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After meeting through a dating app a few weeks ago, Elizabeth and Kyle had been having one steamy sex adventure after another. Elizabeth was just out of a long-term relationship, and she felt like she was reinventing herself and exploring her sexuality in ways she’d never done before. Whatever they were – dating, friends with benefits, or just fuckbuddies – Elizabeth was definitely having fun with Kyle as he was introducing her to a whole new world of excitement…both in the bedroom and out.

On their third encounter, Kyle had taken Elizabeth out on her first 4-wheeler ride and she had loved the thrill and exhilaration of the ride. And while their first ride didn’t include hot sex in the woods like he had fantastized about, they did end their date with another round of passionate sex at his place.

…but Elizabeth wasn’t going to let his 4-wheeler sex fantasty go unfulfilled.

The day after their 4-wheeler adventure, Elizabeth, still a little high from her first ride and hot sex with Kyle, sent him this flirtatious text:

“I’m cool with getting a little dirty next time we go out on the 4-wheeler” adding a winky-faced emoji to get her point across.

He responded by saying “I’m picking up what you’re putting down,” adding a winky-faced emoji to the end of his text too.

“Perfect” she thought, excited for when their 4-wheeling fantasy would become a reality.

They arranged to meet a few days later and the weather looked good for another ride. The temperature had warmed up a bit and would be perfect for a little sexy time in the woods. On the day of their meetup, Elizabeth was a little unsure of what to wear, but decided on a pair of jeggings that easily pulled off, a sweatshirt and her rubber rain boots.

She showed up at Kyle’s place and he was just getting everything ready. He was wearing a pair of jeans, a thick flannel shirt over a t-shirt, and his rubber boots too. “Ready to get a little dirty?” he asked, raising his eyebrows flirtatiously.

They set off on the 4-wheeler, her arms tight around his body. She pressed the side of her head into his back to keep the chill of the rushing air from hitting her in the face. Again, she felt completely protected and comfortable, entrusting her safety entirely to him. Once they hit the trail, he sped up the 4-wheeler more than he had on their first ride. While their first ride was more like a stroll through the woods, this one was more of a thrillride. They hit puddles and drove through streams and water and mud splashed up onto their boots and legs. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, they came to a little clearing at the end of a trail right next to a pond. Kyle stopped the 4-wheeler and crawled off, stretching his legs. She climbed off too and the two stood next to each other, admiring the postcard-like view of the pond. They looked to one another and came together for a kiss and Elizabeth thought that her sex-in-the-woods cherry was about to pop. But just then, they heard voices and a family of hikers came walking down a trail right near them. Elizabeth and Kyle chuckled a little, knowing that they probably shouldn’t do what they were thinking of doing with a family nearby. They said hello to the hikers and then hopped back on the 4-wheeler to continue on their ride. Kyle drove further on, hitting deep puddles, climbing the vehicle over rocks and roots, and speeding up on the straight-aways. As they rode, Elizabeth couldn’t help from sliding forward on her seat, her mound pressing into Kyle’s backside. She slid her hands down from around his waist to grab along the inside of his legs, ever so close to his package, and gave his legs a little squeeze.

They then came to a wide trail that was used as an access road. It was straight and fairly flat. Kyle came to a stop. “Wanna drive?” he asked Elizabeth.

“Uh, sure,” she responded a little nervously. She’d never driven a 4-wheeler or anything like it before but was up for giving it a try. They swapped positions, he showed her how to use the throttle and brakes and she took off…a little slow at first, but then she increased her speed as she got more comfortable driving. With his body now pressed behind hers, he reached his hands from around her waist up to her breasts, giving them a little massage. She was getting super hot and turned on now as she was controlling this powerful machine, it’s vibrations were pulsing through her, and Kyle was caressing her simultaneously. After a few minutes, they reached the end of the access road and Elizabeth handed control of the 4-wheeler back to Kyle.

He then took off, speeding down a wooded trail, moving adeptly over the rocks and through the mud. They came to a super muddy portion of a heavily wooded trail and he pushed through the eryaman escort bayan puddle before pulling the 4-wheeler off the trail and bringing the vehicle to a stop. They were stopped right next to the trail, totally visible by any passer-byers, but knew that they’d likely not encounter any hikers on such a muddy trail. And any 4-wheelers approaching would easily be heard before seen.

With words unspoken, they climbed off the 4-wheeler and reached their lips to one another, embracing in a fiery, hot kiss, their hands moving over each other’s bodies. Kyle reached his hand down into her pants and his fingers found her completely wet. Pulling her panties aside, he pushed one finger into her wet opening and rubbed her juices up along her vulva lips. She moaned loudly, not afraid of making her pleasure heard in the silence of the woods. She reached down to cup her hand around his hard cock through his pants. With almost a foot height difference between them, standing sex wasn’t always easily doable, so Kyle guided her to the front of his 4-wheeler. He took off his thick flannel and laid it across the front of the 4-wheeler, adding some cushioning to the cargo rack, and lifted her up to sit on it.

With her boots still on, he pulled her pants and underwear down to her calves. He positioned himself in between her legs, her muddy boots resting on his shoulders and he began to lick furiously at her wet opening. His tongue moved in and out of her, then lashed up and down, tickling her sensitive clit. She moaned out loudly, clutching onto the rack of the 4-wheeler. “Oh god!” she cried out over and over. She felt as her cries could be heard echoing throughout the woods and she didn’t care if she was heard. They met eyes as she called out and she could see a smile in his steely blue eyes as he continued burying his head into her wetness. With the added moisture from his mouth, she was now completely sopping wet and he continued eating her out with great intensity.

Elizabeth was not only turned on by this tongue beating from Kyle, but also from the fact that they were out in the wild, yet, at the same time, completely exposed. She secretly hoped they’d get seen by another 4-wheeler driver, knowing that they’d be unable to stop their activities in time and thrilled at the idea of being caught…or watched.

But as much as she was loving this oral magic from Kyle, she desperately needed him in her soon. She raised her body up a bit and he eased his head away from her, wiping his mouth and beard with the back of his hand. He backed out from under the cage that her legs had made around his head and leaned down to her for another passionate kiss. His mouth was covered in her juices and she savored in the taste. He then helped her off the top of the 4-wheeler, turned her around to face it, and then released his throbbing cock from the confines of his pants. With his pants now down around his ankles, he thrust his dick into her from behind. He slid in easily in her wetness and began pounded intensely into her pussy. He was fucking her hard and she was loving it. She cried out with every thrust. She arched her back and moved her hips in motion with his pushes, guiding his cock towards her g-spot.

“Fuck me hard!” she called out to him and he thrust even harder and faster into her. With one hand on the 4-wheeler and another on her hip, he pulled her back towards him with every thrust. The 4-wheeler bounced back and forth slightly with their motion.

What they were doing felt like something out of porno and so unlike anything she’d ever done. Who was this new Elizabeth? And what was it about Kyle that was bringing out this new side of her? Whatever it was, she was seriously enjoying this woodland fucking and their firery intensity together.

She reached her fingers down and began rubbing at her clit, crying out at this new level of pleasure. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she shouted out. As she continued rubbing herself while he was pounding into her, her body reached its peak and she let forth a strong orgasm. Shiver-like ripples ran through her body and she uncontrollably clenched and released her pelvic muscles. She collapsed further onto the 4-wheeler, letting out a deep breath.

Kyle pulled out, leaned down and kissed her ear and said “let’s continue this back at my place.”

They took a second to catch their breaths, pulled their pants back up, and climbed back onto the 4-wheeler. She was totally hot from what they just did and ready for more. As they headed back to his house, with increased speed and determination, she reached her hands down to grip his inner legs, touching his package as she did so, then moved her hands up to massage his strong chest.

They made it back to his place, ankara escort parked the 4-wheeler, ditched their muddy boots at the door and rushed inside. They began ravaging each other with kisses, and tearing each other’s clothes off seemingly before the door was even shut behind them. He moved his lips down to her neck and up to her ear, where he thrust his tongue into her ear. This erogenous zone nearly brought her to her knees and she let out a deep moan.

Elizabeth could see splatters of mud on Kyle’s cheeks and forehead. Pausing their ravaging kisses, Elizabeth said “we should probably go take a shower.” Kyle nodded in agreement and with their clothes now fully off, he lifted Elizabeth up, his hands underneath her ass, her arms wrapped around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist, and they carefully, yet quickly, kissed and walked towards the bathroom.

Remembering there was a mirror behind his bathroom door, Elizabeth managed to push the bathroom door closed once they were in there. She released her legs from around his waist and he carefully set her feet to the floor. She pushed him against the closed bathroom door and made her way down to her knees. No slow teases going down on him this time. Instead she just got his bulging cock in her mouth immediately. She covered it in her mouth’s juices, giving ease to her lips as they slid up and down his hard shaft. She pressed tightly with her lips, increasing their suction and tickled the tip with her tongue.

With just the glow of a nightlight, there was a romantic feel in the bathroom and just enough light to see their steamy seduction taking place. She looked over to the mirror and was so turned on with the reflection of her with a mouthful of dick. And she could see Kyle collapsed against the door in a state of complete satisfaction. Seeing herself getting him off, she turned her attention back to pleasuring his cock, yet turning her eyes every so often to view themselves in the mirror. It was like their own personal porno playing out in front of them.

She brought her left hand up to his shaft and began sliding it up and back, focusing her mouth and tongue on the head of his member. Elizabeth continued for a little while longer but couldn’t hold off on having his dick back inside her. She released her mouth and hand from his cock, and slowly made her way back up to stand, meeting her lips with his in a steamy, wet kiss. He moved his hands down her back, grabbing ahold of her tight ass and she reached her hands around and did the same, grabbing his firm cheeks.

He then eased away from the door and nudged her towards the sink. He lifted her up carefully and sat her down on the bathroom counter, leaned her back a little and he made his way down to her opening. She spread her legs open, resting the bottoms of her feet on the bathroom cabinet and steadied herself with her hands on the counter next to her. With him kneeling down, she had a view of the two of them in the bathroom mirror on the wall behind them. And that mirror reflected the images from the mirror above the sink, so there was plenty of action to see.

With her legs spread open and back arched, he wasted no time in eating her out, diving his tongue into her and lashing it up and down in long, broad strokes from opening to clit. He dove his face into her, covering his mouth and beard in her juices. She looked down at him, then over his head into the mirror beyond and was so fucking turned on seeing him going down on her. She moaned loudly as he tongue fucked her, sending waves of satisfaction coursing through her. She felt like she was going to explode.

Hearing her increasing cries of pleasure, Kyle couldn’t take it much longer either and he needed his cock inside her. He eased his mouth off of her, slurping in some of her juices remaining on his mouth and lips and then leaned into her for a deep, passionate embrace. She could taste herself on him and savored the flavor. He then spread his legs wide, bending his knees so he could position his cock into her ready opening. With one hand grabbing onto the counter and another hand on her side, he thrust his bulging dick into her with a hurried passion. She yelled out as he entered her and then began moaning with each push into her. She moved one of her hands from behind her on the counter to his back, pulling him closer into her. They fucked like animals, going hard and loud; his balls were slapping against her with every powerful push.

Elizabeth looked to the side, at the mirror above the sink, and could see herself getting fucked hard. With her back arched, her breasts pressed into his chest, and her hair wildly messy, she felt like a porn star. And looking in the mirror on the wall behind them, she could sincan escort bayan see his firm ass and back, thrusting into her with a frenzied passion. It was so fucking hot watching themselves and she was loving the view.

Kyle then reached down to grip one of her thighs and lift it up slightly, allowing even deeper penetration. “Fuck!” was all she could utter, over and over, as he continued his bathroom sink pounding of her. Her hands were now both grasped around his upper back, pulling him in closer and she felt close to release. With just a few more thrusts from his cock, she let out a cry so loud and intense as an orgasm ripped through her entire body. Her pelvic muscles tightened and released in waves and she pulled his body in closer to hers as the quivers of the powerful climax subsided.

“Holy fuck!” she said, letting out a long sigh and a little laugh. “That was fucking intense!”

He nodded his head in agreement, satisfied at getting her satisfied and eased his cock out of her. He gave her his hand to help guide her off of the counter. She eased down and collapsed into his chest, chucking slightly, still breathing heavily.

“We came in here for a shower,” he said, laughing a little. And with that, he got the water running and they stepped into the refreshing waters of the shower. They alternated between sudsing each other up and devouring each other with wet, passionate kisses as the water flowed over and between them. The soap caused their bodies to be slippery and Elizabeth pressed her breasts into his chest, sliding them around his firm body. They pulled in tight to one another and she reached her arms around his back and gripped his firm ass, pulling him tighter into her and their lips met again with a heated desire. Deep, impassioned kisses followed by lighter, delicate kisses and heated breaths exchanged into one another’s mouths. They smiled and chuckled lightly at this continued passion and then slowly eased away from each other, rinsing the remaining soap off. Kyle turned off the water, climbed out of the shower, and handed Elizabeth her towel before grabbing his.

They dried off, then moved to his bedroom where Kyle slipped on a pair of shorts. Expecting to get muddy, Elizabeth had brought some clean clothes and she put on a pair of cheeky, lace panties and a tank top. She followed Kyle out to the living room where they collapsed next to each other onto the couch, both releasing a big, satisfied sigh. They turned their heads to one another, smiled, and came together for a little kiss. Their hands met and fingers entwined together and they sat there for a while, in satisfied contentment, talking, laughing, and resting after such an active afternoon.

Kyle released his hand from hers and began running his fingers up and down her smooth legs; light movements that sent little shivers through her body as he reached the back of her knees and upper thighs. As he moved his fingers along her body, she began moving hers along his arms. His forearms and biceps were strong and firm and she caressed them every so lightly with her fingertips. As these light touches began sending quivers through each of them, they turned to face one another and locked lips again. Starting off with small, gentle kisses, they quickly escalated to deeper, longer kisses, their tongues darting into one another’s mouths, their lips wet with moisture. Kyle leaned into Elizabeth and pushed her down onto the couch and continued ravaging her with kisses. Elizabeth loved the feeling of the weight of his body pressed into hers and she could feel he was hard again. Kyle eased his shorts off and dropped them to the ground. He reached his fingers down to her panties and slipped his fingers under them and into her wet tunnel. He pounded her a bit with his finger before releasing it, pulling her panties to the side and plunging his erection deep into her. She was so turned on by the fact that he had to have her then and now, not even pausing long enough to undress her.

She let out moan after moan as he thrust into her. Her hands gripped around his back and she dug her nails into his skin. “You feel so good inside me” she said to him and he moaned in agreement. She moved her legs from outside of his, to inside of his, creating a tighter grip on his cock and increasing the sensations for her. She knew he liked this position and he immediately increased his speed and thrusts. “Yes, yes, yes! Do it!” she called out to him knowing he was close to delivering his cum into her pussy. He rammed into her harder, then with a deep grunt and exhalation, his warm cum shot into her, filling her up. She clenched her muscles around his dick, pulsing, not wanting to release him from her hold. With a satisfied sigh, he pulled out of her and sat back onto the couch, letting out a deep breath and a big smile across his face. She smiled back at him, satisfied, content, and wondering how their next date could even top this one.


Stay tuned for more Elizabeth and Kyle adventures

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32