The Island of I Ch. 02

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Here is Chapter 2 of 3 of the Island of I. I strongly suggest you read Chapter 1 for this to make any sense. I have enjoyed your comments on the story so far and very much look forward to your thoughts on this installment of the story. Several readers have asked about the time frame. I deliberately left it vague although the setting is not modern. I’m thinking late 1940s – early 1950s. Apologies for any and all anomalies.

As always, this is a work of fiction and all characters exist solely within the confines of the story and in my imagination. Enjoy!


“Mother!” I sobbed, sitting straight up in my bed, my body convulsing with waves of pleasure. Sunlight streamed through my open windows as I came into myself again, first registering that my hand was wrapped around my aching and still erect penis, my fingers and wrist coated with semen. My member was dark and angry, jutting through the fly of my pajamas. I slowly unwound my fingers which ached with effort and marveled at the amount of semen that covered my hand and rested in sticky clumps all around the crotch of my pajamas.

I moaned softly as memories of the…was it really a dream that I had just had? Images of Mother’s naked body raced through my mind, swiftly followed by the insane images of her being raped…no, willingly fucked by some nightmarish creature who looked like me…the very thought sending aftershocks of pleasure coursing through me. I wondered if I was going mad to be dreaming of such things. I heard the faint murmurs of voices below and glancing at the clock beside my bed was surprised to see that it was nearly ten in the morning. I had overslept…thankfully, it was Sunday and I owed Father no labor today.

Then I recalled Mother’s sleepwalking last night and had a sudden and urgent need to check on her. I swung my legs out of bed, wincing at the sore muscles and then as I started to rise up, stopped in stunned amazement and stared at the knees of my pajamas. They were torn and dirty as if I had been kneeling on a rough, wooden floor, filthy with dust like I might have encountered in…a secret passage behind my parents’ bedroom. “Oh, Lord!” I moaned. Had I had a nightmare or had last night actually happened?

With my heart racing and my body trembling, I staggered to the shower, running it hot to sooth my aching body and then running it icy cold to clear my head which spun with confusion as I tried to sort dream from reality — an effort I failed at as in addition to whatever strangeness had occurred to me and mother, the images of Antonia and her son committing incest joined the bizarre thoughts already present in my mind.

It was with a heavy and confused heart that I emerged from my room, angling first towards Mother’s bedroom where I found the door open and the room in perfect order, but empty. Both relieved and yet disappointed, I slowly made my way downstairs and hearing laughter and talk coming from the kitchen, cautiously emerged through the swinging doors.

Mother and Hector were sitting at the plain kitchen table…a plate full of fruit in front of my mother and a heaping plate of eggs and bacon in front of Hector. Antonia was standing behind him and all three had been talking only to stop at my arrival to turn and smile at me.

“John…my sleepyhead, finally awake!” Mother said laughingly as she rose from her seat. I was struck by her cheerfulness — there being none of the almost always ever present sadness in her face or demeanor. I was also struck by her casual appearance — Mother who usually wore long, billowy dresses was dressed more like a teenaged girl, having donned a pair of what I believe are called capris — tight fitting slacks that tapered off at mid-ankle. With it, she was wearing what I believed was one of my older blue chambray work shirts, knotted and tied just below her breasts, exposing the alabaster white of her slender stomach. Her hair had been pulled up and coiled into some sort of bun and even without a sign of makeup, she looked more beautiful than a motion picture star at a premiere.

She took three strides to me and gave me a quick hug, pressing herself against me for a moment, the feel of her large, pert breasts giving evidence that she was without a bra. She pecked me on the cheek and then began tugging me by the arm to come to the table. “I was thinking I’d have to come up there and wake you up myself,” Mother chortled, sitting me next to her.

“And I told her that you needed your rest,” added Antonia, leaning over me to set a plate laden with eggs and bacon before me, her huge breast flattening against my arm as she moved in, lingering as she turned her head and smiled at me, saying, “Young men need their rest as they often exert themselves more than they realized.” I felt my face begin to burn as I detected a tone of amused accusation in her voice. Had she or her son noticed me peeping at their lovemaking the night before?

“Dig in, John,” Mother urged me, placing a hand escort resimleri on my arm in a gesture of easy familiarity. “I know you and Hector plan to continue your work on the pool today and it’s such a lovely day, I thought I might help!”

I stared at her in surprise…stunned by her offer and still mulling over her change of demeanor. Although still a virgin, I had heard the comments, albeit mostly in the gym locker room made by mostly boy-men who were virgins themselves, about the change in a woman that a good night’s sex could induce. My dreams echoed in my head…Mother in the throes of a fantastical orgasm and again I wondered if my dreams had basis in fact somehow. Finally, I composed myself enough to say, “That’s wonderful, Mother…just, please don’t overtax yourself.”

Hector swallowed a mouthful of breakfast and gave Mother a smile that bordered on the lewd and said, “Yes, Missus Halloran, it will be our pleasure to have you with us.” Even in my state of advance shock, I could see Hector’s eyes roaming lasciviously over Mother’s shapely figure and while I wasn’t surprised to feel a flame of jealousy in my heart, I was disconcerted to feel a sense of pride in his admiration of my mother.

Soon enough we found ourselves at the bottom of the pool — all three of us working hard scrubbing the slime and crud from the walls of the pool, our bodies all growing hot and sweaty. Hector and I had the luxury of doffing our shirts, allowing our now deeply tanned upper bodies to gleam with perspiration while Mother resolutely soldiered on, my old work shirt darkening and molding itself to her body — her nipples becoming nearly visible as they seemed to be constantly hard, outlined by the wet chambray. I could see the scratch marks on Hector’s back, but Mother either didn’t notice or chose not to comment on them.

As often as my own attention become distracted by the sight of Mother’s shapely body bent over, her breasts swaying underneath her shirt, I also caught Hector’s lusty gaze on her as well. Realizing that he had been discovered, he would grin and shrug his shoulders and resume his own work. Part of me wanted to slug him and part of me ached to be able to confer with him…curious about how he and his mother became lovers and to have a confidant to discuss my own unnatural feelings with.

To complicate matters, Antonia, finished with her own chores, showed up with an extra pail and bucket and she joined mother in the beginnings of scrubbing clean the tiled floor of the pool. She came dressed in what appeared to be men’s Bermuda shorts, the material tight around her full but shapely thighs and what looked like a skin-tight wife-beater T-shirt that Clark Gable had made famous, the white cotton molding itself around her immense breasts which seemed almost visible, her darker skin almost bleeding through the thin cotton.

For a moment, Mother looked taken aback at Antonia’s scandalous appearance, glancing back at me with concern and perhaps a tinge of jealousy that seemed to be quickly dampened as I smiled back at her, trying to convey my love for her in my expression. Mother joined Hector’s mother, both kneeling on the pool floor and creating intentionally or inadvertently an erotic spectacle for we two young men.

Mother and Antonia pursue their work with a vengeance, scrubbing away with their brushes, their buttocks waving high in the air while their breasts swung freely below, betraying the effort they were making. I felt my penis harden quickly, throbbing uncomfortably in my stained and worn khakis. A quick glance at Hector confirmed that he too had grown erect at the sight of our mothers…a definite contrast of motherly beauty displayed so boldly before us.

I assumed Mother’s display of her attributes to be an accident, but had my suspicions about Antonia who would often glance at her son with an air of what seemed to me to be absolute lust, sparing me similar looks from time to time. When Antonia looked at me with her dark eyes, I felt exposed…as if she was seeing me naked, both in body and in thought. Further, she conveyed somehow an air of approval in her dark glances.

Still, before the afternoon began to wane, we had made tremendous progress towards rehabilitating the pool and when Hector and I could tear our attentions away from our enchanting mothers, we discussed our intentions to devote some time to getting the water pump and the heaters operational again.

Overhearing our plans to get together after supper, Antonia rose up, her breasts almost visible underneath the now sweat soaked cotton and sighed. “Not tonight, Hector. You’ve worked hard today and you should relax a little.” She didn’t say, “relax a little with me,” but it was in her tone anyway…at least that was my perception.

Mother climbed to her feet. “She’s right.” She looked down at me, smiling, her face shiny with sweat, beads of it clinging to her upper lip, gaziantep escort resimleri looking so enticing that I ached to take her in my arms and lick it off her. “John, I was thinking of another long walk on the beach…perhaps we can make a picnic of it.” She glanced at Antonia, her face registering momentary disapproval at the woman’s wanton appearance, but then saying, “Antonia, would you and Hector care to join us?”

The voluptuous woman shook her head and replied, “Thank you…not tonight.” She licked her lips and said, “Tonight, I think a long, hot bath is in order and then just a quiet evening with my son.” Her answer was innocent enough, but to my mind, it was redolent with sexual promise and I felt my penis throb with her every word.

Still, her frank sexuality vanished from my sight as Mother came up to me, touching me on the shoulder as she said softly, “Are you up for another stroll, son?”

I trembled a little, the slightest touch of her fingers on my bare skin threatening to make me climax and I said in a whispery voice, “I’d love to, Mother.”

She smiled, the pleased expression of a woman who knew she had what she wanted and said, “Lovely, get cleaned up and meet me in the kitchen in half an hour.” She strolled away from me up the rising floor of the pool, her buttocks swaying delightfully in her now sweaty capris which clung tightly to her behind.

“Lovely, isn’t she?” I heard Hector breath from slightly behind me. As Mother vanished into the house, I turned to glare at him, but was surprised to see both he and his mother standing there…sharing the same appreciative and lusty smile on their faces. Antonia had her arm through Hector’s and was leaning into him, making her right breast seemed to burgeon almost beyond the T-shirt’s capacity to restrain it.

“Your mother is indeed a rare and beautiful woman, John,” Antonia said with a husky hiss. “You are a lucky son.”

“Thank you,” I replied hoarsely.

“Hector, inside, my dear. Draw me a hot bath.” Hector grinned at me and gave me another sly wink, moving away from his mother quickly. Antonia remained behind, studying me from behind a serious smile. “I am glad you heeded my words, John. You made your mother very happy.” She stepped up closer to me…so close her huge breasts seemed to just brush my bare chest. My nostrils flared, picking up her scent…something almost spicy, yet mixed with something that was purely feminine. “I’ve never seen her as happy as she was today.”

Hector’s mother gave me a coy smile. “A good and loving son can be a wonderful curative for a lonely mother, no?” She reached out and slowly ran her hand over my sweaty chest. “Be your mother’s good and loving son, John. Make her happy.” She finished her words just as her fingernails reached the waistband of my khakis. Antonia looked down below my waist and smiled as I blushed more knowing she could easily see my erection bulging there. “You can do that, can’t you, John?”

I slowly nodded and replied in a whispery voice, “Yes, ma’am.”

Antonia smiled and stood up on tip-toe, her massive breasts mashing into my chest as she kissed me on the cheek. “That’s a good boy…now get along…go to your mother!” She moved past me, her breasts slowly dragging across my skin, her thick nipples hard and pointed, leaving me to watch her move slowly and sensually up the sloped floor…the ugliness of her Bermuda shorts vanquished by the way they clung to her backside.

I hurried inside myself, slipping quietly up the stairs, only to come to a complete stop outside my parents’ door as I heard Mother singing brightly to herself. It brought a grin to my face…it being a long time since Mother seemed happy enough to sing to herself. The door itself was slightly open and before I could move on or look away, Mother passed by, naked and holding a dress in front of her. I got a quick glimpse of her full and upright breasts from the side and of her long, lovely legs and her heart-shaped behind…”Call it, her lovely ass,” Antonia’s voice echoed through my head. I barely was able to keep myself from groaning.

I knew I should move on…that it was wrong to peek at my mother so, but I was rooted to the floor, unable to look away, anxious to see another glimpse of her. I was not bothered by the sudden thought that Hector would approve…after all, he said there would be opportunities. Suddenly, I was rewarded as Mother passed by the door again, this time carrying only a pair of sandals that could be tied around her ankles. In her nakedness, she was beyond glorious…her breasts rolling gently, so heavy and round and firm and below her flat belly lay a triangular patch of dark, golden curls pointing downward and drawing attention to her slightly parted labia, moisture clearly evident in the bright lights of her bedroom.

Finally, when Mother had passed out of my line of sight again, I found the strength gaziantep escort bayan resimleri to move, hurrying to my room and my shower where I was torn between the need to masturbate, savoring my nasty thoughts about Mother as I stroked my penis and the realization that Mother herself would be waiting for me. It was the prospect of being in her company again that in the end forestalled my masturbation and I quickly showered, barely touching my erection before I tucked it uncomfortably in my shorts and dressed for my evening with my mother.

I found Mother in the kitchen, packing some fruit and cheese in a small wicker basket along with a small bottle of wine. She looked up from her work and giggled at me. “I’m not sure you’re legally old enough to drink, but it can be our little secret, son.”

I smiled at my mother, her loveliness nearly taking my breath away. “For you, Mother…I can keep many secrets,” I replied as I ran my eyes over her beautiful body. Mother had exchanged her usual long, billowy dresses for a shorter hemmed summer dress — a pale green color with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders and a modest ‘V’ for a neckline that somehow with its limited exposure of her voluptuous cleavage seemed more erotic than if she’d gone topless. The hem of her dress rose just a few inches above her knees and allowed a more constant view of her shapely legs. Mother had tied her hair up into a French twist that hung over her left shoulder, giving her a more youngish appearance. She was a dream come to life.

We quickly made our way to the beach, walking through the sands at the edge of the surf, Mother playfully splashing her feet in the little pools and puddles as we journeyed away from the house, she becoming more relaxed and open as we drew further away. Sometimes we held hands silently as we walked, other times, Mother would teasingly skip away from me, letting herself get splashed by the gentle waves rolling in until her dress was finely damp with moisture.

With lewd curiosity, I waited to see what would happen when her light dress grew wet, but quickly discovered that it would not grow transparent as it grew wetter. However, it did mold itself more precisely against her skin, revealing to me that like earlier today, Mother was without a bra…the cooling water hardening her nipples and making them stand out against the darkening green fabric more clearly. The swollen nubs were hard not to look at and I think even Mother was aware of how they stood out, glancing down at them from time to time, but she did not seem to care, her mood so much brighter than it had been for some time.

We were on the far side of the island before the moon began to slowly rise, looking fatter and more swollen than the night before. We paused then, spreading out a light blanket on the sand to have our picnic. We didn’t speak much as Mother brought out the food and the wine, she laughing when she said, “I forgot the glasses!” No matter, we took turns drinking from the bottle itself…some dark wine, strong and sweet to my tongue. I enjoyed watching Mother drink…seeming so erotic as she put the bottle to her lips and took a sip and always afterwards, slowly licking her lips, glancing over at me with hooded eyes.

At one point, Mother said, “Son, are there any strawberries left?” I glanced into the now mostly empty basket and came up with two large, ripe berries. I sat one down on her napkin and impulsively held the other one out, raising one eyebrow in query. Mother laughed, her voice dying away as I slowly brought the red berry to her mouth. Her eyes were wide with something I didn’t recognize as I brushed the tip of the strawberry to her mouth and ran it back and forth.

Mother’s eyes never left mine as she slowly opened her lips and wrapped them around the strawberry, drawing it into her mouth without biting until my fingertips were touching her lips. Slowly she bit into the fruit, taking all but the leafy end and I trembled as I thought I felt the slightest brush of her tongue against my fingers. I became suddenly very aware of my penis throbbing angrily in my pants, already erect, but now dangerously close to climax from this innocent and yet so carnal an encounter.

A playful look grew on Mother’s face as she picked up the other strawberry and held it close to her mouth. The tip of her tongue came out and licked the ripe, red berry and then she began to open her mouth wide, but then paused and held it out to me, bringing it to my lips. She smiled at me inquiringly and I wanted to scream, “YES, I WANT IT!” suddenly overwhelmed to touch and taste anything that had touched her tongue.

I opened my mouth and Mother brought the fruit closer only to pull it away as my lips closed around it. She giggled, the lusty timbre of her voice making my erection pound all the harder before again placing it in my mouth and allowing me to bite into it. I felt her fingertips brush my lips before she took the remainder and return it to her own lips where she again licked it subtly with her tongue and then popped it into her mouth.

We both laughed like naughty children, our hands somehow finding each other and we watched the moon rise higher over the ocean for a while until Mother said softly, “I’d like to walk a little more. Let’s leave the basket and blanket and pick them up on our way back.”

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