The Lake

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If it wasn’t so cliché he’d have called it a turning point, but as Michael stood up in the canoe, in what looked like the middle of the lake, he searched for a word, a way to define the moment. The water splashed lightly under the bow of the canoe, each wave rocking it slightly as Michael trembled, nearly losing his balance several times. The sky was overcast so the water seemed so much more frightening than it had earlier in the day when the sun was out.

Steadying himself he slowly began unbuttoning his shirt buttons, “Why not?” he whispered, it’s mid-July, smack in the middle of National Nude Day, or whatever it was they called it. He pulled off his shirt and then, after kicking off his shoes he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Carefully pulling them down past his knees, he carefully stepped one foot and then the other out of the pants. Sitting down, he finally pulled off his socks and was now fully naked.

Arranging his clothes along the bottom of the boat, he leaned back, tucked a towel between his head şişli escort and the bow and closed his eyes. It felt invigorating to feel the cool breeze slide over his skin. Freed of his clothes so far away from any disapproving eyes he felt a calm settle upon himself. For once in his life he didn’t feel the need to explain, didn’t have to cower to anyone else’s wishes, he was free, free to lie naked and relax.

He let his left hand dangle from the boat just barely dipping in and out of the cool water, breaking the silence with the faintest trickle. It was all so different here, so quiet, none of the shouting, the fighting, none of the pain. Funny how quickly things got complicated and then just as quickly everything was all right. Glancing up at the sky he smiled, thinking of the sunscreen he brought along. With the clouds, he knew his fear of an “all- over” sunburn was no longer a worry, but he squeezed a bit of the creamy liquid into his palm anyway.

Leaning his head back he dreamed of his wife, beşiktaş escort the way it used to be with them so many years ago. He remembered how she would undress for him, slowly exposing herself completely to him. He’d stand before her and begin kissing her, starting at the forehead and working downward, over her eyelids, down her cheeks, over her lips and then down her neck. Michael would continue kissing her until they couldn’t hold off any longer and they dove into bed together. She was so wet by then that his cock would slide so easily into her.

Moving his hand down to his crotch, he began to spread the sun screen over his, now erect, cock. Wrapping his fingers around his shaft, he slid his fist down slowly, just the way he remembered sliding into his wife. Stroking himself he felt as if he could reach out and wrap his arms around her. He arched his back, lifting his hips up off the deck as if pushing himself deep inside her.

Cool drops began to cover him, falling all over him as the rain began. He didn’t want taksim escort to stop, to return to the shore but a distant flash startled him. Sitting up, he grabbed his towel, wiped off his hand and his still erect cock. He paused a moment looking back at the dock from where he started before deciding to grab the oars and begin rowing. He was still completely naked but he figured, “Why not?”

Thunder began to echo from the distance as he got closer to the dock and he noticed a gathering of people in the area. He smiled, oddly happy to share his nudity on this special day. Today there’d be no more secrets, he’d let himself be completely exposed to the world.

Pulling up to the dock, he tied off his boat and was helped out by a man dressed in blue. After someone threw a blanket around him, he climbed a small ladder onto the upper dock where he first saw the flashing lights. Another man clamped Michael’s hands behind his back and opened the car door for him. He sat in silence as the car pulled away.

Later, in the warmth of a small room Michael recalled the last time he saw his wife, remembering her distant stare as he talked to the officers, exposing himself completely. He felt a calm come over him, a calm much like the one he felt in the middle of the lake, completely naked on National Nude Day.

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