The First Time I Noticed Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

Alexis and Ian explore the depths of love and lust.


If you haven’t yet read the previous chapters, you might want to do that now before you read on. For those who haven’t and don’t want to, Ian and Alexis are a brother and sister of divorced parents who have discovered each other while sharing a weekend alone at a very private family lake cabin. All the action in the first three chapters has taken place over a single day. It’s evening now.

For those who have been reading along, there’s more to come.

All characters are over 18.


“So,” I said, “what are you in the mood for now?”

“You can’t possibly be ready for more already,” said Lex, incredulous.

“God no,” I said. “I was just wondering if you’re interested in a dip in the lake, or maybe a boat ride.”

“A quick rinse would be nice,” she said. Then she stood up and sprinted across the beach toward the water. Mesmerized, I watched her long, toned legs, ending at her sculpted ass, carry her body to the lake. When she reached the water’s edge, she took two more steps and dove in. As her ass and legs vanished under the water, I got up to follow her in. My sister was right, a quick rinse sounded great.

Seconds later, I dove in after her and came up alongside her in the warm, shallow water.

“Hey,” I said, suddenly at a loss for words as I gawked at her wet, naked body. Her hair was dripping onto her chest and back, rivulets running down over the swell of her breasts and gathering in the valley between them.

“Hey,” she said, stepping closer. The water only came to our thighs, and I saw her looking down, where water was running down my chest and belly, flowing onto my cock and dripping from the end back into the lake.

“You are so beautiful,” I said. “If I hadn’t already cum three times today…”

“Yeah?” she said, sounding skeptical. “Think you could really handle a fourth time today?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “but I think I could make a valiant effort.”

“My brother, the hero,” she said, closing the distance between us and kissing me.

“But I’m not ready either,” she added. “You wore me out.”

“I hope it’s a good ‘worn out’,” I said. “Because I’d like to wear you out some more before this weekend is over.”

“I like the sound of that,” she said, “but not just now. I need some time to rest and relax.”

“So,” I said again, “what are you in the mood for after we finish our swim.”

“I could use a shower,” she said. “Then maybe we could take out one of the boats.”

“That sounds great,” I said, “which one?”

The cabin was small, but was well stocked with watercraft. There was a speedboat for waterskiing, a smaller fishing boat, a Hobie cat, a canoe, and three personal watercraft. My dad liked his toys.

“You up for a paddle?” she asked.

“Sure, sis,” I said. “You know it’s one of my two favorite ways to travel on the water.”

The other was sailing. Skiing and tubing with the speedboat was fun, and jetting around on the watercraft was a good time, but I preferred quieter ways to get around.

“Perfect,” she said. “I love the peace and quiet, and the lake is so relaxing in the evening.”

“I know,” I said. “I love it when the sun starts to get low and the lake gets that golden glow.”

“But first,” she said, “I need a shower. This dip was nice, but I’ll feel a little more fresh after I scrub up a little.”

“Me too,” I said. “Let’s go.”

Alexis turned and walked out of the water, the sun glinting off of her golden, wet skin, her ass swaying hypnotically. I stood transfixed as she bent to gather her dress and under garments. Not bothering to get dressed, she headed across the lawn toward the cabin, and then stopped.

“Coming?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder.


“Hello, Ian,” she said. “Are you coming?”

“Oh,” I said, “ah, yeah.”

I ran out of the water to follow her, stopping to collect my things and then following her across the lawn. Catching up to her on the lawn I took her hand in mine.

“Love you, Lex,” I said.

“I love you too, Ian.” My sister loved me, and not as a brother, but as a lover. Life was good. Strange, but good.

She stopped again, and then turned and kissed me, wrapping her arms around me in a tight hug. I couldn’t resist the temptation of dropping my hands to her sumptuous ass, caressing both cheeks and pulling her close to me.

“Will you ever get enough of my ass?” she asked.

“Not likely,” I said. “It’s sublime. But we both need a shower.” With a light slap to her ass, I broke our embrace.

“You’re so naughty,” she said. “You’re my naughty, naughty brother,” and she grabbed my cock and gave it a little stroke. “But you need to keep your hands to yourself long enough for us to get cleaned up.”

“Okay, sis,” I said, and once again took her hand in mine and resumed our walk back to the cabin. Stepping up to the deck, I opened the door for her and then followed escort numaraları her through. She went to her room to put away her things, and I tossed my clothes on my bag, which I had left on the sofa.

“You can go first,” I called to her.

“What are you talking about?” she said, poking her head through the doorway.

“The shower,” I said, “you can use it first. I’ll wait.”

“Wait for what?” she asked. “You’re coming in with me.”

Getting in the shower with my sister sounded like an unusually bad idea if we wanted to get to our sunset paddle, but it was useless for me to resist her charms. Besides, the offer was to get wet and naked with a beautiful woman, and what could be wrong with that? Besides her being my sister, of course. My mind quickly conjured up an image of the two of us together, soapy, wet, and slippery. Me washing her back and giving special attention to her ass. Yeah, sharing a shower must have been the best idea yet in what had turned out to be the best day of my life.


“Huh, what?”


I turned and gave her a sheepish grin.

“Jeez,” she said, “not that kind of ‘cumming’.” I looked down and saw my cock at half-staff and rising.

“Sorry,” I said, “I was daydreaming.”

“Gee,” she said, scoffing, “I can’t imagine what about. You ready?”

“Yeah,” I said, and followed her to the small bathroom. It was just a toilet, a sink, and a shower stall in there, without a lot of room for two. This was going to be interesting. Alexis reached in and turned on the water. Eventually she had it adjusted the way she wanted it and stepped in.

“Come on,” she said as she backed into the corner of the stall to make room for me. I slipped in next to her. In the close quarters of the stall, it was all but impossible to make any kind of movement without having body contact, and it was having the expected effect, despite all of our earlier activity.

“God, Ian,” she said as my rising cock grazed against her belly. “Save that for later. I need to get clean.”

“But I like my sister dirty!” I said.

“Oh shut up,” she said, turning her back to me and reaching for the shampoo. She squirted a small puddle into her hand, passed me the bottle, and started to lather up her dark, wavy hair. I watched as the suds slid from her hair down her spine and through the valley between her cheeks, flowing down the insides of her slender thighs, over and around her knees, and down her calves to her feet. My eyes followed back up her legs, inevitably pausing at her ass, then following back up as she finishing shampooing her hair. She spun around and tipped her head back to rinse, and once again I watched the suds flow down her body, this time flowing over and between the globes of her breasts, along her belly and between her legs, gathering there briefly before resuming their sensual journey down her legs.

I broke my trance just long enough to wash and rinse my own hair, which, being cut short, didn’t take long. Alexis handed me a loofah soaked in body wash, then turned away again and said “Do my back?”

I took the loofah and began scrubbing in small circles on her shoulders and then down her spine to the small of her back, working my way back up her side, then retracing those steps on the other side. While one hand scrubbed, the other caressed. Once her back was completely scrubbed, I set down the loofah and continued caressing her. What started as helping her get clean had turned into a gentle massage.

“Did you suddenly get shy or something?” she asked, after a few moments of quietly enjoying my massage.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“My butt needs to get clean, too,” she said, and handed me back the loofah, freshly loaded with more body wash.

“Oh,” I said, taking the loofah and looking down at her gorgeous globes. She knew as well as I did that I was powerless to resist her once I focused on her ass, so clearly her intent was either to have sex in the shower or to tease me mercilessly. After my day so far, I couldn’t decide which I’d be able to handle better, if I could handle either one at all. Whatever her intent, all I could do was acquiesce, and I gently rubbed the loofah on her cheeks.

“Scrub everywhere,” she said, spreading her legs a little to give me easier access, and then arching her back so that her ass was pushed toward me. Short of demanding that I fuck her, it was the most blatantly provocative thing I could have imagined my sister doing, and despite my day thus far, I found myself responding.

“Mmm, Lex,” I said, snuggling up against her. My cock, reaching skyward, slipped between her cheeks and I thrusted instinctively. Her ass was indescribably hot, and my cock worked gently between her soapy, slippery cheeks.

“No, no, no,” she said. “Not yet.”

I was somehow both disappointed and relieved at the same time. Three trips to nirvana had taken a toll on me, but there was no denying gaziantep escort bayan numaraları the plain evidence of a hard cock.

“What is it?” I asked.

“All in good time,” she said, turning and looking back over her shoulder. “For now, I just want to enjoy the feeling of you helping me get clean.”

“I can do that,” I said, my motor slowly returning to idle. If we weren’t going to have a shower fuck, I was at least going to make the most of getting her clean. I knelt behind her, my face inches from her ass, and began working the loofah over her cheeks and around her hips. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and tugged them apart, spreading her legs further. She arched her back a little more and put her hands against the wall of the stall to balance herself. I had a glorious close up view of her pussy. I resumed scrubbing, now moving between her cheeks and into her crack, trailing down to her tight entrance. In all my life I had never even imagined a butt hole could be sexy until I saw my sister up close.

I kept scrubbing, working the loofah forward between her thighs and using my fingers to clean the folds of her pussy. I worked my way forward to her clit. She shuddered slightly as I scrubbed, but never gave any indication that she wanted me to do anything but keep cleaning. Finally, with her hips, ass, and pussy clean, I set down the loofah and began to stand back up.

“Legs too!” she said.

Of course, I thought. My sister’s legs. I shoved the loofah forward between her thighs and said “more soap,” then watched as she bent down to pick up the body wash again, her ass now pressed back right against my face. It took all my will power not to start nibbling on her cheeks.

“Ready,” she said.

I left my face right there, resting against her cheeks, and wrapped my arms around her legs, working the loofah up and down each leg, gently making circles and working down to her ankles and then back up all the way to where her legs met, brushing lightly against her pussy. With each touch, she trembled, but I just kept focused on getting her clean.

“Done!” I said when I was finished with both legs.

“Not yet,” she said, turning around and leaning back against the shower wall. Her pussy was now at eye level. “You forgot my feet.”

I was still kneeling on the shower floor in front of her, and she picked up a foot and placed it on my chest. She had to raise her knee high to get her foot up to my chest, and in doing so opened her pussy wide. Helpless, I just stared.

“Get cleaning,” she said, tapping her foot against me.

“More body wash,” I said, presenting the loofah.

She opened the bottle and squirted a stream onto it.

I started working on her foot with it, cleaning the top and then the bottom, and then working between her toes with my fingers. Eventually I was just massaging her foot. Before I saw my sister’s feet, I never thought they were sexy either.

“That feels so, so nice,” she said. “Now do the other foot.”

I repeated the whole process with the other foot, ending again with a foot massage. I must have been doing something right, because with each press of my fingers and each stroke of my hand I could hear a soft “mmm” or “ah” coming from her. Finally, she just set her foot down again and looked down at me, contented.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling.

“You’re welcome,” I said, standing up again.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, and knelt before me. “I think I’ll work my way up from the bottom.”

Her face was just inches from my straining cock, and I still had no idea what she had in mind. She took the loofah, soaped it up, and started washing my feet. My feet were sensitive – ticklish even – and she knew it, so she skipped the foot massage, although she did clean each one thoroughly, even between the toes.

Working up, she scrubbed my ankles, then my calves, taking time to massage my now tired muscles, then worked her way over my knees to my thighs, and up from there.

When she finally reached my groin, she had me turn around and began scrubbing my ass, working over both cheeks and between them. Her touch was electric. Instinctively, I reached to stroke my aching cock, but she saw where I was going and just said “no, Ian.” I groaned, but complied, and she turned me around again.

“Let’s get this clean,” she said, looking at my throbbing cock and taut balls. It was getting hard to imagine being able to take more than a few seconds of this without exploding, but she just once again soaped up the loofah and started gently scrubbing my balls. I could feel my cock beginning to tingle and knew my release was imminent. When I reflexively thrusted forward, she grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze, increasing her grip until I felt I was no longer on the edge, then she resumed scrubbing, working her way up from my balls to the root of my cock.

“Lex,” I said, my chest heaving and my cock pulsing with each gaziantep escort numaraları beat of my heart. “I’ll never last through you cleaning my cock. I’m on the edge now.”

“I know,” she said. “I think I’ve teased you enough. Ready for some relief?”

“God yes,” I said.

“Okay, baby,” she said. “Let your big sister take care of you.”

Somehow it had slipped my mind that the sex goddess kneeling before me was my sister, and on hearing those words I nearly came right then, but once again she squeezed my shaft and my impending orgasm subsided. Then she took me into her mouth – her warm, wet, silky mouth – and dove against me. I could feel my cock slip into her throat. As she came back up, I could feel her hand wrap around the base of my shaft, following her mouth up to the head, then squeezing hard again as she paused at the top. Diving back down, she kept at it – letting me slip into her throat at the bottom and squeezing at the top to keep my release at bay. She kept going, repeating her magic until I felt like I would collapse.

“Lex,” I gasped. “I can’t take any more. Please baby – finish me.”

I heard her mutter “mmm,” as she went down again, and she kept at the humming as her mouth reached the end of my shaft and came back up. The whole time I could feel the vibration from her hum flow through my cock, and I knew then that there was no stopping my inevitable eruption.

“Cumming,” I said. It was all I could manage.

“Look at me,” she said, taking her mouth off my cock. I looked down, expecting another squeeze, but instead of trying to stop my orgasm she starting stroking me firmly. Looking down at her, watching her hand flying on my cock, I felt my balls spasm and my cum burst forth, a jet flying high in the air. Lex tipped her head back and my cum began arcing down and splattered on her chest. Again my cock erupted, sending another load up high and again onto her, this one splashing on her breast. A third shot fell onto her leg. Wave after wave spewed forth from me, coating her shoulder, arm, belly, and her other breast. Finally, my explosive torrent of cum slowed to a pulsing stream and she took my cock back into her mouth, swallowing whatever I had left to give.

After a moment, I was completely spent. Alexis, sensing this, took her mouth off my cock again, looked up at me, and said, “mmm, that was delicious.”

“Oh…My…God, Lex,” I said, panting between each word, my legs weak, my mind reeling. “What did you do to me?”

“Only what you earned,” she said.


“For washing my back,” she said, smiling up at me.

“Wow,” I said, “anytime, Lex. Anytime.”

“You made a mess,” she said.

She was out of the spray of the shower, and there were puddles of my cum everywhere on her. My sister was covered in my cum.

“I thought you might enjoy watching that,” she said, “but I hate to see all this go to waste.”

And with that she scooped up a splatter of my cum with her fingers, brought her fingers to her mouth, and licked them clean. I thought I would cum again seeing that.

“I love my brother’s cum,” she said, and continued scooping up puddles and eating them from her fingers.

“Sweet Jesus, Lex,” I said, as the last of them disappeared between her lips.

“Okay,” she said. “Now you have to wash my front.”

“Wow, I never did that, did I? Do I earn anything for it?” I asked.

“Only my appreciation,” she said. “I rather doubt you could handle anything else.”

“You’re right there,” I said. “Now where’s that loofah?”

She handed it to me and said “get busy, mister.”

I resumed washing her, as if it was the most normal thing on earth to get mind-blowing oral sex from your sister, and then just go on with a shared shower as if nothing unusual had happened. After what had just happened, some areas were going to need extra washing. I took her approach and started at the bottom this time, washing her feet but without the foot rubs, then working up her legs, then scrubbing around her pussy and reaching around to wash her ass and up her back, then finally coming around to the front. I lingered a moment, worried I might start something again, then looked down at my flagging cock and knew we were safe. I had already cum four times, and was desperate for some recovery time, so I proceeded to her beautiful breasts, swirling the loofah around and over them. She sighed each time I brushed her nipple, but didn’t look disappointed when I moved on to her shoulders and arms.

“Lex?” I said.


“You okay?”

“Okay how?”

“Ah,” I said, stammering, “I mean, um, what you did for me was incredible. I just want to be sure I haven’t left you frustrated.”

“Oh,” she said.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, caressing her back.

“I know I’m spent downstairs,” I said, softly stroking her ass, “but there are other ways if you still need some attention.”

“It’s okay, Ian,” she said. “I honestly don’t. You wore me out down by the lake. Right now, I just want to relax, and I’m looking forward to that sunset paddle on the lake.”

“Okay, sis,” I said. “You know I love you and I’m always ready and willing to do anything for you, right?”

“I know,” she said, “and I love you too, but I’m serious about just relaxing, although I have to admit your hands feel really good on my ass.”

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