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During the next three days, Marisol tried her best to figure out what had happened that day that had left me flushed and smiling for the rest of my classes. No matter how much she begged and guessed, she never got very close to the truth and I decided to put off telling her for just a little longer. Keeping this secret made me feel happy and giddy inside, and I wasn’t sure if Marisol would believe me in any case. Even I wasn’t sure if I hadn’t dreamed the whole thing, which seemed likely except for the fact that Seth now gave me a short smile whenever he entered study hall or when he came across me in the hallway.

Finally, it was Friday, the day of our first football game. The whole school buzzed with excitement when classes started in the morning, and Seth barely managed to enter study hall before everyone started to pile the good luck wishes on him. He just nodded and thanked everyone, but it was almost impossible not to see the excited gleam in his eyes as he sat down. He caught my eye, but instead of just smiling as he had done for the past two days, he gave me a pointed look and motioned for me to come to him. Before I could react though, he got up and walked over to Miss Larsen’s desk, talking to her for a few seconds before taking his books and leaving the room.

I took a deep breath. Nervously, I kept sitting at my table for another minute before getting up as well and walking over to Miss Larsen. Apologizing in a whisper for not having a hall pass again, I begged her to let me go to the artroom, mentioning I would fail my project otherwise. She wasn’t happy to let me go, but I knew she felt bad not to, so I just put on a rueful smile and slinked out of the room.

I ran more than walked to the art room, which was deserted today as well except for Seth, who looked up from his spot on the windowsill when I entered.

“About time,” he remarked, and I shrugged, moving closer when he motioned me to.

“Hey, remember I don’t have every teacher at this school falling at my feet like you do,” I reminded him. He smiled at me and sighed.

“Yeah, it gets pretty bad on fridays. I’m used to it by now, but I still just want to be out on the field instead of with people sucking up to me.”

“And what’s so bad about sucking?” I wondered out loud with a grin on my face, which he answered while standing up.

“Yeah, what about it?” He grabbed my hand and pulled me close, his lips suddenly just an inch from mine. “You want to give me a bit of good luck for the game, Jenna?”

He had me almost breathless, but I managed to whisper “I’d love to!” before losing it and dragging him towards the storage room. He closed the door as soon as we were inside, shoved me against the wall and kissed me.

I loved the feeling of his soft lips on mine and opened my mouth a bit, moaning into his while letting his tongue inside. His erection pressed into me almost painfully, and I slowly massaged it with my hand while continuing to kiss him. Our tongues twirled around each other before he pulled away and thrust out his hips, huskily asking me to get to my knees.

I slid down the wall while clumsily opening his pants and pulling them down. His cock sprang free, already fully erect and glistening with precum. I wrapped my hand around the thick shaft while taking the head between my lips, slowly slicking it up with my spit. My tongue poked and rubbed against the sensitive skin and he already groaned. He pushed forward a bit more and I found my head trapped between him and the bare concrete wall. He pushed further, and I had no way to even back up a little bit as his cock went smoothly into my throat.

He groaned hard then, pressing his hips against my face, letting me know that I had all of his cock in my mouth. He backed up a little bit then to give me some room to move , and I moved my lips up and down the length of his shaft a few times before coming up to catch my breath.

He peered down at me, worried. “Are you okay? I’m not slamming your head against the wall, am I?”

I smiled, leading his cock to my lips once again. “Just fuck my mouth, Seth,” I whispered before sucking him inside me. He took that as his cue and, grabbing my hair with both of his hands, proceded to brutally slam inside my mouth. I didn’t even care that I couldn’t stop gagging, it just felt way too good be sucking his cock again. He thrashed above me, grabbing the edge of a shelf unit to our right to steady himself.

“Fuck yes,” he moaned. “Oh, yes Jenna, I love fucking your mouth!”

I was happy to hear that. I raised my hand and grasped his balls, squeezing them lightly, swallowing hard and sending him over the edge with that. His body shook as his salty cum hit the back of my throat repeatedly, and when it finally ceased we just sat there for a whole minute, his softening cock in my mouth, his hands softly stroking my hair.

“Thanks,” he finally whispered when he withdrew his cock and zipped up. “You’re fucking amazing.”

“Thank you,” I smiled, letting him help me to a standing bahis firmaları position. He kissed me again and continued to hold my hands while we were both still calming down.

“Are you coming to the game?” he finally asked me, and I tilted my head.

“I come to every game.”

“I see.” He looked at me, his dark green eyes almost unreadable in the dimness of the storage room. “Well, I’ll see you there then.”

“You will,” I whispered, and he stepped away from me and let my hands go, reaching for the doorhandle. He wiped a small glob of cum from the side of my mouth before we headed outside, causing both of us to smile.

What little was left of first period I spent back at the old lunchroom. I simply told Miss Larsen I had finished my project and sat down at my table. My head was spinning with the memory of this most recent experience, and I had to take a bit of a timeout to stomach it all, for which study hall was ideal. I opened a book at random and stared at it while my head replayed the scene in the storage room over and over again, putting a subconscious smile on my face. I was trying to ignore the dampness between my legs, but that wasn’t exactly easy with all these pictures in my head.

Finally, the bell rang and I hurriedly left the room and made my way to my locker. Posters in school colors with the football players’ names on it were now on the wall, most of them surprisingly ugly.

“Seriously, what’s the point of cheerleaders if they don’t even have pretty handwriting?” I asked Marisol when I had reached my locker and found her leaning next to it, waiting for me. I crouched down and started to open it.

She smiled, somewhat sadly. “You mean except to make sure people like you and me know we’re not part of the popular crowd? I have no idea.”

I looked up at her sharply. “Did something happen?”

“Yeah,” she shrugged, looking slightly upset and biting her lip. “I had a run-in with Audra. I’ll tell you in Art class. No big deal.”

“Are you sure?” I wanted to know while grabbing the book I needed and straightening up again. Marisol nodded.

“Don’t worry about it, it can wait till Art.” She waved goodbye as I slammed my locker shut and we both went on our ways.

I did worry though, and I spent a good part of my next three classes and lunch wondering what had happened. When Art class finally came around, Marisol sat down next to me with her lips pressed together and an extremely pale face. She looked even worse than when I’d last talked to her in the hallway, and I turned towards her, sketchbook balancing on my knees.

“What happened?”

She took a deep breath. “I walked past Audra this morning on my way to class, and she was talking to a couple of the dance girls and a few guys. Josh was one of them.”

I knew the Josh she was talking about was the guy she had liked since middle school, always too shy and scared to approach him, and I knew that this wouldn’t end well. Audra knew that fact about Marisol.

“I accidentally brushed her elbow, and she looked at me and called me a freak in front of everyone. They laughed, of course. I should have just turned and left, but Josh was there too so I didn’t want to look, you know, weak. I turned and said something like ‚look who’s talking’, which made her mad and she started to yell all these things at me… saying that I’d been stalking Josh, that I was a slut, all this bullshit… none of it was true, except for the Josh thing, and I’m not ‘stalking’ him in any case. I blushed, of course, and they were all laughing. Josh too.” She gulped at the thought.

“Audra has become such a fucking bitch,” I sighed. “I really wish we could teach her a lesson, or just punch her a couple times to get the frustration out.”

Marisol turned the corners of her mouth up. “I’d pay for the privilege. But now, I have a question for you, Jenna, and I want you to be honest.”

Oh dear. I was really hoping she wouldn’t ask what I was thinking she would.

“What happened first period? That look you had on your face when I talked to you was the same as last time I asked you about this, and I want to know what happened.”

My cheeks reddened, and I brushed back my hair self-consciously. “I can’t tell you Marisol. I’m really sorry but… you wouldn’t believe me in any case.”

“I will! I promise Jen, you don’t have to give me specifics either, or say names if there was anyone else involved. I just want to know!”

It was too tempting. I knew it would probably cheer her up, and it would make me feel better too to actually share this crazy art-room story with my best friend. I sighed and put my hands over my face, and Marisol knew she had won. Her dark eyes were looking at me intently and she leaned forward.

“Okay, spill it.”

I took a deep breath and started to whisper. “Okay… well, there’s this guy.”


“Very.” I felt myself starting to grin at the thought. Marisol noticed it.

“That hot, huh?”

“You have no idea. Anyway…” – and here I made kaçak iddaa sure that nobody else, especially Mrs Walsh, could hear me – “him and me have sort of been… hooking up in the storage room, right behind you.”

Marisol clapped her hand on her mouth and went under the table for a few seconds. I could hear her make a muffled noise, then she was back up, bright red in the face and laughing silently.

“Are you serious?” she managed to get out, and I just nodded and started to laugh with her. We sat there for a while, silently giggling, until she calmed down. Mrs Walsh was giving us a concerned look, so I grabbed my sketchbook again and we both turned to our work.

“So, what exactly have you been doing?” Marisol whispered. “And how often?”

“Just the two times you noticed,” I whispered back. “And, um, well… I went down on him both times.”

“Wow,” I heard her say. “Was it good?”


“Well,” she glanced over at me, “I’m not going to ask you who he is. If you ever want to tell me though… go right ahead. I’ll listen.”


I wore a tight-fitting green shirt to the football game, which earned Marisol’s raised eyebrow and the question “So, he’ll be there?”

“I hope so,” I replied, trying not to give away too much. She was wearing a long, washed out shirt that was green as well, with a fading black “Dragons” on the front. We felt obliged to wear school colors; we wouldn’t for any other occasion, but the football games were special. No need to make ourselves feel like even more of a pair of outcasts by wearing something different.

Amanda Morris and Katie Schoen, two of the varsity cheerleaders, were giving out green and black pom pons to the fans entering the stands. When Katie waved one in my face and screeched “Support the team!”, I took it so I’d have something to occupy my time with during the JV game. Marisol and I found our seats, almost all the way up on the bleachers, on the far right. The JV teams were getting ready to play, and I started to ruffle through the green pom pon while glancing around. There were cliques everywhere, even the numerous parents and grandparents seemed to conform to them. Marisol and I didn’t really belong to a clique, we just had each other to rely on this year. It sucked, and I envied the security a little bit that even the nerds and the artists had. Far to the left of us I caught a glimpse of Audra sitting with the dance team. They would perform at half time, and I could see them going through the arm movements of their routine while talking to each other. In a way, I understood why Audra had had the desire to be a member of a group, and I wasn’t mad at her for trying out for and making the dance team, but for the fact that she felt she had climbed up the social ladder so much that she was obliged to stab her former friends in the back.

Marisol focussed my attention back on her by hitting my shoulder repeatedly. I turned my head just in time to see her point out to beyong the field.

“Look, there’s the varsity guys. I’m so excited to see Seth Marshall play again!”

I nodded. I was excited about it too, and I felt pretty nervous inside hoping he would do well, but for some reason it was difficult for me to show those emotions. Maybe it was because I had had to keep the things that had happened between us to myself as well, but all I did was nod unenthusiastically and continue to mess up my pom pom with both hands. When I did look over to the varsity players though, I was able to pick out Seth at once and my heart seemed to jump up a couple of inches in my chest. I couldn’t resist replaying the scene in the storage room once again in my head, remembering the way he had looked when he had come, and especially the way he had kissed me. I was trying hard not to smile. It was just so incredible that this was the same guy that I had made out with this morning. Well, that I had blown, really, since there hadn’t been much reciprocation. I was only mildly surprised that I didn’t even really care abut the fact that he was so selfish.

When the JV players finally left the field and the Varsity entered, Marisol and I started to clap with the rest of the crowd. Until now, I hadn’t even tried to figure out whom we were actually playing, but now that I looked closer I could see that the other team was wearing red and black. The Tin Ridge Panthers. They weren’t in our conference, but I remembered from the years before that they had a decent team. The Varsity cheerleaders neatly spaced themselves out on the sidelines, and the pep band started to play.

Marisol and I leaned back, smiling at each other. I knew she was excited, and so was I.

“Feeling better?” I asked her, referring to what had happened earlier this day. She nodded, rubbing her cheek.

“I’m just trying to get over Josh, but it’s not happening. I don’t know how I can just get him out of my head, you know?”

I laughed and pointed at the field. “Pick one!”

They were finally ready for kickoff. Tin Ridge was doing it, and kaçak bahis the crowd first clapped, then cheered, then suddenly leapt to its feet when they kicked the ball right to Seth, who caught it and took off. Marisol and I were standing as well, screaming enthusiastically as Seth kept running, too quick to be taken down. We cheered him on all the way to the other end of the field, where he finally dropped.

“Holy shit!” Marisol screamed while clapping madly. “Touchdown after twelve seconds! That has got to be a fucking record!”

I wasn’t sure if it was, but nodded in agreement anyway. We sank back down on the bench as the crowd calmed again, for the moment. This was promising to be an exciting game, and I tossed my pom pon aside, too busy clapping and cheering to hold on to it for the moment. I could see Seth punch the air as he ran back over to his team, and suddenly hoped that he would want to see me again after the game. I had no idea how that was going to work, with Marisol next to me and everyone else around, but my pussy was already tingling with excitement at the mere thought.


We won the game, 28-18, with Seth scoring more than half of our team’s points. He was simply amazing. When the crowd started to rise and leave the stands, Marisol jabbed me with her elbow.

“So, was he here?”

I nodded reluctantly. “Yes. I saw him. Not sure if he saw me too though.”

“That’s too bad.” Marisol gave me a smile. “The guy should ask you out.”

“I’m not sure if he’s even interested in that,” I shrugged. Our row had started to move, and we slowly got up and made our way down the stairs.

“What, he just wants to screw? I didn’t think you’d let anyone use you like that, Jenna.”

“Well, this is different.”

“What do you mean?”

“I like him.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Jenna.”

I felt a short, warm tingling sensation somewhere in the general vicinity of my stomach and couldn’t help grinning again. “Yes, I know.”

“Ah,” was all she said in reply, looking confused. Then, we had reached the ground and moved towards the exit, clasping hand so we would not lose each other in the crowd. The football players were still standing around, getting pats on the back and hugs from the cheerleaders. I felt slightly jealous to see how many people Seth was surrounded by, I would have give anything to be able to go over to him and say hi at this moment. But in any case, Marisol was tugging at my hand. We rarely stayed long after the games, not exactly being welcome to the celebrations that involved only football players, cheerleaders and proud parents that were in most cases just as stuck up as their children.

We had come here from my house where Marisol had parked her car, so that’s where I drove us back to. It wasn’t that far, just about ten minutes from school. We talked excitedly about the game while driving, and when we arrived at my house, Marisol decided to hang out for a bit longer. We said hi to my mom in the living room, told her by how much we had won, and took two gasses of orange juice upstairs to my room. Here, Marisol let herself fall into my beanbag chair while I leaned back in my bed, a bit disappointed but still pumped up from the game.

“I’m tired,” Marisol yawned after a few seconds, and I smiled at her.

“Done your homework yet?”

She shook her head. “No. I’ll be up for a while, I suppose. You know that Geometry is really killing me?”

“You know that I took it two years ago. I could help you with it.”

“Would you? I mean, we’re not that far into it yet and I’m already a bit lost.”

She took out her book and we proceeded to look over the homework she had to do, going over all the things she didn’t understand. After a few minutes of that, there was a knock on the door. My mother stuck her head in and handed me the phone.

“For you. Bring it back down when you’re done please.”

I nodded and took the phone from her.


“You need to get yourself a cellphone.”

It was Seth. My heart stopped for a moment, and I could feel myself going pale as I looked over to Marisol. She interpreted my look correctly, and her eyes went wide.

“I’ll get right on that,” I said while motioning towards Marisol to be quiet. She nodded.

“I was wondering if you could meet me back at the high school.”

“What, right now?”

“Yeah. If that works out for you.”

“I think so.” I must have looked surprised, because Marisol leaned forward at once and tried to catch the other end of the conversation. I shook my head at her and covered the phone with my hand.

“Good. Wait for me at the back door by the football field. I’ll see you there. Bye.”

“Bye,” I said, and he hung up. Marisol was being driven wild with curiosity, I could tell, and I just grinned at her and threw myself back on the bed.

“Does he want to meet up with you?” she asked. I nodded.

“Yes. He told me I should wait for him back at the high school. Is it okay if we continue this whole Geometry session another time?”

“Under one condition,” Marisol announced, and I knew what it was before she even opened her mouth again. “I want you to call me when you’re back and to tell me everything about it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32