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Twelve Years Earlier…

“Mmm, I had a really good time tonight,” Kaitlin whispered, Ian’s ear near her lips as he kissed her neck. She let a hand wander down his back, a move that resulted in his own exploratory hand lowering to give her ass a squeeze through her blue cotton dress. The hem was so short already, and the way he gripped her caused it to ride up further. Good as his hand felt through the thin fabric, it would feel better if he slid underneath, moved her panties aside, and…

“Why don’t we go inside?” Kaitlin said breathlessly, lifting Ian’s hand away from her butt. What had started as a kiss goodnight had quickly escalated past what was acceptable for a dorm room hallway. Given the reputation her roommate already had, Kaitlin saw no reason to add to the rumors by dry humping right outside her door. As Ian stepped back, Kaitlin flashed him a smile, assuring him that their night was far from over.

She turned to her door and pulled out her keycard, using her free hand to throw her blonde hair over her shoulder. For a moment, Kaitlin smiled to herself, feeling the intensity of Ian behind her, the promise that as soon as they were through that door, he would take her, and take her hard. She hadn’t gotten laid since prom, breaking up with her high school boyfriend as they set out to separate schools, and she was surprised by how desperately she needed the feel of hands on her again, the want of another person. Ian wasn’t the best date she’d ever been on, but she’d felt his erection against her thigh at the club, and it would give her exactly what she needed. And in all honesty, anyone would do at that point.

“We’re going to have some fun,” Kaitlin promised, pushing her ass back against Ian’s crotch one more time before sliding the keycard through the slot and opening the door-

“Oh, yes, daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

The words hit Kaitlin with a physical force, a slap across the face that left her dumbstruck standing in the doorway of her dorm room. The logical thing would’ve been to slam the door shut immediately, but instead, she just stared at the sight of her roommate Brittany bouncing up and down on the lap of… some guy. Honestly, she barely saw the dude laid out on Brittany’s bed, her focus instead drawn to the roomie who was supposed to be out of town. But no, she was doing what she did most nights: fucking, loudly and intensely.

“What the fuck?!” Kaitlin finally shouted, her shock wearing off and a wave of anger hitting her. The shout seemed to snap Ian out of a stupor, given the way he jumped next to her. The guy on the bed, meanwhile, went rigid. The only one initially unaffected was Brittany herself, as she continued to bounce up and down for a few more seconds.

“Mmm, so close,” Brittany sighed, finally slowing as she realized Kaitlin wasn’t going anywhere. Still straddling her embarrassed lover, Brittany flashed her roommate an “Aw, shucks” smile. “Mind giving us some time to get dressed, Katie?” She glanced to Ian, giving a slight wave and seemingly not caring that she was only giving him a better look at her huge tits. “Hey, Ian, heard a lot about you!”

Kaitlin slammed the door shut, not allowing the brazen display to go on any longer. For a moment, she simply stood staring at the door, part of her wanting to will Brittany to drop dead.

“Um, I think I should get going,” Ian said after a minute, snapping Kaitlin out of her focused rage.

“Huh?” Kaitlin said, looking to him. “No, come on, she’ll get lost. Trust me, I was supposed to have the room, we can… we’ll be good.”

“I think… mood might be ruined?” Ian said, giving her an apologetic smile and almost immediately starting to walk away. “But I’ll call you.”

“Fuck,” Kaitlin muttered, now alone in canlı bahis the hallway. As if she wasn’t already pissed enough, the very prominent erection Ian had been sporting suggested that instead of fucking her, he’d rather run back to his room and jerk off to Brittany. What was the best-case scenario, that he didn’t want to fuck her while thinking of someone else? Great date.

“The hell is taking so long?” Kaitlin muttered, leaning against the wall. A thought hit her after a moment, and she went to place her ear against the door, only for it to fling open as the random dude came stumbling out.

“Oh, uh… hey,” the guy said, frozen in place; he got to stepping as soon as Kaitlin shot him a dirty look. “Bye.”

“You fucking finished, didn’t you?” Kaitlin accused as she walked in, shutting the door behind her. Brittany was dressed now – yoga pants and a low-cut tank top – and lounging on her messy bed. Just languishing in her post-coital stupor. “Brit, this was supposed to be my night.”

“I know, I’m awful, but I was really close already,” Brittany said, the smirk on her face making it clear she wasn’t taking this as seriously as Kaitlin wanted. “I was just going to spend the night at the library, working on my midterm, but then Josh needed to borrow a pencil, we started talking… you know how it is.”

“No, I don’t, Brittany!” Kaitlin yelled, throwing her purse a little too hard onto her desk. “I never get the chance because you’re always in here. Usually with some random dude!”

“Oh, babe, I’m sorry,” Brittany said, now seeming a little more genuine. Too little, too late as far as Kaitlin was concerned, kicking her shoes off and dropping onto her bed. “I just didn’t think you’d bring Ian home on the first date. You didn’t seem all that into him.”

“He was good enough for my first time in five months, Brit,” Kaitlin fumed, slightly embarrassed to admit that fact but too angry to care. She curled up facing the wall, not wanting to acknowledge Brittany any further.

“Five months, damn,” Brittany said, a bit dumbfounded. For the first time that night, she sounded like she was considering Kaitlin’s feelings, which made the blonde feel a little better. She was still pissed, though, and was in no mood to relent to spare Brittany’s feelings. So she continued to face the wall, not noticing Brittany had gotten out of her bed until she felt the girl take a seat on her own. She felt a hand against her back, rubbing small circles. “I really am sorry, Katie. I didn’t know you were so hard up.”

“I just wish you’d consider my feelings a bit more,” Kaitlin said, enjoying the feel of Brittany’s hand. “You’re honestly such a fun friend, but you can be the worst roommate.”

“I’m sorry,” Brittany said, suddenly laying down next to Kaitlin. She stopped rubbing her back and instead put a hand on her hip. “Just, you get away from home for the first time and you can do all these things you couldn’t before. My parents are so traditional, they barely even let me date.”

“I know,” Kaitlin said, Brittany’s body now pressed against hers. She didn’t understand why Brit had gotten so close, but she didn’t mind; it was surprisingly comforting, soothing. “But you’re not the only one with oats to sow.”

“You’re right,” Brittany said, her mouth close enough to Kaitlin that she could feel her roommate’s breath on her neck. “I’ve had all those guys here. It’s been selfish of me.”

“Brit?” Kaitlin said, her voice barely above a whisper as the hand on her hip began to slide down her leg.

“You should get the chance to have fun, too,” Brittany said. “That’s what college is for, right? Meeting people, figuring out what you like…”

Kaitlin inhaled sharply as Brittany’s slipped inside of her dress and up her thigh.


“Brittany, bahis siteleri I don’t know if – oh!” Kaitlin gasped, Brittany’s fingers suddenly pressing firmly into the crotch of her panties, sliding along her covered slit. “Oh, god.”

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how fucking hot my roommate was,” Brittany whispered, her lips now brushing against Kaitlin’s ear. “That cute smile, those perky tits… why do you think I’m so horny all the time?”

“I didn’t know you were… I mean, I’m not even…” Kaitlin was having a hard time stringing her thoughts together. Normally, she’d have already had a freak-out over this, but she was still so turned on from Ian, and lord, Brit was getting a lot of work done through her panties. She wasn’t even in to girls, but… suddenly, she wasn’t sure of anything. “Brit, you don’t have to do this.”

“I want to,” Brittany responded, taking Kaitlin’s earlobe in her mouth and suckling gently. Her fingers, hot and moist from the spot they explored, slipped to the side of her panties and dove under. Kaitlin shuddered anew as Brittany contacted her vagina directly, easily slipping between her folds and running along her clit. “I’ve wanted to all semester.”

Words failed Kaitlin at that point, and she simply enjoyed the sensation of Brittany’s fingers inside her, expertly manipulating her clit and penetrating her. She’d imagined another woman might know what they were doing, but lord, Brittany seemed to know her pussy even better than she did. Before long, she was rocking against Brit’s hand, begging her to go faster, deeper, harder. All the while, Brittany was sucking lightly at her neck, her free hand snaked around and gently kneading her breast through her breast and bra. And Brittany was so close and tight against her, her massive tits rocking against Kaitlin’s back as Brit continued to finger and fondle her.

“Five months of pleasuring yourself is too long, babe,” Brittany whispered, her fingers pumping in and out of Kaitlin with a slick, squelching noise. “I’m going to help catch you up.”

“God, yes!” Kaitlin moaned, her thighs slamming together as the mixture of Brittany’s words and ministrations pushing her over the edge. Her words turned into a low, deep moan as Brittany’s continued pumping intensified the orgasm rocking her body. It was too much, more than she’d ever experienced before, Brittany’s skill and the unexpected thrill of being with a woman heightening her pleasure like never before. “Brittany! Oh, god, don’t stop! Don’t ever fucking stop!”

“No stopping,” Brittany said, even as her hand pulled away from Kaitlin’s trembling pussy. She turned Kaitlin around to face her and kissed her, the blonde’s mouth quickly opening to accept Brit’s probing tongue. Kaitlin’s arms wrapped around Brittany, a desperate embrace as the two women made out with a passionate hunger. Brit’s lips were soft and small, different from the stubbly, rough-mouthed feeling Kaitlin was used to. Not better, necessarily, but pleasing in a whole new way.

It was all new sensations: the tender touch of Brittany’s hands on her sides, the fruity smell of her shampoo and perfume mixing together, the heft and weight of Brittany’s chest resting against her own. Kaitlin knew she liked men, their muscular embraces and hard erections; suddenly, though, she had to question the assumption that she was as straight as she thought. If nothing else, how good it felt to slip a hand into Brittany’s yoga pants and give her firm ass a squeeze was proof enough.

As was the next desire that came to Kaitlin’s mind.

“Take off your pants,” Kaitlin said with a heavy breath, tugging at Brittany’s yoga pants. Brittany said nothing, just smiled back at Kaitlin as she raised her hips and bahis şirketleri allowed her roommate to disrobe her. Kaitlin had to readjust, sliding down the bed to get the clingy material off Brittany. It left her close to her upper thighs and the heady scent of Brittany’s pussy.

Some logical part of Kaitlin’s mind was somehow still present, trying to remind her that Brittany had just been with a guy, that he’d likely cum inside of her, but that voice was drowned out by desire as Kaitlin planted kisses along Brittany’s thighs, working her way up switching from one leg to the next. Brittany repositioned herself, laying flat on her back as Kaitlin reached her black panties. Kaitlin kissed the soft flesh at the top of Brittany’s legs to either side of her crotch before pausing, staring at the wet patch waiting for her.

“We can take this slower,” Brittany said, reaching a hand down to touch Kaitlin’s face. “I want you to be comfortable, babe. I can go down on you first.”

“I want you to,” Kaitlin said, looking up at Brittany. “I want you to eat me out better than any guy ever has. But…” Kaitlin slipped a finger beneath Brittany’s panties, pulling them to the side to reveal her shaven, glistening prize. “I have to taste you first.”

“Whatever you want, sexy,” Brittany sighed, Kaitlin’s inexperienced tongue delving into her hot folds. “Oh, Kaitlin… just like that.”

“Anything for you, Brittany,” Kaitlin said with a desperate passion, not the last time the roommates would moan each other’s names that night…


I sat in stunned silence, not quite sure how to process what I was hearing. Kaitlin continued, giving me every detail of her and Brittany’s first night together: every position, every orgasm, every ministration and teasing touch. I could hardly believe it, even with the sight I had walked in on. And yet, I knew it was true.

And I was hard as a rock.

“She’s the only other person I’ve been with, Colin,” Kaitlin said, finally breaking the silence that followed her finishing her story. “There’s never been another man, I promise.”

“I know,” I said, instantly feeling the truth in that statement as well. “All these years, though… you’ve been with her like this.”

“I knew her before you,” Kaitlin said, averting her gaze all the same. “And she helped me realize my own sexuality. And really, I just… never stopped wanting her.”

I put a hand on Kaitlin’s naked thigh, rubbing it slightly. I smiled at her bashfully. “It’s not like I can judge. Not after this week.”

“When she told me what happened between the two of you… she always said we should include you, that you wanted her, but I thought she was crazy. You’ve only ever seemed to hate her. I just assumed she was being… well, being Brittany, thinking every guy wanted to fuck her.”

“Every guy does want to fuck me,” Brittany said, drawing both of our attentions. It was the first thing she’d said since Kaitlin had started her story, and the words surprised me, as did the sensation that I suddenly found myself without. I looked down at Brittany, my cock no longer in her mouth. She smirked up at me. “I knew this would help the news go down easier, I stop for a few seconds and he’s already angry.”

“Part of me does hate her,” I said, followed by a moan as Brittany took me back into her mouth. Instinctively, my hand went to her head, pushing her further onto my cock. “But fuck, she’s like a sex drug.”

“I don’t love the way it happened,” Kaitlin said, scooting her naked form closer to me. “But… I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted it. For such a long time.”

I pulled Kaitlin close, our lips brushing together, both of us breathing heavier. My grip on Brittany’s bouncing head tightened, and I held her close to my crotch, listening to the slight gagging sound she gave off.

“I think the wait’s over,” I said, kissing Kaitlin passionately. The talking was done, and all that was left was whatever the three of us could imagine.

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