The Forfeit

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They had known each other forever, or so it seemed. John and Will had gone to high school, college, then law school together, best friends and confidantes. They enjoyed each other, they liked each other, and, most importantly, they respected each other. Throughout high school and college, they shared their visions of a perfect world, discussed what careers would put them with people, helping people, doing something to change the ways of life. They felt strongly that they needed to make a difference. They had a friendly competition throughout University, vying for top honors and grades, submitting grants to the same organizations and foundations, looking for the one thing that they could work at and help others.

Just before graduation, they both received letters from an important corporation. Both had submitted drafts to this company, now both were accepted. They put aside their dreams of helping humanity, and went out into the world of corporate law, ready to make their marks. The only problem was that Will was sent to the headquarters in the South and John was assigned to a Northern post.

If it had been acceptable, both men would have cried on that last day before heading into their futures. They had been inseparable for over 10 years, used to sharing every nuance of their life and thoughts. Now, they would be separated by over 1200 miles. They promised to stay in touch, to visit as often as possible and to keep their friendship alive.

They kept the vow. Will settled in a lovely town in Georgia. The dreams of helping the average person were put on hold as Will worked for his company, making deals and amazing everyone with his skills in the corporate world. As the rising star in his company, Will was considered a “catch”. He was tall and dark, confident and intelligent, yet extremely accessible. He was a social asset in any setting and he was invited to every party, every picnic, all events, big and small. He kept noticing a lovely blonde, petite and perfect. With subtle questions, he found out everything he could about her. Her name was Amanda. She was single, a few years younger, and also a corporate lawyer. She had had one serious relationship since joining the firm and it had ended badly. She was not a player, preferring to remain alone. Will found her captivating. To him, she was the epitome of womanhood. She was warm and lovely. She was soft and smelled terrific. He found her smallness to be very attractive. He liked the pastelness of her, all pink and gold and glowing. Her voice had a southern lilt that made his heart thrum. He could listen to her all day, just talking about absolutely nothing. He worked his way near her at gatherings, but found his usually witty tongue silent. Will would stand there in silence, just watching her and wishing he could find the words to charm her.

Amanda noticed Will too. She found his looks comforting, somehow. He was tall and well-built, but not in the “I work out every day” style. He seemed comfortable with himself. He ate real foods, joined any games, enjoyed himself without hesitation. He was well-liked. And he was quiet, not constantly expressing his opinions. She liked that a lot. Most men felt they needed to share every thought passing through his mind and she liked the fact that Will seemed happy to just listen and learn. He didn’t seem bent on impressing her with his knowledge, he just enjoyed being with her.

She also noticed that he seemed to be everywhere. The executives at the company were a small clique, entertaining each other and partying together. Amanda and Will found themselves together several times a week. He was always nearby, quietly watching and smiling. Amanda tried to give him a sign that she was interested, but she was out of practice. The days passed, each of them longing for the other, but not sure how to make that interest known.

Finally, someone in control of these things, made the decision for them. They were assigned to a merger deal that required many hours spent together. Will was still hard-pressed to chat around Amanda, but she felt that was a saving grace. He did his work skillfully, his quiet competence impressing her. When talking about the case, he was eloquent, but offered very little chatter about his own thoughts and feelings. They were easy with each other, enjoying the work time, and, after awhile, they enjoyed some social time Anadolu Yakası Escort too. Work sessions ran late and they would go to dinner together. Sometimes, they worked on the weekend, and finished the day with a drink. They felt comfortable, happy to be spending time with each other. Then, the inner feelings began to surface and both could feel the sexual tension building. Neither wanted to ruin the perfect balance they had struck. Things might never have changed if Amanda hadn’t gotten sick.

She was so sick. Just ‘stay in bed and wear a flannel nightgown and not eat and not drink and take handfuls of pills and don’t talk to me and leave me alone’ sick. She was miserable. Everytime she stood up, she swayed and had to grab the wall. She actually thought dying might be an improvement. She felt incredibly sorry for herself as she looked out her window and saw the beautiful blue sky and knew the world was going on without her, while she was stuck at home, alone and so very sick.

Then her doorbell rang. Amanda was tempted not to answer, but she was on her way for more pills anyway. So she haltingly went to the door and peeked through the hole. It was Will. He was standing there patiently, waiting, a smile on his face, a package in his hands. Sighing, Amanda opened the door.

Will took one look at her pale, drawn face and was so glad he had come. He followed her inside, placing his package on the table. He noticed her swaying gait and immediately scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to the bedroom. He carefully put her in the chair and stripped her rumpled bed and remade it with fresh sheets. He opened the windows, letting the cool spring breeze into the sickroom. He gave her a very dignified sponge bath, never peeking, and making her change into something cooler and more comfortable. When she was settled in bed, he took his package into the kitchen and returned with delicious foods, tidbits, easily eaten and digested. He offered her a large glass of cold, fresh orange juice and brought her pills to her. Amanda felt incredibly pampered and cared for…and safe. He sat beside her and listened to her sad tale and covered her lightly when she finally fell asleep.

Will took sick days from work and stayed at Amanda’s, quietly nursing her back to health. He seemed to know what to do for her long before she asked. Her house was clean, her bed was always fresh, her meals matched her appetite. Soon, the dizziness began to pass. She could stand without swaying, walk without clutching the walls. Yet, Will stayed. He slept on the couch, never making an improper move, never seeming to think about himself.

At night, though, he would lie in the living room and think of Amanda and knew he was made to cherish her, to protect her. Her mind intrigued him, she was so smart and quick. Her heart was kind and loving, her soul appealing. He thought about her pink and white body, so soft and perfect. Her softly accented voice made mush of him, although he tried not to show her. She was everything he had ever wanted.

Of course, all of this was shared with John, who listened intently and marveled at the perfect woman his friend had found. John kept his counsel, just listening and agreeing. He wished his friend the best in life, and Amanda seemed to have been made for him.

After several days of Will’s care, Amanda began to feel alive again. She felt her health returning and her appetite, actually all of her appetites. She also had feelings for Will growing in her heart. He was the kindest man she had ever met. She knew he would never disappoint or hurt her.

One night, after being tucked sweetly into bed by Will, Amanda could not sleep. She lay in her large bed, alone and lonely, knowing the one person she wanted to share this space with would be Will. She quietly slipped from the covers and walked to the living room, standing by the sofa and watching him sleep. Very gently, she pulled back the quilt and slid under it. For the first time, she felt Will’s body against hers. As she snuggled up to him, his eyes opened and he looked at her questioningly.

“I love you, Sir. i have loved you for some time. May I stay?” Will looked into her eyes and touched her soft cheek, assuring himself this wasn’t just a very happy dream. Her mouth looked ripe for kissing and he couldn’t resist. He bent to her and licked Pendik Escort her tender lips, brushing his against her mouth, feeling his heart pound. Her lips opened beneath his and his tongue slipped inside, seeking hers. They played together forever, tongues teasing, hearts pounding. Her soft body seemed made for him, fitting perfectly into him.

Finally, Amanda pulled away. She stood and reached out with her hand, inviting Will to come with her. He didn’t hesitate. Her tiny hand fit into his, was lost in his, yet powerfully controlled his entire being. He stood and followed her to the bedroom.

The window was still opened and Will could hear the windchimes tinkling in the breeze. He and Amanda walked around the room, lighting candles and kissing, softly touching and caressing each other. The CD player was sending soft Frank Sinatra tunes into the room and they danced, close together. As they moved to the bed, they stopped and just stood together. Will was wearing briefs and was bare-chested. Amanda buried her face against his skin, inhaling him, filling herself with his essence. She looked up at him, his strong, loving face and smiled, moving back one step and becoming perfectly still. Will’s fingers moved to her little pajama top. Slowly, he began opening the buttons, his fingers lovingly touching her bare flesh as he exposed it. He slid the top off her shoulders, marveling at the velvet skin, so luminous in the candlelight. His fingers explored her upper body, tracing the curves, the swells, the indentations. He cupped her breasts in his hands, holding them lovingly. His thumbs began circling her nipples, making them harden and grow taut. She looked up at him and a moan escaped her throat. She leaned into his hands, encouraging him to touch her.

Everything moved as if in slow motion. Will had waited so long for Amanda that he wanted to savor every second with her, unveiling her, learning her. His hands moved slowly over her flesh, feeling the softness and the heat that was his love. His hands slid over her shoulders, feeling the perfect shape of her and she leaned into him, her erect nipples burrowing into his chest. They couldn’t kiss enough, yet they wanted to touch, to explore. He spanned her back, covering her dear flesh with his outspread fingers, holding her to him. His hands moved restlessly, up and down her spine, across her shoulders, cupping her shapely ass. Finally, his fingers rested on her waistband and he tugged her cute little shorts down her hips and let them fall. Now he could caress her ass cheeks and feel the smoothness of her skin. His hands moved constantly, as if he could not touch enough. His cock throbbed and ached in his shorts. Will needed release, but was not willing to stop his exploration of Amanda. Her tiny hands touched him, burning him with their heat and softness. He felt her moving over his back, her fingers tracing his spine down into his shorts. Her hands rested on the elastic waistband and she looked at him, smiling.

“Please,” Will said. Her fingers gripped his shorts and she pulled, moving them down his hips, but catching them on his very erect cock. Her fingers slid over his flesh, gripping his hard dick and removing it from the trapped waistband, continuing to lower the last article of clothing between them.

They stood together, just admiring the other. Amanda was everything he dreamt she would be. Her skin was golden and soft and incredibly smooth. Her breasts were beautiful, just full enough to fill his palm, with pert, taut rosy nipples. Her tummy was softly flat, curving down to a full nest of golden curls. He sat on the edge of the bed and just stared. She was perfect. Her vanilla scent filled his nostrils and her dazzling beauty made him ache with need. She stepped forward and her nipple was level with his mouth. She cupped her breast, reaching behind him and cupping his head with the other hand, guiding his mouth to her erect nipple. His eyes closed as his lips surrounded the erect skin and sucked it deeply into his mouth. He nursed like a starving child, never wanting to stop. She leaned into him, her back arched forward, moans escaping from deep in her throat, her lovely curls becoming damp with excitement. Finally, Will released the nipple, only to blindly search for the other. Amanda guided him to that neglected nipple, feeling once again the joy of his Kurtköy Escort hungry mouth on her rouged skin. It seemed he would never be satisfied. Amanda had desires to fulfill also. As he nursed, she felt a small orgasm race through her, causing her to shudder and hold his face against her. She knew she needed to touch him now, give him some pleasure.

She gently released his nursing mouth and pushed him back on the bed, kneeling on the floor between his legs. She kissed her way up his inner thighs, feeling him shiver with delight. She stopped at his curlies, just gently blowing on the curls and the tight balls there. She kissed his wrinkled balls, licking them and softly sucking on them. But what she wanted was throbbing above her head. Her mouth found the base of his cock, and she gently nibbled the turgid flesh there. Her lips moved up the shaft, wrapped around the best she could, but he was very large and extremely aroused. His legs spread further, allowing her better access as she licked and sucked her way up the undershaft of his erect cock. He tasted delicious. He smelled incredible. She found herself inhaling deeply as she made love to his dick. Finally, her tiny rosebud mouth reached his cockhead. It was swollen and red, glistening with pre-come. She daintily slipped her tongue out, licking the precome into her mouth with delight. Amanda looked up, finding him propped on a pillow watching her. This excited her even more. Her eyes closed as she savored his taste for the first time. She licked her lips. Slowly, her tongue traced his cock head, sliding under the rim, tickling and tantalizing him. She flattened her tongue, licking up and over the tiny eye of his cock, coaxing as much precome as she could into her mouth. Finally, her mouth closed over the head, making a tight fit under the rim, and she began just gently sucking him. His hips moved with her suction, his eyes closed and the moans filling the air. Amanda would have been happy to feel him coming in her mouth, but Will had other plans. He reached down and pulled Amanda up his body, fitting her naked flesh against his. He held her and kissed her mouth, telling her finally of his love and desire for her. His hand slid over her heated body, claiming it as his. When his fingers found her slit, he felt how swollen and wet she was for him. They were both ready and waiting longer would have been impossible. His fingers slid into her, finding her hard baby clit, massaging it for only a short time before she erupted in another small orgasm. She clutched him to her, calling out his name and thrusting against his fingers.

Will rolled on top of her, but she was so tiny and he was so big, he worried he might hurt her. He settled on top of her, his thighs outside hers, his face near hers as they kissed and touched and whispered to each other. “I want you inside me, now, Will, please!”, Amanda breathed. He lifted himself and slowly slipped his large cock between her thighs, and into her swollen slit. With her thighs together, he wasn’t able to thrust deeply or quickly, but it was much better for her, at least the first time. His cock found her hungry pussy and slid into it easily. She gasped at his size, even with this technique, but was able to enjoy the sensation. Will moved in and out, getting a little deeper into her pink with each stroke, until she was happily meeting him, thrusting up against his hips. They kissed as they made love for the first time. His hairy chest rubbed against her excited nipples, keeping them hard and erect.

As they continued, Amanda wanted more. Very carefully, without letting Will leave her pussy, they rearranged their legs, now he was between hers, able to thrust completely into her. This was what Amanda wanted, to feel her love in all his glory, filling her repeatedly. She felt an orgasm beginning again, this time in her feet, moving up her legs, the heat filling her as the spasms started deep within her. She held her breath until she couldn’t wait any longer and she exploded with pleasure, calling out Will’s name as her inner softness clutched his cock and throbbed against him. She pulled him even deeper than before, as her body trembled with joy and fulfillment. Will felt her spasms, and couldn’t wait any longer to join her. His cock throbbed even larger, he kissed her and then he felt his come pour into her. They held each other tight as the explosions went on forever. Finally, both were breathing normally, their hearts pounding against each other, their bodies wrapped together.

They turned together and snuggled, falling asleep in each other’s arms for the first time.

To Be Continued…

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