The Goodbye

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Amy lived a typical existence at work. She would get to work and have her coffee and bury her head in her work until 1 or 2 and take a late lunch so she could read her book. The rest of the day would be spent working sporadically and catching up on her personal e-mails until it was time to go home. It was your typical entry-level position. Amy knew that she was just biding her time until a more promising job presented itself.

Amy was single, and had been for about a year. She was okay with it as she never really put herself out there in the dating scene. She did not like to go to the bars or clubs and besides the occasional internet dating site she really didn’t pursue the dating scene. Most men at work found her looks unremarkable. She was short with long blond hair and was kind of chubby. Amy did happen to have big breasts that she would show off in tight shirts every day. Most every shirt was tight on Amy because of the size of her tits. Amy loved torturing some of the men at work with her cleavage. She thought it was funny to go over to a man’s cubicle and bend over his desk and watch his eyes focus in on in between her two huge tits. As much as some women hate men staring at their breasts it made Amy feel sexy sometimes. Amy didn’t have much interest in the guys from work. That is except for John.

John sat in the cubicle next to her. He was an experienced employee who Amy would often go to for advice. He was guilty of staring at her tits as well, but when he would look it almost gave her butterflies. She was not sure what it was about him. He was a man in his late 20’s, a little over six feet tall, with short brown hair. He probably could stand to lose a few pounds due to his slowing metabolism, but for some reason he got Amy wet almost every day. Maybe it was his steely blue eyes or his powerful forearms, but something about John just turned Amy on. Besides the physical attraction, Amy also really enjoyed talking to John. They had similar interests in television and movies and would often spend their mornings sipping on coffee talking about the latest movie or television show they had seen. Amy really liked John but he had a girlfriend he was always talking to on the phone at work. As usual in Amy’s life the man she liked had a girlfriend.

After a year and a half of paying her dues at her workplace, Amy’s college roommate got her a job offer with a lot more pay and room for advancement. She would have to move to a different state but Amy was only 24 and excited for the opportunity to start fresh Kartal Escort somewhere else.

On her last day at work, her co-workers took her to a local bar after work to celebrate her new job. It was a nice gathering and to Amy’s delight John showed up. They all had pitchers of beer and had a good time talking about old work memories. The more she drank the more she fantasized about John. She thought about him tearing off her shirt and sucking on her sensitive nipples while he fingered her pussy. The more she drank the more she fantasized about John fucking her now dripping wet pussy but she had to control herself because there was still some of her co-workers around. She could not wait until she got home so she could fuck her self with her new vibrator.

The night had slowed down and it was just John and her friend Rachel left at the bar. Amy had not drove so she thought she was just going to get a ride home with Rachel who was her best friend at the office.

“Ready to go?” Rachel asked as she reached for her purse. Amy and John started to grab their jackets to leave the bar when John placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Rachel, I will just take Amy home, since she lives up my way,” John said. Amy’s heart started beating faster and faster. Rachel did not protest and Amy and John started on their way to her place.

The car ride to her place was filled with sexual tension. Amy had butterflies in her stomach thinking about how dripping wet her pussy was and how she just wanted John’s nice hard cock inside it. Amy noticed how every now and then John would look away from the road and take a quick peak at her tits which were almost spilling out of her shirt at this time of the night. She looked down at John’s pants and saw that his cock was now hard and pushing against the waist of his pants. Amy wanted to unzip his pants and take his throbbing cock in her mouth but she knew he was in a relationship. They got to her apartment and instead of dropping her off at the front he parked the car.

“Mind if I come up?” John asked as he placed his hand on her lower back. Amy instantly agreed, thinking about how nice John’s hand felt on her back for that moment. They both walked into her apartment, and Amy shut the door. As soon as she shut the door she turned around to find John very close to her. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close and kissed her long and deep. Their tongues wrestled around in passion as John pinned her against the door. Their lips parted and John started kissing Pendik Escort down her neck as he unhooked her bra. Amy was surprised at how aggressive John was being but she had never been so turned on in all her life. John yanked off her shirt, and squeezed her big tits together nibbling and biting on her nipples. Amy moaned in delight. She could feel a single drop of wetness from her pussy drip down her leg.

They stumbled their way to the couch taking John’s shirt off as they maneuvered around the coffee table. They pounced on the couch, Amy on top of John as they made out. John would take pauses from their kissing to suck and nibble on her nipples. She would grind her pussy against his throbbing hard cock as he played with her tits. She could not wait until that cock was inside her. Amy climbed off John and started pulling down his pants revealing his hard cock. It was average size length wise but it was the thickest cock she had ever seen. Amy took the cock in her mouth, licking around the head. She could already taste John’s precum as she took his cock deep in her throat. Amy’s mouth was getting John’s cock sloppy wet with saliva as she bobbed up and down. She paused and slid his sloppy wet cock in between those big fucking tits before sticking his thick cock back in her mouth. John leaned his head back and groaned with delight. John maneuvered Amy so that he could get her pants off while she kept sucking his cock. He pulled down her jeans and her panties and started fingering her tight little pussy as she sucked his cock. She moaned as her pussy drenched John’s hand with her sweet juices.

John knew that Amy’s pussy was about ready to be fucked. He grabbed her so she was laying again on the couch. He spread her legs apart and started licking her clit. He started by circling her clit with his tongue as he fingered her pussy at the same time. Amy started to orgasm. John stuck his tongue in her warm snatch, wiggling it around as he grabbed her hips grinding her pussy into his face.

“Fuck me now!” Amy yelled. She could not wait any longer to have John’s cock inside her. They went to the bedroom and John laid Amy down. He held her arms down with those powerful forearms she liked and started to stick is throbbing cock in her pussy. She gasped as the thick member stretched out the walls of her tight pussy. Amy immediately came when he thrust his cock inside. She let out a moan and her pussy drenched John’s balls with her sweet juices. The feeling of Amy’s juices on his balls felt so Göztepe Escort good he started pumping faster. He held down Amy’s forearms and stared into her eyes as he fucked her pussy faster. Amy stared back into John’s steely eyes that she loved so much and moved her hips to meet his cock which was pounding her pussy harder and harder. Her legs started to quiver as she came again as his thick cock drove deeper and deeper.

John used his forceful arms to turn her around. He bent her over and started to fuck her from behind. His cock felt so good pounding her from behind. John’s swollen balls slapped into her clit. Amy started to scream in ecstasy.

“You like that nice thick cock don’t you?” John said as he spanked her nice round ass. She loved the stinging sensation of the spanking as his balls smacked against her clit. Her body was turning to jello from how much she was cumming.

“Pound that tight cunt harder!” Amy screamed. John started thrusting his hips as fast as he could. John’s sweaty body slapped against her nice round ass. She could barely handle the force of each thrust. He reached around and grabbed her sweaty tits as he kept pounding. She could feel his cock throbbing harder in side her. John started to moan. His pounding got even faster. He finally released a hot load of cum deep inside her. She loved the sensation of John’s hot liquid filling her up. They both collapsed in exhaustion on the bed. As Amy laid down she felt John’s cum trickle from her pussy down her leg. She had never been fucked so good in all her life.

There was not a tearful goodbye or much talk of what had happened. They exchanged pleasantries and John went on his way. Amy understood that they would just have that one night but she was fine with it. She was moving to a new state and knew that she could never be with John. In a way the situation had her more confident and excited to start her new journey in another state.

Amy went to her new job excited to see what was in store for her in her new position. She was led to her new cubicle next to a man named Mark. Mark was in his late 20’s with the same steely blue eyes that John had. Amy quivered thinking back to her night of passion with John. She went over to introduce her self.

“Hi, I’m Amy,” she said leaning over his desk to say hi; her huge tits struggling to stay in her tight shirt.

“I’m Mark,” he replied, as he tried hard to look in her eyes but could not help but sneak a peak at that cleavage. Amy noticed, but did not care as she her pussy was getting wet at the prospect of becoming good friends with Mark. “Would you be interested in going to the bar after work with some of us after work?” Mark asked, sneaking another peak at her heaving tits.

“Sure, but I’ll need a ride home,” Amy replied with a smile.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32