The Julie Journals: Ch. 03 Julie’s Saviour

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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life. As she turned the pages she smiled as she came across the entry, ‘met Mary today’. She remembered the wonderful night of the party, and then the shocking aftermath with the way her father had reacted. She had stormed out of the house, and had been well on the way to drinking herself in to a stupor, when Pig had come into her life. At first, it had been exciting, but Julie soon found herself dreading their presence, let alone their touch, they got her hooked on drugs and finally in desperation, Julie had run…


…Julie stumbled through the cold streets her eyes blinded by tears as she mumbled to herself over and over, “no men ever, no men ever, they are all fucking pigs.” She was tired and cold to her very core and could walk no more as finally she came to a halt and slumped in the gutter staring at her beloved Tyne Bridge. At just over 20 she wondered what was left in her life as she watched some of the month old banners, still attached to the river railings, flapping in the bitter wind, as they silently shouted ‘Happy New Year.’ A thought popped into her mind that perhaps she should climb to the top and fly away like a bird, or failing that end it all and least she could get some rest. Her long legs stretched out before her as she held her head in her hands, and her short and tattered denim skirt had ridden up revealing her black panties. Her shoulders heaved as she sobbed, running her hands through her brittle spiky blonde dyed hair wondering what to do next.

“What’s up little one?” said a voice from above her and Julie raised her tear stained face and instead of seeing some lecherous old man hoping she was a prostitute who he could have a drunken fumble with, she saw a vision before her. The woman towered over her, she was tall and elegant and probably just over 40. Her almost Amazonian figure was clad in what was obviously a designer label trouser suit that just enhanced her statuesque appearance. Julie knew she must look a state as she could see the mascara stains on her hands from where her make-up had run, no doubt causing her to look like a bedraggled panda.

“What’s it to you?” she snarled at the woman before burying her head back in her hands and beginning to sob again.

The woman sat beside Julie in the gutter without seeming to worry if her expensive clothes were soiled or not and said softly, “My name is Mary and what I would say to you is that we all reach cross roads in our lives and have choices to make. Today your choice is to decide if you want to stay in that gutter and die or get up, come with me and live.” As she spoke Mary stood and held out her hand, then when Julie stood she helped her to her feet, supporting her across the road to her Mercedes sports car and opening the door with one hand gently sat Julie down into the plush leather interior.

Sniffing loudly Julie asked the woman, “Do you have any food?” And when Mary just looked sternly at her, she added the word, “please.” Mary waved at the glove box and Julie rummaged inside finding two chocolate bars and as Julie closed the glove box, more intent on feeding her starving stomach, she couldn’t help but notice the large strap on that was in there as well. Having wolfed down the chocolate the effect of food for the first time in two days combined with the blasting of the heater in the car, Julie soon drifted off to sleep with some questions still in her head.

When Julie came to hours later she found herself in a large pink bedroom wrapped in a warm quilt. Unused to such luxury after four years of living as a biker’s slut Julie snuggled down into the warmth and comfort. “Ah you are awake then?” said a pleasant voice from the doorway and Julie found herself once again staring into the eyes of Mary now wearing a loose jogging suit which did nothing to hide her well-developed body.

“Yeah I’m awake and still fucking hungry,” sneered Julie.

“My, my you do have a mouth on you don’t you?” said Mary and with that pulled back the covers revealing Julie’s scrawny body still clothed in the rags she had on the night before. “Well first young lady we need to get you cleaned up and clothed properly, and may even wash that mouth out while I am doing it.” Mary laughed as she picked Julie up with an easy movement and carried her kicking and screaming into the large tiled bathroom where she pushed Julie fully clothed into the walk in shower. Turning on the taps Mary chuckled to herself as the water cascaded down soaking Julie who was screaming death threats but Mary kept the door closed and just said one word over and over, “clothes.” Eventually Julie gave in and took off her sodden clothing piece by piece, throwing them over the top of the shower cubicle to the waiting woman. Mary licked her lips oral seks porno as she saw the young body revealing itself to her eyes, her tender white skin unblemished with only a few marks here and there. ‘This one was worth investing some time in,’ Mary thought to herself wondering how she would respond to her advances.

Once Julie was washed and wrapped in a large fluffy bathrobe she perched at the breakfast bar in a kitchen that was all chrome and the size of football pitch and was devouring all the food that Mary was putting in front of her like the starving woman she was. Julie had a million questions including one about the strap on in the glove box but decided for the moment to absorb and give out controlled information. As Mary asked questions Julie gave an edited version of what had happened and in particular noted the look of pleasure when Julie described the party where she had slept with the wife of the hosts, and the look of revulsion when she described some of the things the bikers had her do and had done.

Mary explained that this was one of her homes and Julie was welcome to stay here as long as she liked provided she didn’t break things, steal things or bring ‘boys’ home. To which Julie responded with such vitriol that she was almost frothing at the mouth about the male gender and almost spat out the question, “so where’s your husband?”

Mary looked at Julie with sheer incredulity not sure if Julie was being serious or not and then replied hesitantly, still unsure if Julie was winding her up or not, “my dear girl if you haven’t worked it out yet I am a lesbian.”

Julie looked at her with straight face that finally split into a huge grin, “Ohhhhhh, that would explain the strap on in the glove box then,” before breaking into fits of giggles as Mary mentally cursed herself for not packing the thing away more discreetly. “And,” said Julie with firm intent, “if you are a lesbian and it means no men, then I am a lesbian as well,” then stage whispered, “what do we do now do you teach me a secret handshake or something.”

“YOU young lady are going to need bringing into line,” said Mary with a huge smile as she saw the young girl’s character already starting to blossom into a thing of beauty before her eyes.

“So how big is this place and out of interest where the hell are we?” Julie said as she started to realise that she was in some form of apartment though looked more like a massive brick warehouse.

“This is what our American cousins would call a loft, and we are in London Docklands which you mark my words is going to be a big thing one day.” Mary went on as she showed Julie round explaining proudly as she went, like a property agent showing a client, “and the unit takes up the whole of the top floor and is served by a private coded lift,” waving her hand towards a thing that looked like an oversized goods lift before going on, “The main living room has a magnificent panoramic view of the Thames, and you have already seen the ultra-modern kitchen with open plan dining area and balcony. Guest bedroom, there a couple more but they are pretty much the same, then we have the indoor gym with a wide variety of equipment, and finally the master bedroom.”

“Which has special equipment of its own no doubt,” said Julie giggling, “Well do you want to fuck me now or what? Guess I have to pay the bill somehow.” said Julie casting off her robe to stand naked.

“Get dressed or get out,” Mary barked and Julie grabbed the towel and stared at Mary who was red faced with anger. “If I wanted a whore I would have bought one, or maybe two, but I didn’t. When you are ready and you want to, you will come to my bed, but until then I would suggest you get yourself clean and healthy both inside and out.” With that Mary went to her bedroom and closed the door firmly behind her leaving Julie speechless and a little surprised.

Later that day there was quiet tap at her bedroom door and Julie opened it to find Mary standing there with a large pile of clothing which she handed to Julie as she said, “sorry for calling you a whore.”

“Sorry for acting like one,” Julie said smiling shyly, “Just I have got so used to being treated like one that I had forgotten what kindness looked like.”

“It’s only workout gear,” Mary said as she watched Julie shed the towel and start to dress only being able to really use the sweat pants and top and even then they were baggy, as the underwear was too large. “Let’s hit the gym,” said Mary, “and tomorrow we can go shopping properly.”

A few hours later Julie realised that for all she was at least 20 years Mary junior she was considerably less fit and much more out of condition then her elder companion. Shedding the clothes as she moved Julie walked deliberately into the large en-suite in the playboy porno master bedroom and turning the taps on full looked at Mary and said, “Well let’s not waste water shall we.”

With a shrug, Mary quickly divested herself of her clothes and opened the door to join Julie in the shower. With the shampoo in her hair causing Julie to keep her eyes tightly shut she started a bit as she felt Mary’s hands run gently over her body. It was the tenderness that caused her to jump after the last four years of rough pawing. She could feel Mary gently touching and exploring each part of her, soaping her back, her legs, her chest, and Julie stood there enjoying the feelings.

Julie felt Mary’s fingers searching for her pussy and she opened her legs wider to give Mary easy access and leant back moaning as Mary pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. As the water tumbled down on Julie, she felt Mary’s mouth join her fingers as she began to lick her clit while fingering her deeper and firmer. Moaning Julie ran her fingers through Mary’s hair as she felt herself building to an orgasm, then, “Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhh” Julie cried out as the orgasm burst from within, sending rainbow lights flashing through her brain. Julie slid to her knees eager to return the favour to her saviour and began to lick and lap at Mary’s swollen pussy lips seeking the very nub of her womanhood. Julie savoured Mary’s juices on her tongue as she licked deeply to gather more of her sweet nectar, relishing the taste. Mary leant back against the shower wall opening her legs wide to receive the young girl’s ministrations and she gurgled in her throat as Julie’s lips found her clit and began to nibble and suck frantically. Moaning Mary felt herself cum and to her delight Julie clamped her mouth tightly over her hot pussy and sucked at her juices, ‘a natural pussy licker,’ Mary thought with pleasure.

As soon as her head cleared Mary lifted Julie into her arms and with both of them still dripping from the shower she carried her into the bedroom. Scrambling in the drawer Mary found the harness she was looking for and with a grin, she clicked into place one of the smaller attachments only six inches long. Julie smiled at her as Mary climbed onto the bed and positioned herself between Julie’s spread legs, which Julie held high and wide. Their eyes locked as Mary allowed the dildo to slide slowly into Julie’s young and willing flesh and Mary watched Julie’s face as she began to thrust in and out with gentle strokes seeing the orgasm build in her new young lover. Julie’s face screwed up tight, then her eyes flew wide open as the orgasm tore through her and Mary bent her head and kissed her hard on her open mouth, their tongues dancing together as she continued to drive Julie to further heights of pleasure.


Over the next few months, Mary would work during the day and Julie would work out and read and then work out and read some more. She learnt how to cook, what wines went with what and with Mary’s help and guidance what to wear and most importantly how to wear it. Julie developed a passion for martial arts and when she wasn’t working out in their private gym she would be at the local dojos learning a wide variety of martial arts.

In the evening they would tour the lesbian bars and clubs where Mary showed Julie off with pride. Mary smiled to herself as the other women eyed her enviously as they watched Julie sway across the floor with natural poise and balance. Julie was now much more refined and dressed at last in sexy but decent clothes that didn’t make her look like a street whore, but screamed SEX in loud letters. Julie loved the bars and the attention she got from the other women, chatting freely with them feeling safe in the knowledge that none would touch her whilst Mary protected her.

One night Mary stopped the car a few hundred yards from the bar and said quietly, “Julie would you do something for me please.”

“Of course Mary what is it?” Julie said eager to please her lover and benefactor.

“Remove your knickers and put them in the glove box.” Mary said hoarsely as she watched Julie wiggle out of the tiny pair of briefs before tucking them away. “Thank you.” Mary said smiling as she parked the car.

That evening Julie being naked under her short skirt gave them both an extra thrill and that night their lovemaking was extra energetic as Mary used one of her bigger strap ons, telling Julie as she pounded her, “and they could have all seen your pretty pussy if I had let them,” Slamming in and out as Julie climaxed loudly to her words and actions.

It became normal for Julie & Mary to go out with Julie being without knickers most nights and Mary would take delight in flicking at Julie’s skirt making sure the other women could see her naked ass. Sometimes on the pornhub porno dance floor Mary would reach out and whisper in a friend’s ear and when the woman would look in disbelief would take her hand and place it under Julie’s skirt to prove she was telling the truth. The women all knew they could only touch with Mary’s permission and the one or two that did try on their own got short sharp refusal from Julie and then the cold shoulder from Mary once she had been told. They soon learnt that Mary was the key to Julie’s pussy and on occasion Mary would allow one of them to finger Julie to an orgasm as Mary sat and watched her lover’s face.

Mary always used to say to Julie, “I will only share you if I am there.”

Julie would always reply, “and I am yours to share as you wish.”

After one particular night out Mary and Julie were working out in the private gym the following morning. Mary was working the weights whilst Julie concentrated on retaining her supple and lithe figure, whilst working on the martial art skills she had become hooked on. “Mary?” Julie asked as she paused to catch her breath still bouncing on her toes in front of the heavy bag, “why do the women at the club keep asking me whether I am still a Kit Kat, before they laugh and change the subject.”

Mary stopped completely still staring intently at Julie with a wry smile playing on her lips as she asked softly, “Do you really want to find out little one?” Julie nodded, as she would do anything for this woman who had taken her in from the streets and changed her whole life. “Then go and get ready for me,” said Mary and Julie ran to their bedroom. By now, Julie understood what Mary meant by getting ready and throwing her clothes into a heap in the corner she bounced across the bed to the drawer. Opening it eagerly she pulled out the variety of dildos and strap on attachments kept there. At first Julie had been comfortable with just the smaller ones but over the months had become used to the larger ones that Mary preferred to use on her. Selecting a thick pink cock shaped nine-inch strap on dildo, she attached it to the harness and laid it on the bed ready before picking up the vibe. Julie switched it on to low power and began to play the head across her clit and soon the vibrations did their work and she was able to start plunging the vibe in and out of her soaking pussy whilst rubbing her clit with the fingers on her other hand.

Julie was on the brink of cumming when she felt Mary’s hand on the vibrator slowing the movement from the frantic plunging Julie had been performing seconds earlier. Pulling the vibrator from Julie’s pussy Mary lifted it to her lips and licked it dry savouring the taste. “Are you ready not to be Kit Kat any more Julie?” Mary asked in a throaty voice. Julie nodded knowing that the voice meant Mary was really turned on and what was coming next was going to be good for them both.

Parting Julie’s legs wide Mary pushed two fingers deep into Julie wet and willing pussy. Pushing deep and curling her fingers slightly she sought and found Julie’s G spot, massaging it gently as the young girl bucked and writhed beneath her touch. Gently pushing a third finger in Mary watched as Julie pushed down trying to get more of the fingers inside her. In their usual play this was as far as they usually got and it would end in Julie cumming hard on her pumping fingers. This time Mary slowed and watched Julie’s eyes widen as she pushed a forth finger slowly and gently into her pussy. As Julie groaned Mary continued to work the fingers in and out, flexing them each time she felt Julie relax.

“Ready darling?” asked Mary as she paused with her four fingers half in and half out of Julie’s body.

“Anything for you,” sighed Julie throwing her head back on the bed and waiting for what would come next. Mary folded her thumb across her palm and began to push inwards and Julie groaned as the thumb slid in and then yelped as the largest part of Mary’s hand filled her pussy. Julie opened one eye and could see in the mirror that Mary’s hand was in her pussy up to the wrist. The sweat poured off Julie as Mary smiled back in the mirror at Julie’s refection as she started to make little movements with her hand. Julie had never felt so full as she did right then, as Mary’s hand pumped into her faster and faster. Mary used her other hand to rub Julie’s swollen clit and watched as her young lover’s face screwed up as the orgasm built.

“AAAAAaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyieeeeeeeee” Julie screamed at the top of her lungs a she experienced the most earth shattering orgasm she had ever felt in her life.

Slumped on the bed Julie lay there, bathed in sweat, her hair matted to her scalp, as Mary carefully pulled out her hand and held it up to her mouth, once again savouring the juices that coated it. Drowsily Julie asked Mary in a sleepy voice whether the girls at the club would now stop calling her Kit Kat.

“Yes” chuckled Mary and as she saw the pleased but quizzical look on Julie’s drained and happy face went on, “you see you only get four fingers in a Kit Kat, and you my darling have taken more.”

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