The Kindness of A Stranger

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This wasn’t happening, not now, not at this time of night, not after the day he’s had. But it was happening. The old Ford truck Dave was driving was breaking down, in the pouring down rain, at 1 o’clock in the morning. This was just about the straw breaking the camel’s back. Dave was having a very bad day! He woke up to no power this morning, which meant his alarm didn’t go off, so he was running late. He knew he could get to the shop quicker on his Harley, so he jumped on it and tore out of the driveway. A little more than half way to work his rear tire blew out.

“Fuck me!” he thought.

He made the dreaded call to his boss. “Hey Bill. I’m gonna be late this morning. My alarm didn’t go off and now I’ve got a flat on my bike.” he explained.

“Alright” Bill said sounding a little pissed “when are you going to be here?”

“Well, if I have to walk I’m gonna be quite a while, but if you can send Carl to come pick me up I’m only 10 or 15 minutes from the shop.” he knew he wasn’t walking that far, not when Bill needed him there as quick as possible.

It didn’t help that Dave had stayed up late watching porn on his tablet. He had started exploring some different videos lately from domination to cougars with younger guys. But last night he “stumbled” across some shemale porn and to his surprise he was turned on by it. He ended up watching quite a few videos and didn’t go to sleep until after midnight.

He was thinking about one of the videos he had watched last night that had a young blond tranny sucking on a nice big cock when Carl pulled up. He jumped in the truck and they headed to the shop.

The day was fairly uneventful and Dave was a little worried about leaving his motorcycle on the side of the road. He talked to Bill and he told him if he wanted to go ahead and get out of there to get his shit together it was no problem. So he got Carl to take him home. He hooked his truck up to a trailer and went and picked up his bike. It took some time but he found a tire for it online but it was two counties away. He called and bought it. He asked if they would leave it outside for home because he wasn’t going to make there before they closed.

While he was driving the old Ford truck over to pick up the tire he couldn’t help but think about some of the porn he had been watching last night. In particularly he was thinking about an older red head getting fucked in the ass. It seemed like he was horny all the time lately. Of course it had been over a month since he had been laid. He had a lady he could call on but she was a little too clingy. He just wanted to get a good nut off.

He got his tire and headed back towards home. he decided to take the back roads home. It had been a while since he’d gone that way but he felt confident he could make it home with no problems. It had started raining and his and truck was starting to spit and sputter a little bit. And then it happened. His truck died. “Are you fuckin kidding me?!” He thought. He looked under the hood but there was nothing he could do. He pulled his phone out porno indir of his pocket to call a tow truck friend of his. However, when he got his phone out he dropped it right in to a puddle. He picked it up but it was too late. It was done.

“Fuckin great!” He yelled out.

He got back in his truck. Already soaking wet. There were no houses in sight and even if there were, it was nearly 1:00 am. If he went knocking on someone’s door at this hour he would get shot for sure.

But he remembered passing a house about a mile or so back, and there was a light on. “It’s worth a shot” he thought. So he got out and started walking. He made it to the house and the light was still on. He could hear what sounded like music playing so he figured someone was home around. He got the nerve up to knock on the door. The music turned down, a few seconds later he heard a voice “hello?” It was a feminine voice.

“Yes, hi, my name is Dave. I’m sorry to bother you at this time of night, but my truck broke down a little ways up the road and I was hoping I could use your phone to call a tow truck?” He explained. He figured if this was a woman all alone the chances of her opening the door were very slim. The door cracked open. She looked at him with doubtful eyes. He held his hands up about shoulder height and said “again ma’am, if I could use your phone I’ll only be a minute and I’ll be out of here.”

She opened the door all the way. “My goodness, you’re soaking wet! Get in here out of the rain!” she told him.

He was surprised by her hospitality, but was happy to get in out of the weather. Once inside he apologized again. “That’s ok I’m a night owl anyway” she chuckled. “So what happened? You hit a deer or something?”

“No, I drive an old truck and it just broke down on me. If it’s ok, I was going to call a buddy of mine to see if he can come tow my truck home.” He was still a little uneasy but she seamed to be nice. Not to mention she was really cute. He couldn’t help but notice her curves right away. She was wearing a form fitting tank top and what looked like cut off(really short) jogging

pants. Beautiful light brown wavy hair that was about half way down her back. She looked to be in her late 20s. About 5’7″ and weighing around 135 lbs

“Here you go.” She handed him the phone.

“Thank you!” He said in sincerity.

When he got off the phone, he thanked her again. He introduced himself “my name’s Dave by the way”

“I’m Sara” she replied and they shook hands. He explained to her his friend was going to come pick him up. He was going to go back to his truck and wait there.

“How long is it going to take him to get here?” she asked as she played with her hair a little.

“He said it will be a few hours…” He kind of left it open, anxious to see what she would say next.

She was looking like she was in deep thought. “Well there’s no need for you to go back out in this rain and sit in a cold truck with soaking wet clothes on. Why don’t you wait here?”

Dave rokettube couldn’t believe how nice she was. He thanked her again. She walked out of the room and returned with a towel. “Here you go.” She said handing him the towel. “Why don’t you take those wet clothes of and get dried off.” This was clearly a statement and not a question. At first he was going to politely refuse, but it’s not like he could stand there by the door for hours while he waited. So he thanked her again and she walked out of the room to give him some privacy. He stripped down, dried off a little and wrapped the towel around his waste.

“I’m covered now” he said with a slight grin. She came back in with a basket, took his wet clothes and scurried back out. When she returned she invited him to come have a seat on the couch. It was a quaint place. He sat on the end of the couch and she sat back in her chair which was at the same end of the couch. They started making small talk and she would occasionally laugh and touch his arm. He knew his mind stayed in the gutter lately, but was she flirting him he wondered? He was fit, good looking, and confident. He noticed she had checked him out a few times. And she had caught him looking at her perky tits more than a couple times.

She leaned over to get a sip from her drink and he got a view of her nice set of tits. His towel moved from the swelling in his cock. Sara couldn’t help but notice the nice bulge in his towel and boldly said “see something you like?”

“Uh… I… Well yes, as a matter of fact!” He couldn’t help but get even more excited. She rubbed his leg and said “I just did it to tease you!”

“It worked!” He said, hoping the conversation would continue.

“Well you’re a good looking man, I’m sure you have a wife or girlfriend don’t you?” She asked.

“Nope, totally single. And looking!” He was was hoping for a reaction. She was a little surprised by his statement. They had only been talking for about 15 minutes. But she was attracted to him.

He patted his hand on the couch beside him asking her to come join him on the couch. He was being forward but he had decided he was going to try to make a move. She smiled at him and joined him on the couch. He put his arm around her and rubbed her back. He couldn’t help himself any more, he went in for a kiss. She had soft puffy lips. At this point his cock stood straight up. Her skin was soft and smooth. He had put his hand on her thigh and started rubbing his way up her leg as she was starting to rub his chest. She was a good kisser. Their tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. He grabbed her ass and she moaned. They separated their mouths and he started pulling off her shirt. She saw his member was hard and after he got her shirt off she opened his towel exposing him to her. He latched on to one of her nipples while he squeezed those tits. He could tell they were fake but he didn’t care. She reached down and started rubbing the bottom of his shaft and playing with his balls.

He took his mouth off seks filmi of her nipple to watch her hand rub his cock. He wanted to rip her shorts off and fuck her right there!

“Will you suck on this cock baby?”

She had already started kissing his neck and working her way down to his hardon. She took him in her mouth and started giving him what would turn out to be the best blow job he has ever had. She obviously loved sucking cock.

“Girl let me lick your pussy” he begged as she was still sucking and stroking his cock. She sat up and they kissed again. He started trying to take her shorts off but she resisted. He was a little confused. She stopped kissing him. They were looking deep in to each other’s eyes.

“There’s something I have to tell you…” She said with some hesitation.

“What?” He asked “I don’t have any protection with me…”

She cut him off and said “it’s not that. You see I’m not the kind of girl you think I am. I’m a little different.”

“What do you mean ‘different’ ” he asked.

She didn’t say anything right away. She simply placed his hand on her crotch. He was confused. That wasn’t a pussy. That was a cock. His first reaction was to pull his hand back. And did a little at first. But then his curiosity took over. And he started to explore her. She stood up and took her shorts off. Then her pink and white panties. She was totally shaved. To his surprise, Dave wasn’t turned off. Quite the opposite, he was turned on. Her cock was on the small side, maybe 4 inches. He couldn’t help but put his hand on it, and stroke it. She took him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom. Once on the bed, she put some lube on his cock and stroked it making sure to get every inche of his shaft wet. She then laid on her back. He climbed up on top of her and started rubbing his slippery head against her pussie. She was moaning and he pushed himself inside of her. She was tight, very tight. After a moment she relaxed s little allowing his cock to slide deeper in to her. He thruster slowly at first, but he started to fuck her harder and faster. He sat up and watched his dick disappear inside her over and over. She was pinching her nipples as he fucked her. He noticed that the way she was acting she was going to cum. But he was so focused on how good it felt fucking her he didn’t even slow down. She moaned again.

“Oh yeah… You’re gonna make me cum!!”

He looked down and cum started spitting out of her cock. It wasn’t a lot but it turned him on even more. He was getting close to cumming also. He grabbed her tits and pounded her ass for all he was worth. He eyes got big and he shouted

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” He started grunting as he could feel hot cum streaming out of his cock deep inside her. She could feel his cock pulsing. They kissed. When his cock stopped twitching he pulled it out and fell down on the bed beside her.

“Holy shit” Dave said mostly out of breath. I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard in my life!”

“You are one hell of a man” Sara replied. “I’ve never been fucked like that!”

“I’ll need s few minutes to recover from that one, but we can go for round two soon!” He winked at her and kissed her again. They laid there rubbing each other’s slippery skin. Neither of them could believe this really happened. But they were both very glad it did!

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