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I was invited to this girl’s family cabin for the Christmas holiday since I was not from the country and had no family around; her parents agreed to put me up for the weekend. Now this was a very nice cabin; it was a five bedroom, two bathrooms, and a two floor complex with red oak bark covering the outside and insulated walls on the inside. The girl’s mother made the cabin smell of roasted apples with cinnamon pie fresh out of the oven. Her father had made a homely set up by the fire place, with the cliché two chairs and round mat in the middle. There was a radio and small television in the other room. I had never seen such a more welcoming place before, it was like magic. Now, the girl that invited me was from my campus, I was studying abroad and she took an interest to me. We started seeing each other more and more frequently as the days went on, and I was pretty sure she wanted to have a more intense relationship. I was uncertain about going with her with her family but like I said earlier, I had nowhere to go. So I drove with her the distance to her sister’s place; we then flew out to their parent’s cabin.

When I got out of the taxi the father approached me, he put his large hands out in the air and I shook it. “So you’re the one we have heard so little about. My name is-” he went on with a generic introduction about his wife and his son. I met everyone and we went inside, I expected either the brother or the father to grill me for the weekend but after they introduced themselves, the girl’s brother and father were chill; at least they didn’t say much. Surprisingly I got a lot of backlash from the mother and sister.

“So what do you do?” the mother asked. I would reply with an answer and she always came back with another question like, “why do you say that?” or “do you think that is best.” I was feeling uncomfortable talking to her about all of my back-story. The sister was worse, because she tried to seem like she was generally interested in what I had to say but kept going back to the same theme.

“So….how long have you known my sister,” she would start.

“Just for a few months now, I’m studying abroad,” I would answer. It was a constant back and forth battle between the mother, sister, and I. The girl, my friend, didn’t even help, she was laughing with her brother and she was garrulous around her father. The family dynamics switched when it was time to make dinner. That was my place to shine, my family had three chefs on my father’s side and they would never stop talking about food this and food that; I picked up so many skills along the way I probably could have started my own restaurant. I insisted on making something for the family in compensation for allowing me to accompany them; the mother and father were excited, the brother seemed reluctant and the sister and my friend were off frolicking upstairs (I suspected the girl talk).

The family had a great variety of meats, vegetables and fruit all stocked in their tidy places with labels on the cabinets and drawers. I had marinated and roasted a glazed turkey with paprika and thyme and my own concoction of cinnamon next to the stuffing was the honey dipped worstenbroodje hors d’oeuvres. I made a platter of spiced apples and fresh grape juice. I placed the gravy in a bowl of bread and made almond green beans. When the family saw the food I saw their eyes glistening like the turkey they were going to devour. We talked about Christmas traditions at the table and how my culture celebrated differently from their country.

It was a little past midnight. The father set the fire for the night to slowly die out while everyone got ready for bed.

“This will be your room,” the mother pointed towards a guest room on the first floor, with a queen bed and extra blankets. I pointed that way, she said, “my husband and I have the room above you, everyone else will have their own rooms.” I felt that she was warning me off of any foolish ideas I might have had about her daughter that night. I thanked her and headed to my room. I could hear the others walking about upstairs. The brother’s room was right by the stairs, next was the sister, my friend, and then her parents.

When I went to my room I noticed it had double doors, one led to the kitchen with the fire place the other led to the dinner table first then to the bathroom then past the kitchen to the fireplace where the bottom of the stairs started. This made me uneasy at first since I had always had a fear of the night or someone coming into my room and taking my life; therefore, I always sleep where I can see the door and wake up if I hear someone coming. It was going to be a long weekend I thought. I slipped my shoes off, dropped my pants, went under the covers and dozed off.

There was a noise. I could hear a creek at my door. My heart began to race; I had to remember where I was and what I was doing. I called out, “hello?” I lifted my head to see if anyone was there; “who is it?” I asked. “What canlı bahis şirketleri do you want, hello?” The door opened up some more. I didn’t like that I couldn’t get a response from anyone so I sat up on my bed. I wouldn’t have be able to see anything if it wasn’t for the kitchen light illuminating through the bottom of the left door. I raised my voice this time demanding I know who it was.

“Be quiet,” I heard. “Do you want me to get in trouble?” It was my friend, she popped her head out after creaking the door open some more. I asked her what she was doing in my room and she smiled at me. “I know you didn’t think I invited you all the way here just to be friends. I know you are dumb, I didn’t know you were stupid.” she walked slowly to the foot of my bed.

“I’m sorry? You know where I come from people don’t sneak in other people’s rooms in the night without telling the person,” I scowled.

“Fine,” she said turning towards the door slowly, “if you want me to go I’ll go.” She started walking forward.

I shook my head at her, “no wait, I didn’t mean that you just freaked me out is all.” She swayed her head to the side like a puppy and pursed her lips in the air.

“You poor baby,” she said. “Did I scare you,” her voice was in the baby whining voice parent do for their new born kid. I couldn’t help but to laugh, there she was mocking me in her parents’ cabin and all I could think of was her in her pink tank top and black spandex with her hair down. She came closer to my bed, next to me. She whispered in my ear, “Do you want me to make you feel better?” But, before I could answer she started sucking slowly on my ear. She nibbled with her teeth and licked with the tip of her tongue ever so slightly teasing my skin. I slid my hands through her hair and wrapped around her ear. I could feel her arms hug around my head as she continued to explore my ear and neck with her soft lips and tongue.

I wrapped my hands around her back and slowly anchored towards my bed, she followed me. It was then that our mouths met. She drew me in with desire; I could feel her hands tighten in my hair, I felt her hips press against my body, her arms pushing me towards her. She let out the slightest moaning from the kissing, as our lips moved as one. “Oh, God,” she said. “I’ve wanted you so bad,” she said in between inhaling for air and pushing back on my lips. I told her I wanted her too. She was so beautiful, I rubbed my hands on her legs up to her spandex which hugged her body so smoothly I could feel her soft skin on my finger; I felt the way she moved her hips into my touch begging me to squeeze. I began to move my hand toward her inner thigh; that is when she suddenly stopped.

I was out of breath. “What is it?” She paused over me the way a deer is in a headlight on the dark road. She cocked her head to the side and then without warning got up. “Wait, where are you going?” I asked.

“Shh…” she moved closer to the door from whence she came. I was so confused until I heard the creaks. Someone was coming downstairs. I heard the footsteps moving getting closer. I was wondering who it was, I didn’t want anyone, especially myself, to get in trouble. She made one more motion then closed the door, turned toward me and said, “Till next time,” she blew me a kiss and walked out the opposite door. She must have done it before because as soon as she left the door she first came through opened up. It was her father staring at me.

I thought my life was over; he would kill me because he knew what I did to his daughter. In my mind I was screaming at my cock to die down, I bunched up the covers just because I was so paranoid. He smiled and said, “Hope I didn’t wake you son. I have trouble sleeping sometimes. I’m gonna go for a walk around the lake, so if you hear the door or my wife ask, that’s where I went.” I nodded in compliance and laid back down on the bed. As the door to the cabin house closed my heart went back down and coincidently so did the rest of me.

My heart was still throbbing so I went over to get a glass of milk and some cookies. I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of milk. I was looking for the glasses when I heard a sound, I turned around and jumped. It was the mother. She was squinting at me then smiled, “oh it’s just you; I forgot you were here.” She asked me if I knew where her husband went; I said he went around the lake. She sighed, “He’s always getting up at night, walking around. It’s sad that he does, messes with his biology a bit.” She walked to the cabinet I couldn’t find and handed me a glass. “He gets tired a lot, and tries to make up for it during the afternoon. I don’t know how it got this bad.” she wandered around the cutting table about her chest high.

That is when I noticed her lace bra underneath her silk robe. Her breast looked soft and smooth and she was larger than I remembered during the day. “Do you guys have insomnia?” I asked.

She canlı kaçak iddaa nodded. “Him more than me, I just get restless sometimes, I think it’s more about stress for me,” she grabbed herself a glass and started pouring some of my grape juice. “This really is great juice you know. So what about you, why are you up?”

It took me all from smiling; “I just wanted the milk, and thank you.” she walked closer to me. She asked where I learned how to cook. “My family is really big on that…” she wanted to know about me. As I answered her questions I notice her leaning towards me more, and more. I could almost reach out my finger and graze her nipples through those thin layers of clothing.

She was really close now as I was talking about going into medicine instead of restaurants. “You know,” she started, “I was once studying to be a great chef; world class, that is where I met my first love.” She started telling me her story of how she met this guy and how they had so much fun together, eating, cooking, and using food to spice up their sex. My heart was speeding up again, as she divulged the details of her sexual adventures. “He wasn’t the biggest, but he had the sweetest cock ever.”

I had almost spit out the milk I was sipping on, “excuse me?” It wasn’t the fact that it was sex; I was just surprised at the source of the conversation.

“What? Cock? You don’t like the word cock? Or is it me saying that?” her voice was elevated but it seemed more playful and joking, the same mockery I heard earlier that night.

“It’s not that Mrs…” she stopped my sentence by putting her finger on my lips.

“I hate being called that, makes me seem older than I wish to realize. Like I was trying to tell you, I like cock boy, and since yours is the only one I can get my hands onto right now,” she let her robe slide more open, and she reached her hands in my boxers and started stroking my cock. I wanted to pull back but she had me in a grip, and it felt amazing. Her hands were soft, and clearly tended to everyday with some oil or lotion, and they were strong making me grow faster by the stroke. She looked into my eyes, “I figure we have about twenty minutes before my husband returns. I want your cock, and I want it now” she demanded. My mind told me to refuse but my body went with her.

She moved her hand around my skin, tugging and pulling around the head. I saw her hand wrap open and closed. It was intoxicating; I couldn’t hold my drink up and put it on the cutting table. She smiled and said good idea, and put her glass by my member. She then kneeled down toward my groin; she poured the grape juice slowly on the head of my cock and let it drip into her mouth. I was moaning. I never felt that sensation. I could feel the wetness of the drink slide around my skin, wrap around my head and feed her mouth with her tongue centimeters away from my dick. She then slowly wrapped her lips around my hot member. She was licking off all the juice, moving her head back and forth. She let the saliva drip from her mouth and slide on my skin into her and hands which she used to jerk and twist every time she sucked up.

I wanted to push my slobbery cock further in her mouth. She must have sensed it so because she wrapped one hand around my waist and stuck her tongue out. She then moved her whole mouth down my cock, I could hear her slightly gagging but she held it there. She reached my balls and played with them with the tip of her tongue while she deep throated me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was amazing, it was beautiful. There she was worshipping my cock, sliding her tongue on it, licking the top of the head around the rim, as she poured more juice. I was ready to burst.

“What was that?” she got up quickly, closed her robe and poured the rest of the juice in the sink.

Me being hard and close to coming said, “What are you talking about?”

“Shut up,” she said. “Go back to your room, and take your milk”. I was appalled at her tone, like I was nothing. I started to protest but she pointed to the room, “Go”. She sounded stern but her eyes were pleading me. So I rushed to my room carrying my glass of milk. As soon as I closed my door, I heard keys in the front door, and then the door opened. I realized the father must have come back earlier than she anticipated. I thought for sure he was going to yell at her but she started the attack, “Where were you,” I heard her say through the door. He explained where he was and that he told me since I was up. She scolded him and said she was worried but somehow reassured him that she didn’t see me. It sounded like he was fishing for her to reveal something but she played it cool. I could hear the footsteps going off upstairs. I walked off to bed and fell asleep, thinking of her black lace and soft lips.

It was the next day, my last day, and I was tired. Everyone had woken up for breakfast, which I made, and they did their usual holiday routines. The parents canlı kaçak bahis went to their favorite bar to talk to old friends. The brother went to his friends house close by, and that left me with my friend and her sister. We decided to go ice skating at the local rink. There were a lot of people there and I got to be alone with my friend but my mind was on what had happened last night.

“So did you sleep well?”

“What?” I looked at my friend.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked.

I smiled to her thinking about her mom, “as a matter in fact I did.” She smiled back at me. Her eyes revealed she was thinking about last night with me and her. I then felt the guild creeping inside.

“Really,” her sister came up from behind us, “Cause you both look like crap” she skated in front of us. I asked my friend why she would say that and she shrugged. She said she didn’t tell her anything but I was skeptical.

“What if she knows? What if she tells someone?” I was thinking about the father and if he found out that I was up with his wife and messing around with his daughter he might have my head for a trophy. My friend just held out her hand and reassured me that everything was alright.

The time was getting dark and only a select few couples were at the rink. My friend’s sister said she was getting tired and we should go home, but my friend protested. “If you want to you can take the car back and we can just walk” she told her sister. I was reluctant to walk since we were skating all day but I could see scheming in her eyes. The sister protested as well, she told us she would just take a nap in the car. When she left my friend looked back at me, “wanna have some fun?” Before I could answer she pulled me towards the rink gate, there was a little path for skating that people could take. “Let’s go down here out of site,” she suggested. I didn’t argue.

We skated down the path and got to the point where it curves for the skater to start the round trip back. She stopped us, looked around, and then jumped off the path into the snow. I called after her, she only had her skates on and it was not meant to be walked on in the snow. I went after her. As I was high kneeing through the snow before I heard a whisper, I looked over my shoulder and there she was to the side of the tree with her coat off. She was wearing a tight Christmas long sleeve and those tight yoga pants that hug her body and legs. “What do you plan on doing out here?” I asked her.

She smiled and put her thumb in the rim of her pants. “Why don’t you come over here and finish what you started”. I couldn’t believe she wanted us to start something here. Anybody could have walked up. But I was compelled. I was drawn in to her aura. I moved closer determined. I kissed her, and she kissed me back. She melted to my tongue and pulled me in closer, using the tree for leverage. I felt her guide my fingers to the top of her pants, I slid them down. She wasn’t wearing any underwear; I could feel her soft wet clit on my finger tips, then her pussy lips quivering to my touch. She was gasping, “Put them in, please. Put them in now,” she said. I eased my fingers into her pussy. I could feel her walls tighten up on my fingers, one after the other. She smelled sweet and luscious, moaning in the snow, exhaling every time I pushed inward.

She started playing with me rubbing and sliding across my pants. I was getting hard. She unzipped my pants and started massaging my cock, rubbing my balls, and sucking on my tongue. I raised one hand under her bra and caressed her nipple; her blue eyes looked into mine with excitement. Suddenly I heard a twig snap. I thought this was my worst luck, but I learned from last night. I quickly pulled away, fixed my pants, and removed my hand. She did the same fixing herself, and moving back to the path. I was looking and waiting for her sister to come out, but she never did. Once we got back to the path I heard the twig snap again, I looked back and saw it was just a rabbit. I sighed. We headed back towards the car.

It was a normal afternoon after the ice rink. I was starting to feel sexually frustrated and was actually relieved when the father had finished cooking dinner just before we came back. I avoided the mother’s eyes at the table, as she talked about their day. I also stopped several advances of my friend trying to rub my groin with her foot. It was getting late again and everyone followed their routines of getting ready for bed. I made sure I had my shorts on this time that gave me a little privacy if I as to be excited that night.

I was sleeping, at least attempting to, when I heard my door creek again. I smiled but I kept laying there pretending to be asleep. I heard footsteps walking toward the bed. I smiled at the thought of what my friend was going to do to me tonight. I felt her lay down in my bed behind me wrapping her arms around me, she was warm and snug around my body. I kept my eyes close waiting to see how she wanted to play. I felt her hands go between my pants and she started to stoke me ever so gently, softer than when we were outside. She licked my ears again; it was wetter and softer this time. I then heard her whisper in my ear, “are you awake?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32