The Ladies Ch. 02

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Chapter 1—Our first orgy Part B

This is a continuation of the story of the ladies Part A and our get together. We are at the love hotel and Honoka and I had just finished fucking. Everyone was now in the tub talking about their lives and other things.

If you want to get to know M Chan better you might want to start at the beginning with M Chan “Chapter 1—First meeting! If you like to get to know how this story all got started I would recommend that you start when I first meet this group of ladies in M Chan “Chapter 6-Later in the night!”


Just then a naked Yumi and Risa joined us with drinks for everyone. They then joined the conversation telling everyone that being housewives, they understood and agreed with what Hono had said about marriage, money, and the husband’s needs over the wife’s needs.

“My husband has come home, half-drunk from being out with his coworkers, while I’m naked in bed waiting to get the chance to be fucked by him. He comes in the house, eats his cooked dinner, gets in the bath, and then comes to bed and tells me he’s too tire to have sex.” Risa complained. “What the fuck am I supposed to do? I get horny, too! And if I bring up getting a dildo or vibrator, he gets mad because he thinks his cock isn’t good enough. I’ve had enough of that shit, that’s one of the reason’s I’m here today. And after this, I’m going to a sex shop and buying the biggest, longest vibrator or dildo I can find.”

“I’ll go with you.” Yumi put in.

“HERE…HERE!” all the girls cheered.

“I believe that a women should get her pleasure first, it turns me on like crazy watching a women cumming.” I added to this conversation.

“One problem is that we don’t get much exposure to foreign guys living in this city, so Jkun we might be using you a lot if M Chan doesn’t mind too much.” Miki said.

We started talking about sex and fucking more, this lead to everyone feeling each other up as we relaxed in the bubbling hot water, enjoying the view of the mountains across the valley.

We moved inside to the indoor tub where Miki and M had Honoka between them, and I managed to get between Risa and Yumi on the opposite side of the Jacuzzi. The baths in our area are famous for using Onsen water, that’s natural hot spring water that contain lots of minerals for helping to rejuvenate the body.

I noticed that M Chan had slipped her arm around Hono’s shoulders and was kissing her left ear, while Miki was leaning around to suck Hono’s right nipple into her mouth. I couldn’t see their other hands so I’m guessing Hono was getting her pussy played with at the same time.

I followed their lead and put my left arm around Yumi’s shoulders, reaching down to grab her long hard nipple between my fingers, and with my right hand I placed it on Risa’s tight and started rubbing back and front until I felt her start to open her legs more and more. I knew Risa was ready, so I whispered to Yumi, “Let’s get Risa in the middle and work on her.”

Yumi turned and put both her hands on the sides of my face, then leaned in to kiss me. She slide her tongue into my mouth and wrapped it around my tongue then slowly sucked my tongue into her mouth. I knew then and there that Yumi’s tongue was going to be magic, and help me in something I wanted to do later.

Yumi quickly let go of me and got out of the tub to move to Risa’s right side.

“Ohhhhh…Please. You’re going to make me cum again.” We all heard Hono moan from across the bath. “I’m cumming…This feels so goooood!”

“Get her into the shower and get her ready” We heard M Chan order Miki. All three got out of the tub, with M heading out to the other room, while Hono and Miki got into the glass shower, and started to lather each other up with soap.

Yumi and I both turned back to Risa and started to kiss her lips, neck, and ears, while I squeezed her breasts and pulled on her hard nipples. Yumi threw Risa’s left leg up over mine, so she could have more room to work on Risa’s pussy and clit I figured. I knew I guessed right when Risa started to moan into my mouth as are tongues played together. Yumi must have been doing a great job because Risa’s ass and hips started to hump up and down.

I slide my fingers down to join Yumi’s in Risa’s hot pussy, as M Chan reentered the room with a bigger butt plug in her hand, winking at me as she got in the shower with her group.

I focused back on Risa, finding three of Yumi’s fingers buried in Risa’s pussy, so I moved to her clit.

“Good…so good.” Risa groaned.

I started to gently rub Risa’s big clit while Yumi fucked her with her fingers at the same time. I caught Yumi’s eye, and knew she would follow my lead as I bent down to suck Risa’s left nipple into my mouth. Yumi did the same with her right nipple and we really started fucking, rubbing, and sucking Risa harder and faster to get her off.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH…SO GOOOOOD…DON’T STOPPPPP…AHHHHHHH…I’M SO CLOSEEE…YOU ARE MAKING ME CUMMMMMM…” Risa shouted as her body tensed up and her pussy started to cum. I leaned bursa sınırsız escort across Risa to get back at Yumi’s mouth so I could suck on her sexy tongue.

“It’s so big…It feels sooo gooood…play with my ass…” We hear coming from Hono in the shower.

I let go of Risa and shifted out of the tub to sit on the edge with my legs spread apart. I helped lift and turn Risa around so she was standing in the water in front of my cock, while Yumi moved behind to get at Risa’s ass and pussy. I took Risa’s head in my hands and tilted her face to mine so I could give her a kiss, then I guided her down to take my hardening cock into her mouth. Yumi was kneeing behind Risa now and playing with her pussy using her fingers again.

“Yumi, slide your tongue into her ass.” I commanded.

“Really? Do you do that?” Yumi asked.

“Believe me, you’ll both love it.” I told her.

I grabbed Risa’s hair in both my hands and moved with her mouth, up and down on my cock, not letting her take it out of her mouth.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm…” Risa moaned around my cock as I saw Yumi sliding her long tongue in and out of Risa’s ass.

My left hand let go of Risa’s hair, while I slipped my right hand around to grab the hair on the back of her head, keeping her mouth working on my hardening cock. I moved my left hand under Risa and started massaging her hanging tits and pulling on her nipples.

“Ahhhhh…Ohhh…Ahhhh…Ummmm.” Risa was moaning louder around my cock which helped to make me rock hard again.

Yumi must have really been working Risa’s pussy and ass over because she was really sucking my cock hard now and had started to use her hands to jerk the lower part of my cock and play with my balls.

I noticed a condom on the floor behind me that M Chan must have dropped when she came back, but I don’t remember seeing her do it. I reached back and grabbed it, caught Yumi’s attention holding up the condom pack, giving her an idea of what I wanted to do next.

I let go of Risa’s head and tits as Yumi got up and grabbed her hair and pulled her to a standing position and really went to town on Risa’s pussy with her fingers.

“OHHHHHH…I’M GOING TO CUM…Give me your beautiful fingers Yumi.” Risa moaned as Yumi turned her head so they could start kissing.

Now that Risa was distracted I yanked open the condom package, and got it out, to roll down over my hard cock.

When I was ready, I slid back to the edge out the tub, grabbed Risa’s sexy curvy hips and pulled her towards me. Yumi broke away for her as I lifted Risa up out of the tub, placing her on top of my big hard cock. Yumi was now behind Risa, grabbing her shoulders and pushing her down onto my cock, while at the same time I was forcing myself up into her hot wet pussy.

“OH MY GOD…BIG…Jkun, you are so big…AHHHHHHH…I’M GOING TO CUM…UMMMM” Risa shouted as I bottomed out in her wet pussy. After having two kids, Risa’s pussy wasn’t tight, so I knew that I was going to be able to last a long time and fuck Risa really good. Especially after cumming once already.

I lay back on the tile floor, pulling Risa down with me so that I could expose her ass to Yumi. I got Risa’s bent knees on either side of my hips and grabbed her soft round butt in both hands and fucked into her pussy really hard and fast. Then I leaned to get at her right ear.

“I love your sexy wet pussy Risa Chan and your ass is great. Prefect for grabbing and fucking on my big hard cock. Do you like my big hard cock fucking you, Risa Chan?” I spoke into her ear.

“AHHHHHHHH…Jkun…FUCK ME HARD…I LOVE YOUR BIG FAT COCK FUCKING ME…OHHHHHHH…I’M CUMMMMING SO HARD.” Risa was shouting now. Then I felt Yumi hands grab Risa’s ass over mine, so I stopped bouncing her on my cock and held her ass in place as I fucked up into her.

“OHHHHHHH…GOD…SOMETHINGS GOING IN MY ASS…AHHHHH” Risa groaned as Yumi stuffed her ass. I couldn’t see Yumi’s head at all, so I guessed that it was her tongue sliding up into Risa. Then I felt both of Yumi’s hands on my balls.

“UMMMMMM…I’MMMM CUMMMING SOOO HARDDD…OHHHHH, THIS FEELS SO GOOODDD.” Risa called out as a powerful orgasm came over her. I could feel her juices flowing down my cock as her pussy clamped down. Then out of nowhere Miki and M were lifting Risa to get at her nipples and Honoka’s face was next to mine searching out Risa’s moaning mouth.

With all five of us attacking her body, Risa was receiving so much pleasure that her body was convulsing as orgasm after orgasm rolled over her. There was no way I was going to cum again anytime soon so I just kept driving my cock up into Risa’s pussy feeling Yumi’s long tongue on every up stroke.

I don’t know when it happened, but everyone slowed down their pace and stopped as we realized Risa was on the verge of passing out. Her body was convulsing and twitching like someone having a seizure. Miki and M let go of her nipples, Yumi slowly slide her tongue out of Risa’s ass, Honoka switched from bursa escort bayan Risa’s mouth to mine as I stopped driving my cock into Risa’s pussy. I didn’t take my cock out of her, but left it buried deep in her waiting as Risa slowly recovered.

With help from the girls, I was able to first sit up with Risa still sitting on my cock, then I was able to stand lifting Risa’s in my arms, and carried her to the other room.

“On the bed, drop her on the bed Jkun.” Miki ordered me.

Lucky for me the bed was very low, close to the floor. I stepped up and walked into the middle of it where I lowered myself and Risa down. As I very slowly pulled my cock back out of Risa’s pussy her focus seemed to come back.

“So good Jkun. That was so good. Thank you. I really enjoyed that.” Risa spoke to me so softly.

As my cock popped out of her opening a white cream flowed from her almost like my own cum.

“Did you cum in her, Jkun? Is that yours?” Honoka asked.

“Nope. That’s her cum. Jkun’s cock is still rock hard and his condom is still on.” Miki pointed out as she and Yumi both got down to lick Risa’s pussy clean. M Chan came over and took my cock in her small hand and gently stroked me until everyone was finished with Risa.

“What’s next?” Honoka asked excitingly.

“First, I want everybody on your hands and knees, on the foot of the bed. Get those sexy asses up in the air. I’m hungry for some pussy” I ordered them.

I had them all get into position next to each other on the bed. I then got them to start rubbing their clits and playing with their pussies until I could get to them. I then went to my bag and got two medium dildos and 5 egg vibrators, attached to battery packs by wires, out of it, then M Chan’s bag for two more dildos, lastly I found a nice size vibrator and a bottle of lube in Miki’s sex bag. When I got back to the bed, they were all playing with themselves with their beautiful asses up in the air. Miki was the first one on the left with M Chan next to her, then Yumi, Risa, and Honoka last, on the right side with a nice big butt plug, with a loop on the end of it, sticky out of her heart shaped ass.

They were all naked and wet from the tub and shower.

“Okay my horny little bitches, get your stockings and garters back on, and then get back on the bed in the same positions. Hurry it up because my cock wants to cum on all of you so bad.” I shouted at them.

This got them all jumping up, and running for their stockings and garters. I swear they were dressed and back on their knees, on the bed in under 2 minutes. I knew I had my harem of beauties at this point.

Miki was in her red stockings and grater again, M Chan was in purple, Yumi was in black, Risa in green, and Honoka was back in blue.

“Okay ladies. If I do something that you don’t feel comfortable doing or don’t want to do, just tell me ‘Jkun Stop!’, okay.” I told them. “I’m also going to start the video cameras, so if it bothers you, please get up now and move out of camera range.”

Nobody moved at all. I picked up the remotes for the cameras and hit the record buttons. We have one camera about three feet from the end of the bed, the second one on the right side in the middle of the bed, and the last one by the left side of the headboard, looking towards the right side at the foot of the bed.

“Okay all you sexy bitches, let’s soak this fucking bed in pussy juices.” I said as I got down behind Miki Chan first.

I spread Miki’s pussy lips and gave her a nice long slow lick of my tongue from her clit all the way to her asshole. I kept licking Miki’s asshole, staying away from her clit completely. I sucked my ring and index fingers into my mouth and got them nice and wet, then slipped them into her hot pussy. I continued licking and fucking my tongue into Miki’s butt hole getting it relaxed and wet, as my fingers moved in and out of her pussy very slowly, stopping every couple of strokes to tap on her G spot.

“Ummmm…Ohhhhh…So good Jkun…Your tongue in my ass is sooo goooodddd!” Miki moaned as her beautiful round ass pushed back to get more of it and my fingers into her.

As I continued to build Miki up, I notice that she was really having fun with her tits and nipples. When I knew she was close to having her first cum, I took my free hand and lubed up one of the dildos and pushed it into her open asshole.

“Fuck that’s good…I love you stuffing my ass…I’m so close to cumming.” She was moaning and humping back at me to get more, so I took one of the eggs and slipped it into her leaking pussy and switched the power onto full blast. At the same time I dove to her clit and sucked on it, holding on because I knew she was going to start cumming any second.

“YES…YES…YES…OH GOD I’M CUMMMIINNGG!” Miki shouted so I slapped her hard on the left ass cheek and pushed her flat onto the bed.

I moved over and grabbed M Chan next, doing almost the same things. I however, rolled onto my back after starting the egg, nilüfer escort putting myself under her pussy, pulling her clit down onto my mouth. I took her clit into my mouth and starting sucking her bud for all I was worth. I reached up and grabbed a nipple in each hand and started to pull and squeeze them because I knew that this really turned her on and makes her cum very hard.

“Jkun…YES…There…THAT’S IT…OHHHH, MY HORNY STUD I’M CUMMING!” M screamed as she grinded her pussy down hard onto my mouth.

“OHHHHH…FUCKKKK…HERE IT CUMMMMS.” She said as her body tensed up and her pussy let go, squirting her pussy juice all over my neck and chest.

I grabbed her hips and rolled her over to the left onto her back next to Miki.

Miki had recovered enough to jump up and started to really rub at M’s clit, making her squirt even more and harder, showering the four of us on the right side of the bed.

“I’m so fucking horny…Jkun make me do that, please…Make me squirt.” Yumi begged me shaking her ass as I moved up behind her.

I started on Yumi by rubbing and squeezing her sexy ass cheeks, and I started laying kisses on her back and ass. I kept opening and closing her pussy lips, and I could see that she was so wet it was shining. I pulled back and slapped her left ass cheek very hard and then I did the same to the right ass cheek. I slipped the egg into her pussy followed by one of the dildos without lubing them. I raised her left leg and worked my way under her body so I could suck on and play with Yumi’s big hard tits.

“Suck my tits, Jkun…Bite on my nipples…I’m so fucking horny.” Yumi groaned as I slipped my right hand down and started to flick and rub her clit. When I felt her start to hump my hand, I sucked on my left index finger getting it really wet with spit, reached around, and slowly pushed it into Yumi’s tight ass.

“YES…YES…Fuck my ass with your finger…God that feels so gooddd” Yumi said as she reached down and feed her big hard pointy right nipple back into my mouth.

I bite down on her nipple and rolled my tongue back and forth over the top of it making her moan louder.

I pulled my right hand up from her clit and pulled my left finger out of her tightening asshole, put my arms around her waist and rolled us over to the left towards M and Miki. When I was on top I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, but left the egg buzzing in her. I took the slick dildo, lifted her right leg up to her chest and slowly worked it into Yumi’s ass without resistance. Shoved it in as far as it could go, then I left it there, and pushed my ring and index fingers deep into her wet pussy touching the vibrating egg.

“OH MY GOD…I’M CUMMMMING…THERE RIGHT THERE!” Yumi screamed as I moved myself up the right side of her body and grabbed her long silky black hair and pulled her mouth onto my cock. She wrapped her hand around the base of my prick and then started sucking up and down on me so fast and hard I started thinking about cumming in her mouth.

“UMMMMMMMMMM…” was all everyone could hear from Yumi as her mouth vibrated around the head of my cock. I got up higher so I could use my arm, to pull my fingers, up and down as fast and hard as I could, in her soaking pussy, driving into Yumi’s G spot. If I could get her to squirt I knew that she would be mine anytime I wanted her.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kept coming out of Yumi as I felt her pussy starting to tighten up and clamp down on my fingers. Her hand on my cock suddenly let go and she started to back off my cock, but I still had her hair wrapped around my other hand, so I pulled on her hair and drove my cock into her mouth as far as I could get it.

I could feel Yumi’s pussy squeezing my fingers and the juices flowing out of her, but then she blasted my wrist and hand with hot wet pussy cream, so I pulled my fingers out of her and let her squirt up in the air. She didn’t squirt as much as M and Miki, but she did have a big wet spot under her on the bed sheets, and her long beautiful legs were twitching like crazy. I let go of Yumi’s hair and pulled my cock out of her mouth before I went too far and shot my load.

I crawled around Yumi’s head and reach for Risa’s face. I pulled her up so I could get at her mouth. Risa and I started to gently kiss each other slipping our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths.

“Ladies, do you want to work on making Honoka cum? I think her juices are running down her legs.” I said to M and Miki. Yumi was still recovering.

Miki jumped up and ran to her bag to grab a big strap-on dildo and M got on her back and pulled Hono over her so they could start 69ing.

I got Risa to move up towards the head of the bed so we could watch what the ladies were going to do to Hono.

I was leaning back against the headboard with Risa between my legs leaning back on me in a way that I was able to play with her tits and pussy.

Miki got behind Hono’s raised ass, where she slowly pulled the butt plug out of Honoka’s tight ass, while at the same time, she started to slide the dildo into her wet pussy. M was under Hono, not far enough down her body to get at her pussy, but with her mouth right under her big hanging tits. Hono and M Chan were both pulling on, sucking, and gently biting each other’s nipples as Miki popped the plug out of Hono’s ass and slammed the strap-on into her pussy at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32