The Joys Of Sunbathing Ch. 01

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Tom woke at his usual time of 11 o’clock, the sun was beaming in through a gap in his curtains and he could hear a splashing coming from the swimming pool of his neighbour back garden, at first Tom was puzzled because every morning he would go for a swim, but he was always alone as Amy worked during the day.

He pulled back the curtains to see what all the noise was and saw Amy diving into her pool, Tom had spent many a night watching Amy swim and sunbath, noting how her slender body is tanned all over with no gaps from the bikini she wears, but he had never seen her sunbathing nude.

Tom is a 6-foot tall with a strong frame and good looks, he regularly went to the gym and used Amy’s pool to keep himself in shape, but today was the first time Amy had been home when he was going to go for a swim.

After Tom had eaten his breakfast he decided to catch a few rays on the sundeck to allow his food to settle before a swim.

He could still hear Amy splashing around as he lay down on his front to darken his already tanned back, after a few minutes the splashing stopped,

“Hey Tom, your going to burn like that” called Amy from the edge of the pool.

“Huh” mumbled Tom as he lifted his head, realising that he must have just nodded off.

Amy was lifting her slender tanned legs over the low fence, as Tom looked up he caught a glimpse of Amy’s tightly clad pussy, he could clearly see the outline of her lips, the white bikini was becoming see thru from swimming. Toms eyes moved up her body and stopped dead on her breasts, because the material of her bikini had become almost see thru he could see all of her nipples, straining to be released from their enclosure.

Tom could feel an erection growing underneath himself, so decided it would be safer to just lift his front up onto his Escort İstanbul elbows to hide the growing erection.

“Hi, what are you doing home?” asked Tom when Amy reached him.

“I just decided to take a few days off to relax,” replied Amy as she knelt down besides Tom, she had a bottle of suntan lotion in her hands, which Tom presumed she had brought with her.

“Lie back down Tom, I’m just going to rub some lotion into your back, you already look a bit red, you must have been here for at least half an hour”

Tom laid himself down relived his huge erection was hidden from Amy’s eyes.

Many times when he was watching her bask in the warm sun his penis had stood to full attention begging for release, he would then just drop his pants and take a tight grip, squeezing and releasing the pressure as he pumped his fist along his 7 inches of manhood, never before when he had had sex with his previous girlfriends had he cum so hard, it felt like the cum shot out with so much force the head would explode in his hands.

Amy squeezed some lotion onto her hands and started to rub it into Toms back.

As Amy rubbed the lotion into Toms shoulders as slight moan was released from Toms mouth. Amy was rubbing lower and lower down Toms back until her hand started to slip under the waistband of Toms shorts.

Then Amy stopped rubbing, Tom was relieved by this, the sensuous backrub Amy had just given him was causing his already huge erection to grow, and this pause gave Tom a moment to regain himself.

Then Tom heard to sound of more lotion being squeezed out of the bottle. Amy then began to rub lotion into Toms legs, when she reached the back of his knees Tom was unable to contain a chuckle as he has always had a ticklish spot there.

Ignoring Toms giggle Amy rubbed İstanbul Escort Bayan the lotion into the back of his legs, as she carried on up his legs she noticed how Tom was wriggling slightly, as if to get comfy.

Amy then realised that Tom was enjoying the feeling of her hands so much that he was sporting an erection.

Amy had been single now for 3 years, since her husband left for an older woman.

This puzzled Amy as she had kept her body in shape by regularly going to the gym, being a size 10 also helped as every time Amy went out clubbing all the guys would try to pull her.

As Amy got to the top of Toms legs she decided to go a little further up, Amy could feel that Tom kept in good shape, his ass was firm but soft enough to squeeze.

“Oh” moaned Tom as Amy gave his ass a squeeze.

“Ok turn over, time to do your front” Amy said as she wiped the excess lotion onto her thighs.

When Tom turned onto his back he noticed a look in Amy’s eyes he hadn’t seen since his girlfriend last sucked him, it was the look of shear lust.

Amy’s eyes were fixed to Tom’s trunks, which were now held up like a tent, she shook her head a little and poured some lotion into her hands.

As Amy rubbed the lotion into Tom’s chest she made sure to bend over allowing Tom to a close-up shot of her now hard nipples, she slowly worked her way down his chest feeling every inch.

Finally she got to the waistband of his trunks, as Amy allowed her thumbs to slip under she noticed Toms cock twitch, as if it was expecting to be grabbed.

Amy and Tom then had exactly the same thought, the trunks had to be removed, Tom lifted his waste just as Amy grabbed the waistband and pulled the trunks off in one swift movement.

“We should do something about this,” whispered Anadolu Yakası Escort Amy, her eyes fixed on Toms throbbing cock.

Tom suddenly felt warmth covering his cock, as he looked down all he could see was the top of Amy’s head, bobbing up and down, she had moved between Tom’s legs before he could even suggest the idea.

Tom was in total heaven, none of his girlfriends had given head like this.

She was sucking just the tip while stroking the rest of the shaft, her tongue was one minute poking the slit to dig out the precum, the next moment it was working its way under the foreskin.

Amy’s head then tilted up, her eyes had a look of total ecstasy, she then smiled at Tom and started to hum, all Tom could do was to lie back and enjoy.

“Oh yes” was all Tom managed to moan as Amy suddenly took Toms whole length deep into her throat, Amy took this as a signal and started to suck harder on the head, one hand was gently cupping Toms balls, with the moan it started to squeeze.

Amy hadn’t tasted the cum of a man for so long now, she desperately wanted Tom to fill her mouth until she couldn’t swallow any more.

This wanting made her squeeze even harder; Amy could now feel Tom’s cock growing and his balls tighten.

Tom could feel he was getting close now and moaned again knowing this would make Amy suck harder.

Suddenly Tom felt the power of his cum surging from his balls, it shot out with such force he could hear and feel Amy moan as each shot hit the back of her throat.

Tom managed to lift his head and saw Amy looking right at him, cum was starting to ooze out from between his cock and her lips, a big smile was covering Amy’s face.

Amy lifted her mouth off Toms cock, she looked down and saw a blob of cum, a finger scooped it up and was eagerly licked clean.

“God I needed that” smiled Amy.

Then Tom got up from the sun bed and laid Amy down on her back.

“Now it’s my turn” said Tom with a big grin.

* * * * *

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