The Fall of Brooklyn – ch08 – A New Normal

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“WAKE UP CUNTS!” she shouted at the top of her lungs as she flicked on the bright overhead lights.

Brooklyn jumped as she was torn from her sleep. Music started to blare as the girl from last night danced across the room and striking a pose looked over her shoulder while wiggling her bum.

“Wakey wakey! Rise and shine! Empty yourself out and get ready for brekkie!”

Then dancing to her music she started to mix up a batch of porridge. Brooklyn looked past the bound girl next to her as two bodies started to stir in the two furthest cages on her row. She watched as one took a deep drink from her water and the other moved to the back of her cage and squatted . Looking behind her she saw a trough built into the floor against the back wall of her cage. Watching as the other girl left her water and crawled down the back of her cage and squatted. She made her way to the trough and peered down the large hole in the middle, hearing a flush she saw a flash of water flow past. There was a napkin dispenser on the side of the back wall and a small button in the middle, she assumed the flush. Turning round she hung her rear over the hole and emptied herself like the other girls. Reaching for the napkins she cleaned herself and they felt amazing. They were soft and had some sort of moisturiser in them. Dropping them into the hole she turned and pressed the button. Water flowed down the trough and through the hole washing down the open drain.

Turning back to the front of the cage she took the water dildo in her mouth and started to drink as the girl danced her way over to the lower cages and started serving breakfast.

Bending down she went to each cage on the bottom row, opened the door, left a bowl of porridge and left the door open. Going back to the bench she Grabbed another four bowls, and fed the girls at the end of Brooklyn’s row. She noticed the angry girl hadn’t even moved, obviously she didn’t expect to get fed. Only one girl got fed on the top row and then she danced over to Brooklyn’s cage singing along to the music. Opening the door she smiled and said,

“Good morning Pretty. Before I feed you I need to explain a few things. If you are talking to a girl with a red or black collar like mine or another silver like you but has been put in charge of you, you call her miss. If you’re talking to a girl with a red or black collar and gold tag, you call her mistress. If you are talking to any person that isn’t wearing a collar and isn’t tied up you call them Sir or Ma’am. Is that clear?”

Brooklyn replied. “Yes miss”.

“Good girl, now repeat it back to me.”

Brooklyn, repeated the rules back trying to get the words right.

The girl gave her a big smile, “Well done! Now you need to remember because if you get it wrong I’m going to be pushed for it.”

She looked confused at her tutor, “But … er, Miss why do you get punished?”

“It’s my job to teach you the basic rules. If you don’t know the rules, that means I haven’t been doing my job, and mistress will punish me hard. But I can tell you are a good girl and you’ll do as you’re told. Now your number is twenty-eight, ok so remember that.”

She picked up the dirty bowl and putting Fatih Escort down the full one, rubbed Brooklyn’s head and kissed it.

“Eat up.”

Dancing back to the counter she started to clean up and load the dishwasher. Done she leant against the counter waiting for the girls to finish their food and load their dirty bowl into the dishwasher. After the last bowl was loaded she turned down the music and went to the cupboard taking out a step ladder. She put it to the open cage on the top row and the most pale and slender redhead you have ever seen stepped out with a practised grace. She must have been late teens or early 20’s and like Brooklyn she was naked except for a shiny metal collar. As she stood to attention at the second door to the room, Miss turned and put the step ladder away before calling out the first two girls on her row. They made a line behind the redhead, miss bent over to Brooklyn’s cage and smiled in at her offering a hand.

“Come on out, it’s time for morning exercise.”

Helping her out of the cage she slapped her bum and said, “To the back of the line”.

As Brooklyn joined the line behind the other three, miss clapped and said,

“Now the bottom row”

Five girls crawled out of the cages on the bottom row and lined up facing the other way to join the line. Turning on the dishwasher, miss gave a clap above her head and a ‘whoo’ as she said follow me and led the girls down the corridor to a door and waited till the last girl had gone inside. It was a large gym with rows of exercise bikes on one side, an open space in the middle and what looked like showers beyond a wall of equipment on the other. The walls were all mirrored which gave it a strangely claustrophobic fun house feeling. Brooklyn followed the other girls as they lined up in the middle space before miss walked through them and took her place at the head of the class. Touching what looked like a cell phone hanging on the side of her harness the music changed and she started to lead them through a warm up and stretch routine. Brooklyn struggled to keep up but miss was encouraging and she had to admit it did help out some of the kinks from the last few days. Had it been 2 days? It felt longer. After taking the girls through some aerobics they all climbed onto the bikes and miss shouted more encouragement as they all pushed themselves. Brooklyn was sore and tired although in a different way to the other night. She felt more accomplished. She wasn’t one for exercise normally but it felt good.

“Shower time.”

Clapping away, miss led the girls into the next room, it was a large room tiled in pure white with shower heads around all the walls and a large bath/hot tub taking up almost half the floor and most of one wall. As the girls filled in, she turned and pointed to the redhead and one of the two girls from Brooklyn’s row.

“Twenty-three and Six, show the new girl how we wash here.”

The girls turned around and looked at Brooklyn, the first time any of them had acknowledged her. They smiled and reached out their hands. Brooklyn taking their offer was pulled between them below a shower head and as they pressed her between their bodies. Their hands Escort Bayan explored her as they ground against her. Reaching into one of the alcoves the two girls started to lather her up with their scrub pads as they worked on her body. Handing her a pad the redhead moved Brooklyn’s hands to the centre of her chest and used them to trace circles around her breasts. Miss stood at the entrance under a shower playing with herself as she watched the induction.

Leaning into her ear the redhead whispered, “wash me”.

Brooklyn required little encouragement at this point and went to work cleaning the upper body of this girl. As she turned to allow Brooklyn to clean her back, the other girl behind her reached her bum bent down, buried her tongue into the crevice and started to lick away at her delicate button. As she did this the redhead pushed her hand into Brooklyn’s crotch and backed her arse into her, rubbing with both. Brooklyn trapped between the two could hardly keep up the pretence of washing her partners back.

As they let her go from their embrace they turned her and offered her their own slits before guiding her hands down to them. As they washed off the last of the suds from their adventure the girls started to climb into the hot tub. The girls with Brooklyn led her by the hands into the tub. It was so warm and the bottom was curved and lined with something soft, you could just melt into the water. After the workout and shower she was so relaxed.

After soaking for some time, miss came back pushing a cart of towels, bottles of moisturiser, combs, and other beauty supplies.

“Time to dry off.”

Getting out of the tub all the girls quickly took positions to best dry and groom themselves, rubbing lotion and coming out their hair. Brooklyn copied them. One by one the girls walked out dropping their towels and beauty supplies on the cart. Brooklyn was the last to leave and as she dropped her items, miss grabbed her and whispered, “I need to check you”.

Running her hand over Brooklyn’s mound and then down her rear, she slapped her on the bottom.

“Nice and fresh. Go and sit down with the others.”

Walking back into the gym she saw the other girls all sitting on the floor patiently and walking round the group she joined them at the back. Miss took a little longer to come out from the showers, no doubt tidying something. When she did come out she struck a pose and said.

“Good job cunts. It’s the party tonight so, Thirty-three to Thirty-nine, you are helping Cook with the barbecue and serving. Sir has said you can have lounge time until she needs you.”

The five girls from the bottom row all made a murmur and started to fidget.

“Settle down. You Twenties will go back in your cages,” looking directly at Brooklyn “try and have a nap if you can. I’ll come and get you into your party dresses when it’s time. Let’s all make this the best party yet.”

She looked over the gaggle of girls sitting cross legged on the floor collared and naked freshly cleaned and thought to herself. Sir and Mistress would be pleased. They wouldn’t say anything because it is expected but they will be pleased.

There was something unsettlingly istanbul Escort familiar about the situation for Brooklyn. If it wasn’t for the fact they were all naked and about to have who knows what done to them it almost felt like school. She could feel the fear rising in her. She had heard the words. She knew what they meant. But her mind wouldn’t let her put them together.

Brooklyn was brought out of her day dream by miss’s clap.

“Ok Thirties to the lounge.”

The 5 girls sprang to their feet and ran out of the door making all sorts of noise, leaving four girls sitting on the floor.

“On your feet and follow me.”

Copying the other girls Brooklyn lined up behind Miss and followed her out into the corridor. She paused briefly at an open door and leaned in.

“Have fun cunts.”

Then closed the door and locked it. Carrying on back down the corridor to the room with the cages Miss directed each of the girls back into their home, leaving the redhead and her ladder for last. Bending down to Brooklyn she said, “Drink plenty of water and try to get some sleep.”

With that she flicked a switch that turned off a light inside the cage. It wasn’t dark but it wasn’t blaring.

Miss started to empty the dishwasher and put on another batch of porridge. It was clear this was a well practised routine. Brooklyn turned to her water and watched as the two girls on the far end started to gulp down theirs. Taking her position she took it in her mouth and started to drink. She was lost in the moment and only stopped when Miss walked over with a bowl of porridge, this one with a large lump of jam on top and a spoon. Opening one of the top cages she put it down and closed the door again.

“Don’t make a mess okay. You need to look pretty for tonight.”

She repeated this with another three cages on the top, offering them each words of encouragement. The second girl had begged to be let out making all sorts of promises but Miss just tried to settle her while telling her she needed to eat. The others didn’t do anything and the angry girl next to her was just glaring at the ceiling of her cage.

Curling up on her soft blanket Brooklyn thought about sleep. She didn’t know how she would, she had only just woken up. She did feel tired from the work out but the shower and spa really relaxed her. She was so warm was her last thought as she drifted off.

She drifted in and out of sleep as she listened to the two girls taking the girls from the top row out one at a time. It was the same each time.

“Come on there’s no point fighting now.”

“We’re locked in, there’s nowhere to go.”

“Don’t you want to be clean and pretty?”

They’d wash them, put their clothes back on and do their hair. Then they’d cuff their hands and gag them with a harness to hold the small rubber phallus in their mouth. Brooklyn looked up as they were led through the room one chained to the other with the two Miss’ in their harnesses and red collars at the head and tail. Wearing normal street clothes they looked so out of place, like they could just be four friends popping out to see a movie. But they were chained and bound in this place. Like she was.

But she wasn’t like them. She knew her place. They didn’t yet. It was sad but they could be happy. It wasn’t all bad if you do as you’re told. As she lay there those words echoed in her head.

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