The Invitation

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Lisa opened the door of the bar and walked in, she was very nervous this was not the kind place she usually went. She walked up to the end of the bar and sat down on the stools knowing that the eye every man in the place was on her. She ordered a white wine and set there sipping her drink waiting for her escort to arrive.

A man in his early 40’s walked up to the stool next to her and sat down ordering a beer. He was wearing a flannel shirt that was stretched tight on broad shoulders, and his blue jeans were held up on his hips by a belt with a large belt buckle. She could tell by his big hands and he made his living with the hands, they were the hands of a hard-working man. His blond hair was out of place as if he had been riding in a convertible the top down and the wind had blown hair out of place.

Lisa sipped her wine waiting; she had never done any thing like this before. She was 25 years old, divorced, with a five year-old son. She answered an add on the Internet, the add said, Walk on the wild side have you ever thought about being raped? The selected group of men is interested in making your fantasies come true, limits are established in advance, and a safe word is established. You tell us how far you are willing to go, and what limits you wish established. We will take you and violate you as we see fit observing your limits. If the scenario is too much for you the safe word will stop all the action instantly, and we will walk away. Interested in reply to the e-mail address at the end of this add.

The man speaking brought Lisa out of her thought, ” do you know how hot it was today? ” that was the phrase he was supposed to open with.

Lisa replied, ” I don’t know how hot it was today, I thought was kind of cold though. “

They had established a line so that each would know that the other was who they were supposed to be. The man said, ” my name is Jack, would and you like to get out of here and go someplace more private? “

Lisa said, “yes any time you’re ready. “

Jack stood up and took her by the elbow leading her to the door. Lisa was get glad his hand was strong, because her knees felt like jelly and she felt like she might fall. Lisa had taken a cab from her hotel so she did not have to worry about a car of her own, the man led her to a car putting her in the passenger seat in closing the door.

They drove in silence for about 20 minutes, as the neighborhoods of the city became sparse, and gave way to the open fields of the country. Jack pulled the car into one of the many small farmhouses İstanbul Escort the dotted the countryside. Jack came around her side of the car and opened the door for her to exit the car. When she had left the car his attitude changed he grabbed by the arm shoving down over the trunk of the car and quickly tied her hands behind her back.

Jack said, ” OK bitch now: come on. ” he stood back up by grabbing a handful of her blond hair, and propelled her towards the house. When she approached the door it was opened from inside, and she stepped inside. Lisa would have fallen when her foot got caught in a rug if Jack had not caught her arm in one big hands. When the door closed Lisa found herself standing in the middle of the room with three other men around her. Jack stepped forward in with one quick move a knife cut the rope holding her hands together.

Jack was the first one to speak, ” OK bitch you get the clothes off right and be quick about it. “

Lisa wondered if maybe she had made a mistake in doing this, but it was too late to worry about it now. With trembling fingers she began to unbutton her sweater.

Jack was unsatisfied and he said, “come on SLUT we don’t have all day, you need for me to give you a hand with my knife I can cut them off a lot quicker. They won’t be much for wearing later but I can help you if you need it. “

Lisa quickly finished unbuttoning her sweater and dropped it to the floor kicking aside. Next, she kicked her shoes off, and at same time unbuttoned her blouse dropping it to the floor, her skirt followed right away to be kicked off the side. She stood there front of four men wearing her bra, garter belt nylons, and a thong panties. She unhooked her 36 b bra from that between the cups and dropped it to the floor then she peeled her panties off dropping them. She was ready to undo her her garter belt, but Jack stopped her telling her leave that on.

One of the men, another big man with red hair grabbed her arm and dragged her over to a table making her lay on our back. Immediately he pulled her legs up and opened her legs wide. She felt the man start kissing and licking the inside her thighs he started it just inside of her knee and worked his way down to her steaming hot pussy. Just as he reached her pussy lips he went to the other leg and started doing the same thing, only when he reached her pussy this time he opened her pussy with his thumbs. His tongue was going all the way from her clit to her ass hole and then back again. When he fastened his lips over her clit Bayan Escort and began sucking and biting her tender bud she thought she was gonna lose her mind. The man began pushing one of his big fingers in and out ever pussy as he the sucked on her clit.

Lisa was unaware of the other men in the room until someone lowered head over the edge of the table and began pushing hard cock into her mouth. She felt her mouth stretched by the huge cock that was being forced into it, but she was careful to keep her teeth back so as not to scratch it. The owner of the cock pushed it in till it reached the back her throat, then he gave her a moment to become less accustomed to the size before he began to fuck her mouth with long strokes. At the same time the man working on her clit could feel the bud beginning to vibrate and he knew that she was only seconds away from her first orgasm. He pulled his finger of her pussy and covered the opening with his mouth just in time for the first shot of hot cum. Just when Lisa thought she couldn’t take any more the other two men began chewing on nipples and suddenly she went over the top. When Lisa came to the man that had been a mouth had her legs on his shoulders and he was plowing deeply into her cunt. Each stroke sent the head of his cock against the entrance to her womb. Then suddenly she felt the heat of his hot cum flooding her cunt, and she felt her second orgasm over take her.

Lisa had no idea how long she was out this time, but when she came to the all four men were sitting in chairs around her drinking a beer. Jack was the first one to speak, ” about time you woke up cunt, get in the bathroom clean yourself up and get back in here. “

Lisa climbed down off the table and walked across the room to the door that she assumed was the restroom. She showered and freshen herself up taking her time to gently clean her sore pussy, and when she entered the room again she felt halfway human.

Another the men motioned her to the table, but when she was gonna lay down it he pushed her down a stomach bending or over the table. She felt the man put his hands on the cheeks her ass and spread them, then she felt him begin to push a finger into her nether hole. Lisa was about protest when he saw another cock before face and immediately she opened her mouth to accept it. This time the man in her mouth didn’t hold back the began slamming his cock all way into her throat. Lisa was glad that it was not as big as the one she had first taken in her mouth, but it was still long enough to gag her Eskort each time he pushed in. Then she felt it the man behind her was standing up now with hands on her hips and his cock was poised to enter her virgin spinster muscle. She felt the muscle began opening as he pushed each inch into her, when he got it all the way in he paused for a moment for become accustomed to the size. Then both men began trying to meet each other in the middle, and the man that was in her ass began spanking her as he plowed her ass.

Suddenly something happened and the feeling of fullness in her ass began to be the most exciting feeling she’d ever felt and she knew that she was getting ready to come again. Lisa would have grabbed the man in her face and pulled him deeper, but Jack and the other man had her hands on their cocks making her Jack them off. Then suddenly the man in her mouth began to cum and she had swallowed fast to get it all down. Jack and the other man began cuming all over her back in and rubbing it in, and then suddenly her ass was filled with hot cum and she orgasm again.

Jack said, ” now look cunt you got yourself all messy again, get in at bathroom and clean yourself up. “

Lisa headed back to the bathroom this time taking a long hot shower washing all the cum off of her, but still bringing some of it to mouth on her fingers and savoring the taste.

When she exited the bathroom this time only Jack and the redheaded man was left, the others were already gone. Jack said, ” get over here bitch. ” Jack lay down on a blanket that has been spread on the floor and motion for her to get on top of him. When she had lower herself down on to his cock she felt the other man move in behind her then she felt another cock entering her ass for the second time that day. Both men gave her a few minutes to get accustomed to the double penetration then suddenly she began raising up on top of Jack and slamming herself back against the other man. In almost no time and all she felt the stirring again another orgasm and just as she came both men came of the same time inside of her. When she came to Jack was only one there, she was a little disappointed that the other man had already left.

Jack said, ” Well Lisa was that meeting what you expected to be, or were you disappointed? “

She smiled of Jack, ” all that was fantastic, I hope we can do again sometime? “

Jack said, ” That’s no problem, of three the other guys said you were great. Now, take your good hot shower and get dressed. I’ll drive you back to your hotel, and if you like we can stop and have something to eat on the way? “

Lisa said, ” you wouldn’t want to attack me again would you, may be when we get to my hotel? ” with a smile on her face. I might even be bad so you could spank me.

The end?

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