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To Janet; and Sarah; and Julie, a free-spirited freckled redhead.

It felt good…crazy good…

Even as I was floating in that dreamy state of semi-consciousness, the erotic stimulation of her liquidy, lingual titilation, the pulsing suction of her moist lips, the playful teasing of her nimble fingers – all consorting to make my nipples tingle with pleasure – coerced me to a surging state of arousal.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned in approval.

She giggled and whispered, “You like that, don’t you.”

“Oh yeah,” I lazily replied.

“Love running my tongue over your nipples. Sorry it woke you; couldn’t resist,” she purred.

Glancing up at me, a coquettish smile crossed Janet’s enticingly freckled pixie face, and she intensified her tantalizing foreplay.

“You’re making my cock sooo hard,” I groaned, “but you knew that would happen, didn’t you.”

“Mmmmm, just an unexpected bonus,” she playfully teased. “What should we do about it?”

My hands drifted down the curve of her lushly freckled back to her bottom, and I began kneading her well-toned butt cheeks. I had a plan of my own.

“Something different?” I proffered. “Wanna try a little 69?”

“Oooo, yeah, my very first time,” she gleefully consented. “But let me be on top? I’ve been, um, instructed that it will allow for greater… cock control.”

“Deal,” I consented, thinking to myself, ‘her sister really managed to cover everything.’

It had only been a couple of hours since our last voracious bout of lovemaking. Having exhausted one another with massive multiple orgasms, Janet and I – however briefly – clung together in a deep, contented sleep. Yet even all that unbridled carnality wasn’t enough. We hadn’t had our fill. Unquestionably, the libidinal impulses of typical 18-year-olds are virtually insatiable. But, for the two of us, that drive had even deeper roots. In all that time prior to our nascent romance, we were – unknowingly – the exclusive psychic protagonists of each other’s most sexually charged fantasies. Every self-pleasuring climax we achieved had been predicated upon this corresponding fixation. Both Janet and I were the licentious equivalent of salivating Pavlovian dogs, conditioned to respond to each other with unquenchable lust. She was my aphrodisiacal addiction; as was I, for her.

With athletic grace – undoubtedly acquired through years of rigorous gymnastics training – Janet repositioned her body, aligning our mouths and genitalia. I grabbed her butt cheeks, directing her waiting pussy above me. She had only a sparse covering of closely cropped pubic hair. I studied the delicate freckling across her inner thighs, which dissipated to a few whimsical flecks on her slick labia.

“So how’d you manage those luscious little freckles on your pussy?” I mused. “So hot.”

“No clue…,” She giggled. “Don’t get much sun down there…”

“Looks like you got a little haircut as well,” I observed.

“Um hmm,” she concurred, “hope you like it styled that way. I’m used to keeping it short for gymnastics… always wanted to shave it all off. Maybe…you could be my barber?”

“Hmmm,” I replied, contemplating her request. “think I can squeeze you in for an appointment. But you should know in advance…I don’t work cheap.”

“Gee, I hope I can afford you,” she whimpered in her baby-doll voice. “Perhaps you’d be willing to accept, say, an exchange of services?”

With that, she took hold of my cock and began drawing tantalizing circles around the engorged head with her tongue. I felt every muscle in my groin involuntary tighten in response.

“Oh yeah,” I gasped. “I’m… I’m sure we can work… something out.”

The playful banter had run its course. Now, all I wanted to do was devour her sex. Turning my attention to her pussy, my tongue tunneled deeply into the glistening vaginal orifice. The taste of her nectar excited me, and my tongue thrashed along her labial lips and stiffening clit.

“Oh god that’s good,” she simpered. “Like what I’m doing to your cock?”

“Feels great, mmm yeah,” I replied.

This time, her oral ministrations took a different tack. Janet’s thumb and forefinger formed a tight ring which encircled the base of my fully erect phallus. At the same time, her tongue and lips navigated a tantalizing trail across the length of the shaft, probing and lashing at the most sensitive zones. When my excitation began building to a climax, that ring of digits would slide up to my cock head, tightening just enough to inhibit ejaculation. Once contained, she would begin the process again; teasing, exciting, taking me right to the edge, then bringing me back down. It was tortuous; yet masterful.

Two could play at this. I began circling around the perimeter of her erogenous zones, randomly making contact with only the most ephemeral of touches. I captured strands of her pubic hair in my lips, gently tugging and releasing. I blew moist streams of air across her labia, and watched as her pulsing clit virtually screamed for more attention illegal bahis when I treated it with a mere graze of my tongue. I sprayed spittle on her pussy and watched it run along her slit, mingling with her own dripping juices. I resisted her attempts to force her pelvis towards my mouth, much as I wanted to bury my face in her gaping pussy.

So this endurance contest continued, as we teased and tempted each other in a game of sexual chicken to see who could hold out longest. Her gasps and moans were clear signs she was beginning to succumb, but for me, the tension was becoming unbearable. I was desperate for release.

“Oh god, baby, PLEASE let me cum!” I screamed, yielding to my desire.

“Get me off, NOW!” she pleaded in response.

Janet began furiously pumping my tumescent shaft while lapping at the swollen helmet. At the same time, I reached for the vibrator on her nightstand. Inserting the pulsating head into her canal, I probed for her “G” spot while my tongue frantically drew circles around her engorged clit.

“Oh GOD,” she gasped. “I’m gonna CUMMM!”

I was less articulate, uttering an incoherent cry as I reached my explosive climax. As the hot jets of semen erupted, her body writhed and bucked above me, consumed by the ecstasy of her own orgasmic bliss.

Finally, the waves of pleasure subsided, and she collapsed atop me. Her wet pussy pressed against my face. I gently kissed it, relishing her taste and scent. Upon finally regaining coherency, I heard her giggle.

“Having fun?” I lazily queried.

“See what you did to me?” she pouted while shifting around towards me.

Her freckled face and chest were streaked with my cum.

“I must look like such a slut,” she mockingly whined. “Turn you on?”

“Sooo hot,” I moaned in appreciation. “Love seeing my cum all over those freckles.”

I reached over and grabbed some tissues from the box on her nightstand. As I began casually dabbing at the sticky trails of semen, she scooped up a generous dollop, seductively licking it off her fingers.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “Tastes sooo goood.”

“Missed a spot,” I informed her, as my fingers displayed a splotch I wiped from her freckled breasts. Without hesitation, she grabbed my hand and drew the digits into her mouth, holding them there, sucking and swallowing the last viscous drops. Then, she winked at me and said,

“I’ll be coming back for seconds, later.”

“Think I’ve just about run out for now. Let’s get some more sleep, maybe l can replenish the supply,” I replied with a yawn. “Time is it?”

“After 4:00, god, it’s late,” she replied. “Hold me?”

She turned her back to me, and our bodies aligned as if expertly machine molded to fit. I draped my arm around her, cupping a firm, supple breast in my hand. The last thing I saw before dropping off were the countless freckles which spread across her shoulders. Nothing could be more beautiful.

When next I opened my eyes, Janet was still fast asleep. With nature calling, I deftly disengaged from our embrace so as not wake her, and quietly crept off to the bathroom. After taking care of business, I cleaned up a bit and used some mouthwash to quell the morning breath. When I returned to the room, she was still asleep.

I studied her naked form, relishing every aspect. Her elfin face was small and slightly angular, with large, almond shaped eyes topped by finely arched brows. Her nose was soft and petite, and a beatific smile was etched across Cupid’s bow lips. She was exquisitely proportioned; firm, yet lithe; taut, yet soft and feminine. Her silken skin was the color of shimmering moonlight. The entire perfect package was dappled with that one feature that was, to me, utterly irresistible; her ubiquitous freckles.

They were tiny, and light in color; gathered in dense clusters where the sun had made most frequent contact; but they graced nearly every part of her body. I stood over her as she lie sleeping, mesmerized by those kaleidoscopic patterns of plentiful freckles, and found myself – almost reflexively – becoming aroused.

Her alarm clock read 9:30; five hours had passed since our last sexual escapade. Time for more. Reaching over to her nightstand, I took one of the remaining condoms and sheathed my burgeoning erection. Stealthily, I climbed back into bed. Sensing my presence in her semi-conscious state, she rolled her body towards me, and absently slung her arm about my waist. I began placing barely perceptible kisses across her face, gradually increasing the intensity so as to modulate her arousal. She moaned her approval, and then spoke.

“Mmmm, wish I could make you my permanent alarm clock,” she cooed.

“I’d love the job,” I replied. “If that freckled body was waiting in bed for me, I’d never oversleep again.”

“Ummm, feels like you’ve already begun to rise and shine,” she perceptively observed, as my hard cock pressed against her.

I climbed on top of her, and we kissed, deeply and passionately. We looked into each other’s eyes. illegal bahis siteleri Her freckled face radiated with tender emotion.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered. “I’m so in love with you.”

“I love you too,” she replied.

The previous evening’s sexual escapades ranged in tone from animal intensity to kinky gamesmanship. This time, our lovemaking was tempered with warmth and tenderness. It was the apotheosis of all we felt for one another.

Her hand moved down to guide me inside her. I slowed my penetration, relishing the velvety warm embrace of her widening passageway, until we became one. My motion in and out of her was unhurried and deliberate. Our eyes remained fixed upon each other, even when we exchanged tender kisses.

“Let me be on top,” she softly whispered.

We deftly reoriented and she positioned my manhood at the mouth of her entry. Her body moved in a sensual, undulating rhythm. My senses were inundated with the waves of supple freckled flesh cascading over me. Her breathing quickened and tempo gradually accelerated as her orgasm began to mount. Soon she began to moan and gasp as the pleasure grew to its inevitable crescendo. I reached up and gently pinched her stiffening nipples.

“Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cu-uh-uhhhh,” she exclaimed.

When Janet settled down on top of me, it felt as if her body melted into mine. I held her in my arms, randomly placing feathery kisses and caresses. We stayed this way for some time. I almost wished it could last forever. Then, she rolled off me and reached down to remove the condom from my semi-flaccid cock. Looking up at me, I could see the contented smile on her face. Wordlessly, she began to work my shaft; slowly at first, but adjusting the pace and tightening her grip to match my changing respiration and muscular tension. As I approached my climax, she began flicking her tongue along my nipples, which immediately sent me over the edge. My loins convulsed, and mouth opened a silent scream of ecstasy. I closed my eyes as I came down, while she reciprocated with kisses and caresses all over my body.

“I wish we never had to leave this bed,” she said in a dreamy voice. “I wish we could just stay here forever and keep making love, over and over.”

“So do I,” I responded. “So do I.”

“Be right back,” she said, climbing out of bed and exiting the room.

I heard the sound of running water filling a bathtub as she quickly returned.

“Come on,” she urged me. “I’m filling the tub in my parents bathroom. It has whirlpool jets, It’ll be fun!”

I got out of bed and followed her. When the tub was sufficiently filled we climbed in. I positioned myself behind her, cradling her body and she turned on the high pressure nozzles. It was invigorating. I grabbed a bar of soap and began sudsing up her freckled shoulders, arms and breasts. In what seemed like an impossible act of flexibility, she extended her right leg over her head, and beckoned me to wash it.

“That’s impressive,” I admiringly remarked. “Lemme guess: gymnastics?”

“Uh huh,” she replied in a coquettish tone. “And I have some ideas about how my gymnastics training can open up some creative…possibilities for our love-making.”

“Ooo, that sounds intriguing,” I replied.

We scrubbed and splashed and kissed and teased each other as the powerful jets of water kneaded and revived our muscles. Then I offered a suggestion.

“Hey, got an idea. How ’bout I give you that shave and haircut we talked about. That is, if you were serious.”

“Yeah, lets do it,” she responded enthusiastically. “My dad’s beard trimmer and shaving kit are under the sink.”

She hesitated, “umm, you’ll be really careful, won’t you?”

“Are you kidding,” I replied with incredulity. “Do you think I would do anything that might prevent me from…well, enjoying your..umm, privates? I’ll treat ’em as if they were my very own.”

“Hmmm,” she countered. “That gives me an idea. How ’bout you shave my parts, and I shave yours? I mean, it’ll probably feel even better if we both go hairless. Deal?”

I considered her proposal for a moment.

“Welll, ok…but you can’t tell anyone else about this. I don’t want my friends giving me shit about auditioning for – like -‘America’s Next Porn Star’ or something,” I conditionally consented.

“Promise,” she giggled. “And as a show of good faith, you can do me first.”

She retrieved the tonsorial tools and began by plugging in the beard trimmer. She sat on the toilet seat and spread her legs apart wider than I ever thought humanly possible. With her hands on either side of the labia, she stretched the sensitive skin. I picked up the trimmer, turned it on. Kneeling down in front of the target zone, I carefully considered how to tackle the procedure.

“Well?” she said in a teasing sing-song voice. “What are you waiting for?”

“Ok,” I said with some reluctance. “Here goes.”

I slowly ran the whirring head around the perimeter of her pussy, and watched canlı bahis siteleri as the hair fell away. She began to squirm and shift position.

“Hey, hold still,” I cautioned.

“Sorry, can’t help it, it tingles and..well… feels kinda nice,” she purred.

That’s when I realized that the vibration of the clippers was having an unanticipated effect on her pussy. I knew I had to work quickly. As rapidly as I buzzed over the surface area, she still experienced a mild orgasm when I moved closest to her clitoral region.

“Mmmm, that felt nice, excellent technique,” she moaned in appreciation. “Gonna finish the job?”

I shot a dollop of shaving cream in my hand and gently massaged it all over her denuded skin. Clearly she was enjoying the process. Gently stretching her labia, I began carefully shaving off any remaining stubble. The mentholated emollient made her tingle, and along with the gentle scraping of the razor, she was clearly becoming aroused. When the job was completed, I rinsed away the residual creme with a washcloth and admired my handwork. I took a hand mirror from the vanity and positioned it so she could critique my efforts.

“So?” I queried. “What’d ya think?”

“Hmmm,” she pondered. “If this music thing doesn’t work out, I think you may have stumbled on a potential new career opportunity.”

I stared at her hairless vagina and couldn’t resist performing one final oral inspection.

“Well, there is one definitive test to make certain I did a thorough job,” I stated.

I leaned forward and ran my tongue all along the smooth, sensitized pussy flesh. The taste of her vaginal fluids flooded my mouth almost immediately.

“Uhhh, I’m gonna cum again,” she gasped. “It’s sooo goood, oh GOD I’M CUMMING!”

I could see her pelvic muscles spasm involuntarily as she orgasm ran its course. As she began to regain her composure, I said, “you’re clean as a whistle.”

She rose and directed me to sit on the edge of the tub. Picking up the trimmer, she flipped the on switch, looked me in the eye and pronounced that it was my turn. True to my word, I spread my legs apart and she began shearing my pubic hair. In short order, phase one was completed; but it was phase two that was somewhat more disconcerting. She liberally applied the shaving cream, carefully rubbing it across my the base of my cock and scrotum.

“Nervous?” she inquired.

“A little,” I confessed. “You?”

“A little,” she confessed, with a sly smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll treat your boys with tender loving care.”

I held my breath as she drew the razor over the sensitive skin. With the precision of a master surgeon, she deftly managed the exfoliation with no visible damage. She wiped away the few remaining streaks of shaving cream and applied a liberal coat of soothing moisturizer.

“Nice touch,” I told her.

“Thought you might like that,” she replied. “Check it out, I think it’s a good look for you.”

She placed the hand mirror below my groin, angling it so I could see the results.

“Nice. Clean, no nicks, no razor burn. Bet you could get a job prepping vasectomy patients,” I suggested. “Think I need a little adjustment period down there. Would you mind doing a more in depth review of the merchandise later?”

She looked disappointed.

“Ok, if you insist. But I not through with you yet,” she warned. “Hungry? Want some breakfast?”

“Sounds good,” I replied. “Maybe we should put some clothes on.”

The I remembered that I left the overnight bag with my change of clothes in Bruce’s van the night before.

“Damn, I don’t have anything clean,” I said.

“Hey, no worries, I’ll throw your stuff in the machine, it’ll be clean in an hour,” she reassured me. “Wrap yourself in this bath towel for the time being. Relax, lie down on the couch, put on some music, I’ll be up in a minute and make us some eggs.”

Janet grabbed my dirty laundry and disappeared. I took her suggestion and put on my favorite college radio station, then flopped down on the couch. I never tired of listening to the old Masters. Soon my eyes closed, and I was lost in the familiar tunes of the Beatles, Who and Kinks; until a strange voice shocked me back to reality.

“Hi there,” she said.

Standing above me was an attractive, curvaceous blue-eyed redhead, mid-twenties, wearing skin-tight jeans and a revealing hot pink camisole. Her complexion was lightly tanned, and surprisingly – for a redhead – free of any substantial freckling.

“Ummm, hello,” I awkwardly replied, caught off guard and embarrassed by my skimpy attire. “You’re …you must be Janet’s sister?”

“That’s right, Lori,” she replied, with a bemused expression on her face. “You have me at a disadvantage. Who the fuck are you and what are you doing half naked on our couch?”

“I…I’m…I was selling magazine subscriptions to help pay for my college tuition and the lady of the house invited me in..,” I replied, hoping my feeble attempt at humor would break the tension.

Just in the nick of time, Janet (who had fortuitously put on shorts and a tee shirt) emerged from the laundry room and ran to her sister with a happy squeal.

“Lor!” she joyfully exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing here? I see you’ve met..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32