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Angel gazes absently out the window at the hustle and bustle below of the ground crew preparing the plane for its flight. She will be connecting with another flight in San Francisco, which will take her directly to the island of Honolulu, where she will take a small private plane to the island of Maui. Her reservation is at the Hotel Kontiki where she will have a private bungalow, right on the beach. As she sits there, lost in her thoughts, a gentleman takes the seat next to her. She looks up right into his eyes. Her breath is taken away, as he gazes into her big, hazel blue eyes, smiling.

“Well, hello there,” he says with a twinkle in ‘his’ piercing, blue eyes.

Angel is tongue tied for a moment, but then manages a, “Hi.”

“My name is George, nice to meet you…” he exclaims as he extends his hand to her.

“Oh, hello George, I’m Angel,” reaching hers to him also.

He softly says, “Oh, yes, you certainly are.”

He picks up her hand and kisses it lightly on the back. Angel feels a tingle run through her at the soft caress of his lips against her skin. He lingers there for what seems like a full minute, and then gently sets it down in her lap. Angel smiles one of her killer smiles, one of the ones that make her whole face light up and her eyes shine brightly.

George cannot help but to comment on this beautiful sight, “You are so pretty when you smile. Your whole face is glowing.”

Angel blushes now and she knows it is a full blush because she can feel it radiate thru her body. “Thank you, George,” she manages to whisper.

“So, where are you headed?” he asks.

“I’m taking a much needed vacation on Maui,” Angel replies softly.

“Well, I’m on my way to Honolulu,” George states. “I’ve been to Maui, it’s absolutely beautiful there, and oh, the waterfalls!” he exclaims.

“That is one of the features that attracted me to the island. I have always wanted to visit the islands and Maui seemed like the most romantic of them all. I love waterfalls and the passion that they bring out in me. Oh, excuse me I got carried away,” Angel says, feeling a bit embarrassed at her outburst of personal feelings.

George chuckles, “It’s ok Angel, it’s nice to see that kind of passion in a woman. So many women nowadays are not free with their inner feelings. They tend to hide behind a false persona. It is truly refreshing to see that romance has not completely died.”

Angel is feeling very intrigued by this handsome man. She sits and surveys him for a second or two. She notices the firm angle of his jaw, the depth of his blue eyes, and the softness of his full lips. Very kissable lips she interjects to herself. This brings on another blush, of which she tries to hide by letting her hair fall down over her eyes as she picks up the magazine in her lap. Just before she lowers her head, though, George notices it and this brings a smile to his face.

They sit quietly, just enjoying the music playing softly in the background. The chitchat going on among fellow passengers is vaguely noticed by the pair. Angel looks up to say something just as George does. This really cuts the ice now and they both break out in giggles. The flight attendant comes by and asks if either would like a drink before take off. George looks at Angel for her response, not wanting to seem too eager to have one himself. Angel says she would like to have a vodka and cranberry juice and George chimes in that he’d like a crown on the rocks.

The rest of the flight is pretty uneventful. Angel and George sit and chat about their jobs, their families, and a little about their likes and dislikes. George tells her that he is newly divorced after years of frustration and discontent. Angel discloses that she is also discontent in her marriage and is now separated from her husband, a divorce pending. Before they know it they are in San Francisco awaiting their perspective flights to the islands of Hawaii. George disappears for a few minutes and returns with a big Cheshire grin on his face.

He sits next to Angel and leaning into her ear he whispers, “I’ve exchanged my ticket.”

Angel looking at him in surprise says, “You are no longer going to Hawaii?”

George smiles from ear to ear stating, “Oh, yes my dear, I am going to Hawaii, but I have decided to go to Maui instead of Honolulu.”

“Will you be able to get a room? This is a busy time of the year,” she says.

“Well,” he chuckles, “When you have traveled for business and pleasure as much as I have Angel, you tend to build up favors along the way. I have just cashed in on one of them now.”

Angel smiling approvingly replies, “Nice to have friends in high places.”

Their flight is called and the two of them stroll slowly thru the gate and down the corridor to the loading platform. Finding their seats in first class, they settle in and immediately resume conversation. They are both excited about the adventure ahead of them and secretly of what may ensue between them in the next week. The flight is a pleasant one, lending bahis firmaları them the next few hours to get to know each other a little better, freeing them both of any anxieties that may be haunting them.

The plane lands at the Honolulu Airport and they unload with the other passengers, quietly, more so than they have been throughout the entire day. Angel is feeling a little apprehensive about what is possibly going to happen with this entrancing man. George is hoping he doesn’t stumble over himself in his eager attempt to get to know as much as he possibly can about this lovely woman. They make their way thru the airport to the counter to retrieve their tickets for the private flight to Maui. Boarding the small airplane they slip into the two seats in the back of the pilot, brushing hips as they move to be seated. A chill enfolds Angel as she feels his strong body gliding against hers. George looks up at her just before he is seated and smiles that winning smile of his. Angel melts into herself.

The flight is a short one and they both comment on the beauty of the Pacific waters as the airplane glides them across to their destination. Making their way thru the tiny airport, they hail a cab outside at the curb. The cabbie helps them with their bags and as Angel slips into the back of the cab, George eyes her long legs under the hem of her short skirt, most approvingly. Angel sits in the center of the seat and George glides in beside her, their thighs touching. Neither says much on the way to the resort as they are both feeling the sexual tension building between them.

They check in at the main building and are led to their bungalows by a porter. Angel stops short of the door to her home for the week and turning to George says, “Would you like to meet for dinner this evening?”

He quickly responds with, “Yes, I would. Shall we meet in the restaurant at….how does eight sound to you?”

“Eight will be wonderful,” Angel, replies, “It will give me time to do a few things that I have to do and freshen up.”

They both hastily say their goodbyes and Angel retreats into her beautiful rooms. She is awestruck at the lovely décor of her lodgings. She begins to unpack, taking out first her dresses and hanging them in the closet, then working on her lingerie, removing the delicate lace and silk undergarments which she so loves wearing. Angel has always taken great pride in her appearance, both outer and inner. She indulges, sometimes she feels a little too much, in the fine panties and bras that make her feel more feminine and delicate. She picks out what she will wear for her first date with George, smiling to herself as she does so, thinking about what might turn him on if they should….oh no, don’t think that way….not yet. After calling down to the front desk for a wakeup call, she lies across the bed, a soft breeze cascading thru the open veranda, and falls asleep in a peaceful slumber.

Awaking to the sound of the phone ringing, Angel is suddenly aware of the dream she was having, bringing a tiny smile to her lips. In her dream, George was undressing her sensually in the light of the moon. They were standing on the beach, the surf softly lapping at the shore, the moon and stars casting a mystical glow on their faces, and a steady breeze in the night air. George had his arms wrapped around Angel in a warm embrace, caressing her bare back above the low cut of her black silk dress. He eased her zipper down as his hand glided along the smooth skin of her spine. Bringing his big hands up over her shoulders he slipped the dress from her letting it billow down softly in a pool at her feet. He bent down and lightly kissed her shoulder, nipping at it softly. A slight moan escaped Angel’s lips as she felt the heat from his breath and the tender caress of his teeth on her skin.

His hands moved over her body, caressing every inch of her soft, delicate skin. He expertly unclasped her pretty little black, silk demi bra and eased the straps off of her creamy shoulders. His fingers glided down over her arms and he guided the thin straps along her bare skin. Letting the fine piece of lingerie drop to the sand below them, he lifted his hands back up to cup Angel’s beautiful breasts. Her nipples were already hardening in the cool night air.

This took her breath away and she moaned lightly into his ear, “Ohhhhh, George, yes baby touch me. Feel my hard nipples.”

His groan was all she needed to know that his passion was as ignited as hers. Her hands moved down to the hem of his silk shirt and lifted it up, fingers grazing his tummy and then his chest as she followed the line of his torso with the smooth fabric. Gliding the shirt off of his arms, she lifted it across his shoulders and then pulled it gently over his head. She outstretched her arm and let it drop to the beach. Bringing her hands back to his shoulders she reached up and kissed each one in turn. Nipping at them tenderly with her teeth and lips, she left little red love marks all along the tops.

“Oh Godddddd Angel, kaçak iddaa do you have any idea what you are doing to me? How much I want to ravish you right here, out in the open?”

“Yes,” Angel purred into his ear, “I think I do George, as much as I want you to take me, to make me your own tonight. I’ve known since the moment I set eyes on you that I wanted you, needed you.”

This is where Angel woke, a warm glowing smile spreading across her face, the heat in her groin both surprising her, but also exciting her. She arises from the bed and saunters over to the bathroom where she takes a long luxurious shower, letting the water cascade over her hair and down her body. With thoughts of her ensuing night with George she touches herself, caresses her clit, nibbles her tits, and makes herself come long and hard. Stepping from the shower stall she pats herself dry and lathes lotion all over her soft supple skin. Mmmmmm, she does so love the soft floral scent of this expensive body cream. It so fits in with the surroundings of the beautiful island.

Angel then applies her makeup and dries her hair, fluffing the curls with the air that streams from the hair dryer. She picks up the pearl earrings and inserts them into each ear and then drapes around her neck the pearl necklace that her grandmother had given her many years ago. Looking into her reflection in the mirror, she is content with what she sees. She is still pretty for her 49 years. Her tits are still perky enough and her body still holds its curvy appeal.

She quickly dresses, first donning her delicate black lace bra, then her black lace thong. Pulling it up over her long legs and stretching it to fit snuggly over her tight ass and lush pussy, she smiles at herself in the mirror. Moving into the bedroom she picks up her black thigh high stockings and walks over to the bed. Raising her left foot up to the mattress she fashions the silk hose over her toes, then slides it along her foot. Smoothing it up her calf and drawing it over her knee, she lets it fall into place at mid thigh. Then she lowers her foot and brings the right one up to follow suit. Bending down to take the black silk dress into her hands she slides it over her head and lets it glide down her body to settle on her gentle curves. Reaching behind herself she slowly pulls up the zipper and clasps the tiny hook at the top. The final measure is to step into her cum fuck me pumps that she knows will make her legs look luscious.

Grabbing her little black bag she heads out the door into the night. The stars are shining brightly and the breeze from the ocean fills Angel with a youthful feeling. She knows that tonight will be the first of many fine evenings here on the island and days filled with sunshine and explorations. She did, after all, come here to experience the beauty of the waterfalls.

She enters the restaurant and spots George immediately. Smiling she gracefully saunters over to where he is sitting. He stands and moves to her side, kissing her lightly on the cheek, whispering softly into her ear, “My God, you look lovely tonight, Angel.”

Blushingly she replies, “Thank you George.”

He takes her hand and helps her to her seat, sliding into the booth next to her. “How was your afternoon?” he asks.

“Oh, it was great. I got my unpacking done and took a little nap,” she counters, bringing on another blush, thinking of her dream.

The waiter comes over and lights the candle on the table and takes their drink order. George orders a 1995 Caymus Cabernet for dinner, along with their pre-dinner drinks. He then turns to Angel and slips his arm around her waist, pulling her into him. She eagerly snuggles into him, feeling her excitement growing. He bends down and kisses her, lightly brushing his tongue along her bottom lip. This sends a shiver through her and she responds by separating her lips to him. His tongue finds hers and they kiss a long and passionate first kiss. When he finally pulls away from her mouth, she is left feeling heady and a bit dizzy.

She smiles into his eyes and coos, “mmmmmmm, very nice.”

“Very nice, indeed,” he returns.

They sip their drinks and talk of everything, from the weather to which team they think will win the Super Bowl this year, laughing and enjoying this first date together. His hand moves down her waist, surprising her a bit, settling on her hip. A little shudder ripples through her as she settles into the gesture. He brings his other hand to rest on her knee, searching her face for any sign of resistance. When he finds none, he moves it up to her dress hem. Gazing into his eyes, she gives her sign of approval by smiling and then slipping her hand into his lap.

As his hand glides slowly up her dress, finding the silky softness of her thong, she responds by sliding hers onto his groin. Their breathing patterns quicken as each feels the heat from the other. His fingers move under her thong and find the sweet wetness that she is emitting. She closes her eyes and a tiny whimper escapes her lips, kaçak bahis sending his mind and cock reeling. Feeling his sudden growth makes her smile with pride at the effect she is having on him.

He playfully asks, “What are you grinning about?”

Turning his face away from her she softly whispers into his ear, “I love what is happening to us and the night is still young. Imagine what is to come darling.”

This sends a shudder through his cock, which she immediately feels in her hand. Squeezing him a bit tighter makes him stiffen even more than he thought possible. His fingers easily glide up and down through her velvet slit, making her moan lightly. When the waiter approaches the table this does not deter his actions, instead he teases her a little bit more by bringing his fingers up and touching them to her lips. Feeling a bit like the little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar, she pulls away slightly. George will have nothing of this and presses his middle finger into her mouth. She willing takes it and gently begins to suck on the sweet juice left there by her slick pussy. An involuntary moan escapes her lips and she blushes brightly, causing George to laugh softly. He takes his hand away and moving his fingers up to his own mouth sucks the remaining hint of sweetness from them. The waiter just smiles, knowingly.

Dinner follows with a hint of teasing now and then but no more sex play under the table. They both want to reserve this for the remainder of the evening. Angel’s anticipation is growing more and more with each moment that passes as George’s does. They both know where the night is headed and wait patiently for it to unfold. After dinner they dance for hours, holding each other close, George nibbling playfully at Angel’s neck and relishing in the fact that they are soon going to be tumbling into bed together.

They decide to leave as the band announces their last set for the night. George takes Angel’s hand and leads her out into the cool Hawaiian night breeze. He asks if she would like to take a stroll on the beach and she says she would love to. They walk hand in hand along the shoreline. They have both slipped off their shoes and George sliding his hands up under her dress eases her thigh high stockings down and pulls them gently off. Wading in the gentle tide that is splashing at the beach, they laugh and kick at the water, feeling for a moment like two teenagers.

Before they know it they are standing on the beach in front of Angel’s bungalow. She invites him in for a nightcap and he eagerly accepts. As they walk through the sliding glass doors into her bedroom he turns her to him and kisses her hungrily. She melts into his arms purring and cooing into his kiss. His hands slip behind her and begin to slowly unzip her dress, pulling away from her slightly, searching for her acceptance. She smiles and nods her head gently, sending him into a sudden frenzy to undress her as quickly as he can. He pulls the zipper down and roughly tugs her dress down off of her shoulders, savagely sucking and biting at her neck.

Surprised at his sudden animalistic actions, Angel feels herself soak her panties. She wants to be taken by this man, to be owned by him, if only for a time. She unbuttons his shirt hurriedly and pulls it away from his body, tossing it to the floor. She finds his zipper on his pants and quickly pulls it down, releasing him to her. Her dress drops to the floor at her feet and she is left standing before him in her delicate lingerie. He hastily steps from his pants and pulls her to him hard in one swift motion.

Unclasping her bra he feels her tits soften as the fabric falls away from them. He steps away only for a second, allowing the bra to fall from her beautiful breasts. Scooping her up in his arms he carries her to the fireplace and lowers her to the floor on the soft rug. He lights the fire and soft embers begin to glow in the darkness of the room, spreading a glimmer of light over Angel’s body. Dropping to the floor he quickly takes her into his arms, kissing her more savagely than before.

His hands move over her body, searching for every curve, every orifice. Kissing her lips, sucking her neck, nibbling her earlobes, he cannot get enough of her. Her hands explore his body too. She rakes her long nails softly against his spine, across his nipples and down his tummy. The excitement and anticipation of their sexual play throughout the evening has unleashed a desire to ravish each other. And they do. Not being able to contain his eagerness, George rips her thong from her body, leaving her moaning for more.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yes baby, take me like the slut that I am,” she whimpers, “take my cunt, make it yours tonight. Fuck me, oh please, fuck me hard George!”

He groans into her tits as he licks and bites at the nipples, pulling them, tugging at them. His hand moves down across her tummy and plunges deep into her pussy lips. He pushes her down onto the rug and quickly separates her thighs, spreading her open, exposing her hot cunt to him. Kneeling between her legs he looks up at her, smiling wickedly and dives into her pussy. Spreading her lips with his fingers he takes a taste of her sweet nectar for the first time right from the source.

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