The First Date

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I waited nervously on my porch, watching a car drive by. It wasn’t the car I was waiting for, though. The one I wanted was a red Focus. The red part I had down, but the Focus part, not so much. I sighed and looked up and down the street. He should be here any time now.

I glanced down at my outfit, making sure it still looked nice. I had on a black sweater vest with a white shirt under it along with a pair of dark washed jeans. I was wearing my black boots to tie it all together. It was the outfit I wore when we first met and I hoped it’ll do for our first date. I plucked a hair off the vest and dropped it away from my body when I heard a car pull up. I quickly looked up and saw that it was him.

I know that a smile broke across my face as I stood up from my spot on the porch. I walked across the lawn to his car and showed him my smile. He grinned back at me as I climbed into the passenger side of the car.

“Hey,” I said to him quietly. I buckled into my seat before looking at him. He had his hair off to the side like he usually did but he didn’t have his knit hat on. Instead his head was free of any garments and it looked sex hikayeleri neatly brushed. He also wore a royal red button-up shirt with a black crew neck underneath it. His jeans were dark washed as well, with a pair of black tennis shoes to top it all off.

“Hello,” He said back, his eyes glancing over my outfit. “You look really nice.” He told me afterwards, smiling softly at me. I felt my cheeks flush a little and I smiled back at him.

“Thanks, you do too.” I responded. He smiled before pulling out of the driveway and making his way out of my neighborhood.

“So, have you decided where you wanted to go?” He asked me, glancing over at me as he drove. I nodded my head.

“Yeah, let’s go to Dolce Vita.” I said to him, watching as he drove out of my neighborhood and down the street towards the restaurant. He smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I’ve never been there before.” He told me.

Oh, really? They have really good food, except the service can be a little slow.” I told him. He shrugged at the last part.

“That’s alright. It’ll give me more time to be with you.” He said to me with a sly smile. porno hikayeleri I know that if I hadn’t blushed before, I definitely did this time. I brushed my hair back behind my ear to hide my blush, trying to control my wide smile.

“So, um… Do you like Italian food?” I asked him, trying to find something to talk about. I looked over at him in time to see him nod.

“Yes, I love Italian food. My grandmother always makes it on Sundays for the whole family.” He told me. I listened intently to his voice, hanging on his every word. I liked this guy, a lot. And I wanted to know everything that I could about him.

“Really? What kind of food does she make?” I asked him.

“Oh, all kinds. Pastas, lasagnas, and soups. And she makes the best desserts in the world.” He explained to me, a smile filling his face. He pulled it off so beautifully; it looked so natural on him.

“Wow. Maybe we could visit her some time.” I said, hinting at another date already. He looked over at me and smiled.

“I would love that,” Was all he said before pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant. I still had a smile on my seks hikayeleri face as he pulled into a parking space and turned off the car. We both climbed out of the vehicle and started to walk up towards the building. And then it struck me.

“Oh no…” I began to feel my pockets, my eyes growing wide. “I forgot my wallet!” I stared at him wide eyed. He only shrugged and smiled.

“Then I’ll pay for you, it’s no biggie.” He told me. I stared at him, uncertain.

“Are you sure? I mean, it’s kind of expensive here.” I told him, biting my lip softly. The date hadn’t even started yet and I had already ruined it. He smiled and shook his head.

“I don’t mind at all. Just as long as you let me try some of your food.” I smiled at him widely before stepping forward to hug him. I quickly stopped, my arms raised to wrap around him but I quickly dropped them. I flushed in my cheeks as I bit my lip again.

“Th-thank you. I really appreciate it.” I told him bashfully, glancing up at him. He was still smiling as he grabbed my forearm and squeezed it softly.

“It’s not a problem,” He said quietly before sliding his hand down my arm and into my own hand. My heart jumped in my chest as I blushed more and smiled shyly at him. I heard a quiet giggle and I knew it was from me. I held tightly onto his hand and walked into the restaurant with him, ready for our first date together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32