The Flower of My Submission Ch. 07

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I had a couple of valium before bed so I’m sound asleep when I suddenly feel a wet finger push itself all the way into my ass. I moan, still half asleep but feeling the sensation intensely. My muscles automatically contract and I begin to squirm. “You’re gonna want to relax for this, baby,” I hear you say in your soft, smooth voice. The anticipation momentarily makes me tense up more but then I go limp and surrender to whatever you have planned as you roll me onto my back.

I’m wearing nothing but my collar and leash. It’s very dark and I can only barely make out shadows.

You slip a second finger in and I can feel myself stretching to make room. You move them in and out rhythmically, repeatedly, and it’s getting harder for me to stay relaxed.

You remove your fingers and at the same time my pussy is completely filled with cock. I gasp at the sensation and exhale with a moan. I remind myself to relax as instructed.

I feel a tug on the leash, pulling my head to the edge of the bed and I realize that it must be a dildo in my pussy. I immediately comply, opening wide to accept the real cock into my mouth.

“Exhale,” you tell me, just before filling my lungs with smoke. Then again. And again, until I’m so high escort bayan I don’t know which way is up. The only thing I can hold in my mind is your command to relax and my desire to comply. My whole body is buzzing with sensation.

You start slow but deep, holding the sides of my head with your hands, caressing my ears with your thumbs. It takes every bit of concentration I can muster to remember to relax but I want your cock deep inside me and I am rewarded. You caress my face and my throat and my hair as you move in and out, all the way in and all the way out, and I’m completely lost.

Slowly, I realize that the dildo is moving too, in and out with the same slow rhythm. My head is trapped by your hands and your cock, but I swallow around it convulsively in alarm. Who else is here?

“Shhhhh. Just relax.” I trust you, so I do. I lay my hands at my sides, open my throat and my pussy, and just let myself get fucked.

Even so, I can feel my muscles preparing for an orgasm, no matter how I try to fight it and I start to whimper and writhe. You stop moving at the deepest point and give me a sharp slap on the cheek. “Don’t come yet,” you warn me. I swallow around you in response and go still. “Good girl.” altıparmak escort bayan You give me a gentler pat on the cheek and then continue your caresses.

“It’s time,” you say. “Ok,” is the response, in a distinctly feminine voice. You continue your relentless movements but the dildo goes still for a moment until I’ve nearly forgotten it, being so absorbed in the feeling of your cock in my mouth.

Again I feel something begin to slide into my ass. It’s bigger this time and moves in very slowly to allow me to stretch to accommodate it. Another dildo? Maybe even a strap on? When it’s all the way in, the dildo in my pussy goes a little deeper as well, as if the girl has just bumped it with her stomach.

Then my mouth and ass are both being fucked slowly, but gradually increasing in speed, and giving my pussy a jolt with each thrust. I can hear you giving her instructions so as to keep your rhythms synchronized.

Soon it’s too much for me and I can’t hold it anymore. I can feel myself separating from my body as the orgasm takes me. I’m flying through the clouds but can still feel every sensation as the two of you thrust deep and hard from both ends, filling my three holes. nilüfer eskort I can hear your grunting as you prepare to cum as well. I can hear her panting in arousal, and I can hear my own gagged, muffled moans and wet squelching pussy and ass and mouth all getting fucked at once.

Eventually, I settle back into my body, still shuddering from the aftershocks, just in time to swallow every delicious drop.

You tell me to keep sucking and I am honored to obey. As I do, the mystery girl slowly withdraws first the strap-on and then the dildo. The vibrations from my long, low moans cause your cock to quicken a bit. I massage the growing head with my throat and swallow around it a few times.

When you’re fully erect again, you tell me that’s enough and pull it out of my mouth. I sigh in disappointment, but I don’t want to be greedy. You tell the other girl it’s her turn and order her onto the bed on hands and knees.

She must be pretty wet already, because you shove your cock into her hard and start to fuck her with abandon. I enjoy hearing the slap of thighs and her muffled moans as you press her face into the bed. She squeals when you periodically slap her ass. Hard.

She cums several times. I’m not jealous. She’s earned it. When you cum, you fuck her so hard that it pushes her over the edge one last time. You give her a final slap on the ass and dismiss her. She collects her things and goes. She seems to sway in a satisfied manner in the shadows. I never saw her face, but didn’t particularly need to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32