The Exchange Student Ch. 2

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Thank you SO MUCH for all the email and kind words. I am sorry this story took so long to churn out for you fine folk but I simply haven’t had the time to write lately. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I’d encourage you to do so for a more complete (and hopefully pleasurable) experience. For those of you that have already read Part 1, continue and enjoy…

* * * * *

The incessant blaring of his alarm clock brought Jim abruptly to consciousness from a dreamless slumber. He reached for the clock blindly and only succeeded in knocking off the nightstand to the carpet beside his bed still loudly bleeping. He groaned and opened his eyes to the harsh morning sunlight streaming in between the partially open blinds. Leaning over the edge of the bed he grabbed the alarm clock and tapped the off button sighing in relief when the piercing sounds finally ended. The events of the previous night came flooding back to him and he bolted upright suddenly to see if it had been only a dream or if he Alexa really had…

The question was only partially formed in Jim’s mind when he lost his balance completely and fell over the bed dragging the sheets completely off with him and landing painfully on his shoulder. Accustomed to his own clumsiness he was hardly surprised when he found himself staring at the ceiling in fact he hardly noticed since his thoughts were focused on the amazing sex he had the night before. Though now he was beginning to doubt if it had actually happened or if it had been yet another wet dream. He’d had his share of those even before Alexa, the breathtakingly beautiful exchange student had moved in with his family. Fearing the worst, he slowly peeked over the edge of the bed and sighed heavily when he found himself alone in the room. Had it all been just a dream? Was it a wild hallucination brought on by excessive fantasizing and sleep deprivation?

“But it was so real…” he mumbled to himself. He could still feel the hot wet embrace of Alexa’s body, the undeniably vivid images of their bodies locked in passion. He gathered himself up in a bundle of sheets and grimaced at the very obvious cum stains. “Well, I guess it’s laundry time again.” He trudged over towards the bathroom swaddled in the sheets, dejected. The knob to the bathroom door clicked in his hand. It was locked. “What?” He said to himself in confusion.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jim. I’m used to locking the door in my own bathroom.” Alexa’s muffled voice came from behind the door. Jim stood there holding the knob in shock.

“It wasn’t a dream!!” he exclaimed loudly. The lock clicked softly and the door opened.

“Of course not,” Alexa stood in the doorway, a towel wrapped under her arms. “Did you not remember?”

“Well, I ah…” Jim stammered in embarrassment, “its just that I…I can’t believe that you would actually, you know…”

“I would what?” she asked with a smirk.

“You know…be interested in me.” Jim was red now and fidgeting.

“You mean fuck you.”

“Well, I would say — yeah that — but you know I — well I wouldn’t use that word…” he trailed off realizing how ridiculous he sounded.

“There’s nothing wrong with that word, Jim. That’s what we did last night; we fucked. And you did pretty good for your first time.”

“Well, I just feel funny talking to you like that. You know, it’s embarrassing.”

“Silly boy.” She giggled and grabbed the bunched up sheets dragging Jim into the steamy bathroom. The water was running and steam misted out of the open glass doors. Alexa’s body was already glistening as the steam condensed on her skin in little beads. “Now we will see how you like being the one watched.”

“Are you kidding?” Jim blurted out. He tried to hang on to the sheet as she tugged it away and tossed it unto the overflowing hamper. Suddenly, he felt very self-conscious and began to wonder what he had gotten himself into. He covered his limp penis with both hands and tried not to feel silly standing naked in Alexa’s piercing gaze.

“Get into the shower, Jim. I want to watch you.”

“No I can’t do this, it’s embarrassing.”

“Do you want me to tell your dirty little secret…” she let the sentence trail off.

“You wouldn’t. Not after last night.”

“Really? Would you like to test that theory?” This was said evenly but there was no malice in Alexa’s tone.

This time, Jim noted that and began to think that she had no intention of telling on him but didn’t really want to find out if she would or not. He stood there for a moment considering his options and then stepped into the tub. Alexa smiled. Jim mentally shrugged then reached down and squirted some lotion over his flaccid dick. After a few moments of silence, he stopped rubbing himself and looked up at Alexa. “Uhm, nothing happening. You’re making me nervous.”

“Would you like some inspiration?” Alexa sighed as she dropped the lid on the toilet and sat down. She took hold of her towel and cocked her head for an answer.

“Uh, yeah. That might help, though this still feels weird.”

“Well, İstanbul Escort that’s not exactly fair since you’ve had free shows since I got here but I’m in a good mood so let’s have some fun. Besides, we don’t have much time before we have to leave for school.” With that she dropped her towel freeing her large breasts and spread her legs slightly so that the towel fell to the floor.

Little drops of lotion splashed off Jim’s cock as it grew in his hand. He groaned as it throbbed to life and began long slow strokes as he gawked at Alexa’s unabashed nudity. She smirked at his sudden interest and cupped her heavy breasts relishing the tingles of pleasure from her pink nipples rubbing against the palms of her hands. She began to breath a bit faster and sweat mingled with the condensed steam running in little rivulets down her body. She looked on as Jim continued to pump his fist up and down over his now rigid member watching her own ministrations.

Alexa closed her eyes and tilted her head back teasing herself with her fingers and the knowledge of Jim watching her and jerking off noisily a few feet away. She was enjoying this a bit more than she had intended to but she had to admit she found Jim’s awkwardness and innocent sexuality endearing and even exciting. She decided then that she would help him discover himself. Make him into the man that her instincts told her he could be. And if she enjoyed herself in the process, well that would be just icing on the cake now wouldn’t it? She sighed as her pussy began to lubricate. She slipped a finger in between the folds of her pussy lips and moaned softly.

Jim stroked himself quickly and felt the rush of adrenaline course through his body as his pleasure built up slowly. Alexa’s moans were exciting and teasing but his hand was a poor substitute now that he had experienced the writhing muscles of her body. Every time he felt himself getting closer to a climax, his thoughts turned to the masturbating blonde a few feet away and he faltered, wishing that he were plowing her depths instead. After a little while he heard Alexa whimper softly as she came over her fingers. He felt himself harden even more but was no closer to coming. There was a short pause where the only sound was Alexa’s heavy breathing and the slurping sound of Jim’s pumping fist. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Jim, you’re still hard.”

“I – ahh – haven’t cum yet. It’s just not the same anymore.”

“Do you need help? We need to leave for classes soon.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jim shrugged feeling a bit self-conscious with his rampantly hard dick waving in the air, dripping lotion. He stepped back in the shower as Alexa padded towards him and stepped into the stream of falling water. She smiled wanly and turned letting the steaming water cascade over her voluptuous curves. Then she took his cock in her hand, which was slippery with her own warm juices and slowly squeezed until it throbbed almost painfully. Jim stretched out and attempted to hold her slim waist but she shrugged out of his reach. He leaned back against the wall puzzled. “Uhm, what do you want me to do?”

“Just relax. Let’s do something different, this time, okay?” With that, she knelt in front of him, still alternating between squeezing and releasing his rigid cock. Her hand was soft and slippery with lotion and with each squeeze he felt himself harden. Since she wasn’t stroking him he began pumping himself up and down in her hand, fucking her closed fist while bracing himself on the shower wall. She let go of him and he looked down and watched as she moved closer and brought her breasts up on either side of his shaft. He moaned loudly as she enveloped him between her upraised breasts and began to bob up and down so that the head of his dick with just touch her lips on each down-stroke. Her breasts were warm and slippery from the falling water and her open mouth was almost hot on the mushroom head of his wildly thrusting cock. He leaned further back and began to breath harder and pump faster relishing the rush of sensations as his penis rubbed through the wet valley of her breasts and into her waiting mouth. Alexa then began to suck sloppily at his cock each time it reached her lips.

“Ohh…mmm, I’m going to come soon…” Jim groaned. He could feel Alexa’s breasts like a warm valley all around his pumping cock and her hardened nipples tracing little lines on the his thighs and groin. Saliva and pre-cum dripped from Alexa’s bobbing mouth as she sucked even more enthusiastically, bringing him to the edge.

“Cum for me, Jim…cum all over me…” Alexa’s voice was husky and low. She looked up at him expectantly and sucked his meaty head into her mouth. Jim tensed and his whole body went rigid. She felt his cock tremble in her mouth and let it out with a plop just as gush after gush of jism began to rage out of it’s turgid length. White streamers crisscrossed her face and chest as Jim let out a strangled gasp of pleasure before going weak in the knees Escort Bayan and nearly toppling over. Alexa took his wavering penis in her hand and milked it slowly and gently unto her pouting lips sliding the now overly sensitive head over the softness of her mouth and cheeks and spreading his cum over her face. “Mmmm…did that feel good, Jim?” She smiled up at him and curled her tongue slowly over her lips.

“Uhm, yeah, I would have to say yes.”

“Good. No let’s get showered and ready for class shall we?” With that she stood, stepped under the shower and starting washing off. Jim shrugged after a moment and rinsed himself then hopped out and toweled himself off.

“You know something Alexa?” He said as he wrapped the towel around his waist and tried to decide whether he was going to get dressed or continue ogling the blonde beauty showering a few feet away.

“Yes, Jim?”

“I was wondering, isn’t Romanov a Russian name?”

“Actually, it is. My father is a Russian diplomat. He met my mother at a United Nations reception. They were only together for a few years before they divorced and my mother moved back home to Hella, Iceland. It’s a beautiful place near the southern end of the island. I’ve spent my life alternating between my father’s home in upstate New York and staying with my mom at her place in Hella.” She shut off the water and stepped out of the steaming shower stall in a towel.

“That explains why your English is so good.” Drinking in her lithe form as she dried herself off and walked out of the bathroom.

“Yes, I suppose that came from all the political functions and parties my dad dragged me to. I still have a bit of an accent though.”

“I think it makes you exotic.”

“Exotic? You’re funny, Jim. The girls must go crazy over you.”

“Are you kidding? Have you seen me? I’m such a dork and every time I even try to talk to a girl all that comes out is nervous nonsense.” He pulled a shirt of his desk and pulled it on. Alexa sat on the edge of his bed and crossed her long legs.

“You know, with a haircut and a modest makeover I think you’d be adorable.” Alexa was starting to feel a project forming here. Jim looked at her skeptically and shrugged as he began to gather up his books. She stood and opened the door to go get dressed. Jim watched her walk out and then shook his head in disbelief.

“No one is going to believe this,” he muttered softly to himself as he threw on a coat and bounded out of his room grinning like a madman.


The bus groaned to a halt beside the curb and Jim hopped in with a beaming smile and smoothly flicked a few coins into the machine before sauntering to the back. He noticed Jennifer sitting in her usual seat and flashed a smile without even thinking about it just as Alexa stepped up into the bus. Jennifer smiled back though her brows knitted in a puzzled look before turning away. His gaze linger a few seconds longer, just long enough for Alexa to catch that look of longing and desire. She smiled to herself and quietly began to hum to herself as she found a seat and settled in for the ride to school.

Later that day, Jim was stuffing his books into his locker right before lunch when he noticed a pair of white sneakers step up behind the locker door. At first he didn’t know what to do. There was obviously someone standing right behind the door and facing him and he was terrified that some girl might want to poke fun at him or maybe she was at the wrong locker and she would get all embarrassed or even worse, maybe there was a girl standing not a foot away who actually wanted to talk to him. His heart pounded and he felt his throat knot up as he gingerly placed the last textbook into the top shelf of the locker and pretended to be looking for something hoping the shoes would disappear. Instead, they rocked impatiently from heel to toe squeaking on the waxed floor. Jim took a deep breath and closed the door and found himself face to face with Jennifer Richards, captain of the cheerleading squad.

“Hi Jim!!” Her voice was vibrant with energy. She had her hands clasped behind her back and was still rocking on her heels playfully. She stood about 5’2″ in her blue and white cheerleader’s uniform. Her darkly tanned and well-muscled legs contrasted with the immaculate white of her ankle socks and short white skirt.

“Uhm, hi…Jennifer.” Jim was almost dizzy with nervousness. He tried to maintain eye contact but his gaze kept shifting away out of reflex. “What’s up?” He managed to gulp out without stuttering.

“Well, gee, I wanted to thank you for your offer.” Her brown locks were pulled back tightly in a high ponytail. She smiled flashing a dazzling row of pearly whites and Jim struggled not to swoon. She was an exquisite example of feminine form and strength, her arms and legs were taut and well defined from years of drills and aerobatics. Her softly bronzed skin was smooth and soft but rippled with gentle muscle curves as she moved.

“Oh yeah, the offer…” he trailed Eskort off trying to figure out what she was talking about and afraid at the same time that this was all a mistake and she would take off and end this one conversation they had ever shared.

“You know, to help me out in my AP Math course. I got your note.” Her breasts bounced a bit as she shrugged her backpack off and unzipped a pocket pulling out a folded piece of paper. “So how about tonight? I can come over about 8 o’clock or so.”

Jim floundered a moment and then quickly recovered, “…okay, yeah okay that sounds good.”

“Cool. See ya then.” She shouldered her backpack and strode off down the corridor disappearing into the milling students. Jim stood for a long moment looking in the direction she had walked and then shrugged at the strange turn of events. He closed his locker and took off with nervous thoughts of how he was going to get his room cleaned up in such a short time. Around the corner, Alexa smirked as Jennifer skipped past her into gymnasium.


Steam filled the nearly empty shower room fogging all the mirrors in the adjoining locker room. Alexa trailed her fingers lightly over the locker doors feeling the cool metal beneath the condensing mist. Two other girls were just closing their lockers and preparing to leave. She padded past them softly and headed towards the shower stalls. Back to the wall, she watched them leave and then stepped into the white haze. Jennifer had walked in 15 minutes earlier and hadn’t left yet. It was the end of the day and the showers had already emptied out as the last cheerleading squad and soccer team girls headed home for the day. Alexa peered into the steamy miasma trying to see if Jennifer was still there. She heard the squeak of sneakers on the hard concrete floor and held her breath. Shrinking back into the space between the last locker and the wall, she was virtually invisible in the hazy shower area. A moment later, Jennifer strolled into view. Still partially clothed, she was shrugging out of her squad captain uniform. Her breasts were not as generous as Alexa’s but they were full and perfect on her smaller frame. She unclasped her bra and tossed it into her locker after a quick glance around. She stepped out of her white cotton panties and wrapped a towel around herself as she walked towards the empty showers. Alexa padded softly after her and settled into another corner that gave her a nearly unobstructed view of the stall Jennifer had chosen.

The streams of hot water were soothing on Jennifer’s sore muscles and she groaned softly as she felt the taut muscles relaxing and loosening. She liked having the showers to herself. The hazy steam wrapped her like a comforting blanket and gave her a few moments of privacy in an otherwise extroverted life. Being captain of the cheerleading team meant that she was popular and admired by many of the boys in the school. She was athletic, good looking and intelligent hence the three AP classes she was in. While not an A student consistently, she did apply herself diligently to her studies with as much fervor as her relentless training with the squad. This all translated to a very busy life leaving little place or time for a boyfriend. Although there was certainly no shortage of offers, she maintained a cool approach with most boys. Besides, she found them often obnoxious and arrogant, especially the football players. At eighteen and a half years of age, Jennifer Richards was a virgin. This presented a unique frustration for her because she was most definitely interested in sex. A healthy sex drive burned within her and yet she couldn’t bring herself to hop into bed with the lousy choices of partners she had met so far. In fact, the only person that she’d felt a modicum of interest in was that quiet, somewhat goofy boy Jim that rode the bus with her every morning. It was obvious that he had a crush on her and he was nice, smart and most definitely not a sweaty football player. Okay yes, he was a bit of a clumsy wimp from what she had seen so far but he was adorable in a foolish sort of way. With a little makeover, maybe… “I wonder if he’s finally got the nerve to talk to me. I mean, that note was the bravest thing he’s done in the past four years,” she mumbled to herself as she rinsed out the shampoo in her dark brown hair. She cupped her breasts in her hands and gently hefted the globes of firm flesh feeling her nipples harden under the falling water. Her hands flowed over her tanned skin leaving tingling trails of soap bubbles. She looked around quickly to make sure no one was watching before letting her fingers drift between her muscled thighs.

Alexa shifted slightly from one foot to the other feeling a moistening between her legs. “Gee, the cheerleader girl is pretty horny,” she thought to herself. She watched for a few more minutes as Jennifer furtively fingered herself. She was well built, Alexa had to admit and having never had any interest in other girls she was finding this scene quite stimulating and erotic. Now she began to understand the allure of voyeurism and how Jim had fallen victim to it. Jennifer’s eyes were closed and her legs began to buckle as she neared an orgasm with one hand between her legs and the other stroking her soapy breasts.

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