The Guidance of Nephews Ch. 02

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Saroja had become extremely friendly with her two nephews and her brother-in-law. They turned into a fun-loving group and this added to the fun and games associated with a typical Indian wedding. Her husband was a serious, morose type, but he always responded to good company.

The increased familiarity with these family members who were infrequently encountered crossed all limits when Saroja decided to share the same room as the guys instead of staying with the women of the wedding party as was the custom. Seeing each other in stages of undress caused arousal. The older woman found her shy, strong nephews exciting. Somewhere an element of sympathy also crept in, for she knew they were starved of good female company.

In quick sequence, by turns, without one man knowing that the other had had a special encounter, Saroja had an encounter with each of them. First Gopi, the elder nephew got a complete eyeful of her large breasts. Then the younger nephew Sundar was rewarded with an exhibition as well as a fist-fuck, drenching Saroja’s fist with his virile outpourings. Saroja did not flinch as he came in large spurts. He was afraid the warmth of her fist would be gone soon; but no — she stayed and allowed his jerks to subside fully. Finally, Ravi, the brother-in-law had chanced upon her with her blouse undone. As they moved closer, Ravi had whip-sawed her cunt with unrelenting and rough fingers bringing her to a blinding, much-needed orgasm.

It was all very circumstantial; Saroja rationalized the events to her self. There was no other way she could come to terms with the sheer illicitness of her deeds in that brief hour. She had bared herself like the slut she was in her inner recesses to three relatives all of whom had looked up to her this far. Her own husband’s brother and their nephews. Had she polluted innocent minds? Or had she just given an outlet to what was already raging in their minds and therefore, cocks?

Now, the wedding was over and they were headed back on a long drive to the city. As the car made its way, there were stretches where the road was still in the making and the surface was really bad. On one such stretch the car gave way and nothing much could be done except to get a mechanic from the next large town.

Arvind Kumar was unsure how to handle the situation, but he soon decided to take a passing bus and get a mechanic. There was not too much debate on who should stay behind. None of the three young men who were in awe of the sexy Saroja volunteered. Each secretly hoped that the others would leave with only one of them staying behind with the sexy Saroja. In the hustle bustle of the day and the jostling in the car, she seemed unraveled and ready for plucking. Her pallo was all messed up and saree was askew. Sweat patches made her damp blouse stick to her skin revealing delicious skin. As for her cleavage, it seemed ready to burst upon anyone who so much as glanced at her bosom.

Kumar however left behind all three of them so if anything needed attending, there would be adequate backup. After kicking around the dust for a while, the group noticed a bullock cart coming by. It was decided that they would take this cart to the next village and leave a note in the car for Kumar. In any case the village was on the same road and in the same direction that Kumar had left. They would get some nourishment and wait there, which would be more comfortable. It would certainly be safer now that the evening was upon them.

And so it came to be that Saroja was in the covered portion of the cart with the three gallant men forming a cordon around her. Ravi, the eldest of the group (if you didn’t count Saroja) sat to the front, behind the cart man. He laid his back to rest on one side of the cart and stretched his legs to the other side. He formed a barrier between the inside of the cart and the crossbar where the cart man sat. He felt like the commander of this mission, keeping an eye on where they were headed.

The two nephews, Gopi and Sundar sat at the back of the cart, opposite each other, legs stretched out towards one another. In this position they were protecting the cart from any entry. The middle section thus became a sanctuary and it was here that Saroja sat, shielded from all sides. Little did she know she was like a Queen Bee in that spot. With the sun beginning to set, the inside was darker still, with only shadows and silhouettes playing games.

After a while, Saroja felt tired with the cramped seating space and the jolting of the cart. “Ravi, I am tired,” she said to the brother-in-law seated toward the front. “You think I can stretch out?” she asked.

“Of course, you can. I am sitting like this. You too can,” invited Ravi hoping she would sit resting against him.

“No but you are leaning against the side. I want to lie down completely,” said Saroja. “You wouldn’t mind if I put my head on your leg and stretched my feet to the back, would you?” she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she rested her head on Ravi’s leg, just below the knee and stretched towards the teenagers at the back of the cart. But her knees were bent escort portalı and leg folded so she didn’t touch them.

“But listen,” protested Ravi, “you don’t have any pillow, it will be hard” he said, reaching out for her head.

“It is okay,” she replied, snuggling down and as his hands reached her head, she touched the palms of his hand with her lips, kissing but not making a sound with her lips. The boys at the other end might hear if she made a sound.

She just meant it as thanks, but Ravi had just not been able to get his mind off the sight of her luscious breasts looming over his face, or of the volcano of orgasms between her legs. He let his hand linger on her head, stroking her cheek as he withdrew his hand. She was still his brother’s wife and he didn’t want to take chances. After that hot encounter with her in the rooms, she had never given any indication that there was a new equation between them. It was perhaps in the heat of the moment and never to be repeated?

As the cart jolted and lurched, Saroja’s head rocked and rolled on his legs. As she felt her face crushed and rubbed against his legs, she realized not far from where her head was, was that very thick cock she had felt through his trousers. His ankle and calf were bony indeed and his thighs might have been softer on her head and face she thought. Besides…

Like a cat in pleasure, she stretched at the thought of Ravi’s thick cock and her legs touched the legs of the boys sitting at the back of the cart. At first her legs reflexively pulled back. Then she felt she could be more comfortable if she just laid her legs on top of their legs. She angled her body. As her legs went on top of Gopi’s legs, her head crossed Ravi’s knees. She buried her face in Ravi’s thighs, just above his knees.

In the shadows of the cart Ravi felt comfortable enough to let his hand drop to her head. He tousled her hair. Saroja sighed. Her hand went around his hips and she clung to him. Ravi squirmed as his briefs became uncomfortably tight. He tensed his muscles taut and stretched his legs, benefiting from the immediate relief from the squeeze on his cock.

As it tensed and squeezed against the fabric of his underwear, Saroja’s head found it. She rubbed her face on the tenting in his trousers and fingers ran along his back. Ravi’s hand rested on her head willing her on. Saroja recorded the signal; he had given her an orgasm, perhaps she too should pay him back with one she thought. She pushed and prodded at the protuberance with her head and cheeks never letting her lips or mouth on it.

As she did so, her legs stretched further and she felt Gopi’s legs closer to his knees. As her body recorded the contours of Ravi’s cock her body inflamed. “Poor Gopi,” she thought. He was the only one who had not had a chance beyond just seeing her. She decided on the spur of the moment that the poor boy should at least get a rub. With her foot she searched out the boy’s crotch.

Gopi froze. His mami (aunt) had first put her feet on him and he had resisted touching it at all, much as he would have loved to. But now here was her foot straying on his crotch. He tried not to move. Perhaps Saroja manni was asleep and her leg was wandering. He didn’t want to acknowledge that while enjoying the contact with the mature, older woman whose breasts he had greedily eyed just yesterday.

Gopi’s first hint that it was not all that accidental came when Saroja felt out his cock and placed the sole of her foot against the base of his cock and pressed. Gopi gasped as her toes seemed to search out the head of his cock and give him a squeeze. He quietly reached down and undid his fly. He struggled to let his cock out without alerting Sundar who was sitting just opposite him.

Little did he know that Sundar, lucky as ever, even though he was younger than Gopi had Saroja manni rubbing his crotch with her hand. Why leave him out, felt Saroja. The three guys were in different sections of the cart and a little parting gift would be harmless. That had been her initial thought. But the dimensions, the variety and the idea that this was a passing opportunity made her adventurous with every passing moment. What was more, the darkness in the cart was encouraging.

Her plan was to just titillate the younger men, while with Ravi, with whom she had a more adult and special relationship, she was willing to go further. Perhaps because his cock had dimensions that made her throat dry. The thickness had left her wondering if both Ravi and Kumar, her husband were indeed brothers. Ravi was so thick and full, whereas Kumar… she had to have that cock!

Perhaps it was the pleasantness of the evening and the rhythm of the swaying cart. Perhaps it was each man’s prior experience with the woman. Distinct, full of promise, yet unfulfilled. Or perhaps it was that the slut in Saroja was awakened. None of them would know for sure. In the later years, each of them ascribed different reasons for what happened next. But that evening, the unifying factor in all four of them, was pure lust. Illicit, escort gaziantep portalı yes. Forbidden, yes. Debauch, yes. But lust- pure lust.

Flesh hungry for flesh. Man and woman wanting one another. Except there was more than one man. Or was it more than one man. There was one man; the others were going to be made into men by her. Today. Here and now. With those thoughts Saroja assaulted the three young men surrounding her. What was a protective ring, became an attacking ring as she had more than one front to handle.

Saroja’s fingers briefly struggled with Ravi’s trouser. She didn’t plan on opening him up herself. She just did enough to leave him in no doubt about what she wanted. Ravi raised his hips and having undone his trouser, bared himself completely to his sister-in-law. Saroja’s lips briefly touched the salty member. Her hand joined in, touching and teasing the virgin cock. It leapt before her eyes and she soon felt the moist slick precum that flowed freely. Her stroking hand encouraged that as she wanted the salty sweat to be replaced by salty precum. That would be more acceptable to her tastes.

Ravi thrust his hips at her. He had used his fingers to fuck her hard yesterday. He now wanted payback, whether hands or lips, he didn’t care. The reluctance to engage in illicit sex was all too brief. Visions of his brother evaporated as Saroja manni searched out his thickness, signaling her own unalloyed desire.

Saroja felt and marveled at the specimen. Large, proud and ready to serve. She compared what was in her right hand with Sundar’s cock in her left hand. Longer but not as thick. Ravi was stocky, ideal for her cunt. Sundar was longer and bulky, good to toy with but a second to Ravi. As her foot played with Gopi’s cock, that youngster brought in a new dimension: his hands slid under her saree as she played with him and stroked the back of her thighs and her ass.

Saroja sighed as she felt the need to do everything with everyone. Gopi’s hands were promising with their exploration. Ravi seemed salty but she just had to suck him. And Sundar — well, she knew from before she could make him cum easily.

As her tongue snaked out and leapt at his rearing cock, Ravi was maddened with the butterfly touch. He wanted more and with his hand on the back of her head, he pushed her down onto his cock. Saroja gagged as he went as far as her throat. What was he trying to do, fuck her throat. She choked on the salty jism and pulled her head back. Her hair fell forward on the cock, making it seem like a monster lurking in undergrowth. She pulled her hair back and opened her mouth into an ‘o’ getting ready to mouth him to redemption.

Her legs were splayed as she reached backward to keep contact with Gopi. The open spread of her legs allowed that enterprising fellow to reach between her legs and stroke her ripe, full thighs. He groped, anxious and eager. He wanted to reach his goal before she came to her senses. Little did he know that his Saroja manni was wild with lust. Saroja generously lifted her leg making way for his probing hands. Gopi reached the hairy thatch between her legs and stopped not knowing what to do next.

As the fingers of Gopi touched the hairy fringes of her pleasure point, Saroja closed her mouth on the cock under her and her grip tightened on Sundar’s hapless cock. He whimpered, biting into his lip to avoid raising alarm.

Ravi was wild with desire for his manni. His hands gripped her breast in its confines as he closed his eyes and imagined those lovely heaving tits before his eyes. He thrust himself wildly into her mouth, impatient in seeking his pleasure. He wanted to fuck her, o god! He wanted to cum into his sister-in-law urgently. If it was to be in her warm bubbly mouth before that wet grabbing cunt he had earlier felt, so be it. But it had to be now. He groaned loudly, uncaring about his nephews in his lust. He was brutal in fucking the mouth and Saroja’s jaw ached as she did her best to take him as well as she could.

Her own responses were felt on Sundar’s cock which was twisted, turned and fisted in no rhythm at all. She was mauling the flesh in her desperate search for her own pleasure. Thus far she had kept a little quiet trying to be discreet. But unless Gopi were guided, her cunt was going to be parched and starved for action. And in any case, Ravi’s groan could only have been understood as intensely sexual. She might as well get on with it.

“Verala ulla tallu,” she hissed feverishly in his general direction. (Push your fingers in.) Gopi panicked as he heard those words. What about the others? And what about her? He was unsure of everything. The wild and shameless desire for his aunt had driven him to explore her, hoping for the cover of darkness to protect him. Now she seemed to bring it all out to the open. What about Ravi chitappa (father’s younger brother) who seemed to be groaning in some kind of pain? Or was it pleasure?

His eyes searched out that senior family member to see if he could take the chance. And there in the shadows, he could make out the man with his head thrown back. At first he felt he might have been asleep. But it seemed to be jerking. Also jerking with his head, was Saroja manni’s head, which seemed to hover over Ravi’s lap. He couldn’t quite see what was happening but he had seen some shots in a porn movie which resembled the action up front.

Boldly, Gopi prodded with his hand. As he felt some softness he became cautious. He didn’t want to injure his sex-goddess. Saroja grabbed his hand and taught his fingers to part her flesh. Once he discovered the path, the nephew proved to be a good learner. He plunged his hands in and out. He knew that is how a cock is supposed to fuck; he mimicked it with his fingers. Satisfied that the young man had hit his target, Saroja’s hand went back to Sundar’s cock. As she returned her hand, she found that the young man had unleashed his own cock. Her soft hand met with his warm expectant cock-flesh.

Ravi at first thought Saroja was saying something to him, but her lips were dancing on his cock head and he gave up trying to understand what she was saying. He was just glad she had stopped talking and gone back to cock sucking.

As all three men peered toward Saroja their eyes got used to the light levels and while they didn’t have to look each other in the face, it was clear to each what was happening. They were simultaneously pleasuring Saroja manni. She was aunt to Gopi and Sundar and while one was shamelessly plundering her, the other was succumbing to the illicit pleasure she was giving.

And the man charged with taking care of everyone was with his trousers at his knees making sure that his sister-in-law, who he was supposed to take care of, was giving him the fullest pleasure.

For Saroja the madness of the moment added to the pleasure. All three of them were wonderful youngsters and she loved them all. There was no saying when they would all meet again and she felt each of them deserved sexual release. They had experimented and found a pool of desire; that discovery had to be given its fullest expression.

She moaned loudly onto the cock in her mouth as Gopi searched out the limits and extremities of her cunt. Fingers stroked cuntlips, g-spot, clit and deepest recesses of her womb without understanding anything. “Oh wow!” gasped Gopi in excitement at new undiscovered worlds.

The rough and willing exploration by the novice was provocative. His hands seemed to demand and her body seemed to just give. She felt the squelchiness in her cunt. She was aflame. She raised her head off Ravi who groaned in frustration.

“Vaa, pa. En pinnale va,” she called out to Gopi. (Come, dear. Come behind me.) Frantically she hitched up her saree baring her ass to the cool evening breeze. As he lay behind her, she reached behind and pulled his head to her own lips and kissed the boy. His first kiss, so he could not have known what he was tasting. She was salty and that was in part his uncle but he didn’t know. He relished everything to do with this woman.

Ravi let his hands into her blouse and pinched at her nipple to make her pay attention back to him. He rolled and rotated that lovely knob on her breast. He wanted to suck them. He wanted her in a comfortable soft bed with silky sheets where he could feed on her incessantly. His hands groped for her head and his fingers entered her lips. She kissed him and caressed and accepted his touch. But she focused on getting Gopi where she wanted.

“Have you opened your pants?” she asked Gopi. “No,” replied the boy hoarsely. “Modalla ada pannu,” she hissed. (Do that first.)

She slid down her mouth on Ravi’s cock which was leaping wildly staining her cheeks and hair and her face. Gopi undid his pants and his cock sprang out. He lay against his aunt’s buttocks, cock resting harmlessly against her hot flesh. His head was on his uncle’s ankle and he felt awkward about that.

“Now what, manni?” he asked for instructions, ever the little boy.

Out of consideration for Ravi, Saroja gripped his throbbing cock in her fist and milked him steadily. He didn’t deserve the abandonment! And yet, young Gopi was to be instructed. Now she had to leave Sundar unattended but there was no choice. Hands clammy with Sundar’s juices she twisted around to reach behind her and find Gopi’s cock. She sighed contentedly as she felt the near-twin of Sundar’s cock.

“Vaa da, kanna,” she said in endearing, mother-like tones. (Come dear.) Reaching under her own body and behind she held the cock and raised her upper leg almost vertically. As she held him to the gate to her heavenly pussy, she encouraged him, “Push!”

Both Sundar and Ravi stared in amazement at the lucky Gopi. Sundar masturbated furiously as he took in the sight of his aunt lewdly taking in his brother’s cock. Ravi too would have masturbated to relieve his inflamed condition but he had Saroja looking out for him. The wet open mouth sank back as Saroja screamed her pleasure out over his cock. The pleasure was from the impaling of Gopi’s virgin cock into her tight cunt. ehind her and laid into her with the full power of his thrusting hips. She seemed to grab him into her sheath like cunt. He shuddered with every thrust. Next to him lay his brother sprawled at an angle, his aunt’s hand gripping his cock in a vise-like grip. And Gopi watched Saroja’s body below him as he grunted his pleasure at each thrust.

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