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Big Tits

It was a summer of firsts for me the year I went to South America. I was delighted with Peru from the moment the plane first touched down, and every new experience had me fall more and more in love with the sites, the culture and the people.

I found the streets of Lima to be charming, with it’s beautiful old buildings, like the 16th Century cathedral, rich with history. A street market sold delicacies that made my mouth water, and people gathered for singing and chatting long into the night at the water edge.

The Ballestas islands were glorious, with their quaint seaside cafes and lovely boardwalk. Out at sea, I witnessed the vast variety of birds that inhabit the area, and watched sea lions contentedly lazing on rocks far out at sea.

Nazca bought contrasts at every turn. Shops sold anything from brand new motorbikes to hot pink bikinis, which I bought and wore into the Sulfur hot spring pools. During the day I rode a buggy into the desert and sand boarded down the sanddunes. By night I watched street dancing – traditional Latin from the older folk and breakdancing from the youth. That trip I also experienced the mystery of the Nazca Lines via a small plane sweeping over some of the more distinguishable figures carved into the hard ground of the desert floor.

Arequipa, also known as the ‘White City’, was beautiful, with it’s volcanic stone buildings and breathtaking views. Further to the north was the iconic Colca Canyon, where I saw majestic condors gliding through the air as I stood watching them in awe, knowing I was seeing a sight that so many would never get to see in their lifetime.

Next on the trip was my four day hike on the Inca Trail which was full of difficult mountainous terrain. I was often breathless, if not from lack of oxygen, then from the beautiful views and landscape around me. I battled altitude sickness, which took the form of terrible headaches, but otherwise enjoyed the solitude and picturesque surroundings.

After walking the final steps of the trail up to the ‘Sun gate”, and seeing the famous aerial view of Machu Picchu, I spent hours exploring this archeological ruin, before boarding a bus to what was to become a sexual adventure I would remember for years to come.

The town of Aguas Calientes was quiet, even though it had a tourist vibe. I was eager to eat and sleep, but the first thing I longed for was a massage. I had been highly recommended a salon and spa shop in the centre of town, the identity of which will remain nameless, as it’s still right there to date.

The place wasn’t much to look at. It was a tiny shop in the Main Street of town. It looked like it could do with a fresh coat of paint, both inside and out, but aside from that it looked quite clean. At this point I was exceptionally dirty after long days on the trial and baths out of buckets, so just being in an actual place with walls was a bonus for me.

I booked myself in for the massage and then proceeded to a small shower bahis firmaları room. I guess they were used to their clients coming from the trail, so catered for it. The door didn’t close all the way, but there was a shower curtain and I wasn’t too worried in any case, as I have no issues with nudity.

I practically ripped off my clothes in my haste to get under the shower and clean myself thoroughly. I love a hot shower more than just about anything. Unfortunately this one was anything but hot! It was a warm day outside though, and the water felt lovely running down my face and through my long blonde hair. The strength of the water was great – enough to hit like sharp needles to my skin, which felt amazing, as my muscles were incredibly sore.

The soap was a half used bar, the kind that had been used a lot, and left out to dry again and again. It had a nice fragrance though, and was soft to the skin. As I soaped my body thoroughly, I couldn’t help but admire my muscular stomach – my abs have always been what I consider my best asset, but the trail and food choices had helped me trim down all the more in this area. So they were hard and ripped. As I lifted my legs to wash them, I could feel strong calf muscle. My quadriceps were toned, my arse cheeks were tight and my skin was a lovely sun kissed colour.

I ran my hands over my breasts and stopped to fondle them. It had been a little while since they had been given any attention. My nipples were erect due to a combination of the cold water and my hands touching them. It doesn’t take much to get them hard!

As I thought about how much I wanted the touch of another person right that minute, I moved one hand down my stomach and towards my pussy. I had last shaved before I set out to walk the trail, so I was a little hairy down there. I like to keep myself quite tidy in that area but for some reason on this particular day the feel of that small amount of hair on my mound made me a little excited.

I started to touch my clit, while my other hand played with my nipple. The bottom hand moved down a little, to my pussy opening. Mmmm, as I dipped a finger in I already felt a little wet. I moved it in further, and then inserted another finger, moving them slowly in and out. My other hand left my nipple and started working my clit.

I started moaning softly. It felt so good. I’ve always had a great imagination and I thought about how wonderful it would be if somebody walked inside the room and popped their head around the shower curtain to catch me playing. Was it my imagination, or could I hear the soft breathing of a man nearby, quickening as my own moans became a little sharper and faster?

Then I heard a rustling noise right outside the door, followed by a loud knock.

“Hello Miss, your masseuse is ready for you now.”

It was the voice of the reception girl who had greeted me a short time before.

“I’ll be right there,” I said, as I stopped mid-play.

As horny as I felt, kaçak iddaa I knew my relief would need to wait until I was back in my hotel room.

Moving quickly now, I stepped from the shower and grabbed the small white towel from the rack to my right. Small was the operative word – it seemed no larger than a hand towel as I dried myself as quickly as I could with it before trying to wrap it as strategically as possible around my naked body.

I walked out of the shower room and stood in the corridor, not sure where to go next. It was then that I saw him, leaning nonchalantly against the adjacent door. He was cliche tall, dark and handsome, with broad shoulders and what looked to be a hard muscular body under his uniform. He looked around 25 years in age.

“Hello, Miss. I am Diego. I will be servicing you today.”

His voice was low and smooth, and almost a little mocking as he emphasised the word ‘servicing’.

He beckoned me into the room with a lift of his perfectly manicured eyebrow and the gesture of his right hand, and then waited for me to enter first.

As I walked, with that small towel in place around the front of my body, I could feel a draft behind me, where the towel didn’t reach. The middle of my back was covered, but my ass and legs were exposed, and I felt his eyes on me as I walked past him and entered the room. I turned to look at him and he didn’t even attempt to divert his eyes from my body. Instead, they were hungrily assessing me as I stood before him.

“Please lay on the bed, Miss, face down.”

I did so, gladly, a little unnerved by his piercing gaze. Moving the towel around my back, I moved on to the bed and lay down, the front of my body pressing into the soft fabric on the otherwise hard table. I shuffled the towel down so that it covered my ass, and lay still, waiting for him to begin.

Soft music started to play in the background and a moment later I felt oil drip down my spine. When he started to touch me, I shivered. His hands moved slowly and almost seductively over my back and shoulders as he worked his magic, releasing every bit of tension held through the carrying of my heavy backpack on the trail.

After some time working on my knots, his hands moved lower. More oil dripped down my lower back and into the crack of my ass cheeks. I felt his hands glide in into the crevice slightly, and move out again. I pressed my body harder into the table, feeling my clit against the fabric, and I couldn’t help rocking slightly, enjoying the sensation of it. Without missing a beat, his strong hands continued their circular movement around my ass and I felt his thumbs seperate my cheeks, a little wider every time he completed that part of his massage table.

His hands seemed to be pushing me down further into the table, and at that moment I embraced the experience and stopped feeling embarrassed at the thought of being so turned on. Instead, I ground my pussy in more, feeing the beautiful sensation of my kaçak bahis cliterous being stimulated, coupled with the excitement of a stranger witnessing it.

Diego released his hands from my cheeks and moved down towards the end of the bed, as if moving on to pleasure another body part. I soon realised how wrong I was, though, as I again felt his hands on my my ass cheeks, widening them. A moment later I felt the wet and rough sensation of his tongue, licking me in a place I had never been licked, right into the crack of my ass.

As his tongue started to caress my butt hole, I let out an intense moan. It felt like time stood still for a moment, and everything else faded away, as I raised my ass in the air towards him, wanting more of him inside of me. His tongue started to lick higher in that region, and I felt his finger pressing against my hole. Gasping, I pushed back even further, wanting that finger inside of me. I had always resisted anal in the past, but I wanted it, wanted him, so badly.

As his finger entered me ever so slowly, I started to orgasm. It was an intense feeling of lack of control, as waves of pleasure wracked my body again and again. I was moaning loudly, unapologetically, never wanting it to end.

As my body writhed on the bed, I heard him speak again, his voice a little more husky. “Turn over, Miss. It is time to do your front.”

Still shaking a little, I flipped my body over, laying on my back. As the towel dropped to the floor and I lay there completed naked, I was no longer self-conscious about covering myself. Diego looked at me with those penetrating brown eyes and said softly, “you have a beautiful body. I could massage you all day and be satisfied.”

I could not utter a word to him, but I’m sure my eyes portrayed exactly how I was feeling – sensual and amazing. As I lay there, he started to work his magic on my feet and then moved up to my calves. I wanted to watch him, but instead I relaxed my head into the pillow and closed my eyes, picturing his every movement.

Slowly, slowly, he continued up my body, massaging deeply into my quadriceps. As he touched my inner thighs, I felt them open a little for him. My breath quickened as he rubbed my pubic bone and moved his hands closer to my clitoris. I could feel wetness dripping out of me, and running down my legs, and then his tongue was licking my juices up like a cat licks their milk – hungrily.

Moaning loudly again, I opened my eyes to watch his mastery. His eyes met mine as he reached up and started to squeeze my left nipple, softly and then harder. The pain started to get intense, but as wave after wave of orgasm hit me again, I could do nothing but scream in absolute pleasure and adoration for this talented and gorgeous man.

When it was over, I lay twitching on the bed as he moved up towards my face. I could smell my juices all over him as he softly spoke into my ear, “Miss, you massage is now complete.”

I spoke for the first time, my voice husky and a little shaky. “Thank you, Diego, so much.”

As he left the room, I memorised his gorgeous body, so lean in his uniform, wanting him again, and knowing I would never forget this very happy ending.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32