The Joanne Saga – Hope

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The life I was living was a great one. Joanne and I were having great sex, but the sex with her mother was incredible. Deborah’s great body was one that kept me horny and exuberant. However, I hadn’t had sex in about a week. It was safe to say a gust of wind could get my dick hard.

It was getting time for me to have my yearly appointments. I needed to have a physical and go to the dentist. I decided dentist first.

My new dentist, Dr. Hope Brekfeld, had many openings.

I decided to go on one of my days off from the office and get a checkup.


I arrived closer to lunch time to the office. I signed in and waited in the lobby area. After about 15 minutes an older lady called me in. Like I mentioned, I hadn’t fucked so I was beyond horny. This older woman looked quite good.

She got me all set for my dentist appointment in a standard one patient room and set me up the dental chair. I watched as the mature, thick dental assistant made her way out the door of the room.

I sat in the chair and waited for Dr. Brekfeld to make her way into the room. I had only gym shorts and a t-shirt on so I was not in the best looking condition. I watched the window as it began to rain.

Not long after getting situated in the chair, I heard a knock on the office door. I turned and saw the door open, and Dr. Brekfeld enter the room.

She had on a white doctors coat with her name on it, and had a low cut shirt on that seemed slightly unprofessional.

“Mr. Klein how are we today!”

“Dr. Brekfeld I am doing great.”

I watched as she got her papers and equipment ready for my checkup. She wasn’t a tall woman, but she looked phenomenal in glasses, and the fact she was a doctor made her even more attractive to me.

Dr. Brekfeld finished getting everything ready for me and sat down in her seat next to my chair. We made small talk and conversed about my teeth and my girlfriend.

As we finished up talking and got ready for the checkup, I finally got my chance to get a glance at Dr. Brekfeld’s body. I glanced at her lowcut shirt that she let show by not closing her coat. Her breasts were magnificent. They were very, very large and her pale, white cleavage Betturkey was a work of art. I knew this was going to be a tough checkup to get through if she had her rack out like that.

Dr. Brekfeld thought nothing of her fat tits popping out of her black t-shirt and proceeded with my dental checkup with no problems. She, however, did not realize her breasts were so large that whenever she leaned towards my mouth, they pressed hard against my face.

I made it about halfway through the teeth cleaning before starting to get aroused. She had her boobs on my face, and I could feel my dick starting to pitch a tent in my shorts. Dr. Brekfeld was so concerned with my teeth that she did not notice my cock hardening.

I tried to think about non-sexual stuff, but my thoughts didn’t stand a chance against Dr. Brekfeld’s huge tits on my face. I just let my dick be and hoped that she didn’t glance down at it.

I almost made it through the entire appointment without her noticing, but near the very end, I saw her take a glance down at my shorts.

She laughed, and jokingly said, “How long has that been there Chris?”

I could barely mutter anything, but managed to say, “Quite awhile doc.”

Dr. Brekfeld couldn’t stop smiling and said, “Is it because of these?” I looked at her and she cupped her tits.

I responded, smiling, “Yes ma’am.”

She laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it, they’re kinda hard to avoid. But I do need you to come back tomorrow to evaluate you back molars.”

I replied, “Alright then, I’ll be back.” I left the office and went home and brushed my teeth intensely. I couldn’t believe my teeth were in jeopardy of having a cavity or something worse.


I returned to the dentist’s office the next day. The receptionist told me she had the same room for me as the previous appointment. I made my way back into the room and sat down in the chair.

It was after a couple minutes Dr. Brekfeld made her way into the room. She looked similar to the last appointment, and had her huge tits still popping out. She was quickly finishing the appointment and finished my dental work quite fast.

I was one of the last appointments Betturkey Giriş Dr. Brekfeld had that day, so she asked if I had time to talk with her in her office. I didn’t think twice and headed back into the office.

I sat across from my busty dentist and shot the shit with her for awhile. The desk showed only her stomach up and it was safe to say that I was only making eye contact with her boobs. After awhile, Dr. Brekfeld took notice of my obsession with her big chest. She laughed and said, “Chris would you like a taste of what you’ve been staring at?”

I didn’t think she was serious until I saw her get up and walk over to me. I stood up and watched as she popped her chest out towards me. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her massive breasts.

I was in awe at how horny Hope was and I took advantage of that. I squeezed her tits for a couple minutes; I could’ve done it for hours, but I had to make a move. I leaned in and kissed Dr. Brekfeld. I continued grabbing her tits, and kissing her lips and neck.

She pulled away, taking off her coat, revealing the low-cut tank she wears under it. I stared at Hope’s huge tits, which were comparable to the size of basketballs, and lifted up her shirt.

Her chest was even more magnificent than I thought. Hope had larger nipples, and they were pierced. She took off her shirt for me and let her hand feel my cock over my pants. I lowered my mouth onto her pierced nipples. I sucked and let my tongue flick her nipples back and forth, which she seemed to enjoy by the look of her face. With each flick of her nipple she stroked my cock harder, and it wasn’t long before she pulled my pants down.

I leaned back on the desk, and watched as my busty dentist dropped to her knees and began licking the sides of my large shaft. I closed my eyes and let her suck my dick and balls for as long as she liked. Dr. Brekfeld gave incredible head. She even allowed me to fuck her mouth, and never once needed a break from it.

I was trying incredibly hard not to cum, and it got to the point where I had to pull her up and pull her skirt up. Hope of course had no underwear on, further making her case for how much Betturkey Güncel Giriş of a slut she was.

I bent her over her desk and stuck my raw cock in her pussy. I palmed her plump ass, and began fucking her like no tomorrow. She let out only a couple moans and a couple “fuck yeah’s”, but for the most part took my rough pounding like a champion.

I turned her over so I could fuck her while getting a view of her giant, pierced chest. Hope laid on her back, and I spread her thick legs wide, and inserted myself into her. Before beginning to fuck her, I grabbed her giant jugs and played with them a bit. I motioned her towards her right breast, trying to see if she would suck her own breast while I fuck her. I was surprised as Hope gladly began sucking her own nipple, and it seemed to look like she was thoroughly enjoying it.

I was too turned on by Hope to not fuck her, so I began to rapidly thrust in and out of her pussy. I watched as her eyes rolled back into her head. Being so mesmerized by the fucking, her giant tit fell from her mouth and rocked back and forth with the rest of her body.

I grabbed her rack and used her two breasts as a handle to steadily fuck her. The sound of my pelvis hitting her pussy was music to my ears.

I knew I couldn’t fuck this busty, black haired bombshell much more, or else I would have came in her like a faucet. I decided to have her tittyfuck me until I came, which she was very happy to do. I had not often fucked women with breasts large enough to do this, so I was ecstatic to hear she liked doing it.

I sat back on Dr. Brekfeld’s desk as I did when she was blowing me, and let her get her boobs ready to be fucked. She got on her knees again, and squeezed her huge assets around my cock.

I was in heaven as she pinched her pierced nipples to keep her breasts steady on my cock. My eyes began to roll as I felt myself nearing climax, and Hope knew it too. We stared into each other’s eyes until I pulled my dick from her tight cleavage and shot a large load onto each boob and nipple. I groaned as I came, and could see Hope smiling as she watched me cover her chest in cum.

I had never thought I could do this with a dentist, let alone another MILF (like Deborah).

We shared a couple more kisses as she cleaned herself up, and got ready to go home. We both agreed this was only the start of my newly improved dental visits.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32