The Gypsy Blacksmith

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She was woken by the impatient snorting and stamping from the stalls below her loft chamber. Victoria smiled to herself with the simple pleasure of her new life when she once again realised where she was. She savoured the warmth of her cot for a few more seconds – let Jupiter stamp and snort for a few moments more – as she breathed in the tangy scent of the stables down below, and listened to the birdsong calling outside.

Victoria threw off the thin bolster and stretched her lithe body in preparation for the day. In the few weeks during which she’d been in the employ of the estate, Victoria had grown to love these easy summer mornings. She adored the work, as hard as it often was; it was like a dream to her. She had always loved the wildness and latent power of those most noble of beasts, and to be amongst them all day from sunup ’til sundown? Why, it was simply Heaven.

Victoria splashed water over her face in a hasty toilette. There was no time for such niceties first thing; the horses were the priority; there would be time enough for her to wash more thoroughly later in the morning.


The time was just past noon when Victoria rode her favourite back into the yard. She’d ridden Jupiter out along the woods and fields of the estate and had let the animal take her wherever he pleased. She was thrilled, as always, by the latent, physical power as Jupiter moved fluidly and confidently over the dark earth tracks.

Never once did the girl feel fear when the big horse lifted the both of them over what appeared to be impossibly high hedges. She was Bellerophon upon Pegasus, laughing with pure pleasure as the horse’s hooves rumbled and he galloped at full speed. The wind was a roar and her long hair flew out behind her as Victoria experienced the total joy at being alive and upon that great, broad back.

Eventually Jupiter turned towards home and carried Victoria at a sedate pace back to the stable yard. As they moved slowly on the return journey, Victoria felt the familiar tingling at the tips of her breasts and a distinct oily wetness between her thighs. The physical sensations of her wild ride were all too obvious to her. The rhythmic beat against her quim… the constant rub against her sensitive titties… Those sensations were so delicious, so secretly wicked, but it was the thrill of the freedom she experienced; along with the horse’s awesome power under her direct control that served to heighten the sexual arousal.

Victoria blushed visibly and was grateful for her solitary state, sure that if anyone saw her at that moment that her face would give notice to her wanton guilt.


Victoria noticed the caravan immediately and felt a prick of curiosity at its presence by the stable yard wall. She dismounted and suppressed her inquisitiveness over the caravan due to the immediate needs of the horse.

She led Jupiter inside and attended to him like the dutiful girl she was and a short time afterwards walked back out into the summer sunshine. Victoria had just passed the stable door when she saw him – the Gypsy Blacksmith.

Victoria’s hand flew to her mouth with shock over what she witnessed. She felt a flush of horror, outrage and excitement like a slap to the face as the man turned. He had been relieving himself against the wall and had turned at precisely the same moment that Victoria had left the stable.

Victoria’s jolt of surprise wasn’t due to the Gypsy pissing outdoors; it was the momentary glimpse she had of his thick cock before it was unceremoniously stuffed back inside his britches. Victoria had never seen a grown man’s penis and the unexpected sight of this one caused her tummy to flip with a confused surge of arousal and disgust.

‘Hello stable-girl,’ the man smiled, totally unconcerned. He took a long moment to study the delectable creature that stood immobile by the stable door. ‘What a ripe little peach she is,’ he thought to himself and smiled even more broadly at Victoria. ‘Do you have a name?’

Victoria looked into the man’s dark eyes and saw the flash of amusement. She shrugged off the shock at seeing him so exposed and felt that sense replaced by the beginnings of her umbrage.

‘He’s teasing me,’ she thought. ‘The arrogant prick…’

‘You’re here to shoe the horses,’ Victoria managed haughtily. ‘I should think you’ve more to do than to stand about flirting with me.’

Despite her tender years and lack of physical knowledge of men, Victoria had had more than enough experience at fending them off. A few had tried to woo her in the past; drawn as they would be by her pretty face and the hint of her lithe body under her skirts and bodice.

‘Flirting?’ The man’s laugh was nearly a roar of delight. ‘You’re a saucy mare, I’ll grant you, Miss.’ He shook his head wryly and fixed Victoria with a direct and obviously appraising stare as he became suddenly serious. He took a few steps towards the girl. ‘I think you spoiled the fun we could’ve had flirting when you spied on me with my cock in my Alanya Escort escort hand.’

The heat of her embarrassment and outrage spread over Victoria’s face at his words. The direct reference to his penis appalled her, and to accuse her of spying on him …

‘You…’ Victoria spluttered. She was totally at a loss for words. The conceited arrogance of him… How dare he?

The rage bubbled in the girl and then the unbidden image of the Gypsy’s cock flashed across her mind. Victoria was appalled further by the quick clenching of her insides as she thought of what she’d seen and she was forced to retreat in an agony of confusion with the man’s mocking laugh sending her on her way.


It was two months before she saw the damnable Gypsy again. Victoria saw his caravan in the yard when she came back down from the big house. Her stomach tilted and her senses were immediately thrown into a flurry of confusion, as though her ordered thoughts had been blown wildly about like the fallen autumnal leaves.

‘He’s here,’ Victoria whispered and felt a tickle of interest between her legs. She experienced a throb of desire for the arrogant gypsy despite her dislike for the man, and she shamefully recalled how she’d rubbed urgently at her sex the evening that followed their first meeting. The sexual arousal she’d felt after her morning ride, coupled with the glimpse of the man’s cock had been too much for the girl, and she’d succumbed to a masturbatory frenzy in her cot above the stalls.

This relatively mild beginning had slowly evolved over the weeks into a full blown fantasy in which the gypsy man expertly used his penis against the virgin stable girl.

Victoria heard the ringing of metal upon metal coming from the stable; he was obviously already hard at work inside. The girl steeled herself for the confrontation and entered the stables. Once again, just like the first time she’d seen the man, Victoria stopped and stared. He was turned three quarters of the way round from her, oblivious to her presence as he concentrated fully on the iron work in front of him.

He was stripped bare to the waist in deference to the heat from his forge and Victoria had an almost perfect view of his muscled torso. His body shone lightly with the sweat of his toil, which gave his tanned body an oiled look. Victoria watched unmoving as the efficient muscles in his arms worked the hammer rhythmically. She saw his corded forearms tense and loosen as his hand rose and fell. The muscles in his back moved with the same fluid grace as her horse, Jupiter, and Victoria felt her own body begin to pulse and throb at its secret places.

Just then, as though sensing someone watching, the gypsy turned. Victoria could only gaze at his wide-shouldered physique. His chest was covered with plated muscle, decorated with the tiny coins of his nipples. The ridges of his stomach stood out starkly above the laced breeches at his narrow waist and Victoria could clearly see the arrogant bulge of him at the front.

‘Ah, the sweet stable girl,’ he smiled, the hammer loose in his hand.

Victoria simply stared back at him, her eyes moving quickly as though memorising his dark, wild-eyed features. His long, black hair was tied back, a feminine thing to do in those times, but which somehow seemed so, so masculine on this fine specimen of a man.

The man’s eyes lost their amused twinkle as Victoria approached him. He had been anticipating the enjoyment of taunting and teasing the girl again. He had hopes of taking things further along and had been savouring the thrill of the chase, but here, it appeared that the girl was prepared to move the game forward so much more quickly.

‘What’s your name,’ Victoria said quietly, her words almost lost behind the hiss of the forge.

‘Jonathon,’ he replied, standing still while the girl crept closer and closer.

Finally, Victoria stopped, her body hovering an inch or two from Jonathon’s chest. She looked up at him slightly as he stood taller than she, and then Jonathon did the only thing he could under the circumstances. He bent towards the pretty girl and pressed his mouth to hers.

Instinctively, Victoria opened her lips and felt his tongue push quickly against hers. The kiss opened the floodgates of Victoria’s lust and she returned the kiss hungrily, moaning into the gypsy’s open mouth as their tongues slid over and over.

Victoria ran her open palms over Jonathon’s tightly muscled body. She savoured the oily wetness of his sweat. Far from repelled, she longed to taste the salt of his labours and licked at his exposed nipples when their kiss broke.

Victoria spent a moment on each of the dark circles and then ran the tip of her tongue down along the taut ridges and bumps of Jonathon’s stomach, unlacing his breeches as she journeyed down.

Urgently the girl pulled the leggings down past the gypsy’s thighs releasing his stiffening cock.

‘Oh, dear Lord!’ she cried out when she was confronted by Alanya Escort bayan the reality of Jonathon’s penis. ‘It’s so thick… so terribly thick…’

Jonathon lifted the girl to her feet and kissed her again. He took her hand as they kissed and placed her fingers around his shaft. Victoria hissed and gasped when she felt the life in her fist. She pulled her mouth from his and looked down at the length of him.

‘Move your hand,’ Jonathon moaned and thrust his hips back and forth.

His cock moved in Victoria’s grip and she realised what it was that he wished her to do. She tightened her fingers around him as best she could in a forward hold. She moved her hand against him vigorously and savoured the moans that her actions caused to slip from Jonathon’s gaping mouth.

With growing confidence at her own ability, Victoria tugged quickly and tightly at the man’s impressive size. She seemed to be proficient enough even if her fingers couldn’t quite meet around the girth of the cock.

She felt a rush of desire and power as she manipulated the man with her fist. She felt the same power over Jonathon that she felt when she rode the big stallion, Jupiter. She felt she had tamed the wild beast of this man’s lust, just as she held the magnificent horse in check when she was on his back.

Then, Jonathon pulled away from her violently. ‘No, stop,’ he grunted. He turned to her with a wild look in his flashing eyes. Victoria felt a stab of alarm when she saw that look. She looked down to the scimitar curve of Jonathon’s huge, angry cock. What was he going to do with it…? She couldn’t… Surely he was too big for her virgin opening?

Heedless to the risk of discovery, Jonathon unlaced the bodice of Victoria’s peasant dress. He pulled the garment over her shoulders and feasted his eyes upon her suddenly bared breasts. The sweet symmetry and pink tips elicited a groan of desire from Jonathon, and he sucked gently at Victoria’s sensitive teats greedily.

He managed to pull Victoria’s dress completely off and stepped back awkwardly in the constraints of his britches. He wanted to see her nudity; he desired nothing more than to have his fill of this delightful, unexpectedly ardent girl.

Jonathon hopped around uselessly as he struggled to free himself from his clothing. Eventually, and much to Victoria’s mirth, he was as naked as she, with the comedy of his predicament going a long way towards easing any impending awkwardness.

With a tenderness that surprised even her, Victoria took hold of Jonathon’s hand and led him up to her loft.

There was no need for words as the couple embraced and kissed again. Victoria felt the stiffness trapped between her soft tummy and Jonathon’s body and the heat burst between her legs as hot as the neglected forge below.

Jonathon pushed his hand down to Victoria’s vulva, causing the girl to gasp as his skilled fingers found the centre of her sex. The man groaned loudly when he felt the wetness of her and his passion was further heightened by the sob of lust that burst from the girl’s throat as he touched her private place.

Jonathon cupped his hands under Victoria’s buttocks and he lifted her effortlessly. Victoria had no time to be afraid of what was to follow. She had a momentary thought that he would hurt her before she felt the thick stalk of him split the lips of her sex apart. He rubbed the hardness along her cleft, causing her to groan as his cock stroked against her clitoris.

Victoria was ready for him physically now. Her sex was gaping and awash with her desire. She could feel her insides clamouring for the attack on her virginity, and she welcomed the moment. Jonathon held her up with both hands, the pressure from his fingers forced her already pouting sex wide open and he pressed the brutal head of his penis against her body.

Victoria gasped when she felt the invader push into her and she tensed in anticipation of the pain that she was sure would come. To her surprise however, there was none, just the glorious sensation of being filled by the beautiful, throbbing cock. She looked down between their bodies to the point of their coupling, and was amazed to see that she had nearly accommodated all of that intimidating length.

Her mouth fell open when Jonathon eased her off his penis, inch by slow inch. She saw the glistening shaft reappear as he pulled almost free of her, and then she swallowed heavily when he reversed the process and eased her back down onto his girth.

‘Fuck,’ the single, heretofore unuttered obscenity slipped from Victoria’s mouth.

The man was inside her! She’d taken all of him and it felt so good. Jonathon shifted his position and Victoria felt the pressure of his arm around her waist. She clung to him with her lean thighs clasped tight around his body. Her arms clung to his neck and she began to move her body against his as best she could from that position.

Jonathon was lifting her off and easing her back down onto his erection. Escort alanya He kissed her exposed throat and her high, tight breasts as he thrust into her time after time. The sounds from Jonathon’s throat became more urgent as the tempo of their joyous coupling increased. Jonathon was panting and grunting as he concentrated hard on the girl. Victoria added her sighs and groans of pleasure while her lover thrust into her relentlessly.

Victoria felt as though she had been made just for this man, it was like her body had been maturing and developing to this point where she could accommodate his cock with ease. Like a key in a lock he fit her perfectly. She was very nearly hypnotised by the sight of their bodies coupled together. Her labia appeared to cling to the wet shaft of him as though her sex would only release him with the greatest of reluctance. The more she gazed down at her no-longer-virgin opening, the hotter the flames of her desire grew.

‘I… I…’ Victoria’s voice was a croak. ‘You’re inside me,’ she groaned, stating the obvious.

‘Yes,’ Jonathon could only sigh in response. ‘You’re so tight… So wet, but yet so tight around me.’

Jonathon’s thigh muscles burned with the effort of keeping the pretty girl held up. He moved closer to the cot and as gently as he could, lay Victoria on the bed.

‘Turn over,’ Jonathon growled when Victoria looked up at him from the softness of the bed.

‘From behind?’ Victoria gasped when she realised what her lover was demanding. ‘Like animals?’ She added, her tummy sliding with the excitement of taking a man in such a depraved way.

‘Beautiful… So beautiful,’ Jonathon enthused when Victoria rolled onto her knees and lifted her glorious buttocks high in the air.

She rested on her outstretched arms and wriggled her hips in an invitation for Jonathon to take her again.

‘This is so wicked,’ Victoria moaned; her eyes clasped tight as Jonathon re-introduced his erection to her scarlet opening. ‘So very, very bad,’ she sighed before her head fell forward, the sense of Jonathon easing his iron hard cock inside her body overwhelmed Victoria’s senses.

The gypsy gulped hard when he saw the sweeping curve of Victoria’s narrow waist where she broadened quickly over the swell of her hips. Her backside looked like a true picture of feminine beauty, as though the sublime symmetry had been designed purely for his artistic appreciation. He held his cock in his hand and pushed the big dome of the head against the gooey folds of Victoria’s vulva. He held himself just at the entrance for a moment, both savouring the moment and teasing the girl to such a point that she actually whimpered for him.

Jonathon slid into Victoria again and took a tight grip on her hips as he began a rhythmic thrusting. He knew he would last for only a short time longer and began to stab into Victoria sharply.

The increased force of her lover’s thrusting matched Victoria’s needs perfectly. His cock was angled into her so that it seemed to rub against the most sensitive place inside her and Victoria felt the beginnings of what was to be her first ever climax with a lover.

The heat of her sex was growing with each passing second; her clitoris throbbed incessantly, with her tight, erect nipples pulsing in time with the beat between her thighs. Victoria grew frantic and was clawing at the bed covers in a futile effort to soothe the fire at her core.

‘I’ve never…’ Victoria’s voice tapered off to a deep guttural groan as Jonathon stabbed in and out of her.

His taut, muscular belly slapped obscenely against Victoria’s buttocks, the noise reverberating around the small room. Jonathon lifted himself higher and used his cock at a sharper angle against the girl’s clenching sex. The raised angle only heightened the intensity of Jonathon’s feelings along his cock, and he could do nothing more than to succumb to the inevitable. He grunted with the huge effort as his semen spurted from him and spattered against the girl’s insides.

‘Sweet Lord!’ Victoria squealed when she felt the tiny pulses of Jonathon’s seed gush rhythmically against her cervix.

The sensation of having this lovely, powerful man filling her with his ejaculate pulled back the bolt that held Victoria’s climax in check. The bursts flooded outwards in concentric circles from Victoria’s hot centre and her equally thrumming nipples. Her tummy muscles clenched and her hips and thighs jerked spasmodically when the glorious release flooded through her body and along her limbs.

Victoria fell way from her lover to lie, panting face down on the ruined bed leaving Jonathon’s thick cock leaking the residue of his gloop from its single eye. Jonathon looked down to see Victoria’s body leaking more of his semen from her used and puffy sex. There he saw the thin thread of blood mixed with his seed and he realised the enormity of what he’d just done with this girl.


The gypsy caravan was still in the yard the following day, and it could be seen there for more days to come while the long-haired gypsy and the stable-girl romped upstairs in her crumpled bed. Jonathon had been her first lover and Victoria was already more than a little in love with the man. She hoped he would leave his caravan in the yard for some time to come.

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