The Family Mansion Pt. 02

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Monday, September 2

7:57 a.m.

Nathan woke up feeling horny. His huge cock sticking up in front of him, typical morning wood. He opened his eyes and saw that Lexi was no longer there. And then he remembered that she had given him his first ever blow job the night before. He wondered if she was in the shower across the hall and if he could just walk in and join her so he could see if she wanted to give him another blow job. He sighed, the thought just made him feel guilty and shy, like he usually was, and he remembered that he’d fucked up his whole family yesterday. And that was all he had Lexi was drunk last night and she probably didn’t know what she was doing. Nathan decided, depressed, that he should probably just stay in his room all day. But, begrudgingly, he got dressed and out of bed. Though Nate was an incredibly shy person with low self-esteem, he wasn’t a coward. He was willing to face the music, if his mother and sisters hated him now, he’d rather just accept the consequences instead of hiding from his problems.

When he came downstairs and entered the dining hall, he saw that everyone was already there sitting to on the far side of the huge table. His mother was dressing even more conservatively than usual, wearing a sweater, jeans, a long leather jacket, and a hat. She wasn’t sure about any more photo sessions and thought that if she wore a loose fitting pair of jeans and an even looser sweatshirt from her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s closet. He only took a few outfits when he left. Liz knew she now looked like a hillbilly but she didn’t care or want Nate or her daughters to be looking at her in any way that wasn’t like normal adults look at their mother.

Nathan sat down on one side, in between his sisters Lexi and Erika, who sat on the opposite side as Brooke and their mother, Liz. Lexi glanced at him nervously, but then looked away before their eyes could meet. She was so amazingly embarrassed and guilty. She was drunk, things went too far. She may have thought she was in love with Nathan last night for being an amazing human being who was also incredibly handsome and more important to her than anyone, but that was just her being drunk and having this stupid crush. She needed to talk to Donna again, maybe she could help somehow, even though she never helped before.

Erika however was feeling much less shy. She leaned over and whispered, “Good morning big brother.” In Nathan’s year as she simultaneously reached up to his crotched and rested her hand on his dick through his sweatpants. “I wish I didn’t have to go to school today, but hopefully we’ll have a great photo session after.” She was trying to get her brother’s attention as much as possible before her mother drove her to the high school in the nearby town. She was in her cheerleading outfit too, which she felt highlighted her best features. The top lifted her boobs so they stuck out more, and because of her C cup she pushed it out enough without her bra that it showed a bit of cleavage too. Her skirt was short and showed off her long, fit legs. Erika didn’t wear underwear if she could help it but kept a few pairs of panties in a side pocket of her tiny, pink book bag when she had cheerleader practice like she did that day.

“Did you say something honey?” Liz asked Erika from across the table.

“Nothing at all,” Erika sneered at her mother, she took her hand away from her brother’s dick. He was starting to get hard anyway and she didn’t want anyone else to see it, or touch it, or use it. Liz pretended she didn’t notice her youngest daughter’s arm movement.

Nathan felt nervous and shy about Erika’s aggressiveness, and something his youngest sister didn’t seem to pick up on was just how much tension there was in the air, especially between he and Lexi.

Brooke, too, was avoiding everyone’s gaze and hoping that her perversions both did and didn’t get the better of her today.

Liz was trying really hard to stop thinking the sexual thoughts the sex demon side of her brain seemed to be plaguing her with that morning, especially about her son. She concentrated on her cereal and also tried not to look at anyone. She was too distracted to notice that he robe had fallen open and one of her large, tanned breasts was on display for all to see.

Lexi just kept beating herself up for being so drunk and horny she let her brother finger fuck her before letting him cum in her mouth, all she knew was she didn’t want to be around the mansion that day at all.

Nathan himself just worried that he’d already damaged the relationship with his family beyond repair. He grew up with everyone in there and didn’t mind that they all still lived together after his 20 years of life. If they weren’t able to talk to each other anymore, he wondered if it was better if they lost the mansion now anyway.

Still Liz sighed and decided it was time to face the music. “How were sales last night, Brooke?” She asked her oldest daughter. She didn’t want to lose the house, but Liz still hoped the sales were awful and they escort haberleri could call the lingerie modeling off.

Brooke swallowed her mouthful of cereal and told her, “Pretty good!” She exclaimed excitedly, then remembered she was also feeling ashamed of herself. “I just made more sales than I ever have and we now have a total of $2,000!” She went on still excited beside herself, “If we take more pictures today, I bet I could boost my sales even more.”

“Aw,” Erika moaned, “I have to go to school. So I’m going to miss out on all the fun.” She was really disappointed about this. She really wished she had graduated last May now.

Liz was taken aback by this. Because she and Erika looked the most alike she always assumed they felt the same way about many of the same things. That’s why she wasn’t very angry nor surprised the day before when she discovered that Erika had jerked off Nathan as well, especially after witnessing her own disgrace. She was just following in her mother’s footsteps. But to to find that Erika wasn’t as guilt ridden as she was just surprised her. Maybe she should talk to her about it when she took her to school, she decided.

“Do you really think we should continue?” Liz asked Brooke, “I mean, two thousand is only a fraction of what we need…” she trailed off, not knowing how exactly she should say ‘no’ to her family. She wished again that Brianna was still there, the family maid and her closest friend. She was always better at being stern with the children.

“That’s exactly why we need to continue Mom,” Brooke was feeling much better now that she could concentrate on her project again and not on her guilt-ridden thoughts,, “It shows that the pictures are working, we need to up the ante by posting even more!”

“Hmm,” Liz grumbled, her daughter was probably right. She had never been very good with financial stuff and if the pictures worked then they worked, still something bothered her, “When I get back from taking Erika to school you should show me this website you’re posting to. I know they aren’t advertised in the USA but I think I want to see what the customers see.”

Brooke gulped, she hadn’t expected to have to fess up about the X-rated nature of the website, not to her mother anyway.

Liz got up from her chair and turned to Erika, “I think on that note, we should probably go.”

Erika groaned but she grabbed her bookbag. She was already wearing her cheerleading outfit. Nathan suspected she’d wear it all the time if she could get away with it. It looked really hot on her, the skirt she trimmed to be a bit shorter and show off her sexy legs better, and her boobs were slightly too large for the top so it showed off her cleavage while also pushing up her breasts to make them look even larger. Being that she was always trying to be better than her mom, Erika was happy that she looked so hot in her cheerleading uniform while Liz was wearing an outfit that purposely covered up most of her skin. Though after seeing her mother in that swimsuit yesterday, she still knew her mom was still more beautiful than she was in every way. She sighed, feeling down that she would never be as gorgeous as her mom.

8:09 a.m.

After her mom and youngest sister left the dining room, Brooke, still not willing to look at her brother, looked at Lexi, “Hey sis, do you think you’d want to get a photoshoot in with me? We could break your cherry!” She suddenly realized that was the wrong choice of words, “Of being a model, I mean.” She added, blushing.

Lexi thought of her time with Nathan the night before when she was very drunk, and shook her head quickly, as she suddenly got up from the table, “Actually, um, I have to go to Donna’s. Maybe some other time.” She was sure Donna would know what to do in this situation.

Brooke watched as her sister left the room, still avoiding Nathan’s gaze she watched her the entire trip across the large dining room, noticing, not for the first time, that Lexi’s ass was completely perfect, especially in the tight sweat pants she was wearing. She bit her lip, thinking taboo thoughts.

Brooke finally turned to Nathan, “I guess it’s just you and me, huh?”

Nathan looked back at her, he too had been avoiding her gaze but he noticed that she looked just as nervous as he was. She was cute when she was nervous, “I guess it is.” Nathan said, gulping, “I’m guessing you don’t want a photoshoot with just me. I mean, I could, um,” he didn’t want to sound too eager about this next part, “hold the camera like before…”

“Um,” the thought sent tingles through her pussy and up her spine, but she knew she couldn’t let her perversions get the better of her again, “No, you know what, how about we clear out the classroom?” She figured if she and Nathan could work off some of their sexual tension they’d probably feel better, and she could calm down. This was Nathan, her nerdy brother, she reminded herself. He got fit after high school, that’s all. She had to remember that gaziantep escort haberleri her incest fantasies were just that, fantasies, and she couldn’t let them get the better of her again. She would try to keep this next session, whatever it might be, stay below XXX rated content. Next time, she promised herself, she’d make sure everyone kept their clothes on.

“The classroom?” Nathan repeated, “But that room hasn’t been used, well, ever.” It was another of his father’s additions that only seemed to make sense to him, like when mom asked for a medicine cabinet and he added the room that looked just like a doctor’s office. Nathan never saw the point of any of these rooms, just another thing his father thought they needed before going off on yet another business trip for over half the year.

“I know, but I figure maybe a teacher scene might be good for this next shoot. When Mom gets back, I think it will help her loosen up for the scenes, too.”

Nathan nodded, he wasn’t sure what was going to happen when their mom came home. He knew she was reluctant to continue with these sessions, Nathan was too, actually, but his desire to keep the house far outweighed his embarrassment for what had happened thus far. This seemed like a good distraction as well from his conflicting thoughts, “Alright, I’ll help you clean the classroom.” He told Brooke with a smile.

Brooke smiled back, her white teeth lightening her already bright face. She was amazingly cute, Nathan thought.”Good, let’s get to it.” Brooke told him. She was happy Nathan agreed to help her, it felt to her already that things were going to be okay between them. He always did whatever she asked, he was really so nice to her. She felt bad for treating him poorly in the past, turning him down when he needed help on his homework, or needed a ride to a movie, or never standing up for him when she saw him bullied in school, or how much she and her sisters made fun of him when they all got together. She decided she’d do more for her brother from now on.

8:12 a.m.

As Brooke and Nathan began moving the large amount of their father’s boxes from the classroom up to one of the empty bedrooms, Liz took Erika in her car to the school about 10 miles away. It was a short drive, about fifteen minutes one way, but long enough that Liz could talk to her youngest daughter. She noticed that Erika was pouting, and since she wasn’t sure how to broach the topic of what was happening in their household, instead she asked, “What’s wrong sweetie?”

Erika was deep in thought already imagining all the amazing, sexy fun that Nathan and everyone but her would be having without her. Of course, she knew her imagination was probably overenthusiastically coming up with overly sexual scenarios that probably wouldn’t play out in the way she thought, but she was still upset and jealous that she couldn’t be there whenever it started. “I just don’t like being left out of everything.” She told her mom, angrilly.

“Who said you were being left out of anything?” Liz wasn’t sure what this was about, “We always invite you to family outings or games, you just don’t want to do anything with us most of the time.”

“Except you just want Nathan all to yourself!” Erika said, angry and forceful like Liz had only ever seen her daughter when she was very young. Erika folded her arms and pouted, something that made her look very cute, Liz thought, especially in that cheerleading outfit, and with her arms crossed it only pushed her tits up making them look even perkier. Liz caught herself ogling her youngest daughter. Her inner sex demon was too much, sometimes.

Liz’s daughters words reached her brain and she gasped. Mostly because Erika had just blurted out something that was true but Liz herself hadn’t realized it before just then. She knew it was just the horniest part of her, the sex demon trying to get out of her, one she had been forced to suppress for the last five years once her husband more or less stopped coming home and instead she worked out her frustration through jogging and yoga, deep down she thought that maybe this would make her the trophy wife she knew she was and her husband would want her again. At least it got her closer to her children, their morning jogs were always fun as any of her children awake when she went would go with her, though that morning she went alone as she had a lot to think about and things were just too awkward just then.

She didn’t know what to say to Erika then either, but she knew what was bothering her. It wasn’t so much that she was engaged in taboo acts, which had been plaguing Liz, but instead that Erika just didn’t want to share.

Liz drove in silence, caught up in her own thoughts. Erika thought that her mom was angry at her so she told her, less angry, but still obviously upset “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-“

“No,” Liz told her, “I needed to hear that. It reminded me that I need to get my priorities straight.” She wished she could talk to escort gaziantep haberleri her sisters about this, but she knew they wouldn’t understand and didn’t want the judgment right then.

“Does that mean you’re going to lay off the photograph sessions?” Erika asked her mom, hopeful that she would maybe be the only model available after that, and the only one who would be allowed to play with Nathan. She smiled, devilishly.

“Yes,” Liz told her daughter, “but you’re not going to be a part of it either.” Erika’s smile quickly transformed into a frown as she pouted again. “And we’re going to stop this and give up any hope of keeping our mansion.”

Hearing those words almost made Erika cry, “But I don’t want that. I want us to keep our house.”

“Then we’re all going to have to work together on this. This is the only hope we have for getting the money we need by Friday.” Liz hated to admit it, but as she said the words she knew she was right. She added, “things by be a bit strange this week. After this things will go back to the way they were,” Liz said that part more to reassure herself than her daughter, “and I don’t want to get your hopes up on keeping the house.” They pulled up to the school.

Erika thought about her mom’s words as she gathered her stuff. She knew they were all going to have to work together if she wanted them to be able to keep their home, the same home she’d lived in her whole life. She was going to hold back on her jealousy, for now, she decided. “Thanks for the talk Mom.” She said as she left the car, she was still feeling bitter though, especially if what her mother said was true and she wasn’t going to be allowed to be a part of the sessions anymore, as she made her way into the school.

It was an all girls high school, though the boy’s school was just next door and her cheerleading squad cheered for either boys or girls games. Because of this, most of the faculty at each school was the same gender as the school they worked in, something about the county they lived in and rules on same-gendered schools. She thought one or two of the janitor’s were men, but she wasn’t sure. She had only started going there one week ago.

Liz watched as her daughter walked away. She admired Erika’s body again, especially her fit and shapely ass, though she thought her skirt was maybe a bit too short, and her boobs stuck out too much in her cheerleader uniform. As she watched her daughter walk into her school, a puff of wind blew up her cheerleading skirt and for just one second Liz saw her daughter’s full ass. Erika’s not wearing any panties! She thought, but instead of being disappointed or upset instead it gave her a sudden thrill that made the sex demon inside of her very awake in her mind. She was suddenly very horny and ready to get home and begin the first session with her son, but the motherly side of her was already raising a few objections as she began driving home again.

8:29 a.m.

School didn’t officially start until 9, but Erika had cheerleader practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the morning from 8:30 until 8:55. At least that’s what was scheduled, as this was the first practice.

When she approached she saw that there were three other girls from her grade. She walked over to them, seeing that everyone else seemed to be out on the field already, as no one else was in the gym.

One of these girls was Suzy, who was 18 and blonde and shorter than the already kinda short Erika. She had a few classes with Erika, and Erika thought she was nice enough, to everyone, all the time, but it didn’t really annoy her. She just seemed so free spirited it was contagious and the few times Erika had talked to her it seemed like she was some kind of nymph or a similar mythical creature. Talking to her seemed somewhat dreamlike.

Suzy saw Erika and walked up to her, “Hey Erika,” she seemed to notice Erika’s confusion looking around at the lack of any other cheerleaders, “it’s a school policy to keep seniors in their own section of the school. Something about getting us better ready for college or something. Since you’re new you probably didn’t know we actually have our own gym! Neat right? We usually practice out back between the woods and the soccer field though.” Behind the school there was a long stretch of woods that stretched back miles but had a few hiking trails as well. “Oh, and fun fact, all Seniors this year are 18 or older! I guess that’s not really important unless this were some kind of porno!” Suzy laughed at her own joke, though Erika and the other girls just looked at her strangely. “Anyway, it’s always just been the three of us for the cheerleaders in our grade, but now there’s you too!” Suzy added excitedly as she grabbed hold of Erika’s hand and dragged her over to the other girls in the class, “come, I’ll introduce you to the other girls!” She said excitedly as she pulled Erika over to them.

Erika had seen the other girls in class before but hadn’t learned their names yet, “This is Tammy and this is Jazelle,” she said introducing the two. Tammy was blonde, like Erika’s sister, Brooke, but taller, and Jazelle was African American and both were very attractive and physically fit. Erika felt from just how little she’d seen them in the school so far that they were both a bit uptight and thought they were better than everyone else. Takes on to know one, Erika thought, smiling wikedly.

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