The Gender Pill Pt. 02

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**I highly recommend reading The Gender Pill: Part 1 to catch up on the storyline. To do so, view my works on my profile page, and please read my other works! Thanks for reading 🙂 **

The Gender Pill: Part 2

I didn’t always want to be a woman. Up until the age of 12, I don’t remember ever wanting to try on female clothing or feeling as if I wasn’t the boy that I was. But at the age of 12, something so simple and innocent changed the course of my life…a school play.

I went to an all boys school. It was a really good school, aside from not having any girls. Most of my current friends are friends I met there. But one of the issues of not having any girls in our school was that the female characters in our school plays had to be played by some of the boys. Well, as you can imagine, I was one of those boys. I don’t even remember which play it was, something about dancing on a TV show, I think. What I do remember, though, is putting on my costume…a blue floral print dress that went down to my knees, bobby socks, and black Mary Jane Heels. I remember being nervous about walking in heels, but almost as if it was meant to be, I learned quickly and walking in them felt quite natural. Staring at myself in the mirror wearing that costume changed me forever. I felt amazing in it, confident, and sexy. From that point on, anytime I was home alone I would try on my mother’s clothes. I was still very much into girls, but a new side of me was born that day. What I had no way of knowing at the time, was that this new side of me would eventually take over and become the new me.

College was tough. I lived on campus on the fourth floor of our dorm with a roommate. Oliver was a great guy, but he was very serious about his education. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great quality to have, except he always studied in our room…I mean ALWAYS! So that meant I rarely had the chance to dress up. In a shoe box hidden in my closet was a black lace thong and bra I had taken from an ex-girlfriend. I would put them on whenever I had a chance, but those opportunities were few and far between. Instead, I found a few great chat sites and I got to know a few other gurls. In fact, that’s how I met Sandy. But by senior year, I couldn’t suppress it much longer, and my fem side was ready to explode. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait until graduation so I could get a good job, buy a cute little condo, build up my wardrobe, and release this other side of me.

12 hours have passed since I took that magical little teal pill and I just had the most amazing orgasm ever. Way better than anything I’ve experienced as “male me”. If I wasn’t so thirsty I might have just laid in bed for the next couple hours…I guess being thirsty after sex is one thing that will carry over from “male me”. Walking from my bedroom to my kitchen to get a glass of water was, believe it or not, quite amazing…I know! Let me explain. The first thing I noticed, as I took my first few steps, was the lack of swinging and swaying between my legs, followed by a hint of the cool air from the air conditioning. And because my cock was no longer present, my steps were more deliberate, using the balls of my feel and each step landing in front of me instead of slightly to the side. My posture was also different, my back and shoulders straighter, my chest pushed out, and my arms more at my side with far less sway. Then, as I took my next few steps, my boobs began to bounce.

“O.M.G.,” I said, full of surprise, “…they actually bounce as I walk.”

I stopped walking, instead going up and down on my tippy toes making them bounce more, absolutely loving the sensation. Having boobs was going to be so much fun.

When I finally made it to the kitchen, a total of no more than 20 steps, and quenched my thirst, I pondered what to do next? I put the empty glass down on the island and leaned back against the white quartz counter, my hands supporting my weight. Instinctively I crossed my ankles and pushed my chest out. I debated going out and finding the first cock I could find and fuck the shit out of it…but I would have plenty of time for that. I then realized that I still hadn’t checked myself out in a mirror, so that would be step one. But after having the best orgasm of my life, I wanted more…I needed more. My thoughts soon wondered how much better my orgasm would be if I use a dildo…the thought lingered. I could easily grab one of the many dildos I have in my closet and find out, but maybe I should get a new one…to celebrate my new body. I continued to ponder…

“I’m going to buy a new dildo!” I told myself convincingly.

I walked back to my room enjoying the cool air flow between my legs and how my boobs bounce with each step. Staring into the full-length mirror on the back wall of my walk-in closet, I absolutely fell in love with myself. Actually, it was more than that. As I admired my new form, I began to feel things I didn’t feel as “male me”. Strength, confidence, power! I spun around to get a look at my ass, and checked my new feminine body from every angle. You can add porno izle sexy to that list of feelings, I thought. So fucking sexy!

My black hair fell to my shoulder blades.

“Not bad…” I whispered to myself, “it’ll grow.”

I looked to be about the same height as “male me”, roughly 5’7″. My boobs had to be close to Ds, but I couldn’t say for sure. Nevertheless, I was ecstatic about their size. I hopped up and down a bit more and watched them bounce in the mirror, a massive smile coming to my face. My body was tight, no doubt due to all the sports I played as “male me”, curvy, and my ass was amazing. Perfectly round, not too small, and not too big. The kind that you want to bite when you see it in a tight pair of jeans or yoga pants.

After ogling at myself in the mirror, I used the next couple hours to get ready to go out. As much as I wanted to fuck my pussy again, I also wanted to go out for the first time. Being a crossdresser up until last night, I had plenty of experience with make-up and dolling up, and I already had everything I needed. All I could think about as I got ready was that I’m actually a woman….a real woman!

I shaved everything that needed to be shaved, including a sexy thin landing strip, I painted my fingers and toes a creamy coral colour and applied a great topcoat that really made them shine. I applied my mascara, a shimmery bronze eye shadow that complimented my nails beautifully, some blush, and a new MAC lipstick I recently bought online that I was quickly falling in love with; relentlessly red retro matte lipstick. It was the cherry on the top! Lastly, I needed a great outfit and I knew exactly which one. I bought this great mini dress from SilkFred online a few months ago that I was saving. I couldn’t think of a better day to put it on for the first time. It’s made of fine black knit, has long sleeves and a large U-neck showing my color bones, falls not quite half was down my thighs, and it absolutely worships my curves. I didn’t realize how short it would be when I bought it and made note that if I have to pick anything off the floor I’ll have to bend at the knees and not the waist. Underneath I wore a black lace thong and matching bra. I finished my look by parting my hair down the middle and letting it flow down the sides of my head, and put on a pair of silver platform pumps. I admired the figure in the mirror and couldn’t help but smile! Amongst all those other feelings that I was feeling earlier, I was also feeling happy. Very, very, happy.

In all honesty, I had never been to an adult sex shop before. Despite that, I couldn’t wait to get there. I wasn’t scared or nervous like people sometimes are, plus I knew exactly which one to go to. There’s one a few doors down from the gym I went to that guaranteed the best selection of adult toys and dress in town. With my Michael Kors tote bag over my shoulder (a fake but who’s counting?), I opened the door and walked in, full of confidence and excitement. Quickly scanning the store, the first thing I saw was the porn section along the back wall in the far corner. Two guys were watching two girls 69ing on a big-screen TV, the girls’ moans easily heard throughout the entire store. The guys looked a little younger than me, I’m guessing early twenties. The remainder of the back wall and the shelves immediately in front of it were filled with boxes of various types of toys. I’ll get there in a second. The rest of the store was dedicated to both men’s and women’s lingerie, and in the midst of the corset section was an attractive couple, roughly in their forties. I momentarily imagined them in bed fucking each other’s brains out. She was laying on her back, naked, legs spread and resting on each of his broad shoulders. He was on his knees in front of her, clutching her firm calves, sucking her manicured toes. His tool jack hammering her wet pussy, her moans and screams begging him not to stop. Finally, her wet juices exploded all over his hard ten inch cock and firm abs. He came streams of his wonderful warm cum all over her tits and mouth.

“Hey hun, is there anything I can help you with?”

Being so lost in lustful thought, the soft, sexy voice, which came from behind, startled me. I heard a little laugh.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

When I turned around, my jaw dropped to the floor at the sight of the owner of the voice. She’s a bit shorter than me, and has long mocha-brown hair. A black rubber coil hair tie kept her high ponytail tight and secure. Her almond-shaped hazel eyes shimmered a vibrant green in the right light, her lips were plump and moist, and the hoop nose-ring gave you the impression that her wild side was one to discover. Her body, like her lips, was plump too, but the sexy, tight kind of plump. Big boobs, big hips, big ass, but all tight and perfectly proportioned. Figure-wise, she reminded me of Nicki Minaj. She wore a hushed pink maxi skirt that had a slit along her right thigh, a white floral print off-the-shoulder blouse that tied in the front, showing off her navel, and a amatör porno pair of white original Adidas runners with three pink striped down the sides.

She giggled again. “I’m Avida…” She pronounced it Ahveedha… Spanish, no doubt, being her lingua franca. “…and if there’s is anything I can help you with, just let me know.”

I returned her giggle, slightly embarrassed by being caught off guard.

“Hey Avida, I’m so sorry, I don’t normally scare so easily.” I giggled some more literally trying to laugh it off.

“Actually I could use a hand. I’m looking for a dildo, what would you suggest?” I asked, regaining my poise and confidence.

“Absolutely, we have a…large…selection of female toys. Follow me.”


She must use that line all the time, but regardless, it brought a small smile to my face.

As I followed her, another “male me” characteristic emerged because I stared at her fine ass the entire way, and I’m sure she knew it too. She showed me five or six different kinds, but highlighted a glass orange tickler.

“Aside from being a really cool orange…” she started, looking me right in the eye, “…it has an easy grip base with raised ridges to hit all those good spots.”

I returned her glare, making sure she knew she had my complete attention.

“Trust me hun, you’ll love this one.”

She handed me the box and I looked the dildo over. “I believe you Avida, you definitely come across as someone who knows her product. I’m Eva, by the way.” I said cheerfully.

“What a gorgeous name…and yes, I like to know what I’m selling.”

We both giggled…

A moment passed where we didn’t say a single word, we just stared into each other’s eyes.

“Well…” I said slowly, “…you sold me on it! I’ll take it! But honestly, I was looking for one of those hands-free ones. You know the ones that have a suction cup?” Crossdresser me had always wanted one to try to sissygasm.

“You bet I do hun.”

She walked over to the other side of the shelf and grabbed a box.

“It’s an 8 inch PleasureSkin cock, but we have bigger or smaller if you’d like. As you can see it has the suction cup along with balls at the base. Its shaped like a real hard cock, veins and all. This one is really good as well…one of my favs to be honest, and I’m sure you would absolutely love it.”

“Perfect!” I replied. “I’ll take this one too…” A huge smile on my face.

“Great!” she replied,” returning my smile. “I know you’re so going to enjoy these…” she paused, “…you know, if you want something hands-free, may I make a another suggestion?”


She grabbed my hand and led me to another aisle that said Lesbian Toys. I had to pick up my pace as she pulled me along, and again my boobs bounced with each click of my heels on the hardwood floor. She let go of my hand and picked up a longer box. Inside was a blue, 18inch, gel double dong complete with realistic veins and ridges.

“Now with something like this…” she explained, “…you will need a friend.” Her glare moving from the double dong to me. “I’m sure a gorgeous girl like you has no problem finding friends.”

“Well…” I began, taking a step closer to her, my eyes seductively looking down her body and back up to her eyes, “..actually, I think I’m making a new friend right now.”

She giggled. We both did. At that moment I looked past her to her right. The two guys who were watching the lesbians eat each other out were now looking at us, trying, unsuccessfully, to not make it obvious.

“Me too,” she answered gleefully. “So…does that mean…” She took a step towards me, the fabric of our clothes the only thing preventing our tits from touching.

“So…I’m thinking that when you get off work you should come over and ride this thing with me.”

Our tone quickly changed from giggly to serious. Actually, I wouldn’t say serious, more like we were both becoming really horny and knew exactly what we wanted to do about it.

“I can’t think of anything I’d like to do more. My boyfriend is having his friends over for poker tonight anyways.

“They can play all the poker they want while we play poke her.” It was a poor attempt at being funny, but she laughed anyways.

“I can’t wait.” Avida replied.

We exchanged Iphones and input our info. We walked to the front cashier where I paid for my fake cocks. The two real cocks in the back watched us the entire way, which I loved. It reassured that earlier feeling I had of being sexy and powerful. As Avida put my toys in a bag, the couple got in line behind me. She was holding a hot pink corset with black lace piping, the matching G-string, and black floral knitted thigh high stockings. He had a huge grin on his face. Obviously, it was going to be a good night in that household.

When I got home, I didn’t even make it to the bedroom. In the kitchen, I ripped the suction cup dildo out of the box and hiked my mini dress to my waist. I placed it on my tile floor between anal porno the island and kitchen counter. I didn’t care where I was, I just wanted to fuck my pussy again. I got down on my knees, pulled my thong to the side, and guided the dildo to my tight pussy. I could already feel my warm juices wanting to run free. I lowered my hips, the head of the dildo now in me. My eyes closed, I placed my hands on the floor for support, biting my lower lip. Slowly, I lowered my hips more…and more…until all 8″ disappeared, only the suction cup and balls still visible.

“Ahhhhhhh,” I began to moan.

I briefly stopped, allowing my muscles to get use to the penetration. Slowly, I raised my hips until I reached the head, then slowly came back down on it. Being so much bigger than my finger, I needed to go slower. But already, it felt amazing. Up and down I went a few more times. My pussy juice began to drip allowing the dildo slide in and out easier. Kneeling straight up, I began to ride the dildo faster.


My moans were getting louder and louder. Up and down I continued, riding faster and faster. As my pace increased, my tits popped out of the top of my dress. That really set it off for me.

“AHHHHhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH Fuckkkkkk yeah.”

My tits now bounced freely as I rode the dildo, and I absolutely loved the feeling. I always wondered how it felt when I watched porn stars riding cock… now I know. They bounced in unison, up and down…up and down…up and down. But after riding the dildo almost as fast and hard as I could, they started bouncing kind of in a circle, from outside in.


I raised myself so I was no longer on my knees. I was more in a reverse cowgirl position, heels firmly planted on the floor, my arms and hands reaching behind me for support. I rode as hard as I could going up and down that big, hard fake cock. Just like earlier this morning, my sweet warm juices were pooling on the floor under the dildo’s balls.



My tits bounced, my hair was going all over the place, and my pussy was in absolute ecstasy.

I could feel my orgasm coming…not much more. I hunched forward, my forearms on the cool tiled floor, ass in the air. The coolness of the tiled floor touching my hard nipples sent shivers down my spine, and just like this morning, the chicken skin returned.



My body tensed up and I rode up and down the dildo once more.


I grabbed at my tits and played with my nipples, teasing them.

By this point, I was sure that my neighbours must could hear what was going on and wondering who the woman was.


And then, I came even harder than this morrning. My eyes watered as they stared into nothingness. I could feel the rush of my juices down my pussy and explode all over the floor.




Spasming, I collapsed, laying flat on the floor…dildo sliding out. The entire front half of my body felling the coolness of the floor, except for a warm area by my midriff from my delicious juices. I laid on the floor helpless, my orgasm still not quite done. I reached down with my right hand and rubbed my clit using the same side-to-side technique I discovered this morning. I applied more pressure, trying to extend the orgasm as long as possible.





I felt another surge coming. Rolling over onto my back, I planted my heels on the floor and raised my hips into the air. I worked my clit the best I could, still learning the proper technique. My tits bounced up and down, practically hitting my face. I continued rubbing my clit, and began to feel my entire body tensed up again, but at the same time, it felt totally relaxed. The waves my clit emitted reverberated throughout my entire body, and it was as if every cell in my body was screaming YES, YES, DON’T EVER FUCKING STOP!!

The final surge was at the gates, and I couldn’t even make a sound. Eyes shut, all I could focus on was the party at my pussy…and then I collapsed to the floor cuming once again.



My legs flailed in the air and I rolled from side to side on the floor in pure ecstasy. I grabbed my tits and momentarily played with my nipples. As great as my orgasm was this morning, this was soooo much more intense. Without a doubt, it was the best feeling I have ever experienced.

As my orgasm came to an end, all I could do was lay on the floor, chest heaving…spent. At that exact moment I remembered Avida, and on cue my phone vibrated. It was in my bag on the island. Somehow, I kicked up to it and the bag came crashing down beside me. I ruffled through my purse until I felt my phone and pulled it out. I laughed when I saw the name Avida typed into my phone:

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