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Fuck Hard

I was sitting at my local library, tapping out on my laptop..much like I’m doing right now. I was so engrossed in what I was writing, that I hardly noticed anybody passing by. As a short story author, I often get so “tuned in” to the stories that I write, that everything else gets tuned out. The phone might ring with a collector..but I don’t hear it because my mind ain’t on the phone. Or, the house burns down around me. Until the power blinks out, I haven’t a clue what just happened.

As it was, I barely noticed the girl who was flitting around the edges of my peripheral vision before she tapped me on the shoulder. I gave her a once-over (which means, I glanced at her body before checking out her face), and then made an attempt at being polite.


“Um, are you by chance a short story author?” she asked with a hint of desperation and annoyance in her voice.

“I am a short story author, but by choice not chance.” I replied with the barest of smiles. Her brown eyes had caught my attention, but not before her … “bosoms” had. This girl wasn’t a teenager (I hoped) and if she was, she was older than 18. The worst thing you can do to a male short story author is to be under 18 and then asking him questions. Because they are sometimes so starved for new material, a young girl really LOOKS like one!

The girl in front of me blushed a bit at my reply and I watched in distanced fascination as the blush crept from her cheeks to her neck, before disappearing down past the neckline of her shirt. Part of me wanted to FOLLOW that blush, but that’d be jumping the gun…and I’d already been mace’d before.

“Would you care if I asked you 10 questions in a short interview?” she asked as she nervously twisted the bottom of her shirt with her fingers. I noted that her nails were black and I wondered if they matched anything else…..

“I’d need an explanation for your line of questions. I’m not all that busy, but I am an author and this pretty much is my set aside time to pursue a story line and create characters and their stories.” I felt kinda bad for saying it, but at this point, I was talking to her and my story was fading into the nether regions of my mind. It was like a guilt trip that only existed if I was truly serious about this story. At the moment, I wasn’t.

“Ok, I’ll start from the beginning,” she said with the rarest of smiles. I noted that she couldn’t bring herself to smile the smile that is so often used by insurance company receptionists as they greedily take your money month after month. She continued, “My name is Ronnie and I’m in a nearby college. Part of my psych classes is to find a local author and ask them a series of 10 questions to find out why they do what they do. Then, if necessary, I do a follow-up interview at a later date for less of an “interview” feel and more of a “psychology” feel.”

When she first started talking, the words had come out unclear and rushed. But, she slowed down and her words became more direct and concise. Hearing that she was in college cleared up any idea for me that she’d be a JB (jail bait) girl. And when she said the word “feel” twice..I felt as though that might be an invitation to “feel her up”.

“Tell you what,” I started to reply as I hit the “CTRL + S” combo of keys to save my current document. The machine only whirred as the necessary command was followed through. “You’ve pretty much interrupted my train of thought, but I needed the break. I’ll give you an hour and if you can ask your ten questions in that hour, both of our needs for the moment will be met. However, I have to say: You are an attractant to my eyes, no matter what you say about your own description. I have my weekend free and would like to make these two interviews by the weekend so that I’ll know that I can go back to my storyline without having to wonder when you’re going to show up again. But I have a few questions for you first because I want to know that bahis firmaları I’m not giving you answers that you’re not looking for. Take a seat and I’ll grill you before you grill me.”

She took a seat and I noted for the first time how curvy in all the right places she was. I had mental images flashing in front of my very creative mind of what it would be like to go downtown…. The thought nearly took me, but I fought it off with an effort.

“First off, how did you know where to find me? I don’t exactly advertise that I write in the local library.” I decided to start things off easy and casual.

“I have to confess,” she said with a grin, “that my major is psychology and my minor is criminal science. So, I combined the two of them and asked for some favors. The favors granted me access to the filing system at the local library that listed all the local authors.” Noticing my raised eyebrows, she quickly explained. “Before you ask, the file on you had a picture, so I already knew what your face looked like.”

“Is that a good thing or bad thing to know what my face looks like?” I asked with a return grin.

“I’d say it’s a good thing,” she replied modestly. “It’d be horrible if I started asking some person my line of questions and then find out that not only are they not an author, they aren’t you.”

“Fair enough,” I responded. “Ok, next question. What makes you think that you’d be interested in asking me the questions? I mean, why not another author?”

“Another confession,” she said with another blush but this time, the blush was deeper and more pronounced. “I’m a fan of your style of writing and I was wondering if you could write a short story and make me one of the characters.”

My eyebrows shot up again. “Oh.” If I would have been in a chat room, that word would have been shortened to a non-typical “o”. I looked her over for a second (or maybe it was a third) time. Now I had a prime opportunity and by golly, I was gonna take it!

“Are you free tonight?” I asked, trying to control my primal urges. If this library had a closet..I was going to use it..whether patrons were allowed in it or not. Or a stairwell… But what I could not control was the rising erection. Like a crane slowly raising the main tower, my cock had been slowly bobbing on my groin. Now, with this hottie in front of me, it had stopped bobbing and was standing almost straight up in my shorts.

“I was almost thinking you wouldn’t ask,” she said with a rush of relief. “It’s either do the interview with you, or take this guy out that’s insisting I’m the best blind date he’s ever had. Just to get rid of him, I had to sleep with his sorry ass. He said something about being able to go longer than an hour. Turns out the only thing that could go longer than an hour was his talking!”

“Ok,” I replied, relieved that she was that easy to catch. “I have just one other question..and then we can go to my little studio apartment. You don’t have to answer the question and you don’t have to do what I ask, but your interview will go smoother if you do this one thing.” I hoped I wasn’t coming across as a beggar, but I did want to test one theory.

Her response was a simple, “Ok, let me see what I can do.”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it for my own nervousness. “Um, could you give me a BSJ?” I asked the question and then before waiting for the inevitable question, I explained. “The term ‘BJ’ is overrated and doesn’t even have anything to do with the job it’s associated with. So, I’ve made up my own. In my definition, a “BSJ” is a “Beautiful Slurp Job”. So, could you give me a BSJ?”

Her face changed several different facial expressions. At first, she reddened at the thought, and then she glanced down for the first time at my crotch. Her eyebrows lifted to see the tent and then she grinned. Looking around to see if anybody was watching, she put her hand out and gently rubbed over the top. Then her kaçak iddaa eyes met my eyes again and she grinned even wider.

“I could definitely give you a BSJ, but I doubt you want to do it out here in the open. From what I’ve read, you don’t want to give librarians here the slip that you like to do what you write about. You got any ideas or will this have to wait till the apartment?” Her tone reflected readiness and even anticipation.

“I was thinking..a closet, or the stairwell. And before you ask, I’m wet already and can hardly wait to give you a taste of my creativity!” As I was talking, I was looking around till I finally found what I was looking for. “I hope you can be quiet because today, it’s going to be a stairwell.”

“I can be quiet,” she assured me. “The question however is, can YOU be quiet when I get hold of you?” Her eyes were dancing now and she licked her lips in anticipation.

As a reply, I quickly stuffed my laptop into my backpack, never mind that it was still running. The power cord, headphones, and USB mouse quickly followed suit. Then, without glancing over my shoulder to see if she was following, I set off towards the door that marked the stairways. Just as suddenly, I passed by another door and had a magnificent idea.

“Wait here,” I said stopping so quickly that Ronnie almost ran into me. When she opened her mouth to ask, I placed my right hand over her lips to shush her. Noting how soft they were, I leaned in and surprised her with a quick peck on her lips. Then, I gave the almost universal ASL sign of “”Wait.” before going to the front desk. I quickly returned with a small key on a binder.

“Better than a stairwell, pretty well sound insulated, and it gives us a small room. Ever done it in a unisex bathroom?” I asked with a small grin.

“You sir,” she said with a genuine smile, “are a genius.” I handed her the key and acted as a lookout. I waited until she had gone in and closed the door before I knocked softly. The door swung inward and I stepped through the gap. The light was out, but I was pretty sure there wasn’t any other door back out of the bathroom.

As soon as I had closed and locked the door with a click, I felt her hands reach out and touch me. I reached out my own hands and felt my way up to her face. Taking my glasses off and putting them in my pants pocket, I leaned forward and found her mouth with my own. “I hope you don’t mind me being forward,” I said in a near whisper as I kissed her lips in pitch black darkness.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she whispered back and then opened her mouth to a french kiss. Her tongue darted out and I sucked it into my mouth. At the same time, my hands wrapped around her back and pulled her to me. She moaned in the kiss as her hands did the same to my back. Taking up the ol’ “will her hands follow mine” trick, I lowered my hands and was delighted as her hands followed on my body. With my body taking the lead, I slipped my hands down inside her pants and cupped her ass. Her fingers cupped my cheeks and pinched one.

I released her lips in the kiss and sucked on her bottom lip and pulling on it, before returning to her mouth. For a moment, we were locked in a kiss that had slowed on desperate connection to a slow, passionate kiss that was all about the moment. I waited till her heartbeat (which I could feel through my chest) had slowed before I released her lips entirely. “Ronnie, if you don’t get your head down there, I’m going to have to do laundry today and be naked for lack of pants.”

She just giggled, licked my lips quickly, and then slowly dropped to her knees. There was a “zzzip” and the sound of her pulling my pants down. I felt the fabric of my underwear drop and then her lips kissed my cock. “Damn, you kiss me till I nearly explode and then when I get to the main menu, I find it’s already wet & waiting. You sure you still got something left inside?” she asked with a throaty whisper.

“Girl, kaçak bahis you keep asking and I’ll have to shove this in and empty it whether you’re ready or not,” I whispered back with a growl. Her response was another giggle before she opened her mouth and slid her lips over and around me. Her tongue caressing my tongue was one thing, but caressing my cock was quite another. Thanks to the new secret I had learned about a certain soft drink, I was primed and waiting.

True to her word, her BSJ was beautiful. First she licked me till I was wet not just on the tip, but on the entire shaft. Then, she pushed the shaft to the right and kissed the side. Pushing to the left, she kissed that side before holding onto the shaft with her hands and furiously licking the tip. I groaned and she just laughed. She licked the pre-cum that oozed out and closed her lips on the head. Slightly grazing her teeth on my cock, she was rewarded with another groan. Finally, she settled into a slow bobbing rhythm where she took me quite deep and then slowly bobbed back till only the tip was still in her mouth.

“Damn girl,” I said in a hoarse whisper. “You’re making it hard for me to breathe. I guarantee I’ll return the favor in my studio.” I focused my remaining strength on standing up. Ronnie made it harder when she suddenly kicked in with the “slurpy” side and began to add wet sucking noises to whatever she was doing. It’s hard enough trying to describe it when standing there trying to hold still. As it was, she was letting her tongue slide around while giving me a very wet downtown experience.

I tapped her on the head and said in a barely audible whisper, “Now to do the job of the ordeal. I hope you swallow because I am more than prepared to put out.” Her reply was to tighten her lips around my cock and return to bobbing in and out. It was the last line of defense (as it were) for my nerves and I leaned back against the wall and let ‘er rip.

With a groan, I let loose the pressure. Four large shots of cum exploded out of me and into Ronnie’s mouth. She moaned in delight as her tongue expertly dug into the tip of my cock as though trying to stem the tide. It was obvious that she knew about the secret second “G” spot on men and she was making every effort to please me. I finally let up on the storm and she slowly cleaned up. Not that she did a horrible job, but she licked me from balls to tip so slow and tortuously that I almost gave her a second round, but then decided to hold back until the studio.

“GOSH!” Her first words since entering the bathroom. I quickly checked my cellphone. Less than 5 minutes had passed, but I wasn’t about to make it obvious to anybody watching from the outside. I helped Ronnie off the floor and was pleased when she brought my shorts and pants back up from my ankles where she’d left them. “I kinda figured some sort of sexual pleasure was in the works before or after the interview, but I think you’ve emptied out your reserves on that one.”

I flicked the light on and grabbed her head and turned her nearest ear to me. It happened to be her right ear. Placing my head close to her ear, I said, “Would you believe (I paused to lick her ear lobe) that I’ve discovered the power (another pause to blow over the wet spot) of a certain soft drink? With this one drink, (another pause to lick the top ridge of her ear) I increased my output and (another pause to lick the inner ridge while raking my fingernails up her back) at the same time, it wasn’t (a pause to suck on her lobe before releasing it) even close to my reserves?”

With all this ear attention, her breathing had quickened and I could almost feel her heartbeat coming through her breathing and almost out of her mouth. I lowered my head and gave her a slow long lick from her collarbone up to her already moist ear. She was having breathing trouble, but I knew exactly what I was doing.

A knock on the door and I realized that one of us would had to exit the bathroom first. It was a unisex bathroom, but generally for only one person at a time. I grabbed my backpack and with a quick glance over my shoulder, said “I’ll meet you in the parking lot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32