The Feeling is Mutual

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“It was nice to see you too, Mrs. Smith, and I will definitely tell my Mama you asked about her,” I crooned, guiding one of my many little, old ladies towards the exit of my practice. I hope she can’t smell the alcohol I’m sweating out, but honestly, she’s a vintage Southerner. She’d never point out something like that.

Mrs. Smith continued, “I always look forward to this appointment. You’re just the most wonderful young man with the best manners.”

“Well, thank you, Mrs. Smith. I am hardly a young man any longer, but I do appreciate the compliment.”

It’s Friday. I’m hungover. I haven’t gotten laid in weeks. WEEKS. This moment feels like hell. I need to be finished walking this patient out (Why am I even doing this?), get my keys, and hit the Waffle House, maybe even a nap in my car. I am not going to make it like this.

I’m pretty sure Mrs. Johnson was still talking when I closed her passenger side door. I pretended not to notice and backed away, smiling and waving.

Jogging past the front desk, I let our receptionist know that I’m heading out for a long lunch.

“I have some things to do, so I’ll be gone a while,” I mumble distractedly.

“Well, I hate to tell you this, but you still have one appointment before lunch,” Sarah laughs.

Sarah is the receptionist. Sarah is in her twenties and does not get hangovers, and I don’t think she really hates to tell me that. I hate Sarah right now.

“No fucking way!” I bark.

“Yep. And here she comes,” Sarah said, raising her eyebrows and cutting her eyes to the door.

I don’t even bother to look. I turn on my heel and head for my office. I have to get a Coke and something to eat. I don’t care who she is.

The second gulp of full-test Coke starts to slow the tremble in my hands. Jerky. Peanut butter & cheese crackers. A few burps. I cannot keep this up. I feel like shit.

With my head on my desk, I make a promise I’ve made many times before: I am 42 years old. Tonight I will go to bed early. I won’t get mad when my wife rejects my advances, and I won’t pick a fight over it. I won’t get drunk and sleep on the couch. I’ll just be a well-rested, miserable guy who isn’t getting laid. Just a man who makes all the money for all the things but can’t get his dick wet. Fuck my life.

Just then, Sarah texts to let me know that my patient is in Room



Stretch. Face slaps. Eye drops. Deep breath.

I just need to get through this last appointment, and then I’ll be home free to the weekend.

I open the door to the exam room and see a face I’ve seen many times before.

“Emily. Wow! It’s so good to see you. How did I not realize you were coming in?” I close the door behind me and plop down on my rolling chair.

Emily is a very old friend. Well, really more than a friend. We were couple friends when we were all first married, but before that, Emily and I had spent a great deal of time dry humping and groping each other starting the Summer after high school graduation, pretty much every time we were home from college, and then until we both married other people. God, what great memories – so many blowjobs and hand jobs, so much heavy breathing and desire, coaxing her from one base to the next. Jesus, I felt like a god the first time she let me touch those amazing tits. And then teaching her how to suck my cock. Fuuuuuuuuuuck. How did I never get in her panties? Jesus, what a waste! And here I am now, in my 40s, still not getting laid and still mentally dry humping Emily Masterson. Ugh.

“Hi, there. It’s ok. I’m sure the last name threw you off,” she replied sweetly.

Rolling over to her on my chair, I glance down and pretend to examine the name on the file with a chuckle, “Yeah, I guess so. I haven’t known an Emily Masterson in what, 20 years?”

She blushes and laughs, wringing her hands in her lap, “Oh, my god. It’s so funny to think of the Emily Masterson you knew then.”

Oh, she is adorable and clearly nervous about something. I’m close enough now to see the flush of her skin, and the outline of those tits, and smell her perfume. Mmmmmmmm. Fuck. It’s a good thing I still have this stupid folder in my lap. I’m hard just sitting here next to her.

Eighteen year old Emily Masterson was certainly more confident, but not much else has changed – small, long brown Bostancı Escort hair, green eyes, and that same glorious rack. Wearing skinny jeans, boots, and a fitted black turtleneck, she looks really good. Nothing over the top, but a clearly put together woman.

She would look better naked and bouncing on my cock, I think to myself, but quickly disabuse myself of any further fantasies. Fuck, dude. Do your job. You are not 18 anymore, and there is no way you are going to see her naked today. I sigh.

As if hearing my thoughts, Emily blushes more deeply and blurts out, “I just couldn’t keep his last name after all the things he’s done. I need a fresh start, I guess.”

“Seems reasonable to me,” I say, smiling at her, hopefully putting her at ease, not to mention hopefully distracting me from thinking about how much I want to take her clothes off.

I take a deep breath and move to begin the exam, but before I can, Emily puts her hand on my arm and in a lower, huskier voice, whispers “And so after I finish up with this appointment, I’ll only have one item left on my new life to do list.”

The words are innocent enough, but the hand on my arm is something different entirely.

She squeezes my arm a bit and begins to circle her fingertips in my arm hair. Her touch is so light and inviting, so seductive. Oh, god. I want to take off all of her clothes and devour her. I want to lick every inch of that delicious little body, bury myself in her warmth, and make her cum over and over until I exhaust myself on top of her.

Clearing my throat, I break the charged silence and ask, “Emily, what is the last thing on your list?”

Emily shocks me by laughing. She looks directly at me, eyes sparkling, and purrs, “Why don’t I let you finish doing your job, and then I can tell you about that.”

Before I can stop myself, I let out a sigh and blurt, “I’ll be honest with you, Emily. I don’t know if I can wait to know. I’m tremendously hungover, your hand is on my arm in a way that I like very much, I have a raging hard on, and you smell amazing. Just put me out of my misery.”

The laugh that follows doesn’t surprise me this time. Oh, it’s music to my ears. She’s laughing and smiling at me and dear god, I want to touch her.

“There he is,” she starts, smiling with eyes full of mischief, clearly pleased with herself.

“What?” I ask, laughing.

“I was beginning to wonder if my old friend was still under that starchy coat,” she teases. “Switch spots with me. You sit here, like the patient, and I’ll be you.”

And just like that, I’m sitting in the exam chair and Emily Masterson is climbing into my lap to straddle me.

“Oh, fuck, Emily” I groan.

I close my eyes and enjoy the weight of her on me, her hands on either side of my face, as she kisses me desperately.

“I know you’re married,” she gasps, coming up for air between kisses.

“I know this is wrong, and I will stop kissing you in a minute, but please just let me enjoy this for a second,” she begs in a ragged whisper, as she begins moving down my jaw line to my neck.

I have a rock hard cock in my pants and a beautiful woman in heat on my lap.

And I know I have one good decision left to make.

I let out a tortured sigh.

Emily’s kissing slows, and her eyes, hooded with lust, search mine. Apparently not seeing what she wanted, Emily makes a quick move to get up and finds my hands on her waist, pinning her in place.

“Where do you think you’re going, Emily?” I grind through gritted teeth.

“Oh, thank God!” she whispers, settling her crotch down onto mine with a series of needy hip rolls. “I’m out of my mind for you.”

“Trust me. The feeling is mutual, but we should do this right,” I demand, trying to still her hips.

Emily reaches for the bottom of her turtleneck and starts to pull it over her head.

“I don’t care about right. Just fuck me quickly. I need you inside me,” she begs.

Leaning into her neck, running my hands down her back, smelling her, licking and biting, I continue, barely able to utter the words, “I need to be able to see and touch all of you, and you’re going to need to be able to make a lot of noise. I want to fuck you for days.”

But she doesn’t care. She just wants me inside her. Now.

“Please? Just a little? I’ll Kadıköy Escort be so quiet,” she pleads as she reaches up to unclasp her bra.

“Oh, fuck, Emily. If you get those out, I’m done. I may cum in my pants as it is,” I groan and grab both of her shoulders as she continues to grind against my raging hard on. I can’t even look at her when I say, “This is the weirdest day of my life, because I’m going to reject your offer . . “

And before I could finish, Emily tries to knock my hands away in disbelief and interrupts with a furious, “WHAT?”

“for now,” I finish.

“No, you’re not,” she asserts. “I need this so much, and you are so hard,” she pants, grinding her crotch against my throbbing cock.

Emily looks into my eyes and seduces me with her lust, “How can you tell me no? Don’t you want to know what my pussy feels like? It’s so wet for you, and it’s so close. It would be so easy to just slip that big cock in and get the relief we both need. Don’t you want to help me, Dean?” She finishes cooing into my ear.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, Emily,” I cave, leaning my head back in surrender, definitely not making that one good decision.

As my hold on her shoulders relaxes, she unclasps the front of her bra, releasing her amazing tits between us.

“Look at me, Emily,” I bark.

“Look. at. me.”

She raises her eyes to meet mine, flushed cheeks, hard nipples, eyes drunk with lust.

I put my hand under her chin and growl, “I just want to make sure you know there’s no going back now. And that whimper is not enough confirmation.”

“Tell me, Emily. Let me hear it. Tell me what you need,” I whisper huskily, cupping and pushing her tits together, rubbing my thumbs over the tight pink nipples.

Emily’s moans and need grow as I pinch her nipples mercilessly and press my face into her cleavage.

“Oh, Dean. Yes. Yes, please. I need you inside me,” she whispers frantically.

“Fuck yes, Emily. I’m finally going to fuck you. I’m going to make you scream my name, and then I’m going to blow my load deep inside you, like I’ve always wanted,” I whisper menacingly into her ear.

“mmmmmmhhhhhhmmmmm. Yes, Dean. And it’s going to feel so good,” she purrs while sliding away from me to take off her jeans and panties.

I watch and stroke my cock through my pants as, finally, Emily Masterson stands in front of me completely naked, aroused, and determined to have me fuck her. I take one deep breath, blow it out, and tell her to lock the door.

Emily smiles and says, “Don’t worry. I arranged for them all to go out to lunch. My treat. No one else is here, and the front door is locked.”

“Oh, fuck yes,” I mutter in relief, launching myself at her, kissing her hard and pinning her against the office countertop.

I wrap her naked legs around my waist, engulfing one of her peaked nipples in my mouth, and she leans her head back against the cabinets in pleasure. The resulting moan that floods the room is one of desire, but also relief.

But the relief is short-lived as Emily’s need begins to overwhelm her. She pleads with me, “I really need you inside me, Dean. Please don’t make me wait any longer.”

“Oh, my god. There are so many things I want to do to you, Emily,” I groan, undoing my belt and pants, never taking my mouth off of hers. “But good fuck, I need this. I need you, goddamnit.”

“Mmmmmhmmmmm. That’s what I want,” Emily coos, as she slides off the counter to take my rigid cock in her hand.”

“It’s gotten so much bigger, Dean,” she says, stroking my shaft with lust in her eyes.

“I hope you don’t mind if I” she says distractedly as she dips down and takes the engorged head of my cock in her warm mouth.

“OH, FUCK, EMILY! Jesus Christ.” I cannot help but bark out like a man bitten by a snake.

I pluck Emily’s head off my cock with a firm hand in her hair.

“Let’s get you back on this counter with your legs around me,” I demand.

I rub the head of my cock across her clit until I can feel the first quickening of her orgasm. When I know she is ready to shatter, I slowly push the weeping head of my cock against her soaked sex.

“You are so ready for me, Emily,” I whisper in her ear.

“Yes! Oh my god. Please. I need you, Dean,” she whimpers.

And then I slide my painfully hard cock into her pussy. Göztepe Escort Inch by throbbing inch, I bury myself in her welcoming heat.

“You feel so good. So wet, Emily. So wet for me,” I murmur in her neck.

And then we pause. To breathe, to feel the intensity of this moment, to enjoy the relief of overwhelming, shared desire.

“Oh, god. You have to move. I have to feel you, Dean. I’m so close” Emily pleads.

“Yes. Fuck. I’m going to. I’m trying to hold off,” I gasp. “Fuck. When I start moving, I’m going to fuck you senseless, and I know it won’t last long,” I explain.

“I don’t care! Fuck me!” she cries, wrapping her arms around my neck and holding on tight.

Watching her face, I start to move. The expression of relief and pleasure I see there weakens my knees.

“That’s it, Emily. This is for you. Enjoy me,” I encourage her, feeling my orgasm back off with a suddenly increased sense of duty to deliver for Emily.

I lean back and reach between us to press my thumb lightly above her clit, watching my cock slide in and out of her weeping pussy. She feels so fucking good, so responsive, so going to make me cum in her before I want to.

“Oh, Dean. Dean. Dean,” she begins to moan, drunk with pleasure on my fat cock. “It feels so good, Dean. You just don’t know how long it’s been. You. Just. Don’t. Know,” she whimpers in time with my strokes.

“Oh, I know, baby. I know. I can feel how long it’s been. Just enjoy it. Let me make you feel good. You’re getting close. I can feel it and see it on your face. Give it to me. Let me have it. I’ve got you,” I tell her.

With one thumb on her clit and two fingers squeezing one of her nipples, I watch Emily Masterson fall apart on my dick. Her skin flushes and seemingly every muscle in her core flutters and then contracts hard, pulsing on my cock, encouraging me to fuck and fill her.

And that’s exactly what I do. As she is still quaking on my cock, I begin to take what I want. I pull her hips further off the counter and down onto the full length of my dick. Pumping her drenched pussy relentlessly and watching those incredible tits bounce, I know I’m about to cum.

“Fuck, you feel so good. So tight. So needy. I’m so deep in you, Emily. I’m fucking you in an exam room, and I’m going to cum inside you,” I groan with my forehead against hers.

“YES!” She screams. “Fuck me, Dean! Give it to me.”

And then I feel the tightening, the tingle, the crash of the first wave, and I’m coming inside her. Pulse after pulse of relief, I pump into her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm. Yes, Dean,” Emily moans. “That’s what I want. Fill me with your cum. Oh, yes. You feel so good. THIS feels so good.”

“Oh, fuck. Yes. Take it, Emily.” I demand.

“Oh, yes! Cum in me. Give me what I need, Dean!” She screamed as pulse after pulse of my rigid cock emptied my seed deep into her pussy.

I run my hands down her body, trailing kisses across her breasts and nipples and up to her neck, moaning and groaning in satisfaction.

Panting, we lean against each other and soak up the release, giggling at the occasional tremor of aftershock.

And then there is nothing but the sound of our breathing and the HVAC system.

Emily eventually breaks the silence by asking, “Do you still want to hear the final to do on my list?”

“That wasn’t it?” I laugh.

“Well, kind of, but I was actually hoping we could do it more than once,” she begins to explain.

“Dear god. Are you serious?” I interrupt, still shamefully trying to catch my breath.

“Haha. I know you aren’t 18 anymore, Dean,” she says, as she begins putting back on her clothes. “Neither am I,” she continued, “but I do want an arrangement between us. No strings attached. Just regular lunch time fucking. At my house. I’m not far from here, I work from home and live alone. I plan for all of those things to stay true. So, if you’d like to do that, and maybe more, again, starting Monday, come any day you like. Just text me that morning.”

And then she grabs her purse, kisses me deeply and walks out without a second glance.

I stand in exam room

for a few more seconds, catching my breath and making sure that I’m not dreaming. Daily, no strings attached incredible fucking? Jesus Christ, could that be possible? I disinfect all of the equipment and furniture, walk back to my private office and sit down to enjoy a tumbler of whiskey and a cigar. With plenty of time before my staff comes back, I open the practice scheduling software and mark my lunch hour as “Out of Office” for the foreseeable future.

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