The Gift Box Ch. 05

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After the passing of the holiday, Eric’s return to work left Emily lonely, and longing for her newfound sexual exploits with her husband and son. It had been a pleasure to give herself up to both of them freely. Yet suddenly, everything had changed.

She didn’t receive much of Scott’s attention because his teaching schedule had changed a great deal, and the finalization of his divorce, left him in a lull. Once again, Emily was left to her own means of self-satisfaction.

Emily asked Erica to take Willow and Breyden for the day, allowing her time to relax and ready herself for the upcoming evening she had planned for her husband.

She decided to use the pool, as it had been such a long time since she could go skinny-dipping in her own backyard. She slipped off into the heated warmth of the water, her naked form gracefully embraced by its softness. She found a water jet and let it bring her to orgasm.

Her breast became firm as she floated atop the water, nipples caressed by the air, making them extremely hard. She felt the sudden need for something deep inside her body and made her way into the pool house where she had left a few of her favorite ‘toys’.

She missed being able to slip down to the pool house and fuck herself silly with them, but today, she was going to pleasure herself the way she used to.

Her newest addition to the group was a bulging 12″ monster that was almost 2″ thick. It resembled Eric’s cock in so many ways. She knew she couldn’t take it all, but she was going to try. She positioned herself on the couch where she always liked to lay, and lubed up her ‘monster’, then herself.

She posed it between her breasts and rubbed it around, bring her arousal even higher, after which, she teased her nipples with her fingers thinking of how Scott suckled escort ilanları her, and pushed the dildo down to her swollen pussy, longing for Eric.

She teased her clit with it and entangled her lips about its head and shaft, moaning deeply. She finally pushed it within her wetness, gasping at its entrance. She pushed it back and forth, slowly at first, bucking up to it.

The feelings became more intense as she drove it in deeper and harder, bringing on the second of three orgasms. She slowed her pace and fingered her clit, dipping within her wetness, then shoved the monster as deep as she could, screaming out as she rose and fell to meet her own strokes, bringing on her last orgasmic elation. She lay in tears, wanting her husband, missing her son.

Later that evening when all was quiet, Emily snuggled up to Eric for the night. “How was it?” he asked, pulling her deeper into his chest.

“How was what?” she looked at him, curious to know if he knew what she had been up to earlier that afternoon.

“Your day alone,” he smiled, seeing the look she gave him, “You weren’t doing anything ‘naughty’ were you?”

“Me? Come on now, you know me better than that!” she ran her nails down his chest, making him quiver.

“Yes, I know my wife very well.” a broad grin crossed his lips as he watched her eyes, “So how was it?”

“It was nice, but I prefer my husband and my son compared to its girth. I did feel very good. I have to say that it would have been more of a pleasure if my pussy was thrashed with your tongue.”

Eric sat up, pushing her back from him, “well, then, are you ready for me baby?”

He rolled her on her back and slid down her body, taking time to kiss her deeply, and work his way down to her breast, nursing each gaziantep escort ilanları one with heated passion, nibbling at her hardened nipples, making her squeal with delight.

He allowed his fingers to grace her thighs, pushing them apart while he traced the lengths back to her wetness. He dipped and touched her folds, bringing her cream to encircle it on her areolas, then to his lips as he continued to finger her and enjoy the succulence of her breast.

“Eric, um, Eric.” her pleasure zones peaking as he nipped at her.

He slid his body over hers, parting her legs fully and did not hesitate to leave her swollen mounds to taste the flower of her sex. Finding it juiced to his liking, he slipped his tongue between her folds, working between her lips to her clit, and back down, dipping into the depths of her hole. He sucked attentively, this one little nub of his passion.

She bucked at him as he caught her ass in his hands, spreading her cheeks, licking her from top to bottom, back again, sending her to quiver as he shoved a thumb inside her, and flicked at her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue.

His fingers worked their magic on her and she forced into his face as he lapped at her wetness, making her orgasm, squirting his mouth and face, lavishing him in her juices. He licked her, capturing all of her liquor he could savor, and brought her to another climax, making her soak the sheets as well as him.

She pushed him away when she could take no more and he quickly mounted her, his hard cock, throbbing with want of her. It stood out like a massive rod, looking similar to the monster she had fucked herself with earlier that day, and felt as such when he shoved it inside of her.

She gasped as he worked gaziantep escort bayan ilanları in and out of her, slowly building speed between them. Eric adjusted her legs around him and brought her up so she was sitting atop him while he sat on his haunches.

The motion was slow, but pleasing as he worked her up and down on his hardness, holding her close so he could kiss her and bite at her, bringing moans of delight from his wife.

Emily ground into him, quickening the pace between them, feeling her own body near explosion and want of his cream. She broke their kiss and pleaded for him to come, fuck her like the animal she loved.

He put one hand on her ass, and one on her back for balance, and pumped her deep, using the motion of the bed to help in his movement. He could feel himself bottoming out inside her as he did, and she clung to him, claws deep into his shoulders, head back, hips forcing down on his body. She was the animal now, she was fucking him, she was bringing him to the edge of the cliff of climax.

“Yes Eric, yes, oh, fuck me, love me!”

“Fuck me Em, wet me down, fuck me my mad lover, come for me baby, come!”

“Oh Eric, baby!” her growl was that of a wild cat, her body tightened, her muscles clenched him, and she exploded all over his thighs, heated liquid ran down to his bent knees and the sheets. He clenched her ass and pulled her closer to him as she brought him over with her.

“FUCK EM! Fuck yes baby,” Eric shoved himself hard and deep as he shot off a thick load of love into her heated body, and almost pushed her from the bed. He felt himself quake inside her as the last of his load expelled. He clung to her until he slipped from her body.

Never letting go of each other, he managed to lay her back, his body hovering over hers, kissing her deeply as they relaxed. He eased his hand down between her legs, “beautifully soaked with your feminine juices that I love to savor.” He pulled his fingers to his lips and sucked them, then kissed her, wrapping his tongue with hers. “Maybe next time we should get a towel?” he whispered through the kiss.

“Um, maybe.” she smiled, contentment in her expression.

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