The Hush Money Bar Pt. 03

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This is the 3rd chapter in the ongoing story of the Hush Money Bar, the Black Cheers. All characters involved in any sexual activity are 18 or older.

This chapter contains interracial sex, bisexuality and elements BDSM. If any of this does not trip your trigger, move on!


Crepe streamers, balloons and the other paraphernalia of a party could not hide the fact that South Side Food Pantry was an old warehouse. Its soot streaked limestone walls sat amid the squalor of a deteriorating neighborhood. The steel mills were the lifeblood of the neighborhood. Their closing, like a vampire’s bite, sucked the life out of the area.

The members of the North Shore Country Club crowd assuaged their guilt at being “haves” in an era of “have nots” by sponsoring and attending these charity events. It would provide socially significant conversation at the next dinner party.

A large white tent covered the area from the front of the warehouse across the street to the entrance to the Hush Money Bar. It extended 50′ either side of the bar entrance. Neat rows of tables covered in white tablecloths lined the streets where 24 hours earlier steel-eyed police in menacing black and white squad cars rousted the homeless or did stop and frisk on the other denizens. The pervasive police presence was still there but discretely hidden. The gentry could experience the thrill of being in a slum with none of the commensurate dangers.

Gertrude Allenby moved gracefully among her guests. She stopped at tables to thank this banker or that fund manager for attending. To a person they all made the polite noises that say it was their responsibility. They thanked her for her diligence in setting it up. Most of the men took the opportunity to glance down the deep, scoop neckline of her off the rack frock. It showed enough of her substantial bosom to keep the men interested while not threatening the women. Gert knew that, like her staff that was the servers for this soiree, she was hired help.

She flinched as an awkward move reminded her of the soreness in her pussy. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she recalled Todd fucking her on the pool table in the bar. Even drunk that was fucking hot. She shivered as she recalled his enormous cock pounding her into submission. She got moist as she recalled him licking her clean after they fucked. It was so fucking nasty! And so hot!

The smile faded as she thought about the possibility of being pregnant. Her husband was adamant about not having children. Without her husband’s knowledge, she stopped using birth control. She desperately wanted a child. The ticking of her biological clock was loud enough to drown out the good angels of common sense. If this well equipped stud had knocked her up, it could make life difficult. However, the reward would be worth it. She realized she meant it when, in the throes of passion, she said she was Todd’s bitch.


Antoinette Chalmers and Celeste Abernathy sat at the dingy black painted bar. This was an adventure for them and they were enjoying it. They were both openly flirting with the tall handsome Black bartender. Neither of them had a fetish about Black cock. Still, it added a kinkiness to cross the color line. They were well over the line that separated propriety from pandering. The very potent vodka martinis provided them with liquid courage.

Antoinette Chalmers needed less liquid courage than her lifelong friend did. She was a cougar. A t 43, excess defined her life. She drank too much. And ate too much. She had fucked her way through three husbands and countless affairs. Sex to her was like dope to an addict. The craving was always there. The itch had to be scratched.

She was definitely not model material. She had to work hard at the gym to round the excess pounds into a reasonable approximation of curvaceous feminine pulchritude. If you liked Rubenesque women with few sexual limits, she was your girl. Judicious exercise and various surgical techniques gave her a reasonable curviness. She also knew that her wealth improved her looks. She paid for her young lovers just as she paid for everything else.

Celeste Abernathy was a more discrete but no less a cougar then her friend. She was in a sexless marriage. She and her husband had a tacit agreement to maintain at least the appearances of propriety. The young Black bartender had her tail figuratively wagging. He looked delicious.

“Tell me about yourself Toddy.”

“Not much to tell, Mrs. Chalmers. I’m new in town. I was lucky enough to meet Annabelle and land this job.”

Annabelle caught bits and pieces of the conversation. She ruefully shook her head. Those two fat old white bitches were actually propositioning Todd at the bar.

“Do you have…other talents?”

Todd smiled. He knew exactly where this conversation was going.

“Why Mrs. Chalmers, whatever are you talking about?”

At that moment, John Carroll walked into gaziantep escort pornoları the bar. He was resplendent in a gray tuxedo with white lapels with gold trimming. The stripe down the side of the pants was also white and trimmed in gold. He looked for all the world like a Black Liberace.

“Antoinette, it’s time for the presentation.”

“In a minute John,”

Antoinette reached into her clutch purse and extracted a personal card. She slid the card across the bar. She turned to follow John to the awards ceremony.

“Call me.”

Todd picked up the card, glanced at it and stuck it in his pocket. He glanced at Anna who shrugged.

“Toni is so forward,” Celeste tittered. She listened silently to the repartee between Toni and the bartender. Surreptiously she studied his face. He was handsome, no doubt about that. And well built. There was something about him she found interesting.

“Yes, she is,” Todd laughed, “But she knows what she wants and goes after it.”

The feedback squeal of the microphone announced the beginning of the presentation.

“Well, I had better go. Toni is getting the food pantry’s woman of the year award.”

Todd watched as Celeste stood with that overly cautious move of a drunk. Her full skirt swished across broad her mature hips. Unlike Antoinette, she exercised to keep her 5′ 8″, 170 pound body at least reasonably tight. She was comfortable with her body.

She placed one hand on the back of the stool for balance. She knew Todd was watching her. She wondered if it was the low cut of the evening gown. It showed off the substantial cleavage created by her 36C bosom. Or was he an ass man?

“Mmmm, where do you live, Todd?”

Todd gave a thumbs up gesture. “Upstairs.”

Celeste’s eyes flicked quickly to Annabelle and back to Todd. “Alone?”

Annabelle’s eyes rolled to the ceiling.

“Yes.” Todd smiled.

Celeste smiled, turned and walked carefully out of the bar.

“Is there anything that will inoculate you against your jungle fever,” Anna teased.

“I was just being a good bartender,” Todd said, smiling.

“Boy, I told you when we first met, you should keep that thing in your pants.”

“And then you proceeded to pull it out,” Todd laughed.

Annabelle’s eyes flicked nervously around the bar, checking to see who might over hear them.

“That’s right! Tell everyone, why don’t you.”

Todd moved down the bar to stand next to Anna. His patted her lightly on her bubble butt. “Everyone is outside. And you are the best vaccine for rich white women.”

Annabelle could feel Todd’s hands slowly stroking her ass. On the stage outside her husband was prancing around as he built toward the woman of the year announcement.

“I’m going to give you 15 minutes to stop that.”

“Oh, a quickie,” Todd laughed.

Anna smiled and wiggled her butt against Todd’s hand. “I’m going to get out of here and see about my children. The program is over after the presentation. You lock up.”

“Oh, going home to take care of homework, huh?”

“I wish! I wish!”


Todd dropped the envelope containing the night’s receipts into the floor safe. He watched as Old John moved slowly about the bar. His face was lined but had character. Todd wondered idly what had caused him to sink to his current status.

A light tapping on the door broke his woolgathering. He walked across the bar and pulled back the drape covering the glass. He was surprised to see Celeste Abernathy. She was glancing nervously up and down the street. Behind her a cab idled at the curb. He turned the key in the lock and opened the door.

“Mrs. Abernathy! What in the world are you doing here this time of night?”

Celeste Abernathy assayed a nervous smile. She was nearly at her Gold Coast condo when she impulsively had the cab turn around and carry her back to the bar. It had, in fact, taken a substantial tip to convince him.


The cabdriver seeing her talking to the bartender, touched his horn and pulled away. He knew this was not an area to be in late at night.

“You had better come in.”

Nervously, Celeste stepped into the bar. Her eyes flicked around the dingy interior. They rested briefly on the elderly man in the faded khaki’s and plaid shirt. Even for her this was a stretch. Nevertheless, she was here.

“I…we…uh…never finished our conversation.”

“Our conversation?”

“Yes! You were going to tell us…Toni and me…about your life.”

Although he did not expect her to return tonight, Todd knew what she came for. He touched her elbow and guided her to the bar.

“Mrs. Abernathy…!”

“Celeste! Call me Celeste.”

“Celeste you should not be in this neighborhood this late at night. It can be dangerous.”

Celeste Abernathy was slowly recovering from her initial nervousness.

“Sometimes, I like escort pornoları to a little danger in my life,” she said coyly as she turned to face Todd. She brushed her hand lightly across his crotch.

Over her head, Todd saw Old John shake his head in wonder.

“I’ve have a few things to do before I can leave. Have a seat at the bar. I’ll fix you a drink.”

Celeste felt his hand slide over her rump as she moved past him to the bar. She shot a nervous glance at the clean up man. She suddenly felt out of place. This WAS dangerous. She was in a ghetto bar with two men she barely knew. What might they do to her? Or make her do? She shivered at the possibilities. Todd had actually stroked her ass in front of that old guy.

“Maybe I should go home,” She said nervously, “I see you are busy.”

“Celeste you have no chance of getting a cab here tonight.” Todd smiled broadly at her and winked at Old John. “You are stuck with us for the night.”

She scooted onto the barstool and sipped the extra dry martini he made for her. She jumped when Todd walked behind her and cupped her breasts.

“Mmmm these feel as good as they look.”

Celeste gulped her drink down and nervously raised her glass. Todd took it and walked behind the bar. He fixed her another stronger drink and sat it on the bar.

“So tell me, why did you come back?”

Todd moved from behind the bar and behind Celeste. Again, he wrapped his arms her around her cupping her breasts. Celeste took another gulp of her drink. She coughed at the strength. She turned to face Todd, her full skirt falling between her legs. The second martini relaxed her. She placed her hand on Todd’s chest, toying with the buttons on his shirt.

“It was an impulse. I..uh…just decided I wanted to see you.”

Todd stepped forward between her legs. He pushed the skirt up, revealing her thighs to just below her panties.

“Did you just want to see me? Or did you want to see more of me?”

Celeste giggled. She reached back for her glass and drained it. She held her glass up between them and smiled.

“Another please.”

Todd leaned forward, grabbed the half full shaker and refilled her glass. He watched as she sipped it.

“Let’s see more of you.” He reached behind her and unzipped her dress. It fell forward, restrained only by her shoulders. Celeste looked across the bar at Old John. He had lain down in the booth and appeared to be asleep.

“What about you friend,” she giggled?

“You don’t like an audience?”

“Well,” Celeste simpered, “one time Toni and I did something naughty with a friend of ours.”

Todd pulled her dress down around her waist. Celeste made a halfhearted attempt to stop him. Then he reached behind her and unclasped her bra. He slipped it down over shoulders and tossed it on an adjacent stool.

“How naughty?” Todd glanced over at Old John and winked.

Celeste’s breast had the comfortable sag of a middle age woman. They were full and covered her chest. Her areolas were tan and the size of half dollars. Her nipples were rigid and slightly upturned.

“Old John, don’t you think she has gorgeous breasts,” Todd grabbed them at the base and let his hands slide up until his fingers grasped her nipples. He tugged lightly.

“Very nice,” Old John wheezed, “very nice”

Todd stepped back and grasped both of Celeste’s hand in his. He gently pulled her to her feet. Her dress fell in a puddle at her feet. Celeste stood topless, clad only in her pantyhose, which she wore without panties and her 3″ heels. She felt exposed and vulnerable. Two men were eyeing her semi nakedness.

Todd pushed her back on the barstool. He leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth. Celeste hissed. Over Todd’s shoulder she saw Old John was sitting on the edge of the booth watching them.

“Todd, is there somewhere we can go?”

“Celeste, anytime you are uncomfortable, just say so. I’ll stop and I’ll get a blanket for you. You can sleep in a booth until daylight when I can get you a cab.”

Celeste grasped Todd’s head as he moved from nipple to nipple sucking and nibbling at her erect sensitive nipples. She felt his hand massaging her sex through her pantyhose. Reflexively, her hips pumped forward. Over Todd’s shoulder she could see Old John unzip his pants. He pulled out his cock and began to stroke it.

“I…uh! I don’t know!”

Todd stepped back.

“I should stop?”

“No! No! I just…! She indicated Old John with a weak wave of her hand.

Todd sank to his knees between her legs. He firmly grasped her pantyhose and ripped them at the crotch. The sensual violence of the act excited Celeste. He’s going to take me, she thought, take me right here in this filthy bar with that old man watching. She let out a loud moan as Todd buried his head between her thighs. She felt his tongue invade her sex between the torn fabric of her pantyhose.

It escort gaziantep pornoları was a scene of eroticism she had never experienced. This Black man was eating her pussy while the other man stroked and watched. No, she thought, he is not watching anymore. He is moving toward us.

She wanted to protest. She had not bargained for this. As the words welled in her throat, Todd took her clit in his mouth and inserted a finger in her pulsing hole.

“Ohhhhh fffuuuuckkkkk!,” she moaned, closing her eyes.

Todd curled his finger up and stroked her G-spot while letting his tongue flick lightly at her engorged clit. Celeste was lost in the sensation of having her two most sensitive erogenous zones simultaneously excited. She groaned when she felt another mouth suckling her nipple. The sweaty odor of Old John invaded her nostrils.

He smelled of old sweat and stale gin. His grizzled beard scratched her fleshy breasts. Any other time he would be disgusting. Somehow, in this atmosphere, at this time it was arousing. She raised one hand, grasping Old John’s head and pressing it harder to her bosom.

“Say it, Celeste!” Todd took her clit in his mouth, sucking it like a small cock. Celeste’s juices flowed like volcanic lava, hot, sizzling. She could feel the heat as it slid down her thighs.

“What…what do you want me to say?”

“Say please fuck me!”

A part of her realized he was asking for surrender. She wanted to refuse. She could not let a strange Black man and an old Black bum fuck her in this ghetto dive. The place smelled of stale alcohol and unclean bathrooms. The clean up man was old, grizzled and unclean.

“Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Alcohol fueled lust blurred her vision. Through slitted eyes, she saw the two men change position. Old John was standing between her legs. He still had on his soiled shirt. His ragged khakis hung around one ankle. Between his legs was the largest, fattest cock she had ever seen. She tried to pull away but was stopped by the bar. Like prey mesmerized by the undulations of a snake, she watched as he gripped his Louisville slugger sized cock in both hands and slid it into her flowing hole.

“Oh God no! I can’t…! You mustn’t…!”

Celeste gurgled deep in her throat as Old John’s massive tool sank a third of the way into her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as the head of his baseball bat sized cock slammed into her cervix. Waves of pain and pleasure rocketed through her body. The room swam as she felt Todd’s arms supporting her on the barstool. Old John stroked briskly in and out of her aching pussy.

“Do you like that, Celeste? Does Old John’s tool make you feel good?”

Saliva drooled out of her mouth. Reflexively her legs wrapped around his waist as the old bum picked her up, supporting her weight with his hands gripping her ass. She felt her breasts bounce as he simultaneously lifted her and drove his cock into her.

“Oh God! Please! Oh my lord!”

Todd stepped behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and cupping her breasts. He squeezed her breasts roughly starting at the base and sliding his hands out to her rigid nipples. He pulled on these hard, causing her to gasp at the pain.

“Dis be good pussy, Mr. Todd! She tight but she dripping wet.”

“Fuck her good, John!”

“Auh be cumming, suh!”

“Do you want him to fill you up, Celeste? Do you want him to pump you full of his sperm?”

“Oh god yes! Please cum in me! Fill my pussy with your juices!”

Celeste felt Old John’s massive tool swell. Waves of pain followed by orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body. Then Old John came with the force of a firehose. Celeste could feel it washing the insides of her vagina. She felt it fire deep into her womb. She passed out as her orgasm matched his in its ferocity.


Sunlight streaming through a window woke Celeste up. She drew her arm across her eyes to block it. Her head throbbed. She felt a body against her. She opened her eyes. The wall opposite was greyish white with spider webs of cracks shooting through it. She did not recognize the room.

She raised herself on one elbow and winced. Her pussy was sore like never before. She managed to sit up in the bed. The tattletale grey sheet dropped to her waist. Again she winced. This time at the soreness in her nipples. She glanced over and saw Todd asleep next to her.

The events of the previous night rushed back in her mind. Both Old John and Todd had fucked her. That was clear. After Old John fucked her, Todd fucked her missionary in the booth. Old John had pulled the table out of the booth so he could stand over her and she could suck his slimy cock. Celeste shuddered in disgust. I behaved like a real slut, she thought.

She took a good look at the young Black man snoring next to her. A twinge of memory tried to surface. Sleeping he reminded her of a long ago lover. She recalled waking up next to Christian. He was the family chauffer and her first real lover. A sadness settled over her as she recalled their lovemaking.

Todd woke to Celeste sitting up in the bed looking at him.

“Good Morning! How are you?”

“Sore,” she said, smiling, “Very sore!”

Todd scooted to a sitting position next to her.

“I heard that,” he laughed. “that was quite a work out last night. Any regrets?”

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