The Judgment of Sgt. J Chapter 6 Cathy Joins our Family

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The Judgment of Sgt. J Chapter 6 Cathy Joins our Family

Sherri and I quickly settled at John’s house. She and I even gave it that woman’s charm it needed. We decorated those empty walls of his as well as got some kitchen stuff as all he had was a can opener, a couple of pots and one frying pan. When you are a male living, alone I guess that was all you needed.

Around midweek or so Sherri had told me that John was taking her and her friends skating Friday night. I asked John if that meant I got a woman’s night out with Cathy. John told me that would be fine and he would even wait up for us to get home.

Thursday night John and I were sitting together in the living room on the sofa. Sherri was in her room drawing as John and I had a glass of wine after dinner. John asked me if I was ready to talk about Joe and my life with him.

“Not now John I am not ready yet,” I replied to him.

“Kay someday when you are ready I will be here to listen and to help.” “I removed one demon from you and I can remove the rest,” John said to me.

I thought for a few seconds then I asked staring into his eyes, “John what was you going to do to Joe when you went to his house?”

“Kill him and with god as my witness the next time I will,” John replied in a serious tone of voice.

His eyes changed when he had said that and I turned from him then looked back into his eyes as I asked, “Does that make you a good man instead of a bad man?”

“What am I suppose to do just stand by and watch some man bloody you up or break your arm?” “Or maybe just stand by as he takes his anger out on Sherri as you just watch,” John replied raising his voice which was filled with anger.

I did not know where my bravery came from or when I had received it. I took my hand and I slapped John hard across his face. John rubbed at his face looking at me with surprise in his eyes.

I stood up from the sofa and I looked right at him as I yelled, “JOHN, don’t you ever take that tone of voice with me ever again.” “Don’t you ever question my love for my daughter?” “If you ever do I swear I will walk out that door and you will never see me or Sherri again,” before I ran back to our bedroom.

I ran into the bathroom in our bedroom closing the door and locking it. I cowered on the toilet waiting for John to kick both doors down to get to me for hitting him. I knew better as I once had slapped Joe and he gave me two black eyes.

Joe’s way of thinking was you slap me bitch I punch you back. My first husband was the same way. In my mind, that was how it went between a man and a woman. When the woman did something wrong she had to face her punishment. It was due to years of brain washing from my first husband as well as Joe.

I was ready and waiting to take my beating. However, it never came and I felt bad for slapping him. However, I knew a way to make all men to forgive you when you did something wrong. Give them hot fucking sex and they will forgive you as well as make up with you.

I went to my little bag in the walk in closet in our bathroom. Anytime Cathy and I had gone shopping together, I had been picking up sexy outfit, as I adore dressing up for sex. I pulled the bag out and searched for something to wear so John would forgive me.

I did my hair up nicely and used bright red lipstick to make my lips plump and juicy for his kisses. I chose a red and black sexy outfit that had garters attached to them. I slipped a pair of black nylons over my legs pulling them up and fastening them to the garters. I ran my hands between my thighs as my pussy started to twitch. I went back to the closet getting a pair of red high heels, which I slipped on as well.

I checked myself in the full-length mirror in our bedroom. I made some adjustment so my tits swayed back and forth, as I walked. I had slipped a thong on however I decided it was quicker with out any panties or a thong. I bent over making sure you could see my ass and pussy nicely. I opened the bedroom door and stood in the hallway looking out to John.

“John, are you coming to bed?” I asked.

John looked at me but he did not say anything. I walked toward him bouncing and swaying my tits in my outfit. I stood in front of him letting his eyes feast on my body. I turned with my back to him as I bent over sticking my lovely ass into his face as I did. John still said nothing nor did he grab or paw at my butt.

I turned toward him and place my hand against his face as I said, “John, I am sorry about earlier and now I want to make it up to you,” with seduction in my voice. I stared deeply into his eyes as I added, “I can see that you want me John.”

John sat there for a few seconds before he replied, “Yes Kay I want you but did you also see the I need you in my eyes,” as he stared into my eyes with his.

“Please John let me make it up to you,” I said to him.

John kissed me lightly on my forehead as he replied, “Go wait for me in the bedroom Kay,” “I will be in after I lock up and turn the lights off.”

I walked slowly to the bedroom looking at John over my shoulder. He was watching my every move. I shook and wiggled my ass at him as I walked away. Once in the bedroom I stood obediently beside the bed waiting for him. John walked in, he started to undress, and I stopped him.

“Let me undress you John,” I said seductively to him.

I pulled his shirt from his jeans and had him bend over so I could remove it. I rubbed my hands all over his chest while I kissed at his Pecs and used my tongue on his nipples. I kissed my way around to the X scar at the side of John’s chest. John jerked away from me when I did.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked him. I did not give him time to answer as I took a hold of his hand as I added, “I was bad John you need to slap my face for hurting you.”

John pulled his hand from mine as he replied, “Stop it Kay please just stop it,” as he took my hand kissing at it. “Go get undressed and come back to bed,” John added as he walked away from me shaking his head.

I ran to the bathroom as the tears flowed down my cheeks. I closed the door behind myself looking into the mirror. I was not pretty enough to please John I thought as I messed my hair up with my hands. I slowly undressed as I tried to stop my crying for if I did not I would be in bigger trouble. The other men I knew always would tell me to stop crying or they would give me something to cry about and John was a man after all.

I slipped on a short white robe and slowly walked from the bathroom. I walked over to the bed and John opened his arms for me. I removed my robe and climbed into bed with him. He wrapped me in his arms as I lay my head to his chest.

“Close your eyes Kay and empty that pretty little mind of your,” John whispered into my ear. He then whispered, “I am waiting for you my love at our happy place,” “You walk in and you tell me to just hold you,” “I take you into my arms holding you tight until the sunlight enlighten us both.”

“You told me someday you wanted to see this happy place where we are to meet Angel Carrie however for now here with you in my arms will always be my happy place,” John said. His hand brushed at my hair as he added, “It’s a lovely place up on the lake which you saw and agreed but for now my happy place is here with you in my arms and Angel Carrie in my heart where she belongs.”

I lifted my head from John’s chest staring into his eyes as he stares into mine. I stared deeply and hard into this man’s eyes wanting and needing to find out just what type of a man he was. I saw love, compassion, trust and understanding in his eyes. I had never seen a man with so much caring in his eyes as the man’s eyes I stared into that night.

John said, “I know what you just saw.” “You saw the trusting eyes of a man who loves you like no other can.” “I see myself in his eyes as my heart tells me he is trustworthy and brave this man here.”

I placed my finger to his lips as I said, “My heart tells me to tell this man the truth; for his heart has always been open and true.” “I love you John,” “I willfully open my heart and my soul to you because my eyes have seen the truth that you love me and you need me as much as I need you.”

“I love you too Kay simply because it is you,” John replied touching his lips against mine giving me a gentle loving kiss.

I broke our kiss as I said, “John, I am sorry about tonight,” “Not for striking your face because that you had coming.” “I am sorry for thinking I could regain your love by having sex with you,” “Please forgive me as I am just used to behaving like that because of the way other men in my life treated me.” I rubbed my hand to the side of his face as I added, “I keep forgetting that you are not like those men,” as I removed my hand and looked away from him.

John turned my face back toward his as he replied, “I am a man just like any other man, I have hopes and dreams that I want and need to fulfill.” “But they all would be pointless without you and Sherri by my side.” “I shook my demons from my soul many moons ago and like most men there is a monster that lives in my soul, I only keep him there to protect the ones I love as I know what it feels like to lose those we loved.”

“John, you are not a monster,” I said as I rubbed my hand against his face. “I will tell you what a monster is,” I added as I lie against his chest.

I told John about my life with Mark my first husband. I explained how it started out great until I got pregnant with Sherri. I told him I think now he was jealous of Sherri because I gave her all my love instead of giving it to him. He turned to drinking, staying out all night long while leaving Sherri and me at home alone. He was no longer giving me my wants and needs so I turned to the neighbor. A man who while I did not love him gave me the sex I wanted and needed.

“I got used to his verbal abuse so he went to hitting me,” I said. “I put up with it hoping it would stop as he told me it would,” “I took most of the abuse as he never touched Sherri,” “He just ignored her as if she did not exist,” “Once he brought her home a small puppy and it made her smile so I told her she could keep it.”

I stopped to wipe my tears as I added, “That man I thought I loved shot that little puppy as Sherri looked on.”

I looked at him as I cried hard as I said, “John, I just stood there I could have done something but instead I did nothing.”

“You left Kay, you did something,” John replied taking me into his arms.

I fell asleep in his arms as he held me. I had managed to tell him of my first husband however how was I going to tell him about my life as a nightclub waitress and explain what I had done with Jack‘s clients. I also was going to have to explain my life with Joe as well someday.

Friday was here before we knew it. Sherri was tickled to death that John was taking her and her friends skating. She loved showing off her new daddy. I think John enjoyed it as much as she did. I saw them off then I went to get ready to go out with Cathy.

I showered and did my hair nicely before I decided what to wear. I put on my best push up bra with a very low cut shirt. I slipped on a pair of skintight jeans. I had to lie on the bed to zip them up after I had them on me. I looked at myself in the mirror.

My 40’c boobs rode high in my shirt and they spilled nicely from my bra. The tops of my boobs jiggled and shook with each step I took. My jeans fit my ass like a glove. You could make out my round butt cheeks in them. I stood looking at myself in the mirror as I thought.

“What are you doing Kay?” I asked myself.

You have a good man who loves you and treats you like gold. This is how you repay him by dressing like a slut to go out with Cathy. I looked at myself again in the mirror as I heard that voice within me once more.

“Have fun get some strange cock tonight that man will never know,” the voice said to me.

I looked into the mirror as I said aloud, “Kay don’t you listen to that voice if you do your daughter will hate you.”

Cathy came over and we drove to a bar over in the next town. The place was semi full when we got there. A group of men checked us out as we walked by them as they stood at the bar. I heard one of them telling his friends, “Did you see the fucking tits on her.” We sat down and ordered drinks, which we kept coming.

We had no sooner sat down than Cathy asked, “So how is it living with John?”

“He treats me like a queen and Sherri is his little princess,” I replied smiling at her.

“Have you told him of your past yet?” Cathy asked me.

“I have started too however my screwed up life can not be told in one night,” I replied. “I did tell him you and I was once lovers,” I added with a smile.

“KAY, you didn’t,” Cathy said.

I explained I had told him just enough to let him know I was Bi sexual that was all. A man came over and he asked me to dance. I went to the dance floor with him and we danced.

It was a fast dance so there was no touching or anything but, he got a good show of the girls shaking and bouncing as we danced. He had also rubbed his hard cock against my ass a few times, as we danced. He walked me back to our table telling me thanks as he rubbed his hand against my butt. I smiled at him as he walked away then sat back down with Cathy.

“You have a loving man at home and you leave a stranger feel your ass,” Cathy said. “If I had one like him I would be loyal to him,” Cathy added as tears filled her eyes.

“What is wrong Cathy?” I asked taking her hand into mine.

“I broke up with Rod for good as he lied to me,” Cathy replied.

“What did he lie to you about?” I asked her.

“He is a married man,” Cathy replied wiping her tears.

I scooted my chair next to her and wrapped my arms around her. I gave her comfort as she once had me. I told her every thing would be OK.

“Rod would have only cheated on you as he did his wife,” I said to her. “I know that for a fact because Rod was with another girl with John and me recently,” I added.

I explained to her about Rod calling John and telling him he had been in a fight. I told her when we got there we found out you had dumped him. I did not know why you did until now. The man I had danced with earlier came walking up to our table with another man with him.

“Could we join you ladies?” The man asked me.

I turned to him with my arm still around Cathy as I replied, “Leave us alone we are lesbians.”

“You sure know how to pick the winners,” his friend said to him as they walked away as Cathy and I laughed.

Cathy and I sat there talking mostly about John. She wanted to know if he was good in bed. I told her every little detail of our lovemaking. I explained how he knew his way around the female body and how he did not rub at your special spot but massaged it instead.

“You need a mop when he makes you squirt,” xnxx I said to her.

I also explained how he holds me and cuddles after we make love. Something no man had ever done with me. Cathy told me Rod used to do that too and he was a scumbag cheating on his wife.

“Do you think John would cheat on me?” I asked Cathy.

“Kay that man adores you and he would never cheat on you,” Cathy replied.

We talked and the more I drank the more I thought how Rod and John were brothers in arms. They both had been rangers in the army. If Rod lied and cheated on his wife as well as on Cathy then John would do the same to me I thought.

I was soon beyond drunk and I asked Cathy if she would test John when we got home. I asked her to make a play for him to see what he would do. Cathy agreed to my little plan and she had one of her own as well.

“Kay, if he does make a play for me, I am going to fuck the daylight out of him,” Cathy said smiling to me.

“I will make it easy for you I will even tell him he can have you,” I replied.

Just a little before two o’clock in the morning Cathy and I returned home. John got up from the sofa as I stumbled into the kitchen with Cathy helping me to stand upright. John gave me a look as he helped me to the sofa. I was not for sure whether his look was because I was highly intoxicated or because of my tits hanging from my shirt due to the push up bra, I had worn. John’s hand rubbed at my ass in my skintight jeans as he sat me onto the sofa.

“AHH grab my fucking ass John,” I said drunkenly. “I love you John and I think Cathy does too,” “She wants you and you can have her if you want,” I added almost falling off the sofa looking to Cathy. “Show her those big hands, John,” “Better yet show her that big lovely cock of yours to her,” I said as my head went back into the sofa.

“Kay,” John replied shaking his head back and forth, as he looked to Cathy.

“She is a little drunk John,” Cathy said blushing.

The rest of the story will be as Cathy told me the next day as I had excessively much to drink that night. I ended up passing out on the sofa before John carried into the bedroom putting me to bed that night. I could only take her word for what happened next between them.

Cathy was about 5’ 7” closer to 5’ 10” with high heels on like she had worn that night. She had long strawberry blonde hair that flowed past her shoulders. Cathy wore glasses however; she had lovely green eyes that matched her lovely smile. To me she was one of the loveliest women I knew. She had worn a low cut top that night herself as well as a short dress with nylons.

John returned to the living room as he had told Cathy to wait for him, as he wanted to talk to her about something. When he returned, Cathy told me he checked her out for the first time. It was probably because John had only seen her in school clothes and not dressed for a night out on the town. Cathy told me John stared at her ample tits that overflowed the shirt she had worn. She squeezed her arms to the side of her tits showing him even more of them as he looked at her.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” John asked her moving his eyes to her nylon covered legs as she sat on the sofa.

“I would love a glass, John,” Cathy replied as she opened her legs spreading them wide apart showing her hairless pussy with her pussy lips hanging down as she had taken her panties off in the car before we came into the house.

Cathy told me John stared between her legs for a few seconds then looked at her. She smiled at him seductively as he looked at her. John hurried to the kitchen to get them both some wine.

John returned and he handed Cathy her glass. She brushed her hand against his as she took it rubbing her finger against his. She gave him her sexy look, which never failed to get to me. Cathy flirted with John as he sat down beside her.

“I wanted to talk to you about Kay,” John said to Cathy.

Cathy looked at John as she took a big sip of her wine then she replied, “I want to talk about you,” as she sat her glass down.

Cathy turned to John throwing her arms around his neck. She climbed up into John’s lap straddling him. Cathy rubbed her big 40 DD tits into his chest as her lovely big thighs rubbed against John’s thighs as she climbed on to him. Cathy was sure her little plan was working when she felt his hardening cock in his jogging pants against her pussy. She kissed John deeply on his lips as she rubbed her pussy against his cock.

Cathy tried to slip her tongue into John’s mouth. However, he would not open his mouth. Cathy removed her arms from John and she drew back from him as she tilted her head looking at him with a bewildered look on her face.

“Cathy, it is not that you are not beautiful or anything because you are very lovely and sexy,” John said smiling at her. “I just can’t even if Kay did say it was OK,” “Now if it was under different circumstances like her not being drunk then maybe,” John added.

Cathy climbed from his lap. She placed her hands to his thighs as she bent over giving him a perfect view of the girls hanging in his face. Cathy looked into his face as she took his hand into hers.

“I told Kay there was no reason to test you,” Cathy said to John smiling at him. “I keep telling that woman she is going to drive you away,” Cathy added standing back up letting go of his hand.

“So Kay set this all up as a test for me,” John asked.

“Well partly, well mostly,” Cathy replied smiling. “Kay told me how skillfully you make love.” “Kay told me that she would share you with me and that you would enjoy it especially because you would see us having fun as well.” “All men love to see two women together,” Cathy added.

Cathy explained that John sat her back down next to him. They talked about me and about her brother who had committed suicide shortly after he returned home from the war in Vietnam. He could no longer face the horrors and his fears of what that war had done to him. John gave her comfort as she has always felt it was her fault for not seeing that coming.

John would not let Cathy drive home because they had drank a whole bottle of wine as they talked. He told her to go climb in bed with me; he would sleep out on the sofa. John walked her to our bedroom leaving her in with me.

I woke up with Cathy holding me the next morning. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, as I had to pee. I returned and Cathy was sitting up in the bed. I gave her a quick kiss before I asked her what had happened last night.

“Nothing your man is unlike any man I have ever met,” Cathy replied. “You are so lucky Kay,” she added as she hugged me.

Cathy explained that John could not because of not knowing if I had meant it or if it was just the booze talking when I told him he could have her. Cathy moved her face from my shoulder as she placed her lips against mine. She kissed me deeply as her tongue roamed into my mouth. Our tongues danced as we kissed passionately.

“Kay, you remember when you told me you would share John if I asked,” Cathy said breaking our kiss.

I smiled at Cathy as I replied, “Yes and I meant those words,” as my hand touched her face. “Cathy I love John I think,” “I know I love you and I was wondering if I can talk John into it will you be our third for a loving threesome,” I asked her.

“Kay you should have no doubts about this man for you will find none more loyal, trust worthy, honorable and as brave as him,” Cathy replied. “I would give anything to be part of his and your life,” she added kissing me deeply on my lips.

Cathy had me in her arms as she rolled us in the bed. She was on top of me kissing me before she spun around so that we were in a 69 together. Cathy parted my thighs as her face buried itself into my hairy pussy. I reached up and pulled her hairless pussy down into my face. My tongue licking at her hanging pussy lips as her tongue licked at mine.

I shoved my tongue between her pussy lips burying it deeply into her pussy. I ran my tongue in and out of it as her tongue dug at my pussy. My eyes spied her cute little asshole and my tongue could not resist it. I pulled my tongue from her pussy running it up to her asshole. I kissed then licked at her asshole for a second.

I ran my tongue in little circles around her asshole before I licked at her asshole wildly with my tongue. I kissed her little puckered asshole before I jabbed my tongue into it. I ran my tongue in and out of her asshole as she squirmed on my face.

“AHHhh Kay, where did you learn that at?” Cathy asked pulling her face from my pussy.

“John did the same to me before he fucked my ass,” I replied removing my tongue from her asshole.

“I think we all are going to enjoy our fun,” Cathy said as I felt her rubbing her fingers at my pussy.

Cathy slipped two fingers deeply into my pussy as her tongue licked at my clit. I moved two fingers to her pussy shoving them up into her as my tongue buried deeply again into her asshole. I moved my tongue and my fingers together. She took my clit into her mouth sucking at it as her fingers went to my special spot.

“AHhhh you’re going to make me…” I managed to get out of my mouth as a powerful orgasm came over me.

My clit swelled in her mouth as my pussy gave up my love juices splashing against Cathy’s face. As my orgasm came over me, I found her special spot as I slipped one finger deeply into her asshole. I fucked her ass with my finger as two other fingers rubbed at her special spot. Cathy licked at my pussy as my juices flowed from it.

She lifted her face from my pussy as she said, “Give me more fingers in my butt make it feel like John’s cock,” moaning softly.

I slipped another finger into her asshole then another into her ass. I ran my three fingers in and out of her asshole. Cathy moaned softly as she pumped her butt back onto my fingers. Her pussy sucked at my fingers as I felt her asshole squeezing around my fingers in her butt.

“AHHhhhhh Kay,” Cathy screamed as her pussy gave up her tasty juices onto my face. “Kay, you’re going to make me p…” Cathy managed to add moaning loudly.

Suddenly a torrent of piss splashed down into my face. Her golden rain sprayed my face with two to three powerful squirts as I removed my fingers from her pussy and her asshole. Her piss splashed over my face as I licked wildly at her pussy. Cathy squirmed and rubbed her pussy into my face as her pee slowed to just a drip. She then spun around lying on top of as our lips met.

We kissed deeply and passionately for a while before she rolled from me. She looked at me as I looked at her. She ran her hand through my hair as she stared at me. I had not seen that loving look from her in a very long time. That feeling I get with John suddenly rushed through my body. I realized then I needed her just as I needed John.

“I love you Kay,” Cathy said kissing me lightly on my lips.

I broke our kiss as I replied, “I love you too.”

We got out of the bed and I gave her one of my robes to slip on as I slipped into mine. We walked from the bedroom out into the kitchen to find John making breakfast as Sherri sat at the kitchen table. We both looked to John then to Sherri.

Sherri turned to me as she yelled out, “Daddy is taking me to work with him,” smiling from ear to ear.

“OH I see,” I replied holding my head.

John handed me a cup of coffee as he said, “Rough night,” smiling to me.

I sipped at my coffee before sitting it down onto the table. I wrapped my arms around John’s neck pulling him down to me. I kissed him once before I whispered into his ear as I hugged him tightly.

“Thank you for being true,” I whispered. “We both will see that you are reward for your actions,” I added breaking our hug smiling.

Cathy came walking over to the table smiling at me before she sat down at the table with Sherri. John gave her a cup of coffee as he kissed her forehead then winked at her. John returned to making us breakfast to start the new day. He joined us as we all sat there eating and talking.

John told Sherri to go get ready for going to work, as they would be leaving soon. Sherri jumped down and ran back to her bedroom. John turned to Cathy and me as he asked if the BBQ we had planned earlier in the week was still on for tonight. I told him it was.

“Tell Rod the beer is in the basement if he gets here before I return from work today,” John said to me.

I turned to Cathy who hung her head as I replied,” Rod will not be joining us John,” “They broke up a couple days ago,” I added sadly walking him to the door.

I saw John and Sherri off before returning to Cathy. I lifted her head with my finger as I said, “I am sure John will make you forget all your troubles later tonight.”

Cathy and I returned to the bedroom where we fell asleep again in each other’s arms. It was almost one in the afternoon by the time we woke up and jumped into the shower together. We were cleaning the kitchen still in our robes when John and Sherri returned from work.

John had something hidden behind his back as he entered the kitchen. John brought the surprise from around his back showing me the newest member of our little family. It was a chocolate lab puppy, which Sherri had named Coco. My mind flashed back to her first puppy as the voice inside me told me, “Here we go again.”

I shook the image and the voice from my head as Sherri asked me “Mommy can we keep him?”

I smiled at her as I replied, “Go get your dog from daddy they both are your responsibility.”

“Thanks mommy,” Sherri said giving me a kiss and a hug before she took the dog and went outside to play.

“So are you ready to start on our project?” John asked me.

“Yes, but is it OK if Cathy helps too?” I asked smiling.

“OK, but you two can’t work in those robes,” he replied.

I looked to Cathy who was standing next to me and smiled. We both opened and dropped our robes from our bodies. We had one piece black swimsuits on under our robes. The suits were low cut and showed vast amounts of cleavage. We both bent over slightly letting the girls hang down for him to see.

John stood there checking us out and it seemed as if his mind took him somewhere else as he stared at us. His eyes had a far away look as they roamed up and down our bodies. My own eyes went to the crotch of the pants he had worn. His cock stirred as he looked at our tits. He had a full-blown boner by the time he stared at the camel toe showing at our crotches of our swimsuits.

“From the looks of that I believe he approves of our suits, Cathy,” I said to her as I pointed to the boner in his pants.

John smiled blushing as he replied, “Hey I can’t help it when I see two ladies as lovely and sexy as you two.”

John wrapped one arm around us both as he walked us outside into the backyard. He walked us over to Sherri bakire porno and Coco as they play in the yard. The four of us went to work building the frame for the porch swing. The first one fell over as I touched it causing us all to laugh. We rebuilt it getting it right this time around. John hung the swing from it and he stepped back from it. A big smile came to his face as he looked at it.

“Ladies first,” John said as he placed me onto the swing.

He placed Sherri next to me then took Cathy by her hand as he sat her down onto the swing. John stood there with his hands on the framework smiling at us as his eyes got that far away look into them. I was sure he was thinking of that swing he used to share with Terri and Carrie during his youth.

I called my mom and invited her and her new boyfriend over to join us for the BBQ. Sherri was going to spend the night with her as I had plans for the three of us tonight. We ate and talked before we saw Sherri off with her grandma. The three of us walked them out to the car. We all waved bye as Sherri and Coco looked out from the back of the car. Sherri was waving his little paw to us as they drove away.

John turned to Cathy and I as he said, “Damn shame we don’t have a hot tub,” smiling at us.

“Yeah like at Carrie’s Place,” Cathy replied.

I was not for sure what Cathy had said so I asked, “What did you say?”

The smile from John’s face disappeared as he looked to Cathy then to me. Like at Larry’s place Cathy answered smiling to John. I was not sure but I believed they both knew something I did not know. However, it was not going to ruin what I had in mind.

“We could all shower together,” I said to them smiling.

“Sounds like a plan to me but ladies I am not responsible for my actions if you drop the soap,” John replied grinning from ear to ear.

The three of us ran into the house to our bedroom. Cathy and I started to remove our swimsuits as John slipped out of his shirt. He stopped undressing as he looked to us both. John looked to me staring into my eyes.

“Kay, are you sure about this?” He asked.

“Yes John, I think of Cathy as you do Carrie,” I replied smiling at him.

I wrapped my arms around Cathy kissing her deeply. John watched us kissing as our breasts rubbed together. Our nipples grew hard as they rubbed against each other’s. John got that far away look once more as I broke my kiss with Cathy moving my mouth to her breasts. I kissed, licked and suckled on one of her tits as John watched us.

John slipped his pants and underwear off revealing his lovely hard cock to us. His cock danced up and down a few times for us. Cathy pulled my face from her tit kissing me deeply. She broke our kiss whispering into my ear.

“Your man has a lovely cock as well as being so cute,” she whispered.

I turned to John as I replied, “He is a very handsome man,” smiling at him.

John blushed bright red as he smiled then looked away as Cathy said, “A modest man he is as well,” as she walked us over to John.

We stood on each side of him as we ran our hands over his chest. Our fingers pulled and played with his nipples making them hard like ours. I ran my finger down to the scar at the side of his chest. I traced my fingers lightly around his scar as Cathy’s fingers joined mine.

I looked over to Cathy as I said, “He was a very brave man during this time of his life.”

Cathy smiled as she replied, “He sure was,” smiling at John as she added, “And he has proven that he still is this man of yours.”

I touched my hand lightly to Cathy’s face as I said, “I share my man with you only because I know your heart and his heart to be true.” “I want nothing in return from either of you,” “For I know not if my heart is to be true,” “I have only begun to listen to my heart and it is too soon to know if my heart is to be true.”

I paused then looked to John then to Cathy as I added, “Someday I will share my heart with you both but for now all I can offer is him to you,” looking to Cathy then to John as I added, “And her to you.”

Cathy smiled to me as she replied, “I see this man has wore off on you.”

“Kay, I do not kn…,” John managed to get out before I pressed my finger to his lips.

“Say nothing John just kiss her and hold her tight for me,” I said as I pushed Cathy and John together.

Cathy wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down to her. John wrapped his arms just above her waist. They shared a long gentle kiss as I watched. I rubbed my hands loving on their backs as they swapped tongues. They broke their kiss and opened their arms pulling me into them.

John kissed me then Cathy kissed me. We took turns passionately kissing each other as we slipped tongues into our mouths. I ran my hand to John’s cock as Cathy’s hand joined mine. We rubbed and pulled at his cock as we kissed him.

I pulled myself from them as I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I did a little dance as I said, “I am sorry you two but I have to piss.”

Cathy and John busted up laughing as I did my little pp dance. John took my hand as he replied, “OK, but I want to watch.”

I smiled at him as he took me to the bathroom in our bedroom with Cathy following us. John sat me onto the toilet as he got down on his knees. Cathy stood behind John with her tits hanging down over his shoulders. John pulled my legs apart just as my pussy squirted out liquid gold from between my legs.

I gave a little push and rose from the seat. My pussy throbbed as a wet torrent of liquid squirted onto John’s face. I turned a little to the side making my pee splash against Cathy’s tits as well.

“Ahhh I have to go too,” Cathy moaned softly.

I was pissing into John’s face as Cathy’s pee cascaded down his back. We peed over John until we had dribbled our last drop from our pussies. Cathy leaned forward kissing at John’s lips licking my pee from them. John stood up with his cock dancing in my face. John took his cock into his hand and aimed it at my mouth.

“JOHN, DON’T YOU DARE,” “I am into giving not receiving from a man‘s cock,” I said as I moved his dick from my face..

I heard Cathy scramble into the shower as she said, “I am into both,” smiling at John.

I stood up walking John to the shower telling him to get in with Cathy. I grabbed John’s cock pointing it at Cathy’s bald pussy as I told John to let it go. His pee came out hard as I guided the flow to her pussy. I pointed his cock upward splashing her tits with his warm pee as Cathy rubbed it into her tits with her hands. I moved his pee stream back to her pussy as she lifted her leg into the air placing it to the corner of the shower wall. It looked as if I was filling her pussy with his pee then it would run back out her hole. My own pussy throbbed as I thought about being between her legs while it did. I shook the last drop from his dick as I joined them in the shower.

One of us turned the shower on as we all kissed with the warm water cascading down onto our bodies. The shower was small with the three of us in the stall. When ever one of us turned or moved you were touching cock, boobs or butt. John left out a little yell when one of us placed a finger where it did not belong.

This got us to laughing that was until that water turned from warm to cold then the laughing came to a fast halt. Cathy and I made it out of the shower first letting John take most of that blast of cold water. Cathy and I ran from the bathroom with water dripping from our bodies laughing as John climbed from the shower.

John looked at the water and pee that lie on the bathroom floor then looked to us lying on the bed as he yelled, “Ladies, I am not cleaning this mess,” as he dried himself with a towel.

“GIRLS, you got the sheets all wet from being in the shower,” John said as he climbed into the bed shaking his head.

“I am sure they are going to get a lot wetter,” I replied as I moved my head under the sheet.

I heard Cathy as she said, “She gets you first, then me, and then you get us both,” before I heard them kissing.

I slipped my mouth around John’s hard throbbing cock. I sucked at the head of his dick for but a second before I started to run my mouth up and down his cock. I was licking at the pre -cum flowing from his cock when the sheets uncovered me. Cathy broke their kiss as she spun around putting her ass and pussy into John’s face as I got down between his legs.

“Here have a taste of his pre-cum,” I said to Cathy as her face joined me at his cock.

Cathy flicked her tongue at the head of his cock before her mouth engulfed John’s cock as she sucked at it hard just once. She pulled her mouth off it as her tongue licked across the head of his cock stringing pre-cum with it. I used my tongue on his cock as well as we both licked at the pre-cum oozing from his cock.

“AHHhhh,” John moaned lightly into Cathy‘s pussy.

“Ohhh Kay he is licking at my butt,” Cathy moaned out.

I sucked his cock back into my mouth. I took all of it into my mouth as I ran my mouth up and down the whole length of his cock. I pulled my mouth from John’s cock wrapping my hand around it. I pumped wildly at his cock squeezing my hand tightly around it.

“I need to feel his cock in my pussy,” I cried out looking at Cathy.

Cathy slipped from his face as I climbed onto top of him. I leaned down kissing at his face as I straddled him. I felt Cathy rubbing John’s cock at my wet pussy. I moaned softly as she fed his cock up into my pussy. I started to move back and forth on his cock. I was soon grinding my pussy down onto his cock with my tits bouncing above his face.

“Play with my tits John,” I said as I hung my tits into his face.

His hands went to my tits where he teased at my nipples with his fingers. He lightly pinched and pulled on them as I bounced faster and harder onto his cock. My pussy throbbed and sucked at his cock as I rode him. I rode him hard and fast as he played with my tits.

“AHhhhh I am going to squirt,” I yelled looking back to Cathy over my shoulder.

Cathy was lying between his legs licking at his balls. I rocked back and forth on his cock as she licked at his balls. John squeezed both of my tits together bringing both my nipples close to each other. He used his tongue licking at them.

“AHhhh JOHN, I love you,” I screamed as I felt my juices start to flow.

My pussy sucked at his cock as I coated it with her juices. My juices flowed out of me freely down over John’s balls. Cathy licked at it as it ran over his balls. Cathy sucked one of his balls into her mouth.

“AHhhh shit going to cum,” John yelled.

I slammed my pussy fully down around his cock as I started to grind my pussy onto it. I felt his cock throb then twitch as his cock blew cum deep into my pussy. John pulled my face to his kissing me as I felt each blast of his cum coating the back wall of my pussy.

I felt Cathy pulling John’s cock from my pussy as I rolled from John. I watched her as she licked at our juices coating his cock. She slipped his cock into her mouth as she hungrily sucked at his cock. Cathy sucked and licked his cock completely clean, as it grew soft in your mouth.

“MMmmmm you two were made for each other as your juices are heavenly when they mix,” Cathy said as she left go of John‘s cock looking to us.

I lay on one side of John as Cathy crawled up to his other side. He slipped his arms around our shoulders pulling us against him. John held us in his arms pulling us tighter and tighter against himself. I looked to Cathy and saw the smile on her face as that secure warm feeling came over us both.

John looked at me as he said, “You know I never asked you if you were on birth control.”

I got up onto one elbow as I rubbed my hand at his chest. My hand moved across his chest writing onto his chest as I stared deeply into his eyes. I smiled at him.

“No John I am not on birth control as I can never have babies again,” I said staring into his eyes.

John stared back into mine as he replied, “You just wrote I love you across my chest,” “I love you too,” as he smiled to me.

I smiled back as I said, “I did just write that I did not think you would even notice.” “But did you hear me about not being able to have babies?” I asked.

“I heard and I am sure you will tell me about it when you are ready,” John replied.

“Do you see Cathy?” I asked her. “How he makes it so hard for me not to love him,” “The harder I try not too the harder he makes it for me,” I added as I slipped from the bed crying as I ran for the bathroom.

It was a happy cry that I was crying. However, I was afraid John would take it as something else. I heard Cathy as I got into the bathroom.

“I believe it is a happy cry however I will go check on her,” Cathy said. I heard her adding, “John, god broke the mold after he made you,” before she walk into the bathroom.

Cathy came to me and she took me into her arms. She hugged me telling how wonderful that man of mine was. She told me there would never be another man like him on this earth. We heard John saying something as we both went to the doorway of the bathroom.

“God did break the mold so he could never create another monster as I,” John said aloud.

“JOHN, you are not a monster,” Cathy and I said in unison.

John looked surprised as if what he had said was not meant for our ears. Cathy and I climbed back into bed with him. We lay on each side of him. We laid our heads onto his shoulder as our hands rubbed at his chest.

I looked over into John’s face as I said, “It was a happy cry John,” as I smiled to him. “John, I want you to do me a favor,” I added as my hand stroked at his face.

John looked at me as I said, “I want you to make sweet love to Cathy just how you did to me our first night,” “I want her to feel the happiness and the joy you must have given to Carrie as well as what you have given to me.”

John started to reply but I pressed my finger to his lips as I said, “Please John, please do it for me.”

John shook his head yes, as he slipped from the bed. John grabbed Cathy’s ankles pulling her to the edge of the bed swinging her legs out from the bed. He placed her foot into his hand as he dropped to his knees. He rubbed and massaged her foot skillfully then he did her other one.

“AHhhh that is so relaxing,” Cathy moaned as I held her.

John lifted her foot as he licked at the sole of her foot. He kissed the top of her foot as he moved his lips to her toes. John kissed and licked at each of her small pretty toes. He sucked each of her toes individually starting at her little toe working his way to her big toe sucking lightly as his eyes looked at us. John slowly worked his tongue up her leg stopping to kiss and lick at those spots on his way up her leg.

“OH Kay, he is wonderful, thank you,” Cathy cooed bedava porno out as I played with her tits.

John worked his tongue up over her knee to her lovely plump thighs. He kissed his way up then back down them. He dragged his tongue up her thigh then turned his tongue to the inside of her thigh. I watched as he teasingly ran his tongue in little circles around the very inside of her thigh.

“OH John,” Cathy moaned out as her hands went to his head.

John moved his tongue to her hairless pussy. He kissed at her pussy lips tasting her sweetness from her pussy lips. John used his tongue to split apart her pussy lips as I kissed then started to suckle on Cathy’s breast. John looked up from between her legs to me.

I smiled at him as I blew him a kiss. John worked his tongue to the inside of Cathy’s other thigh. He ran it down in little circles down her thigh. He did the same to her other thigh and leg. I saw that John’s cock was hard and throbbing as he stood up working his hands up Cathy’s long lovely legs.

John squeezed his hands into her thighs as he pushed her legs up into the air. Cathy’s legs spread apart as he did. John started to lap wildly at her pussy with his tongue. John buried his face into her pussy as she ran her hands through his hair. Cathy pumped her hips wildly into John’s face.

“AHhh I am going to orgasm,” Cathy yelled out.

John lifted his face from her pussy as he ran two fingers into her hairless pussy. His fingers instantly found her rough spot up inside her. I watched him as he massaged the inside of her pussy with his fingers. He took her clit into his mouth as Cathy’s thighs started to shake.

“Oh fuck OH Fuck,” Cathy screamed out shaking in my arms.

A huge wet orgasm came over her. Cathy shook wildly on the bed with me holding her and kissing her. Cathy’s pussy left go with a little drip then a blast of her juices shot from her pussy. It caught John squarely in his face. John rubbed his face into her warm squirting pussy. Cathy finally pushed at John’s head; I knew she had enough of his oral skills.

John moved up between her legs gently pushing her back up the bed as he placed her long legs up onto his shoulders. I moved down by his cock to the side of them. I reached for his cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed the head of his cock teasingly against her pussy. John pushed forward with his cock as I did.

“AHhhh,” Cathy moaned out as the head of his cock entered into her pussy.

John started to fuck Cathy with just the head his cock. She was soon pushing her pussy toward his cock trying to get more of it up into her pussy. John slipped more cock into her with each stroke he gave her. He finally had his cock sliding fully in and out of her pussy. I watched as her juices coated his cock as wet pussy sounds filled the room. I moved back up to Cathy kissing and playing with her tits as John made love to her.

Cathy moaned and squirmed each time she had an orgasm as he made love to her. The sweat from John’s body dripped onto Cathy as he worked his cock to a steady deep hard fucking of her pussy. Cathy’s big tits rolled in round circles as he fucked her. John started to go tense, which meant he would soon be blowing a nut into her pussy.

“OH Fuck Kay he is going to make me squirt again,” Cathy yelled out as her head rolled side to side.

John gave her a few more deep strokes of his cock before he buried it deeply into her pussy. Cathy shook as she had her final orgasm on his cock. John moaned lightly with his eyes closed as cum pump from his cock filling her pussy. John held his cock in her as it took his last few drops. Then he eased her legs from his shoulder as his cock slipped from her pussy.

One loud long continuous pussy fart belched from her pussy as his cock slipped out. I looked down to see Cathy’s pussy belch out a huge load of cum as it farted again. I could not help myself as I started to laugh loudly with John and Cathy joining me in laughing.

Cathy rose from her back as she wrapped her arms around John’s neck she hugged him tightly as she said, “Thank you John I will never forget this night.”

Cathy broke their hug and I saw she had tears running down her cheeks as she hugged me as she said, “Thank you Kay for sharing this special wonderful man with me,” as she lightly sobbed onto my shoulder.

I petted at her head as I replied, “He is a special and wonderful man,” smiling at John as tears filled my eyes as well.

John left the room claiming he had to pee but we knew he had gotten something in his eyes and he did not want us to see him crying as well. Cathy rolled over lying beside me. She kissed at my lips as she told me how wonderful and skillful his lovemaking was.

“No man has ever filled me with so much pleasure before,” she said. “It was even better with having you as well,” Cathy added smiling at me.

“I enjoyed it myself,” I replied. “I wish for you to remain part of our lives forever,” I added.

Cathy sat up in bed as she asked, “Kay was that an offer to share John permanently with me?”

“I would love that and let me talk to John about it before I give you an answer,” I replied wrapping my arms around her.

John came back into the room and he climbed between us in the bed. He wrapped us both in his arms as we lay our heads to his chest. Cathy and I joined our hands together as we stared into each other’s eyes. I wondered if she was seeing the same love, the same want and the need in my eyes for her that I was seeing in hers as I stared into her lovely green eyes. We both soon fell into a deep sleep as John held us tightly in his arms.

I was awaken as John stirred violently in the bed as he cried out, “Carrie, I am here,” his outburst awoke Cathy as well. John sat upright suddenly in the bed between us, as he screamed, “NO,” repeatedly.

I did not know what was happening until Cathy told me he was having a nightmare and she said, “JOHN, wake up,” as she shook him violently.

“JOHN PLEASE WAKE UP,” I screamed from his other side.

John awoke dazed it seemed. He stared blankly across the room as sweat poured from his body. He turned slowly to me, as if he was afraid to look at me.

“John, are you alright,” I asked calmly.

“You two go back to sleep must have been something I ate,” John replied.

“John, are you sure you are alright your sweating and your cold as ice,” I said rubbing my hand at his upper arm.

He climbed from the bed telling us both he was OK. He told us he was going to get some water and would rejoin us soon. John pushed both our worried heads back down into our pillows as he slipped on his robe.

I awoke once again in the morning to find Cathy sitting up right in bed staring at John. She seemed to have a worried look on her face. I sat up taking her hand in mine.

I quietly asked her, “What is wrong Cathy?”

“John’s nightmares are of his time in Vietnam,” Cathy replied. “His mind is very troubled with his past,” she added before she told me of her talk with John.

“See I warned you about giving your love to this man,” the voice with in said to me. “How long before he hurts you?” the voice asked me.

“Kay look,” I heard Cathy saying to me removing the voice I had heard.

I looked to her as she pointed to John’s cock. His cock was standing tall and throbbing. He had what men called morning wood. Cathy smiled at me and I smiled at her. I soon forgot about the voice in my head as we went about giving John some head of our own.

Good morning ladies,” John said stirring from his sleep with a smile on his face.

“Sorry John we could not let it go to waste,” I said looking up to him.

“Enjoy ladies,” John replied laying his head back down onto my pillow.

We took turn sucking on his cock. We ran our tongues together up each sides of his cock kissing at the head of his dick. Cathy and I took turns sucking at his cock. John hands gripped tightly at the sheets as we both flicked our tongues at his pee hole.

“Ladies I am going to have to pee,” John yelled out.

“You go with him Cathy and I will start breakfast,” I replied getting out of the bed.

I went into the kitchen as they ran into the bathroom together. I made breakfast thinking about John and his nightmare. Cathy had told me in the morning she had gotten up last night to find John crying into his hands in the living room. She sat with him asking him if he needed someone to talk to about it.

Cathy explained how in his nightmare no one had a face. The enemy he had faced in Vietnam was men he had killed up close and their faces had been imprinted deeply into his mind. However, they were faceless now as was everyone in his nightmare. It worried John especially in that when Carrie came to him in his nightmare she too was faceless. She told me how John explained that we reminded him of Terri and Carrie.

“I think I am replacing them with you two,” John said to her.

Cathy went on to explain for the reason why the people John had seen in his nightmare had no faces. The people had no faces because his mind was confused over whose to put upon them. His mind did not know whom he wanted to see. Was it Kay and Cathy he wanted to see or was it Terri and Carrie? Cathy had explained to me.

I was thinking about how Cathy knew much more about what troubled John. She knew how to handle him much better than I could during one of his flashbacks. I also realized then that with her blonde hair she might even remind him of Carrie. This would mean I was Terri to him the one who broke his heart.

Cathy came walking up behind me wrapping her arms around me as she whispered, “Thank you Kay,” into my ear.

I turned to her as I said, “I hope you were serious about wanting to live with us.” I took a hold of her hand as I added, “I need your help and understanding with John,” “I can not help him for I can not even help myself.”

“I will gladly help you Kay but let’s just start with spending the weekends for now, if John agrees,” Cathy replied hugging and kissing me.

I fixed her and me breakfast. We ate while talking about John. We were sitting there sipping our coffee when John joined us. He sat down and I served him his breakfast before joining them at the table again. Cathy and I stared at him as he ate. He finally got tired of our stares.

“WHAT,” John yelled.

Cathy and I both giggled as I replied, “You even eat politely,” as I smiled at him.

“Women,” John said as he shook his head while going back to eating.

Cathy and I ran into the bedroom to dress. When we returned we found John doing the dishes at the kitchen sink. We sat down at the table as we talked softly to each other about how to ask him. John turned to us leaning up against the kitchen counter.

“Ladies is there something wrong?” John asked looking at us.

I looked to John as I said, “John there is something I; well we wanted to ask you.”

“Well then ask,” he replied.

“Would it be OK if Cathy stayed with us on the weekends? I asked nervously and looking away from him to the floor.

“Only if you tell me why you asked the way you did,” John replied.

“Because I was not allowed to see Cathy with my other husbands,” I said.

“Kay I would never stop you from seeing anyone especially Cathy, I know what you two mean to each other,” John replied walking over to me. He lifted my head kissing me lightly on my cheek as he added, “Cathy is always welcomed in our home and in my heart, beside I enjoy her being around as well,” as he gave Cathy a wink.

John excused himself to go work in his workshop. Cathy and I said at the kitchen table talking. We talked about John mostly. We suddenly heard the sound of glass breaking outside of the house. We ran outback to see a heavy metal vise lying on the ground outside of John’s workshop.

“JOHN, what happened?” I yelled as Cathy and I ran from the back door of the house toward his workshop.

John walked out to the vice laying some distance from the broken window as he replied, “It slipped from my bench that was all.”

I looked to the heavy looking vice then to John. I looked into his eyes to see them filled with hate and anguish as he stared at me. I stared into those dark bleak eyes as I thought. If he could throw that heavy vise through that window, imagine what he could do to me or to Sherri.

I ran back into the house crying. I crouched down in a corner of the kitchen covering my head with my hands. All the abuse I had ever suffered at the hand of any man filled and played out in my mind. The men’s faces were John’s has I felt each slap or blow they gave me. I shook in fear cowering in the corner as that voice came to me once more.

“Leave that man and let Cathy have him,” the voice said to me.

John stopped his typing as he looked across his desk as he asked, “Kay did you really believe I would hurt you back then?”

“Yes John, my abuse was fresh in my mind and that voice I kept hearing,” I replied. Tears filled my eyes as I asked, “Why did that voice in my head always tell me to do the wrong things?

John reached across his desk as he took my hand into his as he said, “Carrie once told me that there are two types of voices you might hear. The “bad” voices she called the “shadow.” The shadow (or “shadow aspect”) is a part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts. The shadow prevails over our voice of instinct only when we do not regularly and repeated bring our instincts – our deepest-held values and beliefs – into our conscious. That is, we must constantly remind ourselves of our primary purpose and the principles by which we choose to live life in order to quiet the negative thoughts.”

John pulled his hand from mine as that far away look came over his face. His head sunk to his chest as I heard him say, “Is that what this is all about?” His voice was full of despair and anguish as he said it.

“John, What is it that troubles you?” I asked him. “Please John, I only want to help you,” I pleaded to him.

“Leave me Kay, we are finished for the day and I need some time to think,” John replied never lifting his head from his chest.

I walked from his study and looked back at him as I closed the door. He sat in the same position with his head hanging down against his chest. I wanted to help him but I knew not what was wrong with him. I feared deeply that I was losing the man I loved. This will end this chapter. I have had some people ask me why I wrote of the abuse I suffered. They thought it was better if I did not remind myself of it.

I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they are so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than we do ourselves. We have been taught that silence would save us, but it will not. Believe me I know.

The next chapter will be out soon please let me know if you are enjoying my story by leaving me your comments. I do try to answer all who IM me with their email.

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