aid she called a shirt. All it did was draw a sharp contrast between her porcelain skin and the almost espresso color of her hair. A black skirt sat low on her hips and very high up on her thighs, with the tops of a red G-string panties completing her teasing ensemble.

She shifted nervously, and a glint of something sparkly at her navel caught his attention; a diamond teardrop dangling from a thin, almost invisible platinum barbell. If he weren’t so angry he would have told her it looked beautiful on her, and he bit his lip to try and keep his composure, and this wasn’t the time to compliment her. She escort gaziantep was in serious trouble – he was too if he were being honest for not noticing what the little minx had been up to in the week since his parents left for Europe.

‘That is not an outfit; I’ve seen hookers who wear more then that. You’re 17, Sis, you can’t leave the house in shit like that. Hell, you shouldn’t even own anything like that. What the hell came over you?’ he raged, trying his best to remain tough on her and he saw the beginning of tears well up in her emerald eyes, feeling like he wanted to hurry over and take her into the deep embrace of his strong arms. He gave her another look over, and he felt an odd sensation growing in his groin. What the hell was wrong with him? He was supposed to be mad at her, not get turned on. He didn’t even realize how much he raised his voice until he saw the look in her eyes.

Her lip quivered slightly, and she tried her best to be her usual cool self, ‘All I wanted to do was look pretty like all the other girls I go to school with. So what if you hate my outfit? All the other boys who saw me in it seemed to love it. They kept coming over to me to tell me how great I looked tonight.’

‘That’s the problem Sis, you look to damn good in that outfit,’ he blurted without thinking, knowing instantly he was in murky waters, and wishing he hadn’t blurted that out.

‘I do?’ She looked up at him, a small smile creeping across her rouged lips. Marcus quivered underneath his pants, not being able to make heads or tail what that smile meant.

‘Yes you do, now go upstairs, take that shit off and bring it down to me when you’re done! You’re never wearing something like that again, do you understand?’ he ordered, crossing his arms across his chest.

Bursting into tears she ran, to her room and he thought he heard the door slam upstairs and something crash to the floor. One of those damned porcelain dolls of hers most likely. He sank back into his chair, sighing out loudly as he ran his fingers through his hair, not quite sure what he would do once she came back. A small part of him loved the outfit, but a larger part of him knew it was wrong to look at her that way. He’d probably burn in hell just thinking about it. He was supposed to take care of her, not lust after her like a pervert.

For God’s sake he was older than her, her step-brother to boot, and his parents would never have left in him charge if they had an inkling of the thoughts that had been passing through his mind since she’d turned 16 and started to blossom right before his eyes. He guessed these thoughts always lurked in the back of his mind, festering like an ugly growth under an overhang, right where he couldn’t quite see until these thoughts finally gave birth to a strange lusting that lived inside his mind.

He didn’t know how long he was thinking, but he was startled by her voice from behind, ‘Marcus, please don’t be mad at me’ her small almost childlike voice near his ear, so lost in his thoughts he didn’t hear her until she was right behind of the chair he was sitting.

Shaking his head and still unwilling to look at her, ‘I’m madder at myself than you sis, it’s my job to keep an eye on you and clearly I wasn’t doing my job,’ he bit down on his lip chewing on it and clenching his fist. Much as he hated to admit it, he was beginning to get nervous around her.

‘No, it’s all my fault Bro, please let’s just forget this ever happened,’ she said softly, taking his hands away from his hair, she set herself down onto his lap and wrapping him into a big hug, the last thing he needed in his current state of mind.

‘Ugh, what am I going to do with you, brat? You’re going to drive me crazy,’ his knuckles white where his nails dug into the skin of his palm, the feel of her so close making him quiver almost imperceptibly.

‘Just keep giving a shit Marcus, no one else cares what I do, it’s one of the things I love about you actually,’ she spoke faintly, still a hint of the tough girl from earlier, but a lot more subdued now. Small and warm, she felt so good he couldn’t resist wrapping his arms around, her head fit perfectly against his chest. Finally opening his eyes, taking a breath to keep his composure, it was almost as if another girl came down those stairs, not the one who walked in dressed like a hooker from earlier.

Gone was the hooker and here was his sweet baby sis. Her eyes seemed almost brighter after the tears he’d caused with his anger, and without that dreadful makeup she was just beautiful, just hints of smudged eyeliner where her tears ran down her face. Her clear skin always escort gaziantep bayan had a glow and her cheeks had the perfect tint of pink making her look so young and pure he had to keep himself from covering them in small feathery kisses. Dropping his eyes, he smiled in spite of himself at her pajamas. Soft yellow, printed in little rubber ducks he’d given her the nightdress when she was 12 or so. The fact that she still wore those pajamas tugged at his heartstrings, the proverbial warm, fuzzy feeling growing inside of him because of it.

That was so long ago, yet, the memory still fresh in his mind, and he was surprised she still fit into it despite her womanly curves becoming generous in their proportions. The fabric was stretched across her breasts, just an outline of her nipples showing telling him she’d come down sans bra. Her long legs curled up higher, her knees just above his belly and the nightie rose up with them, barely covering her pubic bone.

She should be wearing panties, she can’t be sitting in my lap naked under there, can she? Marcus thought to himself, careful not to let his eyes wander too much, lest she notice.

Marcus ran a hand over her hair and felt her body relaxing against him. She was so small and fragile; he fancied that any sudden movement could possibly shatter such a serene sight as her. I could keep her here all night, she’s light as a feather, ‘Sis everyone who knows you cares about you. You’ve got so many friends you probably forget some of their names.’ He added in jest.

A peal of laughter exploded through her body, it was so real, and it made him even more aware of how close was, the way her breasts were so full against his solid chest. His cock started to feel her too; the slight vibrations of her in his arms making his blood rush down, threatening to betray the slight arousal already growing in his lap. He had to get her off of him and jump into a cold shower, but how?

‘Yeah, you’ve got a point there, but having friends and having someone really care about you isn’t the same, bro. They don’t care what I wear, or how late I stay out, or make sure I don’t fuck my life up the same as you do. None of my friends have brothers like that. You’re really sweet compared to their brothers.’

‘Sweet?’ groaning he pushes her gently, more playfully than to really get her out of his lap.

‘I’m a man; I’m not supposed to be sweet.’

Grinning, she looked up at him with a coy glint in her eyes, ‘I know I’m heavy, but gosh do you have to push me like that? You’re not a man yet, you’re only 20, so you’re still a boy. And what is wrong with being sweet? Candy is sweet, babies are sweet, and puppies are sweet.’

Growling playfully, he stood straight up, still clutching her in his arms, and she shrieked more out of surprise, clinging around his shoulders for dear life, ‘Could a boy carry you in his arms up those steps? Could a boy toss you over his shoulder like this?’ He swatted her ass playfully, seeing as she was quite at his mercy like this and not quite remembering when a girl was this much fun. God she had a tight, round ass and his hand came down again with a sharp slap, and he rubbed the tender spot, hearing her inhale sharply, gasping somewhat.

He climbed the stairs, each heavy step, still clutching Emily in his arms, and kicked the door open and shut the door the same foot without missing a beat. Her small fists hammered into his back as he mischievously slid a hand along her thigh, tickling her; playfully tormenting her, making her shriek and wriggle as he made his way over to her bed. With a swipe of his hand he sends her little bears tumbling to the floor, ‘Aw, how sweet you still needs teddy bears at night, sis. If anything you’re the little girl, and a man like me shouldn’t waist a minute of his time on a baby girl like you,’ Dropping her unto the bed he let himself fall right after her, half on her body and half on the small bed.

Loving the flush on her cheeks, and the way she just laughed and continued to pummel his toned chest in half-hearted protest, he took those tiny hands in his own and raised them above her head, pining her to the bed. He pinned her down to the bed, using his abdominals and straddled her legs and squeezed is thighs together to keep her in place. He smirked, raising his upper body up while still keeping the downward pressure that kept her pinned down to the bed, this whole course of events had his hard dick pressed up against her mound, and he swore under his breath, hoping that she had not the slightest inkling about it.

‘Hey, you bully. You’re not supposed to pick on people smaller escort gaziantep kızlar than you! And I am not a little girl. I’ve had tons of boyfriends and they didn’t think I was a little girl.’ Came a shrill protest from the struggling girl.

‘Tons of boyfriends, Sis? Is that right? What’s a little girl like you know what to do with a boyfriend?’ Marcus gloated, trying to appear smug as he smirked down at her.

‘Oh I know plenty! They never had a single complaint. And could you move? Your keys are poking into me or something.’

Laughing hard at her last comment, Marcus shifted a bit, moving his ‘keys’, ‘So what did you do with these little boyfriends of yours sis?’ Visions of her and random losers flashed through his mind with her in various stages of undress. He feels something strange, the urge to wrap his hands around their throats and squeezing till all thoughts of his little sis leave their minds, not least the spark of life. Much as he hated to admit it, he couldn’t deny that maybe a little hint of jealousy had begun smoldering within his chest.

‘The same thing all girls do with their boyfriends, Marcus, go out on dates, go watch movies and all that other stuff.’ Came the reply, quite a bit nonchalant, yet innocent in its manner.

‘What’s that mean, Sis? You haven’t let any of those losers you date get into those panties have you?’

Giggling at the dark look in his hazel eyes, she cocks her head and winks at him, ‘What panties, Bro?’ there was a little bit of a hint of naughtiness in her voice, a faint glimmer set in a dark background. Tiny, yet impossible to miss, but easy to mistake for an illusion.

His eyes crept down slowly, warily, and he realized that during their playful wrestling her nightie had crept up almost to her navel, exposing toned abs he’d never noticed before. It didn’t even enter his mind that the very girl he considered his only sibling had grown up. Just the thought of her naked thighs and sweet pussy between his thighs sent shivers up and down his spine, the carnal thoughts hardening his prick almost to the point of pain in an instant. Marcus swallowed hard, knowing full well that he need only move his eyes a few more inches and he’d be seeing the naked pussy of his sweet, baby sis. Looking into her green eyes, he noticed something there he’d never seen before. Could she be aroused, or was that just a playful look?

‘You mean you strut around with no panties on Sis?’ he swallowed hard, the words excruciating even to utter, let alone think.

With a shrug that made her pelvis grind against his jean-clad thigh, she looked up at him through slightly hooded eyes, her reply stunned him in its casualness and frankness, ‘You’ll just have to look for yourself bro, it’s no fun otherwise.’

He let his head fall, not thinking about where it would land until it was too late, cradled between her pert young breasts, his mind swamped with conflicting emotions. Fun was that what she said, what the hell did fun mean to her exactly? Hasn’t he been trying to see it for years now? To see her, his own sweet little tormenter, any chance he could? Hearing an almost inaudible sigh he opened his eyes. No, wait. Was that a moan? Never remembering being as unsure of himself in his life he raised his head slowly not quite able to meet her eyes but he has to know what she meant – what that sigh meant.


“Marcus… please, bro… look at me. I promise not to tell a soul.”


‘Please, harder…I’m so close, baby.’

Her euphoric voice snapping him back to the present, he shakes his head opening his eyes again and looks down at her rapturous face. Her cheeks flushed pink, body thrashing beneath him, he knew she was on the brink of the chasm, orgasm so close she could practically taste it. Letting go of her hands, he brings them down to her nipples and pinched them hard, her yelp of pain letting him know that he’d had the desired effect, bringing her down a notch in arousal. He kissed her roughly, muffling her protests and brought his hands down to her hips, and pulling her body tightly to his, her juices smearing his ball-sack, he thrust harder, grunting audibly.

Feeling the familiar churning inside his loins, he felt his shaft throb uncontrollably and swell as she moaned into his mouth, their tongues dancing furiously. With a shudder, he pulled his body to hers, a hand wrapping around the back of neck, pulling her down onto his cock forcing it inside her to the hilt. He let out guttural moans, her own quick to follow as he shot his cum inside her drenched pussy, soaking her on the inside with copious amounts of his hot and sticky seed, while her vagina contracts around him, tightening almost unbearably as she bucked wildly, her climax ripping through her with enough force to make her mind swim deliriously on a cloud of bliss. Their breaths quick and shallow, she smiled up at him, yet he didn’t meet her gaze, letting his head drop to her shoulder thinking all the while that her eyes were not the right color as in his fantasies.

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