The House Sitters Ch. 03

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Volume IV: Going Home

Ted’s eyes fluttered open. The room was still dark. He could see that the storm of the previous night had ended, the clouds had cleared away, and the gray light of dawn was creeping through the curtains. The day promised to be bright and sunny. He lay for a moment clearing the fog of sleep, rose and went to the bathroom. After finishing his business and brushing his teeth, he returned to the bed, picking up a towel from where it was thrown after last night “Festivities”. He crawled into the warm bed he shared with his wife, Georgette, who was still sleeping.

He spooned up next to Georgette, feeling her warm, soft skin against his. The sleeping Georgette released a small, barely audible sigh as she automatically snuggled closer. Ted lay (Ted was never one that could go back to sleep once awake) in the increasing light his mind wandered over the previous week. Ted’s brother had asked them to house sit while he was away. They had not taken any trips alone since before their children were born. Now they had a second honeymoon almost 20 years after the first. In most ways this week had had exceeded their honeymoon.

From the first night’s game of naked tag in the pool to last night’s food-fest, it had been one incredible ride. Each morning started with a blowjob in the shower, each night ended with passionate lovemaking somewhere in the house, Ted came home each day for a lunch a nooner in the kitchen or by the pool. By Ted’s estimate they have made love (and sometimes wildly fucked), in every room except the four guestrooms and the laundry room. They made love in the pool, in the kitchen, the parlor, the study, and even in his bother’s Jag parked in the garage.

Georgette had always been a great lover, responsive and complete. However, this week had brought out Georgette’s wild side. She had made no plans except to recline by the pool each day with several good bodice rippers. Ted noticed that Georgette had no tan lines but was getting a health bonze glow. He mentioned that fact and she confessed she had been sunbathing Pendik Escort in the nude. She also confessed, the relaxing seclusion, the warm sun, and the act of spreading oil on herself made her positively honey. She then would masturbate the afternoon away and that the “welcome home blow” was an extension of her aroused state, and that she absolutely loved her husband.

Ted relaxed next to Georgette, taking the quiet. As he remembered the events of the week, he admitted to himself that a man of his age is not built for this much passion and he was beginning to become sore. That made him laughs.

Ted absently caressed Georgette’s skin as he pondered their week. His fingers lightly stroked Georgette’s nipple. He had also become erect. The stimulation of her nipple and the growth of Ted’s manhood against her backside slowly woke Georgette from her slumber. While he reflected on his life, basking in his luck to find such a great wife, who bore him two very fine daughters, Georgette came awake, pressing her self against his manhood, arousing him even more.

Georgette inhaled deep breath as her eyes fluttered open. She rolled over so she was face to face with her lover and gently caressed her face, looking lovingly into his eyes. She kissed him gently on the lips, tickled his erection and said “Hold that thought lover, I gotta pee” and rushed off to the bathroom. She returned with her teeth brushed and a much more relieved expression.

She crawled into the warm bed and into the waiting arms of her husband. They kissed passionately and Ted massaged Georgette’s breast, back, butt, and all other parts of hr. He gently squeezed her breasts and lightly rubbed her nipple with his thumb and index finger. Ted ran a single finger lightly down her spine, sending chill through her. He softly kneaded her butt and tickled the inside of her thighs. He loved her skin. So silky smooth, so warm, so … well … Perfect.

After a few minutes, Georgette pulled back (Ted’s hand still on her breast). “I had the most wonderful dream,” Kurtköy Escort she said running a fingernail over Ted’s chest. “We were on a secluded island, no one was around. We were completely alone.”

“Sounds wonderful” Ted replied.

“The weather was perfect, warm enough that we did not need any clothes so were not wearing any,” Georgette continued in her best mock surprise voice. “Can you guess what we were doing on our island?”

“No. It was your dream. What were we doing on this island, sans-clothes?” Ted asked in mock ignorance.

“SCREWING!” she replied and pushed him onto his back. “Actually that what we were doing when I woke up. First, I did this to you,” she said and promptly took his entire erection into her mouth.

“Oh … and what was I doing?” Ted strained.

“Moaning a lot,” she replied after running her tongue the length of his shaft.

“Oh! ” Ted moaned. “Seems appropriate if it felt this good!”

“By as much noise as you were making I think it did,” Georgette replied.

Georgette lay between Ted’s legs resting on her belly. She knew Ted liked to watch her suck him. They had even video her early in the week and watch it later (where Georgette was surprised how turned on it got her and led to the Jag episode). This time she really played it up, ever so slowly swallowing him then pulling all the way to the tip. She licked the soft underside of his shaft, slowly from balls to tip. She made sure that there was lots of slurping sounds.

“We were [LICK] in a [SLURP] grass hut just like [SLURP] on Gilligan’s Island, Georgette purred.

“I always though the Professor … Oh Yea … was banging Mary … OH MY … Ann,” Ted struggled.

“Really? [GULP] I thought [LICK] thought it was Ginger [LICK] who was the [SLURP] the whore,” Georgette said.

“But I am pretty sure that they did THIS!” and Georgette swung herself around into a 69 with her husband.

“I am sure they did too,” Ted said as he dove into his wife.

Their conversation ended and the sounds of lovemaking Maltepe Escort increased. Georgette was very aroused. Her lush aromas filled Ted nostrils. He became more aroused, which made him work Georgette even more, which made more juices flow. It was a brutally exciting circle.

Finally, Georgette swung around again, squatted over Ted very hard erection, and slowly impaled herself. An audible gasp filled the room from two mouths. “This is what [PANT] we were doing … MMMMM … when I was woken up, but I woke up before I finished.”

Ted grabbed Georgette’s hips to steady as she massages her breast and pinch her nipples. “I could … uh … let you go …hmf … back to sleep and … uh … finish the dream,” Ted answered as Georgette increased her speed.

“No … oh yes … not yet … but … OH yes … very … OH MY … soon.” She managed to say.

The passion was very strong now. Ted was raising his hips to match Georgette’s down stoke. The pace was incredible. It was a classic exercise in physics. With every action, there was an equally and opposite reaction. With Georgette’s every plunge down there was an upward thrust from Ted. They were in perfect rhythm. Both were sweating with the exertion. Faster and more forceful came the movements. Harder and more powerful came the reply. The pace reached a point where Georgette had to hold on for dear life. She leaned forward and placed her hands on Ted’s chest to steady herself.

They were rocking with a driving beat. Fast, furious, forceful, with visceral undertones. As the passion- music reached the climax, Georgette leaned back so that she received Ted’s thrusts deeper. Her orgasm was intense, mind shattering, and the best of the week. Ted could hold no longer and release with a stroke that lifted his hips high off the bed and deep into Georgette.

Georgette collapsed onto Ted’s chest and shook with excitement. They lay there until Ted fell from Georgette. This dream week was over. It was time to pack and go home.

As they entered their own home, their eldest daughter asked, “How was your Vacation?”

“Relaxing”, Ted answered. However, Mary Virginia was looking at her mother, who turned beat red with a very big grin on her glowing face. Mary Virginia just burst into laughter and helped her mother with the bags.

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